Russian-TGirls Review: Stefa Cums For You

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Official Description: Nobody can stop Stefa Palmer when she’s at home and all alone and feels so horny. She doesn’t need chocolate or ice cream, her only delight is her rock hard cock which she masturbates until she is completely satisfied. Damn hot Stefa!

Biography by Producer Teodor Grekov: Stefa was born on December 11, 1987. Now she is 31 years old. The model lives in the capital of Ukraine – Kiev. This girl herself found me on a social network and offered to make a release. She came from Kiev to Moscow. We made a release. And she went from Moscow to St. Petersburg. Do you know who she went to? Stefa went with Alice Blitz – who was nominated for the TEА 2019! Stefa is very sexy and at the same time very funny. If you want to know more details about her, ask her yourself. She told me nothing about herself – a mystery model. 🙂

Caramel’s Review: Teodor and Stefa have lots of fun talking and teasing each other non-sexually at the beginning of this update. But the model and producer don’t forget that their job today is to get us as turned on as they possibly can. Stefa is seated when she reveals her pretty, uncut girl cock. She then stands and turns around to present her curvy bottom!

Stefa speaks a lot of English while talking dirty and she faps herself to a raging hardon. I mean that is one gravity-defying dick! She tells us how she’d like to fuck some nice girl. I’m primarily a top but I wonder what getting fucked by a hung girl like Stefa would be like.

I’ve taken a couple of long cocks before, but never one as thick as Stefa’s. She comes up with the most amazing poses filmed from head to toe completely nude. She also foot fucks her huge erection. Teodor advises her not to eat her cum for some strange reason. But she doesn’t listen. Why should she?

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