Aphrodite Adams on Chaturbate Trans Cams

Mega-star Aphrodite Adams on Chaturbate Trans Cams

26 year old Aphrodite Adams, formerly known as Kellie Shaw, is a self-described transsexual adult model and cum craving fuck doll. I crave cocks, always ready to get on her knees and suck, or bend over and get bred like the bottom bitch she is. Some of her biggest fetishes include being the center of a gangbang, anything to do with cum (like bukkake and being creampied), bondage (including chains, spreader bars, and posture control devices), and humiliation/degradation. She’s in my 10 Ten all-time favorite cam girls on Chaturbate Trans Cams.

Saying how high on that list is farther than I want to go with playing favorites so I’m stopping right here with that action. One could call the space she streams from a room. I call it a world. It’s a sort of sex shop where Aphrodite greets you warmly inside. On Saturday night she streamed dressed in pink and white, sort of like a cheerleader, but with skyscraper platform heels. She bared her enormous bimbo tits and her skirt came off next.

Aphrodite, with her sissy panties on, said she hasn’t been to the gym in ages. But you certainly can’t tell. Her physique is in optimal shape. What a lot of true kinksters loved was the way she played with her cock through her panties. But she had a chastity device on. So her girly junk wasn’t visible right away. She spent more time at first showing off her fuck hole with her legs raised high by her hands wrapped her ankles. If that makes you horny, it made her hot as hell, too!

Aphrodite began jerking off to a raging hardon. She yelped and let out a series of high-pitched whimpers as she masturbated. Aphrodite Adams revealed personal details about how her cock has lessened in length do to hormones. But it still looks pretty fucking big. Her uncut member still gets hard as a diamond also. I almost lost it when she asked, “Do you want to shoot you cum all over me?”

Go to Chaturbate.com/Tsaphroditeadams to see her LIVE. Her official website is aphroditeadamsxxx.com and she’s on onlyfans.com/aphroditeadams. On Twitter she’s at @aphroditeadams and you can find me there at @tscaramel. Thanks for stopping by for this update!

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