T.Porn Review: Kasey Kei – Kasey Sucks And Gets Fucked

Added: May 22, 2019

Length: 25:11 HD Video Watch The Trailer

Description: In a moment of passion, Kasey Kei and her lucky partner share a romantic mutual orgasm as she sucks and gets her ass fucked really hard!

About Me: I’m just a cute half Japanese White Tgirl with geeky interests. I love watching anime and playing video games. Of course also lusting after men and getting laid. My type of man is a laid back muscular geek. Someone who can hold me down and fuck me but also watch anime together afterwords. I love filming my rendezvous and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy having my body touched.

Lives In: Florida
Age: 23
Occupation: Adult Actress
Ethnicity: Japanese / White
Languages: English
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Nationality: American
Breast Size: 36 B
Height: 5ft 6
Star Sign: Libra
Body Type: Thin
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None

Review: I absolutely adore Kasey Kei and she’s on fire with her real life boyfriend once again on T.Porn! How many scenes do they have here together? Go ahead and take a look. Decide for yourself which is your favorite! Kasey has become a major fixture on GroobyGirls.com for her solos and a hardcore shoot produced by Jack Flash. and on TGirls.Porn in a killer trans lesbian scene by Mr. Flash. But I think of her series of hardcore content home as T.Porn. No one presents Kasey Kei better than she does it herself! Period. There’s something about how raw her hardcore content is that makes it impossible for her fans, and trans porn fans in general, to not cum. Her pleasure is contagious and her beauty makes it a privilege to climax with this sweetie pie. Kasey Kei is one of the main reasons I keep going back to T.Porn. Besides, what’s better than supporting trans girls who produce their own porn, especially when it’s as brilliant as this!

GroobyGirls Review: Try Out Tuesday: Jaime Royale!

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Description: Let us introduce one super cute Grooby Newbie this Tuesday! Meet Jaime Royale! Jaime has a cute face, short hair, and round ass! She’s a five foot ten inch tall bottom who loves to be dominated! Jaime likes to go on road trips and meet random guys to hook up with. She loves the tall, muscular type. All types are great though! She’s got that round butt with an extra layer of fat, so you know she can take a pounding! For fun, she likes to go on hikes around the waterfront and watch nature. She also likes to cook if you looking for a sexually free housewife! Watch her posing and stroking it just for you in her first scene ever!

Biography by Producer Radius Dark: “You know I love this girl. Her cute face, short hair, and round ass are among my favorite things! She’s a five foot ten inch tall bottom who loves to be dominated. She likes to go on road trips and meet random guys to hook up with. She loves the tall, muscular type.”

All types are great though. She’s got that round butt with an extra layer of fat, so you know she can take a pounding. For fun, she likes to go on hikes around the waterfront and watch nature. She also likes to cook if you looking for a sexually free housewife! She’s had an orchiectomy, so don’t expect huge erections with giant cumshots. Instead, look for an increasing soft girl who’s ready to be fucked!

Are you very particular about who you cum to and looking forward to a fap session with a cutie pie you may not know of yet? That’s what Try Out Tuesdays are all about on GroobyGirls.com. Jaime Royale is a natural beauty – I mean the type of girl who needs no makeup to look beautiful. And she’s brand new to the pro trans porn studio scene.

This Portland-based model’s striptease moves along pretty quickly, so get your sex out and ready as soon as you start playing this update. In fact, Jaime has this huge magic wand vibrator to massage her naughty bits with while jerking off and talking dirty. And she looks incredible completely naked saying things like, “Fuck me so hard, baby!” She rubs her fun spot and even talks about how you can make it gape. I kinda focused on that thought already myself, but it’s even nicer to hear her say it! The bent over on the sofa footage is out of this world and I’d say if you’ve made it this far along without cumming, speed it up. You only have about 6 minutes left to shoot off while adorable Jaime Royale faps and deeply penetrates her tight ass. “I wanna take all your cum,” she just said. “Shoot it deep inside me. Get me pregnant, baby.” OMG!!! Download this GroobyGirls.com video in your choice of 4K 2160p 5,564.92Mb, 1080p 1,154.30Mb, 720p 20.54Mb, or 480p 434.25M formats!

Review: Adriana Rodrigues & Yasmin Dornelles

Yasmin Dornelles is often described as the new Brazilian “Queen of Cock” because of her huge endowment. Adriana Rodriguez is an original super hung adult actress I’ve admired for the decade I’ve been reviewing porn.

I’ve been a subscriber of Brazilian-Transsexuals.com off and on for so many years, there’s a multitude of reasons why I signed up. The same goes for you too if you decide to subscribe, but if you haven’t before, this update is a wonderful way to get broken in!

Producer Louie Damazo presents these two legends in a 33:21 minutes HD hardcore scene complimented by 161 hi-res photos. There’s no trailer as of yet, but I have the full-length video to go into detail about. You can either stream or download this torrid scene for yourself.

It begins with the two babes kissing on a bed, fondling and stripping each other. They’re already wearing lingerie and tall heels so there’s not long before actual nudity is exposed. Breast fondling and devouring leads to mutual cock stroking and sucking.

Each girl takes turns bottoming for the other until they release two big cum shots! A sweet kiss informs us that although they’re most likely not true trans lesbians, they probably get along famously as friends.

TGirls.XXX Review: Natalee Skye Gets Her Ass Pounded!

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Description: We have something smoking hot for this week’s hardcore update! A gorgeous blonde Natalee Skye can’t wait to get her sexy ass pounded by her boyfriend Tobias in a brand new exclusive hardcore scene produced by Omar Wax! Featured in a couple of hot solo scenes a few years ago, we haven’t seen sexy Natalee since then – now she returns with a bang! Watch her enjoying some nice ass fucking in her hot Grooby comeback scene!

How can you beat the passion and chemistry of a real couple in a porn scene? You can’t and most definitely not with this gorgeous pair on TGirls.XXX! Do you remember Grooby Girls Cayla Sky presented by Jack Flash in the summer of 2016? Same hot model, different producer and in explicit hardcore action!

In 2016 here on TS Dreamland I wrote, “Her photographer Jack Flash has Cayla introduce herself and tell us she’s a 19 year old from Orlando, Florida. Aside from visiting Fort Lauderdale for her debut shoot, she’s also excited about checking out the beaches, the nightlife and possibly getting into some trouble. If you’re worried about getting a boner while watching and hearing Cayla speaking, you’re in trouble also. That’s about where that preview you’ve seen picks up. Then, to my surprise, Cayla tells us about what turns us on and it’s her preferences that I’m surprised about. Let’s just say that she adds a new meaning to being versatile for now.”

Perhaps we’ll see Natalee’s more aggressive nature in the future, but for now, I’m totally fine with seeing her in the passive role with her man. Well, here’s the thing. She might be the only one getting fucked in this update, but she’s certainly not passive in the original sense of the word.

Natalee practically demands Tobias to sex her up. Judging by his muscular physique and boyishly charming smile, I’m sure he’s had his fair share of that.

With some hardcore scenes, I skip ahead to the “good parts”. This whole thing is the good part! There’s never a dull moment. There’s not a single thing Mr. Wax could have done as a producer or its stars, Natalee and Tobias could have done better.

This effort gets an A+ in my book.

Black-TGirls Review: Kylie Amoi & King Epicleus

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Black-TGirls.com Description: Kylie Amoi is back with a banging new hardcore scene produced by Radius Dark! She was joined by King Epicleus and they had so much fun. Kylie really enjoyed getting pounded! She felt he was so deep in her and gaped her right out. She really like doggy style and loved his cock. She underestimated the size, but adjusted to it during the fucking. She rode it good and gave him a great blowjob!

Caramel’s Review: I’m glad to see adult industry performers and producers getting tired of seeing the heavy promotion of the term “interracial scenes” instead of just letting people be people. If people of different races make porn together, I think we’ll notice without it being rammed down out throats. I’m guilty of perpetuating it in the past, but no more. I don’t know what they’re going to do at next year’s award ceremonies with categories because “Best Interracial Scene” has become a thing of the past and it’s time to move on.

Getting off my soapbox, which I rarely get on in the first place, let me tell you about what makes this Black-TGirls.com update truly great. It’s the chemistry between the performers and what happens when they really get into it. Producer Radius Dark first presented gorgeous Kylie Amoi, a Southern girl who relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2016. They followed her debut up with four incredible solo scenes before her first hardcore scene on Black-TGirls. King Epicleus is a tall gentlemanly, remarkably fit stud from Las, Vegas with no piercings or tattoos. He’s a no-nonsense, serious type of guy with a refreshing business-like presence.

I really like the way King takes the lead in the bedroom sequence without being overpowering. I sense that this really turns Kylie on also during the fellatio sequence. King returns the favor by tossing her salad and giving her a handjob before getting his big dick sucked again almost to the midway point of this update. The raw sex footage is so sexy, especially when Kylie wonders out loud if she can take it. King eases her into a steady fuck rhythm that eventually has Kylie cumming profusely! Watching the way Kylie makes King climax makes for a seamless closing to a masterful update.

TGirls.Porn Review: Robin Banks & Sofia Bun

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Caramel’s Review: Week after week since December 2015, TGirls.Porn has been hitting us with trans lesbian masterpieces, many including cisgender female performers as well. But this is the first time I’ve ever heard my city of Gainesville, Florida spoken in a porn scene. It figures that I’d hear that at my #1 favorite porn site. For context, blonde beauty Sofia Buns mentions the location during the pick-up sequence. Robin, the stunning brunette, is an Ohio native who has lived in Florida. Considering that producer Jack Flash is South Florida-based, all the pieces of the geographic puzzle are easy to put together.

I like it when Mr. Flash uses a pool or a bar room for his hardcore scene set-ups. Solo shoots in bedrooms and living rooms are great, but dialogue driven scenes require alternative sets to provide a bit more depth. Robin is the aggressor in this scene and from what I know about her, she pretty much takes the lead in whatever situation she’s in. I don’t know if Sofia has a naturally passive of submissive nature. If not, she’s sure good at acting like the “innocent” one.

It’s been almost a year since I’ve reviewed Robin’s Grooby Girls debut and encore shoots on Caramel’s TGirls. I recently covered the Grooby Girls debut of Sofia Buns on Caramel’s Girls around the time I decided to transform that site from mainstream to primarily trans like my two other blogs. In their hardcore scene, things really begin to heat up once they get to Robin’s hotel room. This kissing footage is amongst the best I’ve seen in recent history and the frottage leads to Sofia developing a big erection we see already straining hard when Robin exposes it. She’s giving a talented blowjob moments later. Robin’s big dick is just as hard as Sofia’s when the blonde releases it from her undies and goes down on it.

I’m going to have to be progressively more vague as this review continues. I don’t want to spoil everything for you, but what happens next is some super steamy foot fetish content from both girls as they lose more and more articles of clothing. I mean toe sucking and foot fucking in case you need specifics.

There’s more oral sex in the bed when both girls are gloriously naked. The lighting highlight’s their exquisite forms once we move toward the actual fucking. Both girls bottom and top and that’s it! I’m stopping right here! You simply must see how the smooth pick-up, passionate foreplay and tumultuous fucking play out on this instant classic update!

The best way to make the most of viewing this shoot is to watch the debut and encore shoots of Robin Banks on GroobyGirls.com and Sofia Bun on the same amazing site. Then, cum again Robin and Mia Bellamy on TGirls.Porn, then catch Robin and Sofia romancing sucking and fucking each other on TGirls.Porn!

Thank you for reading. You can find me on:
Twitter: @tscaramel
TS Dreamland on YouTube

TGirls.XXX Review: Horny Jenna Creed Cums

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Description: Jenna got some more for you! Following her hardcore and solo TGirls.XXX debuts, she returns this Monday for one more solo action and she brings her toys! Ready to get naughty, as always, Jenna can’t wait to have fun! Watch her cumming just for you in another smashing solo scene produced by Radius Dark!

Caramel’s Review: This is Jenna’s third performance here since April 2019 and in 2016, Scott presented his exclusive TS Dreamland interview with Jenna Creed. One of the things she told Scott was, “Growing up in West Virginia has been a humbling experience. It’s been hard at times, and being raised in these wild and wonderful mountains has shaped me into who I am today. I’ve grown up connecting with nature and being active.” Three years later, Jenna is recognized as a top adult entertainer and her current shoots across a multitude of websites is phenomenal (See All TS Dreamland Jenna Creed posts). When her new TGirls.XXX video opens, she’s rubbing her cock through sheer panties with her curvy legs spread wide open. I guess you could call this a striptease, but there’s not much clothing left at the beginning!

Jenna develops a big, raging erection within a few moments, then she begins to remove her tall platform sandals. She continues her fap session barefoot, often changing poses, and her stiff cock head points up toward the ceiling when she releases her horny spike.

By the time she removes her brassiere and fondles her bare breasts while jerking off, her sexy moans and facial expressions tell us how lost she is in self pleasure. She couples removing her panties with a tremendous butt show next. Now completely naked and all fours with a boner, she toys with her supremely fuckable ass and does a crouching fap session.

Her positions alternate more times than I can keep up with until she lies back in bed with a green masturbator tube. It’s heavily lubricated as we can hear while she fucks it frantically! With her bosom heaving and her pretty face contorted, she replaces the sex toy with her right hand, stroking her hardon like lightening so we can see her shooting cum! We get about a minute to cool down with Jenna as her orgasm subsides in this TGirls.XXX masterpiece.

GroobyGirls Review: Chelsea Marie Cums Again!

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Description: Guess who’s back! After a while, superstar Chelsea Marie returns on GroobyGirls.com right on time to stroke her big dick and cum hard for us in a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Monday” series produced by Radius Dark! You know it’s going to get hot when Chelsea is around! She is definitely ready to give us what we need! Watch her playing with her toys and stroking her cock until she cums!

This is Chelsea’s 11th shoot for Grooby Girls and her collaborative video and photos sets with Mr. Dark have been seen on a multitude of other websites over the years. I consider them to be one of the adult industry’s finest model/producer teams.

Chelsea looks absolutely gorgeous with her long, bare legs exposed as she stretches out across a leather sofa in this Cumshot Monday update. She’s wearing a radiant blue summer dress and white platform stripper sandals. She rubs her big boobs for a few moments, then parts her thighs to expose her large, stiffening cock and the smooth hairless balls spilling out of her thong. She then encourages you to take out your cock and start jerking off.

Soon, she’s developed a full erection and she rises from her seat for some upskirt footage, swinging her big dick about. “No one has to know,” she comments upon your thoughts of sucking it. I’m thinking about all the fans that would scream from the roof tops if they had the chance to suck Chelsea’s lovely member. But I digress. She then moves through a series of erotic poses on the sofa and removes her platforms for some bare foot fondling.

Shoving a huge purple dildo up her tight ass comes next. She finds it’s more fun to ride it, however. The sex toy folds in stages and is a must see. It gets her jerking off frantically before the amazing penis pump content that comes next! What happens next has me going a bit nuts. Chelsea makes her raging hard cum after announcing it, right? She makes her spent erection bounce around on its own for a moment.

After telling you to clean it up, she starts jerking off again. Then she shoots an even bigger load of creamy white cum! Are we supposed to cum twice on Mondays now? I might have to spend all day considering what to do after watching Chelsea Marie’s double Cumshot Monday!

Bailey Jay Review: New House Who Dis?

Video Preview Gallery

For anyone who doesn’t get this title, it’s a play on what’s said when someone gets a cell phone call and feigns lack of recognition from the caller. It’s a cute autobiographical porn title new to TS-BaileyJay.com. She’s moved to a new house and has invited us to help break it in with her hubby.

Sample Photo Gallery

We move right in with POV of gorgeous Bailey giving Matt head while she’s wearing an animal print top that shows off her deep cleavage. Her jerking hand kind of hides her big dick, but we can see her smooth, hairless balls bouncing. She’s clearly jerking off.

There’s a nice long big bare breast show and the couple take time to not only masturbate each other, but themselves. I happen to think the blowjob footage is best, especially that shot in profile. We get to see more of Bailey’s voluptuous body when she’s stretched out in the wide angle view as opposed to vertically. Scratch that! Now her big cock is in closeup! It keeps getting better and better in every type of view.

I can’t think of any reason for anyone not to love this update except for maybe those looking for yet another foot lover’s update. She’s well-known for adding a huge amount of pretty peds content, but sorry, not this time.

TransAngels Review: Lena Kelly & Pierce Paris: Sneaky Sleepover

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Description: Blonde hottie Lena Kelly hasn’t had time to catch up with her gal pals since she headed off to college, but she’s making up for that with a sleepover at her friend’s house. However, Lena soon encounters her friend’s strict father, Pierce Paris, an older man with strict rules about making noise at night.

When Pierce catches Lena touching herself after dark, he can’t help but see just exactly what this college girl has been learning, telling her to suck his big cock. Lena gives Pierce a deep and sloppy blowjob before letting the strict older man punish her tight hole. The stern papa pounds her hard and heavy while Lena’s friend is asleep in the next room!

Caramel’s Review: This TransAngels.com update features Pierce Paris playing a strict dad rather well. He always delivers good acting performances, but I would have thought the father role would be a stretch. Lena is also totally convincing in her role as the dad’s daughter’s gal pal.

The sequence with Lena getting caught jerking off in what she thought was a totally private guest room is the first jolt of horny electricity for this scene. Mr. Paris whipping out his big daddy dick and Lena’s reaction comes rapidly as the next and we’re off to the races.

The blowjob scene is more aggressive than I could have imagined and I love that! Lena’s portrayal as a sexual, yet inexperience teen brilliantly unfolds in the was she takes the dad’s massive cock.

Is this Lena’s finest TransAngels.com performance. Check out the other three scenes she’s appeared in here and you be the judge.