Mrs_Utkins on Chaturbate Trans

This stunning Chaturbate Trans broadcaster known as Kate aka Ekaterina is 20 years old with aspirations of being a surgeon someday. Her profile tells us that she lives somewhere in Russia.

I saw her the other day masturbating, she was using a cell phone, but not the way I would have imagined. Instead of fapping to porn like so many other web cammers do, she was actually listening to it. She was also lip synching to the music audible to us all and vaping topless. A very short break featured Kate fully naked before she resumed her seat on her sofa.

When a fast tempo dance song came on, she got up and danced with the camera framing her voluptuous form from neck to mid-thigh. Kate didn’t immediately develop an erection. That didn’t happen until she sat down to beat off for a few moments.

Once she propped her bare feet up on the seat cushion and then raised them in the air, we could see that she had a Lovesense Lush toy embedded in her ass – a pink vibrator that buzzes with tips.

When she turned her lovely bottom to the camera, she spanked each cheek very hard until they were bright red. And I mean hard! Then Mrs Utkins twerked for a bit and jerked her stiff cock furiously with her big tits jiggling all over the place!

Bailey Jay In I’ve Been Hard All Day

I’ve Been Hard All Day” runs just under fourteen minutes. That should give you plenty of time to alleviate your frustration, especially if you’ve been experiencing the same problem! The world’s most famous trans porn star lets you know that the outline you see in her tight dress is her dick.

It’s a really big outline so it almost looks fake. But the thing is, Bailey Jay really does have a big dick! It looks like she’s in a guestroom of her home that’s somewhere in Florida. Even when she sits down in her easy chair, the imprint head of her stiff rod is stiff visible as it stands up between from her thighs.

She parts her legs for a split second to give you a brief glimpse of her smoothly shaven ball sack. This flash puts me in a trans version of the 1992 erotic thriller Basic Instinct with Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas. But what cums later in this movie is a cum-shooting big cock!

Bailey allows her huge boner to flop out of her dress when she stands back up. She wags it around for a bit and sighs, “Oh fuck” after curling her French-nailed fingers around the thick shaft. She apologizes for last week’s quickie cum shot. She was sick so please give a girl a break. She invites you to pull out your dick and jerk off with her.

She decides to wait for you to do that while baring her large breasts and telling a short story of how her cat scratched her arm. Then she stands up again to put her swollen schlong in your face. Again. Now you’re ready to beat off together! She reminds you that she’s obsessed with cock and how horny she gets knowing how many people she’s making cum.

At least she has a pretty good idea I’m sure. She loves the smell of dick after a long, hot day. Thinking this way causes her to bring your attention to her totally hard boner standing straight up on its own. “See? Works every time.” She points a few other things out after orgasm for a couple of minutes after shooting a big load of creamy white cum!

Casey Kisses & Kylie Le Beau on Chaturbate

So you check into Chaturbate Trans and on the channel, the broadcaster’s cisgender girlfriend, Kylie Le Beau, is sucking on her girlfriend’s 8 1/2 inch circumcised cock. Kylie seldom comes up for air and she seems to have no gag reflex whatsoever. Casey states the amount of tokens they need to earn before they fuck. It’s a reasonable request. Fans chip in and the erotic fun continues. This is no time for you to stop watching!

The hardest thing to me, aside from Casey’s huge dick, seems to be not cumming before the tip goal is reached. But she incredibly holds out another five minutes for Kylie to hoist her tanned frame up and settle down on her significant other’s erection. This cowgirl ride presents us with one of the finest butts I’ve seen in recent memory and Casey’s legendary schlong pounding her tight pussy from below.

Another five or six minutes pass by and Kylie unlodges her quim from Casey’s boner to taste herself from the swining shaft. Almost an hour from my starting point passes before Casey announces a private show. I can remember the last time I’ve heard so many tips sounding off for a hardcore show.

If you would like a short preview of the trans half of this couple in action, take a look at one of her latest studio performances. The Smut Peddlers: Part One Casey Kisses and Chanel Preston is a masterpiece that perfectly illustrates the recorded side of Casey’s beauty and sexual prowess.

Beautiful models Casey Kisses and Chanel Preston kick off the three part TS Pussy Hunters series The Smut Peddlers with this very sexy update about the shocking secrets of lesbian erotica. In the playful form of an anti-porn propaganda film these stories revolve around the melodramatic events in an underground fetish photography studio in the early 1960’s. It is a morality tale attempting to teach the viewer about the dangers of pornography.

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Bubbles Gets Her Sexy Ass Fucked: Black-TGirls

If you check out my Bubbles thread, you’ll see how long I’ve been raving about her. This is not her first Black-TGirls hardcore scene, but it’s perhaps her best one yet. She meets Ace for the first time and they like the way one another looks in person.

She’s seated on a sofa next to him and when she turns around for help getting undressed, her bares one of her perky breast and orally devours it. Then she raises her enticing bottom so he can lowers her panties. Ace eats the naked beauty’s ass, too.

Bubbles is totally naked when she gives Ace a blowjob. His dick is so long! I’ve never seen this kid before, but it’s crystal clear why he embarked upon the porn star career path. Bubbles makes a dazzling show of sucking his huge cock. Then she bends over on the sofa for a doggy style railing! The way she looks while getting fucked is a vision.

She sounds hot also with her little whimpers and moans. Ace gives it to her hard and fast at times. Then he lets Bubbles do most of the work – backing up on his rock hard, jet black cock. He spanks her bubble butt, then has her bounce up and down on his rod in the reverse cowgirl position. Her uncut cock bounces up and down as Ace fucks up into her tight ass.

Next, Bubbles rides Ace facing him. Then the attractive couple evolves into a missionary fuck. This Black-TGirls update ends with Bubbles rubbing out a tremendous cum shot! This hardcore scene is another example of why I’ve been saying for years that Bubbles is one of the 1,421 best models on the original black transsexuals porn site.

Danni Daniels on Chaturbate Trans

Danni Daniels strokes her cock on Chaturbate!

I was a longtime fan of this incredible Chaturbate Trans webcam performer’s studio work on her own website way back when it was still updating. What she’s doing LIVE on is just as exciting to watch, yet more so if you prefer live interaction over recorded porn. was one of the most original trans porn I’d ever seen and what many would describe as ahead of it’s time.

By today’s focus is what’s going on now. Actually, it was a few days ago when I checked into the channel and found her talking with a fan about his cock and foreskin. She was holding a cell phone with both hands and her breasts were fully covered by a blue top. Her entire lower frame was covered by a white down comforter. What’s so sexy about that? Have you seen or heard Danni Daniels in action?

First of all, she was talking dirty and when tips rolled in, she wet a little bit orgasmic. Could it be that she was wearing a Lovesense toy in her ass that buzzed with tips? Yes or no, she revealed one of her large breasts because she said she could have her nipple sucked on forever. Then she insisted that one of her fans absolutely could not allow himself to cum yet. Edging was fine though since she loves drawing out his pre-cum. Then she whipped out her big dick and began stroking it. She bared her lovely legs, too. Then she turned the camera from profile to full frontal . Her cock looked enormous from this angle.

She eventually did some ass play and squeezed pre-cum out of her dick. It was so hard and she was so loud! I was watching for close to an hour when I realized that Danni was close to cumming. While holding her thick shaft with her left hand and pumping it with the left, she moaned loudly and repeatedly as she strained big beads of pearly cum out of her swollen cock head! It streamed down her French-nailed fingers and hands slowly and she played with the sticky strands. Then she allowed whomever hadn’t cum yet to go ahead and do it. She even offered her phone number in exchange for one big tip before signing off.

Boricua Princess is Back! Black-TGirls

Kansas City, Missouri native Boricua Princess made her Black-TGirls debut in 2016. “Boricua Princess is Back!” is the fourth shoot of this 5’5″ (161 cm), 145lbs (58 kg) hung beauty. On July 4 2019, she made an extraordinary Cumshot Thursday photo and video set as a blonde. I’m not saying it was more special since she came. This was one of her more dynamic shoots.

Her latest is good, but a bit on the boring side. She doesn’t speak, nor does she even moan while jerking off. On the positive side, this Puerto-Rican and black stunner does a graceful, seductive striptease. She spends quite a bit of time posing completely naked while hiding her uncut cock. I’m not sure if I saw this with her before, but she’s giving me a strong Kerry Washington vibe these days.

After about eight and a half minutes, she’s stroking her dick to a raging hardon. She toys with a long string of pre-cum and I sense a lot of top energy. That pretty much means I get the feeling she’s a versatile top. I could be wrong, but I’m usually right about these things.

Overall, this is a good effort by long-time Black-TGirls producer KilaKali and his gorgeous model, Boricua Princess. Keep your eye on this site for her next shoot. I have a strong feeling it will be much hotter than this one.

Foxyiren on Chaturbate Trans

24 year old transsexual Chaturbate Trans webcam girl gets ready to stroke her hard cock!

This stunning redhead is adjusting the straps of her tall sandals when I jump into her Chaturbate Trans channel. A luscious breast is bared as she sits with her legs up in a brown leather chair. She wears lacy red and black lingerie and her cock and balls are fully exposed.

Whenever I hear dings, and Irene moans, I know she’s reacting to the thin Lovesense Lush toy embedded in her ass. More tips flow in and she moans and gasps louder. When she stands up, a bed is visible beside her chair. She uses it as a prop to stand on with one foot at times and to rest her heels upon when she removes them.

She then attempts to hide her uncut cock by making a makeshift dress out of her body suit. But that fails since it’s so sheer. Oh, poor us! The garment is so flexible that she’s able to roll it up and allow it to rest above her bosom. That makes it easier for us to see Irene stroking her cock. She jerks off to a full erection and then rolls the garment back down past her waist.

All of her goodies upstairs and downstairs however are on full display. More masturbation makes Irene’s cock as stiff as can be – arcing upward toward her flat tummy. When she stands up and releases it momentarily, it stands out from her loins at a 45 degree angle.

Eventually, Irene lets her long red hair down and begins sucking on a large dildo. Then she begins showing off her incredible ass on the bed. She takes a vape break and plays with her iPhone a bit.

The fap show continues and I realize that I’ve been locked into for just over an hour. It somehow seems like she’s just getting started.

Ananomie on Chaturbate Trans

In spite of the fact that 27 year old Ana aka Ananomi of Portland, Oregon, is a 12 on scale from 1 to 10, it’s her voice that always stands out to me. Almost every time I check on on her Chaturbate Trans channel, she’s totally naked and jerking off her erection with a pink Lovensense toy in her butt.

This time she was squeezing one of her full breasts with her red-nailed fingers. Like her electric buzzing toy, Ana is in a constant state of vibration. She could be trembling a bit from holding her legs wide open and spread far apart for such long periods of time. But I think it’s mainly due to her being turned on. Ana is a foot fetishist’s dream and the fact that she’s covered from head to toe in a light patina of oil tells me she knows exactly how she looks her best. She keeps it simple as her wardrobe – nail polish and oil.

She asks foot loving fans to suck on her curling toes. Then she turns around to give her ass loving fans a special treat. Then it’s a full-frontal tit show and her breasts and nipples have a unique look to them. They’re dark and they’re huge! When she says “Thank you” she seems sincere. And when she gets to talking about herself and what’s going on around her, she seems incredibly sweet and personable. I watched this left-handed beauty jerking her erection for almost an hour and I paid attention to her interesting biography while wondering how long she could go on without cumming.

Some of Ananomi’s likes are: age play, anal sex, ass to mouth, ass licking, behavior modification, being cornered, being dressed by daddy, being overpowered, biting, bladder desperation, blindfolds, breast play, breath play, bruises, caging/confinement, caning, choking, clothespins, collar and lead/leash, compression, consensual non-consent, crawling, crying, daddy/girl, diet control, domestic servitude, domination, duct tape, edge play, embarrassment, and encasement.

Then there’s face fucking, facials, fingering, gagging, gaping, gloves, group sex, hair pulling, handcuffs, high protocol, humiliation, impact play, inspection, insults, interrogation, kneeling, leaving marks, loss of control, masks, masturbation, medical play, mind fucks, obedience training, oral sex, orders, orgasm control, outdoor sex, pain, role play, rope, rough sex, sadism, scratching, slapping, spanking, speech restriction, spit, strap-ons, swallowing, talking dirty, tearing, ripping, and cutting off clothing. Register free on my favorite webcam platform and be sure to follow!

April, Elsie & Elf on Chaturbate Trans

I just found out that one of my favorite porn stars, 24 year old April Gillespie aka Annie Trappington, is out of her retirement from porn and back on Chaturbate Trans! And she’s back with two of her favorite people, gorgeous Elsie Sommers and Elf Monster. April made her major studio debut in October 2015 as Femout.XXX Annie Trappington. I didn’t know she had a serious girlfriend until I saw the Radius Dark masterpiece video and photo set TGirls.Porn: April Gillespie & Elsie Sommers.

Last night was the first time I saw April and Elsie on cam with gorgeous blonde Elf Monster. The threesome I witnessed was absolutely mesmerizing. There was oral switching all over the place and all three babes are hung. April’s cock is the biggest and it’s ridiculously large. I can’t decide who has the most firm and lovely set of breasts and I don’t think the fans could either.

At one point it seemed like Elf was going to cum in April’s mouth. Elsie said that April has no gag reflex. In a 69, April got on top of Elf for a 69. April’s reactions to getting her nipples and cock sucked resemble some sort of erotic exorcism. I wasn’t the only one amazed by the deep soul kissing these girls shared. Talk about tight!

That thought brings me to when the actual fucking began. Elf cracked me up shouting about about the “We All Fuck “tip goal they were rapidly approaching. When the moment of truth came, Elf got on her back and April eased her huge cock inside the blonde’s tight ass. It took a lot of effort, but once she was fully embedded, Elsie entered April’s ass!

I wanted to see this show until the end, but Elsie’s jackhammer thrusting that propelled April to rail Elf harder and faster made me lose it. It was time for me to sign out of the channel, clean up and go about my business.

I highly recommend that you register for free and follow that channel! Keep your eye on also which was active just last week.