Bridget Lane, Ladyboyhomemaker

The Ladyboy Homemaker, Bridget Lane

Bridget Lane isn’t just a Chaturbate Trans show. It’s an erotic experience. i don’t know why she chose Ladyboyhomemaker as the name of her channel, but it’s a damn good, frequent broadcast. Bridget isn’t a true dominatrix or sissy, but she can play each role equally well.

Her closet is full of kinky cosplay wardrobes and she has a few daddies that her her closet in a heavy rotation of outfits. She provides her social media links and email address for fans who’d like to make special requests of all sorts. Some trans women drive themselves to climax from mainly cock stroking.

Others prefer anal stimulation. When Bridget’s ass meets a vibrator or a dildo, the reaction could be described as not only pleasurable, but convulsive! And her vocal interaction with fans is non-stop. This super sexy Scottish-American lass describes herself as the ultimate sub.

Bridget is also a musician and she plays drums. So if you want to get off with someone who’s skilled in the old-fashioned art of striptease and delivers the modern edge of cosplay, go with Bridget Lane! 

Amy Jeaux Johnson on Chaturbate Trans

Amy Jeaux Johnson – Dallas, Texas

Amy Jeaux Johnson aka AJ180

Amy Jeaux Johnson was already naked and her big cock was fully erect when I logged into her Chaturbate Trans channel one night last week. She had a narrow pink Lovesense vibrator embedded in her sexy ass that buzzed highly pleasurable sensations with incoming tips. “Look how hard you got me,” she breathed between moans and and she bent forward.

In a full frontal view, Amy Jeaux took the bulbous head of her cock into her own mouth and sucked in some pre-cum. I’m not going to joke about never leaving the house if I could do that. A girl’s gotta tend to other business. I’ve noticed that Amy Jeaux’s sexual frenzy goes into overdrive whenever she gives herself a blowjob. It was no different this time around and Amy Jeaux jerked off and moaned wildly with a thin layer of sweat covering her beautiful body.

More tips rolled in when she gave a foot arching and toe wiggling session. She has sexy feet so she gets foot fetish requests a lot. About ten minutes of watching Amy Jeaux’s incredible show, a fan went on a tip tirade, trying to make her cum. She was leaning back at this point with her curvy legs spread eagle.

It seemed as if she was about to shoot her load, but she backed off and took a little water break. Then she lay down in profile, a position that makes her dick look even more massive than in frontal views. She eventually stood up and made her large tool swing from thigh to thigh. The slaps her heavy penis made were so loud!

I don’t know why, but she donned a white bra next. Amy Jeaux appeared to be cooling down even though her big schlong didn’t deflate. Next, Amy Jeaux placed a suction dildo on the floor beneath her fine ass. She proceeded to ride up and down on it.

Then she lay on her side with her butt facing us and fucked herself with the toy. I wanted to stick around to see Amy Jeaux cum, but a whole hour passed and I to run some errands. If you’d like to see something like what I saw, and I highly recommend the Amy Jeaux Johnson, be sure to check out the channel!

Urharddesirex on Chaturbate Trans

Katy aka Urharddesirex of Estonia

23 year old Katy aka Urharddesirex is a fantastic Chaturbate Trans broadcaster from Estonia, which was part of the Russian Empire since the end of the 18th century. After the Russian Revolution of 1917 they became independent states. But it doesn’t really matter what language she speaks in this situation because Katy doesn’t talk much when she’s online.

The last time I tuned into her channel, she was shooting a huge load, literally catching it in her right hand. Katy was only seen from the waist down at the moment, wearing black tight with lacy black panties drawn to the side. She sat down, as most standing people do when the cum. And then her gorgeous face came into the frame. Katy did the typically lewd thing of licking some of her own jizz, somehow making it look cute.

She took a short break and returned wearing a black and floral print dress with sheer black stockings and eight inch platform sandals. I thought she was going to sign off. But something about the way she was looking at her phone told me to stick around for more fun. Katy gave an enticing butt show with her undies still on.

Then she sat back in full frontal, vaped for a bit, then exposed her big, uncut schlong again. She kicked off her platforms and satisfied a Chaturbate Trans foot fan’s request by flexing her soles and wiggling her toes. Then she stuck a narrow Lovesense vibrator up her cute ass.

Katy was soon bonerizing all over again. It wasn’t long before Katy was stroking a renewed erection! Katy didn’t make her big, thick pecker spasm again that night, but what a long and great show it was! Check her out on

Danitza Peru on Chaturbate Trans

South America beauty, Danitza Peru, is one of the greatest treasures you’ll find on Chaturbate Trans. This petite, busty broadcaster was vibrant and electrifying when I save her live last week. Danika was naked except for a pair of sparkly silver platform sandals when I logged it. Her adorable uncut cock wasn’t had yet, but she was working on that. Fans were driving her cute ass crazy sending tips that made her Lovesense narrow pink vibrator buzz.

A cute Peruvian dude eventually joined Danitza dressed like a Chippendale’s dancer, shirtless with a bow tie and tuxedo jacket. He may have been dressed funny, but he had no trouble making Danitza’s cock rock hard! Then it was her turn to suck on his much bigger penis. Danitza’s solo shows ae amazing as well. She makes more outfit changes in one night than a female Oscars ceremony host. And she looks absolutely ravishing in her sexy ass little outfits. Her Chaturbate Trans shows are however uncomplicated. With her sweet interaction and above average good looks, Danitza’s obvious plan while masturbating is to make you cum quickly and go on about your business. Give her a follow when you register free and check out!

Kylieboudoir | Kylie Boudoir on Chaturbate Trans

One of Kylie’s best performances was in a floral off-the-shoulder peasant shirt and a soft pink skirt. She had on matching panties underneath and a raging hardon when I signed into Chaturbate Trans. The head of her cock poked out of the bottom hem of the skirt whenever she’d bend forward to type on her keyboard. Her legs were bare and so were her feet. Well, you couldn’t really see them until a tipper with a foot fetish requested a view. Then she’d jump out of her standing position to lay on her back to exposed her wrinkled soles.

Kylie’s music was mostly mid-tempo 90’s R&B and Hip Hop and she dances quite well. Kylie has a soft, sexy voice and she uses it to interact with her fans sweetly. Kylie doesn’t bother to make sex faces when she jerks off. She’s to pretty to have to resort to that. You might see her brow tensing when Kylie’s pleasure is intensified, but that’s about it. Her shows are relaxing – never forced. Sometimes she’ll casually make her big hard dick dance up and down. When asked how she most loves to cum, she replied that she loves cumming in her boyfriend’s ass.

Viewers got an even better look at the power of Kylie’s organ when she removed her skirt completely. Her tightened ball sack is pretty large, too. And her hard dick stands up at a 45° angle. Eventually, Kylie removed her peasant blouse, rendering her completely nude. Her hormone breasts are perfect, capped with rosy, puffy nipples. Kylie’s boner spills a good amount of pre-cum when she’s stroking it.

Watching her fuck a clear cock sleeve is tons of fun! That often gets her moaning softly and shooting a fresh load of spunk. “I hope you want it as bad as I do,” she said right before she was about to cum from using her firm right hand. Kylie announced that she finally needed to cum and a long steady stream of pearly cream poured to the floor.

The way she didn’t just dip out, but rather thanked her fans for about five minutes after she came made Kylie seem more likable than she already is. Follow this gorgeous sweetie pie on Registration is free! She often rises to the No. #1 spot of the Chaturbate platform when she’s online.

TS Dreamland Cams

EvilAngel | Transactive #04 | Raina + Tayla: TS-On-TS Fuck Date

Evil Angel: Brazilian trans babes Raiane and Tayla are busty, super-fit, and ready to fuck. The oversexed TS hotties passionately kiss for the camera, and then playfully strip to show off their tight bods. Their stiff, black she-dicks bulge from their panties. The eager lovers grope each other’s massive tits and trade blowjobs. Both T-girls indulge in hard, ass-reaming sodomy. Intense action includes sloppy, ass-to-mouth cocksucking and a creamy masturbation cum climax. 

Caramel’s Review: Well, that’e the official website description of Transactive #04, Scene #02. This is from the same network that brings us Jay Sin’s TS PlaygroundEvil Angel. There aren’t many other producers that can hold a candle to Joey Silvera’s trans porn.   

The girls are already getting intimate when the scene begins. Mr. Silvera adds a few lustful comments as Raiane and Tayla kiss hungrily and strip each other’s clothes off. Breasts a re bared and the outline of one huge cock is exposed through black panties. Next comes a tremendous pantied butt display. Then both girls are soon stroking they’re raging erections. 

One delicious-looking blowjob follows and then the raw fucking begins! It’s a passionate railing and there’s something special about Mr. Silvera’s directing when it comes to trans lesbian scenes. It’s as if he demands his actresses to convince us that they’re real life girlfriends. He speaks Portuguese well enough to have provided a longer closing interview.

But it doesn’t take away from the raw sexuality of this scene. I give it a solid A performance rating. The Evil Angel subscription isn’t cheap, but you get the best of the best trans content plus every other niche you can possibly think of!  

Michellnaug on Chaturbate Trans

Michell Naug of Colombia

21 year old Chaturbate trans webcam broadcaster Michell Naug does both solo shows and masturbates live with other hot trans girls. But she usually goes it alone these days and that’s more than enough. She’s got a beautiful face, a wonderful fit body and a ridiculously large cock.

Whenever I see Michelle performing online, she’s usually jerking off in close-up, full frontal. She might be wearing a bra or a light shirt with no panties, but stay-up stockings usually encase her shapely legs. Michell doesn’t need a lot of lube coating her massive organ. She does most of her stroking with her left hand.

There always seems to be porn playing somewhere in the background when Michell is beating off. When she climaxes, I usually can hear the orgasmic wails of a girl and that signals what’s likely about to happen next. Big, creamy white cum shots and a lot of tips!

The last time I saw Michell doing a duo show, she was jerking off with another trans girl with an enormous cock. The fair-skinned brunette kept letting out high pitched screams whenever tips rolled in. She had a Lovesense vibrator that sent jolt of pleasure in her ass continuously. When she took a break from jerking off, she started sucking Michell’s dick which had her screaming too!

It was pretty clear who was running the show on this Chaturbate channel because Michell’s mate acted often as a sort of porn fluffer, using her hands to keep both of their massive dicks raging hard. The intense sounds of porn they had playing in the background also propelled their lust. Michelle also sucked the brunette’s big tool every now and then.

Neither girl was able to fit more than the first couple of inches of dick in their mouths because they’re hung like horses. But like I said, when Michell is holding court all on her own, she’s more than enough! Register to Chaturbate free and please follow!

Transactive #04, Scene #01 Luna Love & Lance Hart

It was just yesterday on that I said I was done with writing major studio trans porn reviews. I was angry and disappointed in the way that this industry niche had dropped in quality, originality and diversity. Then I saw Transactive #04 from Joey Silvera for late last night. It’s a trans woman’s prerogative to change her mind, isn’t it?!

Let’s talk about Luna Love and Lance Hart in Scene #01. Taking a look back at the Luna Love Evil Angel Profile, we see that this is Luna’s second movie with the studio. She must not have needed the work in the space between her debut and this release because this Domino Presley discovery is absolutely stunning. Joey Silvera has always been my favorite evil director and Luna’s initial striptease sequence reminds me of why that is. His cinematography is as crisp and beautiful as always.

Luna’s solo expedition lasts for just over two minutes until ridiculously handsome Sweet Femdom producer Lance Hart shows up. Looking at the Lance Hart Evil Angel Profile, this versatile stud has 24 scenes under his belt. At any rate, Lance gives Luna a passionate kiss while grasping her turgid erection. Man, do they make a gorgeous couple. The foreplay footage is fantastic and the raw hardcore is out of this world.

At the end of the shoot, Joey asks Luna, “Can I please talk to you now,” as if she’s royalty. I don’t know much about Luna, but considering her status in the porn world, she’s definitely a high queen. This Evil Angel scene is a great way to kick off my fast favorite studio porn flick of 2020. I’ll review each scene of Transactive #04 and present them all here in the very near future.  

Thaira Miaus Hot aka 11inchesbigass on Chaturbate

Thaira Miaus Hot aka 11inchesbigass

25 year old Latinx beauty Thaira Miaus Hot aka 11inchesbigass is one of the most stunning Chaturbate trans webcam broadcasters I’ve ever seen. Her voluptuous figure seems even more so when she’s masturbating live.

I’ve seen Thaira camming with another busty trans girl around the same age. I don’t remember her name at the moment, but don’t be surprised if I rave about her too someday. I’ve actually seen Thaira camming with a few other trans girls before.

I’ve never seen her engaging in sex with them, but the jack off sessions were pretty hot. I have seen Thaira fucking vaginal sexy toys however. This girl’s big ass looks absolutely incredible when Thaira is banging a fake pussy!

She switches hands so often when stroking her enormous cock that it’s hard to tell if she’s a lefty or righty. Once her dick is swollen to it’s largest expanse, the foreskin pulls completely away from the head. When she’s not jerking it off, Thaira makes her huge dick bounce up and down and she’ll swivel her hips to make it spin like a horny propellar.

Thaira Miaus Hot is a must see. Do yourself a favor and register for free to the world’s finest webcam platform. Then follow for some of the best live shows you’ll ever see!