TransErotica: Nikki Jade Taylor Fucks Lindsey Love

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Bras, panties and sandals are all trans superstar cam model Nikki Jade Taylor and gorgeous cisgender girl Lindsey Love are wearing while making out on the sofa. There’s passionate kissing followed by oral, mutual breast admiration. Lindsey helps Nikki get out of her panties next, exposing her lovely uncut cock on

Then, Nikki gets down to the business of eating Lindsey’s pretty pussy. She jerks off while carpet munching. There’s more deep kissing and finger banging, another round of cunnilingus and then it’s time for Nikki to be orally pleased. Lindsey gets on the floor and sucks Nikki’s dick to a raging erection!

Soon, Nikki’s big tits are jiggling and her hard cock is bouncing as she prepares to straddle Lindsey on the floor. It’s a good thing there’s a soft rug and carpet beneath Lindsey because she’s about to get powerfully drilled! A missionary position railing evolves into a bucking bareback cowgirl ride.

he couple pauses from fucking for a moment and Lindsey gives Nikki a rimjob. Nikki then hits that curvy ass doggy style and then it’s missionary again with Lindsey rubbing the bulb of a magic wand vibe against her clit.

But that toy isn’t need for long to keep Lindsey stimulated. Nikki gets treated to another rimjob and she gets her smooth balls tea bagged while jerking off on her back to an impending climax. She gets her ass fingered with multiple digits and then she stands up getting ready to cum.

Nikki jacks off furiously and shots a big load of creamy white spunk across Lindsey’s pretty face on! Register free to see Nikki LIVE on

3 thoughts on “TransErotica: Nikki Jade Taylor Fucks Lindsey Love

  1. Jerseygirl Angie says:

    I’ve become a huge fan of Nikki Jade Taylor lately , her Twitter and Instagram feeds are excellent !

    Nikki has matured ( if one can use that term to describe a woman not quite out of her 20’s ! ) into a truly beautiful woman , with a a toned, yet curvy, body . Her breasts,while generously sized, have just the right amount of sag to them so that they don’t look likebolted on balloons, and Nikki has the frame to carry them so that she looks (very ! ) well endowed, not overinflated .

    I can’t not mention Nikki’s face – it is absolutely, 100% the face of a beautiful woman . Totally, gorgeously feminine .

    I also enjoy Nikki’s enthusiasm and obvious pleasure she exhibits in her scenes, both solo and with partners .

    And a quick comment about Lindsey – she’s cute as a button ! I hope to see much more of her in the future .

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