Winners Announced for 2019 Transgender Erotica Awards /news/242808

JC Adams
Mar 18, 2019 2:20 AM PDT

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – The winners of the 2019 Transgender Erotica Awards (TEAs) were announced Sunday night at a glamorous star-studded bash at Avalon Hollywood nightclub hosted by Domino Presley.

Winners were crowned in categories across major areas of adult entertainment, including production, VR, camming and clips. Natalie Mars took home a leading three awards, while Lena Kelly earned two trophies. TEAs-winning studios and labels include EvilAngel, Gender X, TransAngels and VR Bangers Trans.

The winners circle also includes Demii D. Best, Michael Delray, Natassia Dreams, Jessica Fappit, Janelle Fennec, Foxxy, Khloe Kay, Casey Kisses, Marissa Minx, Daisy Taylor, Eddie Wood, director Aiden Starr and XBIZ Publisher Alec Helmy.

The star-studded roster of presenters included Buck Angel, D. Arclyte, Daizy Blaze,‘s Alison Boden, Aspen Brooks, Gia Darling, Korra Del Rio, Jessica Drake, Steven Grooby, Will Havoc, Jamie Jameson, Colby Jansen, Alura Jensen, Aubrey Kate, Jasmeen Lefleur, Nadia Love, director Sammy Mancini, Riley Nixon, Ella Nova, Grooby’s Kristel Penn, Kendall Penny, director Jim Powers, Harriet Sugarcookie, Nikki Vicious and producer Buddy Wood.

The 2019 TEAs winners are as follows:

Trans Pool Party” (Gender X)

Radius Dark

Lena Kelly

Jessica Fappit

Megan Snow

River Enza

Alec Helmy

Lena Kelly

TransAngels, “Leaning the Joys of Anal,” Natalie Mars, Ella Nova

Evil Angel, “Aubrey Kate Plus 8” Gangbang, Aubrey Kate

Aiden Starr

Eddie Wood

Demii D. Best


Natassia Dreams, Foxxy

VR Bangers Trans, “Hyponotrans,” Korra Del Rio

Jessica Foxx

Fran, Transational Fantasies

Morgan Bailey

Mandy Mitchell

Janelle Fennec

Lindsey Love

Michael Del Ray

Natalie Mars

Marissa Minx

Chanel Santini

Khloe Kay

Daisy Taylor

Casey Kisses

Natalie Mars

Congratulations, everyone!

Femout.XXX Review: Skylar Adams Wants More

MP4 Scene Trailer

Femout.XXX Description: For the first time in 2019, sexy Skylar Adams returns on Femout! One of the hottest Femout newcomers to make her debut in 2018, Skylar is a beautiful Seattle girl with a smoking hot body and a perfect ass! Watch her showing off her ass and feet, getting her cock rock-hard and stroking it with both hands in another hot solo scene brought to you by Radius Dark!

Caramel’s Review: “Hey baby, I’ve missed you,” says gorgeous Skylar Adams while reclining in black scalloped lingerie rubbing her exquisite bare legs. “Are you ready to have a little fun together?” she asks. She then moves and parts her legs to reveal that she’s wearing no panties. Her smoothly-shaven cock and balls are right there for the taking almost at the very beginning of this update.

We can see how stiff she is already when she scoots up on the couch and reaches down to touch it. She then asks if we want to jack off together. Of course we do! There are two pillows on the sofa and a bottle of lube is hidden under one of them. Where do you hide yours? Get it out and your cock, too. It’s time to get down to some deeply satisfying fapping.

The 2019 Transgender Erotica Awards nominee for Best New Face doesn’t take long to develop one of the best new big erections. The most devastating moment in this scene might just be an explicit view of the hardon she’s stroking and the rosebud she teases with her legs thrown high in the air. This is what we’re treated to in less than halfway through this Femout.XXX update, before the aerial and full frontal footage of this amazing sex kitted completely nude!

TS Dreamland YouTube Interview with Skylar Adams

Caramel’s Review

PornOCD Interview with Skylar Adams

TGirls.Porn Review: Kristen Kraves & Lianna Lawson

MP4 Scene Trailer

TGirls.Porn Description: Spicy MILF Kristen Kraves takes her bow outta the AV biz with fireworks today – as she gets downright dirty in this sizzling romp with angelic blonde Lianna Lawson. What a pairing!

Kristen Kraves is a gorgeous TMilf who just loves sex – and lots of it. She’s a very sexual older woman who knows how to turn you on. She loves to suck cock, which makes her get hard easily. She stands a little under 5’7″.

Also on:

Lianna Lawson says, “I am a tall/thin Trans-girl with an insatiable anal fetish. Must stuff things up my butt. When I’m not making porn for the internet, I like to play video games (yup I play games, I really enjoy LoZ: OoT & MM, Metal Gear Solid and Dark Souls) Watch movies (Favorite movie is Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid) and some photography stuff.”

Also on:

Caramel’s Review: If I were a bottom craving to be fucked, I’m sure it could be satisfied by Lianna Lawson, a human fucking machine. The bareback pummeling she gives Kristen Kraves is simply incredible! Oh, this TGirls.Porn update is thrilling to watch for more than what we consider to be the “main event” in porn. The contrast of complexions and age difference of these gorgeous ladies are the most obvious draws. But what I look for primarily in an update on this particular website is the passion and chemistry.

I love the way producer skips past the plot set-up and takes us to the beginning of the foreplay session between Kristen and Lianna. There’s still enough build-up before things really get hot and heavy. The ladies kiss and caress each other’s hands and bodies like they mean it and they’re already stripped down to lingerie when the action begins.

There’s no sort of power exchange, just good old-fashioned intimacy. I couldn’t tell you who’s going to eventually take the lead. They both produce raging erections from oral, so it’s anyone’s guess who will do the fucking if you don’t observe the trailer. The fucking is incredible and the more passive partner is equally exciting to watch being fucked. That doesn’t always happen I’ve noticed over the years. This particular TGirls.Porn update is great for just plain jerking off for any trans lesbian admirer, as well as for trans women in relationships hot for a realistic-looking hardcore girlfriend scene.

Black-TGirls Review: Petite Goddess

MP4 Scene Trailer

Official Biography: Petite is from Miami and is a verse bottom. She loves for her man to stroke her uncut cock while he is giving her a strong fucking. She loves to be dominated and can be dominant if that is what a guy wants. A real cool girl, she was a bit nervous with this being her first shoot.

Caramel’s Review: The “Introducing Petite Goddess” update is our first look at this beautiful Floridian model. I’m going to break down her debut and encore performances presented by producer KilaKali. The opening interview begins with Petite sitting in a chair telling her producer that she’s born and raised in Miami. Petite wears nothing but a skimpy bikini and has the nerve to look absolutely gorgeous with barely any makeup on!

When I hear her describe herself as a versatile bottom, I think of a trans girl who prefers getting fucked, but will switch for the right partner. Petite confirms my thoughts but prefers different positions bottoming and topping. And she loves a fat cock. After KilaKali encourages the model to strip, the top and bottom come of rather quickly. Why be shy when you look this hot?! A twerk session is followed by a long session of petite posing explicitly from behind. We’re about 7 minutes into the debut when we find Petite masturbating full frontal both sitting and standing. She rubs her darkest parts, nipples and cock, increasing the speed of her fap session gradually.

“Petite Goddess Comes” is the encore scene with the stunning ingenue posing in the bedroom, on the bed almost wearing black lingerie. Petite’s large uncut cock is almost fully erect, too. She strips completely nude quickly and her poses across the bed are even more captivating that her poses on the chair in her debut set.

Finger banging leads to a big, full hardon with the head of Petite’s cock barely peeking through the fleshy foreskin. Petite is expert at making her boner dance when she’s not touching it. She’s not subtle about making her impending orgasm noticeable. I get the feeling that the cum shot she produces doesn’t display the kind of volume she’s expecting, yet it’s an explosive climax nonetheless. Let’s hope Petite Goddess becomes a frequent guest on the world’s finest black trans website of all time:!

DeliaTS Review: Blue Fog Stockings

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Seamed stockings & strappy see-through g-string panties: thick she-cock silhouetted inside … all kinds of poses. Baby blue for the new year … bright sunshine full of promise.”

The video update and photo set of “Blue Fog Stockings” will put you in a rapturous fog upon viewing. So clear your schedule and get ready to lose yourself in it. The video begins with Delia posing from behind with her wife silently handling the camera work.

Delia is simply dressed in white and blue lingerie, no outerwear or footwear. She teases us with views of her ass that are explicit as explicit as you can possibly hope they’d be. There’s no a hint of her cock, balls, or bare breast for the first few moments. When she turns to face Trixie’s camera, Delia i captured from head to toe exposing her large, firm bosom. She does this once seated and parts her thighs to reveal a tell-tale bulge. She caresses her tits and the points of her nipples are swollen like big pink pencil erasers. Then she rubs the front panel of her stretched out panties for a considerable amount of time, driving you crazy with lust to see her cock and balls. Delia pulls her panty panel forward to let you see it dancing through the seer fabric. Once she decides to let you see her entire stiff organ, she smiles knowingly and begins stroking the shaft rapidly.

Delia sinks deeper and deeper into the ecstasy of her fap session until she can’t help softly moaning and gasping. Masturbating with one hand on her cock and the other across her sensitive breast, Delia’s reactions make it possible to almost pinpoint when the first beads of cum will emerge from her swollen cock head. Then she cries out sharply as a torrent of creamy white cum spurts forth past her What Katie Did vintage hosiery, beyond the camera and across the wooden floor! The owners of and have done it again with yet another erotic masterpiece.

Femout.XXX Review: Renata Paller Returns

MP4 Scene Trailer

Femout.XXX and producer Teodor Grekov introduced us to gorgeous Renata Paller in January 2018. “This model was born on June 30, 1994, he stated. “Now she is 24 years old. She is Russian and lives far away from Moscow.” I’m one of those American’s who often wonders what a Russian model’s proximity is to Moscow. Hopefully, that’s not annoying.

Although Renata’s debut was well over a year ago, I still remember it clearly in my mind. Mr. Grekov is one of the few producers who brings authentic kink to trans porn and Renata is the perfect muse for this sort of presentation. Renata’s third Femout.XXX scene not a departure from old guard kinkster fare, but it’s more explicit and displays more of Renata’s exquisite nudity.

Gone are the props and gear of BDSM, and the dungeon, this time around. Also, Renata’s face and body seem to be fuller, more shapely and voluptuous. This is a good thing for those who may have worried that Renata was a bit too thin in the past.

I love Renata’s toying in this update, even though it can be a bit frustrating at times. I sometimes crave replacing my girl cock with the toy. The thought of being buried balls deep inside Renata’s extraordinary bottom is frustrating enough in itself!

Be careful with this Femout.XXX update. All you may be able to think about is watching pre-cum ooze from Renata’s purple, swollen cock head all day or night.

TransAngels Review: Janelle Fennec & Silas Stone in Stormy Night

MP4 Scene Trailer Description: Even though he’s eighteen, Silas Stone still gets scared of storms. Lucky for him, his hot new step-mom, the blonde and slim Janelle Fennec is understanding and invites him to sleep in bed with her while his father is away. Silas can’t help himself and peeks under Janelle’s robe, feeling her up while she pretends to sleep. Janelle takes Silas’ mind off the storm by making him lick her tight pink hole before she takes his cock all the way inside of her.

Caramel’s Review: A testament to Janelle Fennec’s acting chops is when she tells her 18 year old stepson, Silas Stone, that she can sleep in her room with her, it doesn’t come off as a come-on. Sure, we know this is porn, but here’s where plot development proves itself to be the best way to go. If you can make it seem real, that is. As a movie buff, it’s impossible for me not to recall the 1967 picture The Graduate with Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft. is perhaps the only studio that could even come close to pulling off a May/September romance to be compared to the classic film.

The only thing odd I find about this update is the sequence where Janelle undresses in the bathroom knowing Silas can see her. How can he resist touching his cock while gazing at her nude and in lingerie?! Circling back to that thing we call plot development again, it’s all part of the set-up. Janelle gets in bed and pretends to doze off, giving Silas a chance to expose her beautiful body and to discover the secret between her legs.

Just you wait as the sexual tension builds. See how the seduction fully plays out. It’s well worth the wait! How is the sex? Considering that Janelle Fennec is one of the finest trans stars ever to grace the adult industry, young Silas and his performance is the only one in question. He’s the top 100% in this glorious bareback scene with full nudity. My only complaint would be that he’s the worst at pretending he’s not a highly skilled porn actor and not a virginal teen. But I’d give this update an 8 out of 10 – 2 points off for realism, or lack thereof. Site Launches

About two weeks ago, one of my favorite adult industry performers announced, “Bailee Paris website launch coming soon. So exited that this is finally happening and I am thankful that SMC Productions gave me this opportunity! I am blessed to work with some of the best in this industry and we are gonna make awesomeness. :)”

“Never give up your dreams is what I want to say to all the ts girls for who I may or may not be an inspiration ! If you believe in yourself can do everything. We all start out small. I am blessed with the best friends and fans anyone could hope for.”

I’m so excited for Bailee! Allow me to tell you a few things about her new site,! After following my #1 favorite fashionista online to see what she’s wearing, now I get to rave about her official website.

Mixed Gallery

I’ve seen this bisexual globetrotting beauty getting down and dirty with guys in hardcore action, with cisgender girls and other beautiful trans girls. She’s bringing this sort of content to brilliantly and the original launch is quite impressive. You can get a pretty good idea of what’s already poppin’ with the image and video previews I’ve included and also by taking the tour. Congratulations, Bailee!

Website Review:

Hi, from Caramel. First on TS Dreamland came Scott of the UK’s PornOCD Interview with 2019 Transgender Erotica Awards (TEA) Skylar Adams. Then Skylar created an interview with me for the TS Dreamland YouTube channel. To solidify what brought us to feature Skylar’s amazing performances and to showcase her personality in the first place is my review of the Official Skylar Adams website! I hope you’ll enjoy the review and, more importantly, her incredible site!

Caramel’s Website Review of SkylarAdamsxxx

TransAngels Review: Casey Kisses & Khloe Hart in Today’s Special

MP4 Scene Preview

Official Description: Casey Kisses is on an awful date with an actual real-life nerd. While he’s dazzled by the menu, she sets her eye on stunning Khloe Kay at the table behind him. The two tall, long-haired beauties ditch the nerd and meet in the bathroom to trade deep wet blowjobs. It’s not long before Khloe is begging Casey to fuck her, and the big-tit stunner is happy to oblige. Casey pounds Khloe in the bathroom until she shoots her load all over Khloe’s lacy black lingerie and they’ve both forgotten about the dud outside.

Famed producer Tom Moore does yet another fine job presenting this update with a little humor thrown in. However, this could be the first time I just want to skip past the funny parts. That’s because Casey Kisses and the relatively new Khloe Kay are two of the hottest stars in the adult industry, not to mention two of my all-time favorites. contract models and hostesses of CaseyKisses.XXX and KhloeKay.XXX together on TransAngels is mesmerizing to watch, not just because of their beauty, but because of their talent as well. The real fire for me begins when Casey says she doesn’t need a cosmetic product to get attention. Curious Khloe asks what it is and Casey responds by flashing her big cock under the hem of her dress.

Khloe steps forward to take hold of Casey’s erection and after she begins stroking it firmly, they share a kiss. Khloe exposes, kisses and sucks Casey’s breasts and nipples next, while still giving her a handjob.

A hint of Domination/submission occurs when Khloe drops to her knees to deep throat Casey’s schlong. Yes, the whole damn thing! Then, Casey gives her new girl a break from cock sucking to turn around and present her ass to her. Even in panties, Khloe’s bottom is a world class piece of anatomy. We get the first extended close-up of Khloe’s pretty dick while she receives a rimjob from Casey.

Casey jerks herself off and Khloe too while eating her ass. Then, with Khloe confessing her fear of getting caught, Casey places Khloe against the sink thrusts her long, hard rod inside Khloe’s tight ass! I’ve only described the first half of this movie.

This is an amazing fuck that evolves into several different positions. Khloe’s erection remains without her even touching it mostly, or Casey either, for that matter. As for the cum shots at the end of this update – Like I said before, this update is a masterpiece.

Take The Tour

BobsTgirls Review: Yulia Masakowa in Mirror Mirror

Russian beauty Yulia Masakowa looks exquisite sitting on the bed in open toe pumps, a short dark skirt, and a colorful top that bares her midriff on

The bedroom is lit up like a HD webcam show and Yulia’s movements are quite similar to one. The camera angles zoom in from a low angle which enhances her pert bottom when she raises the hem of her skirt.

After tantalizing us by baring her full breasts without removing her blouse, Yulia reveals that she’s not wearing panties by exposing her lovely uncut cock and jerking off with free access. Her entire pubic region is shaven silky smooth as she masturbates next to the mirror, delivering a double image of her frame.

Yulia moves to the bed to continue her fap session and begins rubbing her butt at the spot that matters most – the one that makes her moan loudly. She finger bangs herself deeply, then jacks her stiff dick while kneeling on the mattress. When she releases her sex, it stands up defiantly, making you wonder if she’s close to coming.

We’re only at the midway point of this torrid solo session, however. Yulia slips out of her skirt next and lays back to resume stroking her erection. When she stands before the mirror again, the bulbous hear of her boner strains upward toward the ceiling again when she releases it.

Next, she casts her blouse aside an begins jerking off more frantically than before. I’m going to let you guess what happens with Yulia pumping her erection in her amazing reflection on with one hint. It seems like a long time since she’s last climaxed.

MarissaMinx Review: Solo Bath Fun

Official Description: Marissa Minx is looking hotter than ever in this hot solo scene! Watch her strip out of her sexy black lingerie and get into the tub. It’s just too bad you couldn’t be in there to join her, but regardless, she makes sure and has a good time all by her lonesome anyway. Getting all sparkly-clean, yet soooo dirty at the same time! You’re going to love watching Marissa play with herself and get rock hard, ready for anyone who might just stumble into the bathroom accidentally, only to find the surprise of their life!

Caramel’s Review: You can go directly to for Solo Bath Fun or directly to that hosts it also, as well as a plethora of beautiful trans babes in the network. I’m talking other really big names, too. Marissa’s site would be quite popular as just a free-standing site, let alone all the bonus sites you get as a subscriber.

It seems like every time I see a new solo production with this gorgeous Australian superstar, she’s looking hotter than the last time I saw her. To say that she pays attention to details would be an understatement. The video begins like so many other bathing area solo scenes. You see the model’s towel drop as her bare, well-pedicured feet pad into the tub. Then comes the star completely naked about to get all wet.

Marissa doesn’t say much in this update, but then, what is there to say?! She moans softly as she jerks off, developing a lovely erection. There’s a lot of splashing created by her raging hardon and tit-squeezing. Leg admirers and foot lovers can not possibly be disappointed with this video.

The closeup footage is phenomenal, especially toward the end. The producer zooms in on Marissa’s pretty face, her big tits, and on her cum-spurting cock at the moment of climax! The 25 image photo set may leave you wishing there more, but that’s my only criticism about this and update. Marissa closes using a clear pink dildo showing how she’d lick your spent cock clean. This scene is exquisite.

Trans500 Review: Sarina Valentina in A Sarina Weekend with Sean Michaels

Official Review: Our boy Sean joins us today interested in doing some business. You know it’s all love here at Trans500. Traveling for business has its perks though. Today we’re joined by Sarina Valentina up in the mix. After discussing the ins and outs of the deal, Sean needs a break. It just so happens he runs into our girl Sarina Valentina. Now if you know this girl you know we definitely don’t have to explain the rest. Let’s get right to the action!

Caramel’s Review: I wish that all trans-attracted men like Sean Michaels were ready, willing and able to figuratively shout to the roof tops about it. No trans woman wants to hear excuses, but everyone knows how much this mainstream porn legend had to lose. One thing that I’m sure made his controversial career choice a bit easier was having his choice of the adult industry’s top trans talents to work with. For example, Sarina Valentina is one of the most downloaded trans superstars in history. On the area of the network, which is one of the bonus sites you’ll have full access to as a subscriber, Sean’s POV acting sequence talking Bitcoin leads to passing Sarina’s suite and seeing her primping and preening in the mirror. Trying his luck, he enters the room and introduces himself. It turns out that she’s heard about Sean through her boyfriend. As he’s about to excuse himself, she adds that her boyfriend says Sean has a really big cock. This moment is a bit awkward until Sarina reaches out to grasp the bulge in the front of his pants.

Sarina gives Sean what looks like an incredible blowjob right there in the entrance way! She then leads him topless to the sofa and straddles it beside him to continue sucking his extra-long frank. Their bareback fucking begins with Sarina lowering herself down the dusky shaft in the reverse cowgirl position. I’ve been covering Sarina’s official since 2001 and there are plenty of amazing hardcore scenes on her site. Ironically, this scene with Sean Michaels is one of her best hardcore scenes ever!

Grooby Girls Try Out Tuesday Review: Roxxie Moth

Official Description: As we usually do, we will introduce another sexy Grooby Newbie to you this Tuesday too! Meet Roxxie Moth! Just discovered by Omar Wax, Roxxie is a cute girl from Atlanta and, in her own words, she’s “a heavy metal transfemme and aspiring science fiction writer”. Roxxie is bisexual and she “leans dominant toward masculine-identified people and submissive for feminine-identified people”. Watch her getting naughty in her first scene ever here on Grooby Girls!

Caramel’s Review: Roxxie and I just might be opposites sexually since she leans dominant toward masculine identified men and submissive for feminine-identified people. That’s one of the things I find so interesting about her. But perhaps that’s just me. I wanted to investigate further on the subject so I’m glad I can go to her Twitter account to ask. Her social media link is available to subscribers, too.

You can also follow her and ask her yourself LIVE when you subscribe for free to and you can also find links to help self-produced adult content there. You’ll be glad you did. Roxxie is so versatile in her Grooby Girls debut. If I knew absolutely nothing about her, I’d be so confused as to whether she’s dominant or submissive. She gives me impressions of being able to switch roles with remarkable ease, and to not play any particular role at all. Her sense of just being her natural self comes through in the way she poses and moves through her striptease.

I’m sure you’ll notice some obvious physical attributes like Roxxie’s killer bone structure and incredible hormone bust line. I could go on, but I’ll allow you to take her all in on your own. One other thing I noticed is that one could become highly aroused just listening to Roxxie’s debut. But of course, you’re better off watching it!

Thank you for reading. Follow me at @tscaramel on Twitter.