Transsensual: Lena Kelly & Smith

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“You Move Me” is the title of this update. The official scene description from the website reads: Smith reveals that he and his gorgeous wife Lena Kelly must join a witness protection program, which will move them to the Midwest and leave their luxurious life in Beverly Hills behind. Lena loves her older, distinguished husband Smith, but this is asking a lot. Smith know the best way to convince her. Smith takes Lena in his arms and makes out with her, sucking on her pouty lips. Lena drops to her knees and takes Smith’s cock into her mouth, working up and down the shaft craving a taste of his thick member. Smith simply cannot wait to fuck Lena’s tight ass. Lena spreads her firm ass cheeks, welcoming Smith into her ass. Smith works feverishly, pumping in and out of Lena’s ass as she begs for more. After fucking her in a frenzy Smith unloads his hot cum on Lena, and they both collapse into each other arms to consider their future.

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That’s a hot and horny synopsis. I’d like to add a few thoughts about what makes this scene work so well. Lena Kelly is one of the most successful talents in the industry due to her amazing looks and her actual acting ability. Smith is a veteran actor and any trans woman working with him could easily be made to look silly if her acting chops aren’t up to par. I don’t even care too much for a lot of acting in porn, but sometimes it’s absolutely necessary, especially here when is part of a full movie.

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Even though Kelly is still fully dressed right before she wraps her lips around Smith’s cock, he’s already hard. Don’t be surprised if yours is too. The excitement about the impending sex between these two is highly contagious! Then there’s the image of Kelly giving head with her own cock head peeking beneath the hem of her form-fitting skirt.

Her lovely legs are bare and her small feet are clad in tall, sexy sandals. Her dick soon finds its way inside Smith’s mouth while he’s jerking off and he then treats Kelly to a rimjob. Not long after the midway point of this scene, Kelly is riding Smith’s boner in the cowgirl position. The side saddle and missionary railings that follow are absolutely magnificent! And so is!

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