GroobyGirls 25th Anniversary: Angellica Good Recap

Official Description: Angellica is a super sweet and gentle doll from Atlantic Canada. She’s 21 years old with the hopes and goals to be a stripper; astrological sign is Libra, so very easy going, romantic with a party girl wild side! She likes to party in clubs or house parties and even strip clubs. Has a passion for sucking dick! Says she could do it all night long ! And getting her toes sucked too, loves to make people happy! Loves hairy men, loves to be submissive and loves to be a fuck doll! So sit back and let her work her magic for you on her very first pro shoot, here on!

Caramel’s Review: I downloaded the zip file photo set of “GroobyGirls 25th Anniversary: Angellica Good!” before watching the video. That’s how I knew that the video was going to be must download as opposed to a shoot to stream. I love watching porn alone and sharing with friends. The photos Vee Soho shot are just as sexy as the video!

I was pleasantly surprised that there was a bit of acting in this shoot and that Angellica makes it look easy. She’s just entered her home after a run and excercising makes her horny. Angellica almost starts rubbing herself on the sofa, but decided to stretch first. This session gives you time to get highly aroused by watching her workout evolve into masturbation.

Angellica rubs oils on her legs and then removes her sneakers. Then she raises her top to oil up her large breasts. Meanwhile, there’s a big bulge growing inside her pink panties. Poring cold water on her tits sends Angellica and her photographer into a laughing fit. This candid moment is just everything.

Soon, Angellica is rubbing the oil on her big, uncut dick! She jerks it off and what comes next is especially for foot lovers. Angellica removes her socks and rubs her bare feet, mentioning how sweaty they are. This GroobyGirls scene has a lot more foot fetish content than most.

Next, Angellica begins jacking off in earnest. Anyone who’s seen what she can do with her dynamic dick from her four Angellica Good on still won’t prepare them for what happens in “GroobyGirls 25th Anniversary: Angellica Good!

Even if they’ve seen “Evie Envy & Angellica Good” produced by Vee Soho went live on TGirls.Porn on 19th October, 2021, they’ll still be amazed. This climax is incredible!

But wait a minute. Envy and Angellica fucked the hell out of each other. Both girls had tremendous cum shots and Angellica blew her load on Envy’s lovely form. It was her first time with another gorgeous trans girl.

Let me give you links to support her. Go to @angellicagood on Twitter and Follow me on Twitter while you’re at it on @tscaramel! Thank you so much for reading.

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Deep Anal Connection, Scene #01 Sean Michaels, Janelle Fennec

Deep Anal Connection, Scene #01 Sean Michaels, Janelle Fennec

Description: Cameras roll in a bondage dungeon, capturing a long scene of simmering intensity. In coat, tie and dark shades, legendary Black porn stud Sean Michaels plays with elegant, ivory-skinned TS Janelle Fennec. The blue-eyed, longhaired dirty blonde wears a pearl necklace and a sexy smile painted in crimson lipstick. Quietly dominant Sean stretches her net lingerie to reveal a bulging crotch and an opening anus.

She releases his big Black cock for a reverent blowjob. Kneeling Janelle strokes, sucks and laps balls. Sean’s saliva lubes her crack and hole, and he works the huge meat way up her ass for a doggie-style buttfuck. The gasping T-girl’s face shows lusty strain as her tight sphincter accustoms itself to the colossal rod.

Sean grips her wrists authoritatively; Janelle wails as he digs in harder. She pulls her long legs back for more deep sodomy, masturbating and moaning as he grips her ankles, spanks her cheeks and impales her bunghole. She throws her head back for upside-down, ass-to-mouth fellatio. Janelle rides his pole hard, her asshole making his huge bone disappear. They share more physical manhandling, anal reaming and A2M oral service. Toy buried in her butt, Janelle jacks off furiously, crying out as she ejaculates a sticky dollop of jism. When Sean cums in her mouth, she cleans his dick orally, and he kisses her.

Caramel’s Review: Multi-award winning Aiden Starr presents an interview with the incredible Janelle Fennec. Aiden is seen asking questions in the background with the legendary entrepreneur, producer, director, and former adult film actor John Stagliano running the camera. Stagliano is the founder and current owner of Evil Angel studios.

The discussion includes trans rights and other issues unrelated to sex. Janelle answers deeply personal questions about family and dating. Then she adds a complimentary words about her porn star legend co-star Sean Michaels. She closes with some nice things to say about Evil Angel studios. Aiden presents an interview with Sean, also! Incidentally, Aiden Starr features Hot For Transsexuals 6 from Evil Angel with Michaels in his first-ever scene with a transsexual performer.

Deep Anal Connection, Scene #01 opens with Janelle in fishnet lingerie and tall sandals on a hobby horse waiting for well-dressed Sean to help eliminate her extreme horniness. Fast forward to Janelle pulling Sean’s pants down to reveal his gargantuan erection. These are two of my favorite adult entertainers. Michaels has been my favorite male actor since I first began watching porn. The moment when Janelle touches Sean’s lengthy staff and brings the head to her red lips is sexually electrifying.

Janelle strokes Sean’s stiff member on the way to the loft’s bed. More of her goodies are revealed as she bends over across the mattress. Sean enters Janelle’s gorgeous ass bareback and begins pumping away slowly. He gives her time to adjust to his size before increasing the pace.

There are multiple position changes as well as a change in direction I’m thrilled about. Both Janelle and Sean’s intense, cum-laden orgasms are captured in unique methods. This top-notch porn release ends with a sweet cummy kiss and both actors enjoying the afterglow of this spectacular Evil Angel experience.

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erica_cherry: Erica Cherry Returns to Chaturbate

Erica Cherry has recently returned to Chaturbate Trans Cams! Erica has answered questions about cosmetic changes she’s made her current hair. Although she was wearing wigs when she started out in porn, her ginger tresses are all hers now. When asked if she likes topping guys, the answer is yes. But she likes getting fucked, too. Sometimes she likes being dominated. It’s okay to lightly slap her face and to maybe go harder on her titties.

Whether she’s wearing lingerie or naked, the sight of Erica jerking off in a full frontal view is astounding. Actually, when she allows her big erection to bob and sway above her thighs – that’s another amazing part of her streams. When she applies a lot of lube to her hardon, she really gets close to shooting her load. When she cups one of her boobs while jacking off, you know she’s about to nut! I’m not sure what brand of lube she uses, but she pours it onto her boners from a large bottle. Whatever it is, I’d like to try it. But I digress.

I don’t know which fan it was meant for, but at one point, Erica told someone, “I know that deep down you want to love my cock. You want to worship my cock.” It seemed like this fan was in denial about his affection for dick. I like to imagine he got over it before Erica released her huge cum shot. The last time I heard someone ask how big her cock was, she replied, “It’s longer than my feet.”

A fun hobby to take on would be timing your powerful orgasms with Erica’s. Her live cam link is For all of her links go to!

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Saska Sage!

Saska Sage on

Producer Radius Dark got Saska Sage to open up about herself in her debut. But she beautifully reveals what makes her tick before shedding her clothing. Even if you check out all of her platforms at this is a highly satisfying way to take in Saska Sage in a nutshell.

I’ve seen Saska streaming on as well. She’s mastered the art of striptease so well that Classical music is appropriate for her streams. Sometimes she’s quiet and let’s her gorgeous face and body do all the talking.

The first and only hardcore scene I’ve scene her in is Alexa Scout & Saska Sage on TGirl.Porn. Producer Radius Dark brings us right into the action with Alexa jerking off on the bed in an off-the-shoulder top, sheer black stockings and panties with garters. Saska is seen moments later taking Alexa’s hard dick inside her mouth.

Wearing red lingerie, Saska give what’s obviously an amazing blowjob. The beautiful pair engage in frottage next. Then, Alexa eats Saska’s butt and spanks it hard. Saska writhes and moans with pleasure and her cock is hard as a rock. Alexa can’t resist getting a taste of it. A rather long blowjob follows and more stiff dick rubbing. When Saska is ready to be taken, the first position is doggy style. Saska’s erection leaks pre-cum as her ass gets pounded hard!

After an explosive creampie climax, Radius presents a post-coital interview. He’s the best interviewer amongst adult entertainment producers. We get some insight from Saska about what the sex was like and how she feels about adding major studio porn to her resume.

This sequence informed me that the first time she got fucked was by Chris Epic on so I watched that Buddy Wood gem in VR. Although I’m a bigger fan of TS/TS over TS/Male content, I found Sasha and Chris as exciting and sexy as Sasha and Alexa’s hardcore session.

Welcome Saska Sage” on GroobyGirls includes an interview beginning. It ends with Saska toying with a string of pre-cum leaking from the red tip of her erection. She strips down to full nudity in the fabulous debut. “Saska Sage Cums For You” is naturally a more intimate experience. This is no silent movie, either.

Saska addresses you as if you’re right there in the room with her. Saska is very assertive about what she wants sexually, while assuring you that you’ll get exactly what you want as well. Her dirty talk is erotically exquisite. The finger-banging and jerking off along with Saska simulating getting fucked by you might make you lose it. Do you think you can hold out before she cums?

Saska Sage is incredible in major studio porn and LIVE on Check out for more!

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