Trans500 Review: Sarina Valentina in A Sarina Weekend with Sean Michaels

Official Review: Our boy Sean joins us today interested in doing some business. You know it’s all love here at Trans500. Traveling for business has its perks though. Today we’re joined by Sarina Valentina up in the mix. After discussing the ins and outs of the deal, Sean needs a break. It just so happens he runs into our girl Sarina Valentina. Now if you know this girl you know we definitely don’t have to explain the rest. Let’s get right to the action!

Caramel’s Review: I wish that all trans-attracted men like Sean Michaels were ready, willing and able to figuratively shout to the roof tops about it. No trans woman wants to hear excuses, but everyone knows how much this mainstream porn legend had to lose. One thing that I’m sure made his controversial career choice a bit easier was having his choice of the adult industry’s top trans talents to work with. For example, Sarina Valentina is one of the most downloaded trans superstars in history. On the area of the network, which is one of the bonus sites you’ll have full access to as a subscriber, Sean’s POV acting sequence talking Bitcoin leads to passing Sarina’s suite and seeing her primping and preening in the mirror. Trying his luck, he enters the room and introduces himself. It turns out that she’s heard about Sean through her boyfriend. As he’s about to excuse himself, she adds that her boyfriend says Sean has a really big cock. This moment is a bit awkward until Sarina reaches out to grasp the bulge in the front of his pants.

Sarina gives Sean what looks like an incredible blowjob right there in the entrance way! She then leads him topless to the sofa and straddles it beside him to continue sucking his extra-long frank. Their bareback fucking begins with Sarina lowering herself down the dusky shaft in the reverse cowgirl position. I’ve been covering Sarina’s official since 2001 and there are plenty of amazing hardcore scenes on her site. Ironically, this scene with Sean Michaels is one of her best hardcore scenes ever!

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