Bailey Jay In I’ve Been Hard All Day

I’ve Been Hard All Day” runs just under fourteen minutes. That should give you plenty of time to alleviate your frustration, especially if you’ve been experiencing the same problem! The world’s most famous trans porn star lets you know that the outline you see in her tight dress is her dick.

It’s a really big outline so it almost looks fake. But the thing is, Bailey Jay really does have a big dick! It looks like she’s in a guestroom of her home that’s somewhere in Florida. Even when she sits down in her easy chair, the imprint head of her stiff rod is stiff visible as it stands up between from her thighs.

She parts her legs for a split second to give you a brief glimpse of her smoothly shaven ball sack. This flash puts me in a trans version of the 1992 erotic thriller Basic Instinct with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas. But what cums later in this movie is a cum-shooting big cock!

Bailey allows her huge boner to flop out of her dress when she stands back up. She wags it around for a bit and sighs, “Oh fuck” after curling her French-nailed fingers around the thick shaft. She apologizes for last week’s quickie cum shot. She was sick so please give a girl a break. She invites you to pull out your dick and jerk off with her.

She decides to wait for you to do that while baring her large breasts and telling a short story of how her cat scratched her arm. Then she stands up again to put her swollen schlong in your face. Again. Now you’re ready to beat off together! She reminds you that she’s obsessed with cock and how horny she gets knowing how many people she’s making cum.

At least she has a pretty good idea I’m sure. She loves the smell of dick after a long, hot day. Thinking this way causes her to bring your attention to her totally hard boner standing straight up on its own. “See? Works every time.” She points a few other things out after orgasm for a couple of minutes after shooting a big load of creamy white cum!

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