Sasha de Sade: Latex Sissy Maid For Goddess Tangent

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Goddess Tangent is so angry when she finds the kitchen dirty after I was supposed to clean it! She bends me over and spanks my ass, making me count the slaps on my white butt until it turns red… she then makes me fetch her some wine, and makes me a special cocktail with her spit and drool. After I swallow her spit like a good girl, she lets me clean her red bottom heels with my tongue – I love being degraded like this 🙂 Goddess Tangent decides she needs some entertainment, so she plugs my ass with a sparkly pink buttplug and unlocks my sissy cock from its chastity cage… she puts me at her feet to suck her toes and take verbal abuse until I cum all over the floor. She leaves me licking up my mess like a good sissy maid.”

This perfect synopsis from the incredible hostess sums up the whole of a fabulous update, I’d just like to add a few things. Sasha isn’t one to go into how beautiful she looks in her sissy maid uniform, so I’ll do the honors. The sight of Sasha being humiliated with her breasts and nipples exposed with her CBT device encircled around her genitals is breathtaking. Now pair that with one of the finest FemDom goddesses of all time who runs

The sight of Sasha orally worshiping Mistress Tangent’s stocking feet is so erotic, I didn’t even notice until my second viewing that the Domme isn’t nude! I love the contrast of Mistress Tangent’s olive complexion against Sasha’s lily white complexion, especially when the Domme is holding Sasha’s stiffening cock. Then comes the sequence that puts this update into overdrive for me – when kneeling Sasha is jerking off before the Mistress while she looks down dangling her towering red bottom heels.

What sissy wouldn’t want Mistress Tangent’s beautiful toes crammed inside her mouth as she makes her unleashed cock eject a torrent of creamy white cum? What kinkster who craves the best of the best kinky trans fan could resist seeing it?!

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter

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