Daisy Chainsaw Grooby Girls Omar Wax

Grooby Girls January Model of the Month 2021: Daisy Chainsaw

Grooby Girls January Model of the Month 2021: Daisy Chainsaw

I thought it would be fun to make my first longest running transsexual website post of 2020 about Grooby Girls Model of the Month of January. Daisy Chainsaw is an absolutely stunning adult entertainer. Her debut, photographed by Omar Wax begins with a painfully slow striptease. That’s the whole point – to get your cock throbbing before you see all the model’s naughty bits.

She exposes her lovely breasts first. Then she draws your attention to her curvy ass. You’ll be about halfway into the debut before you see Daisy slip her hand down inside her panties. By the time she exposes her stiffening dick, all she’s wearing is a pair of wide gauge fishnet stockings and some jewelry.

There’s enough boob-fondling and cock-stroking to get you off. The Daisy Chainsaw encore performance presents her in red lingerie. I wouldn’t spend too much time wondering if she looks hotter in black or red. Grooby Girls is a trans porn site – not a Victoria’s Secret fashion show. However, you’ve got to give the model and producer big ups for creating such a stylish shoot. We’ve moved from the living room area to the bedroom for the more intimate encore.

The nudity is exposed a bit earlier in this session and the overall eroticism is kicked up a notch. I could swear that Daisy’s erection is even harder than it was during the first shoot. It’s full at the tip but it flares out to an incredible, thick base. If you’re the type of fan who likes to time your cum shots with your favorite girls, this time it might be tricky. It seems like she’s going to nut one moment, but Daisy continues stroking and squirming. Just go ahead and cum. And don’t forget to vote for her where you see the five stars! Her Twitter link is in her profile.

If you want to see Daisy performing LIVE, you can follow her on Chaturbate Trans Cams. I saw the gorgeous Chicago native with another fox, a brunette that she engaged in foreplay with named Molli. Both girls were completely naked and laying on their sides. Daisy’s partner was behind her most of the time. So you can imagine what I was looking forward to if this were to evolve into a hardcore stream. Well, guess what. It did!

Following bouts of boner stroking and sucking, the curly-haired hottie railed Daisy doggy style! It was a good ole’ rough fucking that had Daisy’s stiff dick bobbing and swaying and her tits jiggling. I didn’t see this bareback pounding coming and Jeebus, Molli can bang away with jackhammer thrusts!

When it was all over, the stream came to an end. If you catch her there or follow her, be sure to tip generously. Sex work is work!

Chaturbate Trans Cams Nudecatscratch

Nudecatscratch Chaturbate Streams

Cum with Nudecatscratch Cat on!

A gorgeous TS in her 20’s named Cata runs the Nudecatscratch Chaturbate Tran Cams channel. She plays music during her streams but it doesn’t drown out the sounds of her voice and her slick hand stroking her stiff cock. Her pert breasts jiggle gently as she beats off. And she’s extremely polite and welcoming with her fans.

California Cat prefers chatting in voice over text chat and her voice is very sweet and sexy. She wears a tip-activated vibrator in her ass and the control of it is handed to the top tipper. If you haven’t yet seen a tgirl’s reactions to these devices, you’re really in for a treat. Sometimes she’ll pinch a sensitive nipple while she’s jerking off.

One night, when she was wearing a strappy pair of red sandals in bed, a fan requested something special. He wanted Cat to shoot her cum on one of her feet. So she removed one shoe t get leverage on the mattress. Then she masturbated frantically until her stiff cock exploded and sent streams of jizz all across her tall sandal-clad foot.

“Oh, there’s so much cum!” she shouted an she wasn’t kidding! Cat pulled the camera in for a close up view of her jizz splashed across her instep and the bed sheets. Another time, I watched as Cat sprayed her pearly elixir above her belly button. Her panties, which were drawn to one side, were drenched with spunk.

She continued chatting until her big dick went flaccid. So there’s a couple of examples of what you might expect when you check out of California. Follow her so you’ll know when she’s streaming next!

Chaturbate Trans Cams Realjuliajane

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Realjuliajane

Realjuliajane is an uncommonly wholesome Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer I’ve been following since mid-2019. I thought I’d raved about her before on TS Dreamland. But it was actually on Caramel’s TGirls here. Julia identified as a femboy and/or crossdresser a way back when. Her transition to full-time came as no surprise to me.

Her physical stats are 5′ 10″ (177cm), 160lbs. (73kg). She was wearing a white halter top pulled way up high when I saw her streaming the other night. Julia’s back was facing the camera and she was humping up and down on a dildo. The pink phallus was steadied by an upside down ceramic bowl. When she turned to face us, the top was raised above her lovely breasts. She began stroking her erection as she fucked herself on the sex toy.

A few minutes later, she switched to an almost exact replica, but the other dildo was even bigger! Julia then lay sideways on the sofa and continued beating her meat. Then she switched into the same position a girl assumes when she’s getting railed missionary style! A steady flow of tips flooded the Realjuliajane channel when she sat up to continue masturbating.

Streams of pre-cum dripped from her cock head as she whipped out a big Hitachi magic wand vibrator. She buzzed the toy across her rectum as she jacked of furiously! With a heavily lubricated fist, Julia fapped until she shot more cum than I’ve seen her produce in perhaps a year. Also, this Chaturbate/com.Realjuliajane live stream was one of the best I’ve seen in 2021!
Chaturbate Trans Cams ReginaRose

Chaturbate Trans Cams: ReginaRose

It seems like every day (and it just might be) that I see blazing hot hardcore trans lesbian action on Chaturbate Trans Cams. Surprisingly, it comes from the channel run by Regina Rose! Forgive me for not getting Regina’s partner’s name and just referring to her as “the brunette”. As for the action, I jumped into the ReginaRose channel while they were laying back jerking off their huge dicks.

Both organs were raging hard and the trans beauties stood up to stuff them into their fishnet stockings for fun. Regina bent down to lick her friend’s boner through the stockings. After a series of big tips rolled in, Regina was encouraged to straddle her mate with her incredible body facing us. While stroking her erection, she settled her ass on the long, thick rod and began hoisting herself up and down!

After taking a break, Regina got her cock sucked, then the TS lovelies engaged in some frottage. More tips encouraged the brunette to plunge her big cock inside of Regina’s tight ass again, causing her to moon loudly! Regina’s balls and boner were clearly visible as they were mashed between her fishnet stocking-clad thighs. As the tips continued rolling in, Regina got fucked harder and faster! Then after a sidesaddle bareback railing, Regina hopped above her partner to settle back down on her huge, stiff rod.

Then they compared erections for us. It appears that the top’s cock is a bit thicker, but once you’re dealing with these sizes, there might not be much of a difference! But I suppose it depends on who’s getting fucked by which hung Latina. I’m not sure what happened at the end of the show, but I’m pretty sure that Regina’s cum was swallowed. The background music was 100% Country on

Chaturbate Trans Cams Rubbersummer

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Trans Sissy Rubbersummer

Come and fuck submissive trans sissy Rubbersummer!

Rubbersummer of Oklahoma

“Hey, I’m Summer. I’m super into BDSM, being controlled, and all around being treated like a slut <3,” says TS Rubbersummer of the deliciously naughty Chaturbate Trans Cams streams. This super horny young submissive from Oklahoma who identifies as a sissy almost always masturbates with a collar. Dom(mes)like myself all over the world fantasize being her keyholder.

Just look at Rubber Summers pretty bare legs and feet.

Rubber Summer will often wear a butt plug in her tight ass. Unlike a lot of subs, she mostly keeps her cock unfettered. I love tgirls and sissies in chastity, but not when they’re camming. Rubbersummer wears a lot of schoolgirl themed clothing like tartan plaid skirts. She’s a young-looking 27 who appears more like a college coed. Sometimes she’ll wear a tip-activated vibrator in her tight, sissy ass while stroking her long, thick erection. She’s not shy about explicitly showing off her fine bottom either.

She’ll show off her long legs and small, pretty bare feet and sometimes she attaches clothes pins to the small pink circles of her nipples. You might find her dressed in a French maid’s uniform sucking on a big dildo. It’s easy to imagine the hot sissy who runs the sucking the cum straight out of your stiff, throbbing cock!

Chaturbate Trans Cams Krystalsyxx

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Politics and Masturbation with Krystalsyxx

Krystalsyxx milks her big tits, strokes her cock and talks politics!

I’m gonna shoot fucking load deep inside of you… my fucking titties jiggling on your fucking back,” was the first I thing I heard on the first Krystalsyxx stream I ever heard. This gorgeous Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer turned me on with this sort of dirty talk and I’m not even a bottom.

She was squeezing her 34DDD large bare boobs and appealing to both sex-starved and brain food viewers. She discussed how in Norway that if you were a bisexual wanting to transition, it would not be allowed – that you must be a straight trans woman to be approved for it. She also covered the Georgia run-off race and offered predictions. Whether I follow her politics or not isn’t something I’d want to share.

But I simply love seeing a webcam live porn streamer talk politics PERIOD. There’s a Krystal Syx YouTube channel in which the influencer goes into depth on a variety of topics including her transition, politics, bimbofication including more niche topics like sperm storage, surgery financing, and voice training. She also has a OnlyFans and an active Instagram.

I’m a real life Futanari and take my inspiration from such artists as Dmitrys and Snaketrap (Google image search “Dmitrys Futa” and “Snaketrap Futa” to get an idea),” her profile reads. “I also really look up to girls like Hannah Minx and Sarina Valentina. What’s a Futanari you ask? It’s a concept found in Hentai that involves a very feminine girl with a nice, hard, functional COCK!” Back to her recent stream, I saw her stand up and expose her lovely cock and ball sack. I also watched a Krystalsyxx breast milk pumping show.

I can’t quite remember ever seeing someone successfully jump from Politics such as term limits to telling me to worship her 7″ cock. Therefore, I have to rate a stream as a 15 on a scale from 1 to 10. One last thing to remember would be, “Any money you spend on me goes directly towards my “EVEN BIGGER TITTY” fund. Just bear that in mind while you’re tipping.”

Chaturbate Trans Cams Sierra_Diamond

Chaturbate Trans Cams: Sierra_Diamond

Sierra_Diamond is a hot, lewd crossdressing cock lover.

24 year old Russian Chaturbate Trans Cams star Sierra_Diamond is a phenomenal streamer. I must have seen her masturbating at least five times thinking she was on hormones. Standing at 172 cm (5’8″) tall and weighing 62 kg (136 lbs.), with a 16 cm (6″) stiff cock, she just looks like a trans girl in transition. And she sounds like one too. Sierra_Diamond is a dancer and choreographer.

She sometimes translates texts as a freelancer from home where she feels safe working. Her English is incredible and I rarely hear her speaking Russian. Her background music is an eclectic mix and I’m so fond of it, I’d hire her as a DJ in a heartbeat. Sierra_Diamond like guys. She’s not at all attracted to women, either cisgender or trans. She says maybe she’ll try it as an experiment. But it doesn’t turn her on to think of sex with girls.

Sierra_Diamond has no intention of going on HRT anytime in the near future. Maybe when she becomes a MILF she jokes. The only piercing she has are in her ears and she has no tattoos, but she’d like to get a few. Her hair and makeup skills are impeccable. Her eyewear gives her the air of a top student and she simulates tittie-fucking quite well considering that she hasn’t been on hormones for even one day. She’s not an ounce overweight but she can create a nice bit of cleavage. Sierra_Diamond will often spank her amazing ass with a tip-activated vibrator in it.

She’s got tight little pink nipples and her dick is adorable when flaccid. The last time I saw her jerking off a throbbing hardon was just before Christmas. She hadn’t masturbated for three days and her cum shot was explosive! Sierra_Diamond rubbed out massive streams of creamy white cum that day! About 15 minutes after her cum show, she was erect again and ready to fuck a cock sleeve. I had no idea how fine her ass really was until a bare butt show came next. She removed the vibe and finger banged her ass next.

Like a Russian bitch in heat, she told us how badly she needed to be fucked! Then she added some red pedicure foot fetish content and her 100% passable crossdresser show continued for at least another hour! If you don’t see her on live, she has an incredible OnlyFans page as well. But if you think you’ll love seeing her mostly LIVE, you know what to do. is FIRE!

Chaturbate Trans Cams Hunibaby

Chaturbate Trans Cams: TS Hunibaby Cums

Chaturbate Trans Cams: TS Hunibaby

At first I was trying to figure out if Chaturbate Trans Cams TS Hunibaby was living in Hawaii and visiting North Carolina for the holidays. As I watched her streaming live, my next question was, “What planet is she even from? Have you ever seen someone almost too good looking to comprehend?

TS Huibaby must be hiding her stiff cock!

Hopefully the enclosed photos will convey what I’m talking about somewhat. They pale in comparison to her live HD streams. When I saw her shortly before New Year’ Eve online, Hunibaby wore a pricy-looking green bra and panty set.

She had a narrow pink tip-activated vibrator in her ass and was providing mostly stiff cock and foot lover’s content. Then she produced a glass dildo to stretch her ‘pussy’ out. It then evolved into a butt fucking jerking off stream. Hunibaby talks dirty a mile a minute and she loves finding out how many times her fans have already cum.

Here she is with her stiff dick exposed.

She’s extremely polite except for when a few idiots rolling in act stupid. Hunibaby has tip goals, but you don’t have to go private to see her stiff cock shoot its creamy cum! The tip of her erection pointed straight up to the ceiling when she ground her ass across the carpet. That was with both the dildo and vibrator deep inside her. And when she wasn’t squeezing her big tits.

She loves watching interracial porn, especially when a big black cock is spraying cum all over a PAWG’s pretty face. Hunibaby shares all kinds of naughty scenarios while moving from the floor, to the bed, to standing on the carpeted floor. The last time I saw her orgasm, it was with no hands!

TS Hunibaby had been masturbating furiously of course, but at the moment of truth, a series of powerful cum shots blasted from her throbbing cock head! “Oh that’s it, keep fucking me!” she cried on the bed, bouncing on her toys until her seed erupted! She hadn’t cum before bed last night so this was a long awaited climax for the beautiful streamer and her fans and tippers! As you can probably imagine, she looked amazing licking her jizz from her fingers after her orgasm. Register to the world’s finest webcam platform today for free! Then follow!

Chaturbate Trans Cams Mya Badd

Black-TGirls: Caramel Comments on Mya Badd’s Creamy Load!

TS pornstar Mya Badd!

Mya Badd is one of the most consistently satisfying TS porn stars on at least two of my favorite platforms: and on This beguiling TS who made her BTG debut in the summer of 2017 was first captured masturfully by producer Omar Wax. He also presents “Mya Badd’s Creamy Load!” which is a 17:11 minute video complimented by 107 hi-res photos. I can usually decide how a trans girl performs better – in the studio or on webcam.

But I can’t seem to make up my mind with this star. For instance, she speaks with her fans intimately on Chaturbate, making fans seem like they’re in a one-on-one conversation. At times, they actually are. She chats casually and when it comes to being uber-sexual, Mya turns it on like a light switch.

At the end of the last two live streams I’ve seen in recent weeks, Mya happened to masturbate to climax. I’m talking about big, creamy white cum shots pouring from the tip of her big throbbing cock. No one should ever expect a TS cam star to be this consistent with this type of release every single time. But let’s say that with Mya Badd, it happens quite often. I’ve seen her climax, get hard all over again and continue camming. You get straight talk from her every time and good humor delivered with a straight face. No nonsense.

This demeanor translates into her studio work as well. In “Mya Badd’s Creamy Load!, the Houston-based beauty moves through a series of erotic poses with the skill of a nightclub stripper and the grace of a jazz dancer. The sexy sounds she makes while finger-banging her tight ass and stroking her big dick are enough to make men and women cum without even looking at her. She uses two hands at time to pull at her monster cock at times. But all it took was her right hand in this shoot to produce a thick load of creamy jizz to bring everything to a close. This is Mya’s 9th magnificent set on Join now and watch them all!

Femout.XXX Omar Wax Zaza Zariaa

Femout: Caramel Comments on Zaza Zariaa Creampied!

Zaza Zariaa on Femout.XXX and on FemoutSex.XXX!!!

Zaza Zariaa Creampied! co-starring Soldier Boi produced by Omar Wax on Femout.XXX and on FemoutSex.XXX

“Watch her enjoying every moment as Soldier Boi pounds her tight hole until he gives her a nice messy creampie!” on the homepages of “Zaza Zariaa Creampied!” gives away the ending, but I have a few things to say about what happens before that. Producer Omar Wax approaches this project ambitiously and it pays off in the form of a mini-movie. A Houston, Texas train station is the real-life setting where we see the couple meeting for the first time.

Beautiful Zaza Zariaa strikes up a conversation with the handsome veteran and takes on the challenge of thanking him for his service. A crotch grab in public inspires Soldier Boi to invite Zaza back to his place. Since she’s in such a thankful mood, Zaza allows the man to get her halfway undressed on his bed. Her next act of gratitude and appreciation is taking his stiff dick into her warm mouth.

The POV footage is fantastic and so is Zaza’s two-fisted BBC sucking technique. This 19 year old 2021 Transgender Erotica Awards nominee for Best New Face is magnificent when it comes to keeping up with the TEA winning male actor. The fact that she’s a true submissive bottom bring out the dominant best of her co-star. Keep your eyes on this rapidly rising star, Zaza Zariaa. She’s truly special.

I’ve raved about her before in my Zaza Zariaa on Chaturbate Trans Cams blog post on Caramel’s TGirls.

Download Zaza Zariaa Creampied! in your choice of 4K 2160p, 5,928.94Mb 1080p, 2,270.42Mb 720p or 1,008.23Mb 480p 454.52Mb Video!