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In spite of the fact that 27 year old Ana aka Ananomi of Portland, Oregon, is a 12 on scale from 1 to 10, it’s her voice that always stands out to me. Almost every time I check on on her Chaturbate Trans channel, she’s totally naked and jerking off her erection with a pink Lovensense toy in her butt.

This time she was squeezing one of her full breasts with her red-nailed fingers. Like her electric buzzing toy, Ana is in a constant state of vibration. She could be trembling a bit from holding her legs wide open and spread far apart for such long periods of time. But I think it’s mainly due to her being turned on. Ana is a foot fetishist’s dream and the fact that she’s covered from head to toe in a light patina of oil tells me she knows exactly how she looks her best. She keeps it simple as her wardrobe – nail polish and oil.

She asks foot loving fans to suck on her curling toes. Then she turns around to give her ass loving fans a special treat. Then it’s a full-frontal tit show and her breasts and nipples have a unique look to them. They’re dark and they’re huge! When she says “Thank you” she seems sincere. And when she gets to talking about herself and what’s going on around her, she seems incredibly sweet and personable. I watched this left-handed beauty jerking her erection for almost an hour and I paid attention to her interesting biography while wondering how long she could go on without cumming.

Some of Ananomi’s likes are: age play, anal sex, ass to mouth, ass licking, behavior modification, being cornered, being dressed by daddy, being overpowered, biting, bladder desperation, blindfolds, breast play, breath play, bruises, caging/confinement, caning, choking, clothespins, collar and lead/leash, compression, consensual non-consent, crawling, crying, daddy/girl, diet control, domestic servitude, domination, duct tape, edge play, embarrassment, and encasement.

Then there’s face fucking, facials, fingering, gagging, gaping, gloves, group sex, hair pulling, handcuffs, high protocol, humiliation, impact play, inspection, insults, interrogation, kneeling, leaving marks, loss of control, masks, masturbation, medical play, mind fucks, obedience training, oral sex, orders, orgasm control, outdoor sex, pain, role play, rope, rough sex, sadism, scratching, slapping, spanking, speech restriction, spit, strap-ons, swallowing, talking dirty, tearing, ripping, and cutting off clothing. Register free on my favorite webcam platform and be sure to follow!

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