Kendall Penny aka TGirlOneGuy on Chaturbate

There aren’t that many Dommes on Chaturbate Trans. In fact, the most popular ones seem to be cisgender females with submissive trans partners. One of the exceptions is Kendall Penny, an extraordinarily experienced and stunning Mistress. Kendall’s taste in men is way different from mine. She likes masculine men and I like topping and dominating femboys.

But she derives the same pleasure that I do – from Domination/submission and the indescribable feeling of a tight ass squeezing your rock hard cock. Her Saturday cam show was magnificent! I watched Kendall drinking coffee while her bearded, patriotic, submissive wearing an American flag mask sucked her stiff cock. He was kneeling as she stood before him, answering fans’ questions in a multi-colored string body suit.

The camera view was purposely cutting off the view of Kendall’s stiff cock penetrating her subbie boy’s cute bottom. Once the Southern Belle reaches her goal, the show becomes more visually satisfying. At one point, Kendall allowed the handsome young man to fuck her while standing behind her. We saw her stiff dick flopping around all over the place when the guy wasn’t jerking her off and pounding her sweet ass.

One of the most interesting sequences was watching Kendall fuck her boy while chatting with another one over the phone. We could hear the whole conversation! Another highlight was seeing the pleasure of pre-orgasmic contractions spreading across Kendall’s pretty face as her boy jerked her off. Tips rolled in like crazy and “Momma” then gave her sub a sloppy blowjob upon a fan’s request. Then she fucked him again until he sounded like he needed an ambulance.

Congratulations to Kendall Penny on her Transgender Erotica Award 2020 presented last night (May 11) for MV Trans Model of the Year (sponsored by ManyVids)! You’ll see her profile for Kendall’s studio performances when you get to her live webcam link:!

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