Caramel’s Interview with Anastasia Coxx (Updated)

Caramel Black’s Interview With Anastasia Coxx

When I first presented my Interview with Anastasia Coxx on August 3, 2013, I suppose it was pretty well done. Basically, if the interviewee is happy, I’m happy. But this interview was conducted almost six years ago! What’s going on now with Anastasia? Well, I think it’s about time to revisit our original conversation and see what’s been happening with and for this incredible trans pornstar now!

Caramel Black’s Interview with Alina Wang (Updated)

Alina Wang lives in London, England. She does part-time modelling as she enjoys every moment in front of camera. She enjoys sharing her photos and videos and reading your great comments! Alina loves making sexy and erotic mini films wearing pantyhose, sexy dresses, lingerie and high heels involving erotic activities. Those films are usually 10 minutes in length and are all in HD format.

All of Alina’s original private sexy videos and photos are uploaded to her website. So join her there if you would like to watch. She doesn’t classify her website as an ordinary XXX website as it is more a way for her to stay closer with all my lovely admirers, friends and supporters.

The membership of my website is not free. The fund will be used Alina’s makeups dresses, lingerie, photography cost and traveling expenses and accommodations that are related to video shooting at locations. In return, Alina uploads all the videos and photos to the site to share with all of her site members.

Alina has no intention to make a living out of running this site – but to finance what she does in her trans life and to create pleasure for all of us. Alina has also made her debut on a major adult website recently. At near the close of my original March 14, 2016 Interview with Alina Wang, you’ll find the links to her wonderful debut and encore performances shot by Kalin of London. I’ve also reviewed Alina’s those performances. Enjoy!

Caramel’s Review of TransAngels Pool Perfection with Aubrey Kate & Pierce Paris

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Description: Blonde stunner Aubrey Kate has her eyes set on her hunky new pool guy Pierce Paris. She struts through the backyard in a sexy orange bikini, watching him from the shade of a flowering tree as he skims the water.

The shameless starlet strips down, showing off her gorgeous body for Pierce until it’s too much for him to resist. He follows her to the edge of the pool where he rubs her toned body, squeezing her perfect tits in the cool water.

Aubrey gives Pierce a wet and wild blowjob, warming his massive cock up for the main event of pounding her hole poolside. These two hotties get hardcore all around the pool, sucking and stroking each other under the summer sun in this sensual scene.

Review: Story-Driven Videos is one of the first phrases you’ll read on the landing page if you’re not too distracted to read. This scene does it with a sense of humor with Pierce pretending to be a martial arts master with a pool net. Aubrey Kate spies on him from the cabana, looking at him like he’s a whole snack.

Knowing he’s been caught, he plays it off by going back to work on the pool. Aubrey enters the pool area, slipping out of her cover-up and moving seductively in her bikini. She kicks it up a notch by removing her top and Pierce is totally shocked.

Aubrey relaxes in a lounger and spritzes her skin with tanning oil as Pierce takes in the beautiful sight. She invites him to come closer and he takes this as an invitation, strips down to his swimsuit and dives into the pool, swimming towards her. After a brief discussion, she persuades the stud to slip into a comfortable position to get his big dick sucked.

Skipping past the incredible bareback sex footage, including two satisfying cum shots, this update stays true to it’s original plot with one last touch of humor. It’s as seamless as a fine porn scene could possibly be.

Caramel’s Review of Black-TGirls Cumshot Thursday: Brooklynn!

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Trans girl beauty Brooklyn on the bed

Description: Gorgeous Brooklynn made her Grooby debut more than two years ago and we haven’t seen her since then. Today, she finally returns, looking even more beautiful and right on time to star in a brand new “Cumshot Thursday” episode! She can’t wait to show us what she got once again! Watch her stroking it until she cums just for you!

“Hi, I’m Brooklynn. I’m originally from Long Island New York. I grew up in the suburbs and moved to Atlanta when I was 11. I love to sing, do hair and make-up, Is actually just graduated from cosmetology school. I don’t like inconsistency and I’m huge on communication. Some of my desires include; 3somes, 1-on-1, passionate sex, role play. I’m more of a lover than just a “fuck.” I like romance and passion. I’m on hormones, have been for 4 months now. I’m pretty passable and pre-op. That’s all about me!”

Hung Black-TGirls beauty Brooklynn is about to strip.

Review: Gorgeous Brooklyn sits on the bed and removes her running shoes and socks as this update opens. Dressed in workout gear, she looks like you’ve just changed her plans with your arrival to having sex. “Tell me how you want it,” she breathes with her butt tilted upward in your direction.

Black trans Brooklynn is the trans girl for you if you have a thing for pretty feet.

In less than three minutes, this lithe fox has nothing on at all below the waist. Her sports bra is disgarded just after the three minute mark leaving her gloriously naked. At this point, I’m wondering if Brooklyn will need any sex toys to get off. Will there be porn playing in the background?

Beautiful trans girl Brooklyn is naked and about to jerk off her big cock!

Brooklynn seems to only need her imagination as she strokes her big, stiff cock. She lays back and beats off furiously, occasionally glancing downward at her large tool. The beauty’s breathing deepens and if you’re thinking she might make beads of creamy white cum escape the swollen head of her cock soon, you’re 100% correct. Download This Video produced by Omar Wax in your choice of 4K 2160p 4,589.43Mb, 1080p 938.29Mb, 720p 585.27Mb or 480p 352.54Mb formats!

Caramel’s Review of Transfixed | S1 E16 | She’s The Boss Kenna James, Natalie Mars

Description: Natalie Mars is a businesswoman who is always on a mission and used to getting what she wants. She’s not the type to take ‘no’ for an answer, especially from her subordinates. There’s one subordinate she has her eye on — her lovely assistant, Kenna James.

She’s easy on the eyes and eager to please. Natalie loves ordering Kenna around and seeing her tremble with fear… and arousal. She calls Kenna into her office, then gets her to spin around so that she can judge what she’s wearing that day. Natalie approaches, scrutinizing Kenna as she smooths out the wrinkles in her clothes.

She can’t have her assistant looking anything less than perfect. Satisfied, she sends Kenna on her way to fetch some drycleaning and coffee, admiring her ass as Kenna hightails it out of there. Meanwhile, Kenna’s almost at her wits’ end trying to appease her boss as she runs endless errands for her.
It can be a bit intense for her, but the rare praise that she gets from Natalie makes everything worth it. When Kenna returns, Natalie declares that now she’s hungry… Kenna vibrates with nervousness and excitement as she locks eyes with Natalie, knowing what’s about to come.

She carefully sits down on the edge of the desk and opens her legs a little, asking Natalie what she wants to eat. Natalie’s bright red lips pull into a grin. Kenna is taken to new heights of pleasure as Natalie sinks between her legs and eats out her pussy.

She’s all too happy to suck her boss’ cock, wanting Natalie to feel just as blissed out as she does. When Natalie finally bends her over the desk and slips her cock into her pussy, Kenna is satisfied, knowing she’s once again done her job well.

Kenna James and Natalie Mars 69.

Caramel’s Review: This brilliantly acted and directed update reminds me of The Devil Wears Prada. It’s a 2006 American comedy-drama film that stars Meryl Streep as Miranda Priestly, a powerful fashion magazine editor, and Anne Hathaway as Andrea “Andy” Sachs, a college graduate who goes to New York City and lands a job as Priestly’s co-assistant. US Vogue editor Anna Wintour, is widely believed to have been the inspiration for Priestly. Natalie Mars is convincing as an employer who wields the same level of power and uses it to sexually manipulate her assistant. Writer and Director Bree Mills closes this update with a vastly different ending from the 2006 film it may be inspired by. This is the type of ending I wish the 2003 Lauren Weisberger’s novel, The Devil Wears Prada, and the 2006 film adaptation under the same name had.