Pure-TS: From Solo To Hardcore with Iva Meta Fae

Pure-TS.com Description: Sexy trans schoolgirl Iva Meta Fae is about to go live on her Chaturbate channel when her man shows up. So instead of her usual solo show where she jerks off and cums…now she is going to get fucked hard and THEN jerk off and cum with a big dick instead of her tight hole!

Caramel’s Review: I think it’s great that the Pure-TS.com webmaster and star Christian XXX helped his From Solo To Hardcore co-star promote her webcam channel. I’m doing the same thing on my blog. Follow her on Chaturbate here.

The scene opens with Iva hopping on the bed before her laptop in her naughty schoolgirl outfit. She strokes her cock on cam alone, but she really wants Daddy to join her. She summons him into the bedroom and the muscular man joins her in bed. He’s already naked and sporting a massive erection. Christian goes down on Iva’s cock and it’s thrilling to watch her girl dick expand. Christian’s prick is thicker than his girl’s rod, but placing their sex organs closely together, we can see that she’s got a monster cock as well! She’s one of the most well-endowed trans girls on Pure-TS.com.

Iva returns Christian’s oral favors and jerks herself off in the process. The wonderful camera angles show off the chasm between Iva’s that Christian’s huge rod will soon fill. But first, Christian gives her a rimjob as she lays back stroking herself. Then he eases his bulbous cockhead into her tight ass.

I love dirty talk during fuck scenes and I guess you could say I have a sex sound fetish. The moans of pleasure Iva emits are everything! Speaking of fetishes, this scene has multiple visual gems to please so many – schoolgirl cosplay, stocking feet, ATM and a bit of roughness. The missionary position railing evolves into a doggy style pounding. Side saddle fucking really gives us phenomenal views of the actors’ genitals thrusting and being stroked. The theme of the stud fucking the cam girl plays until the final sequence.

I’d love for you to join Pure-TS and don’t forget to follow Iva Meta Fae here on Chaturbate. You can also follow her on Twitter at @IvaMetaFae. You can get ALL of her links there. Also follow me on Twitter at @tscaramel. Thank you for reading!

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TracyFem on Chaturbate Trans Cams

In the course of one year I’ve watched TracyFem transform from a flat-chested femboy with slim hips into a trans woman with incredible curves. I have no preference when it comes to either type of physique. My point is that this gorgeous 24 year old from Lesser Poland Voivodeship has come a long way in a year. TracyFem has been fucking herself with large toys for as long as I’ve enjoyed her Chaturbate Trans Cams streams.

Sometimes she’d be plugged and locked in chastity wearing a mask. Delivering sissy and foot fetish content, gaping her well-rounded ass, and jerking off to completion could always be counted on. Whether she was doing Astolfo in cosplay or wearing a sexy bodystocking, TracyFem steadily found ways to improve her technique. Somewhere around August or September of 2021, when she purchased a new camera, I noticed how the hormones really began taking effect. Everything about TracyFem seemed softer, except for her big cock, and her hair had grown much longer. In October 2021, she ranked in the top 69% with her onlyfans.com/tracyfem account.

I think you’ll love watching TracyFem exposing her uncut cock on Chaturbate and hearing her say thank you for all the compliments on her curvy frame. She’ll lay down and casually use her keyboard on the bed to respond to questions when she’s not up to verbalizing.

Upon request from special fans with tokens, I’ve seen TracyFem encase her penis in chastity. When she’d release it from the confines of her CBT device, our Polish hottie would reveal a large pre-cum leaking erection!

In her most recent streams, TracyFem has been appearing completely naked from head to toe. She looks incredible in photos and especially in action! Give her a follow on tsdreamlandcams.chaturbate.com/tracyfem. Help a girl out by tipping generously.

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TGirls.Porn: Allura Sadow & Miss Nikola Ophan

Allura Sadow and Nikola Ophan are about to get intimate with each other.

I was about to present a recap for you of a trans lesbian shoot produced by Radius Dark for TGirls.Porn simply entitled “Allura Sadow & Miss Nikola Ophan” last week. However, a few things came up that had me offline for awhile. But this video and photo shoot stayed fresh in my mind for several days. At first, I couldn’t quite put my finger on why it was so special in comparison to thousands of other TS/TS scenes I’ve viewed.

Two words kept coming up every time I thought about it, ‘Chemistry’ and ‘Intimacy.’ These two elements are what made me fall in love with TGirls.Porn when it was first launched. Even if I wasn’t convinced that the girls weren’t actually a couple, I’d be satisfied knowing that they were at least into each other during the filming process. Allura Sadow and Nikola Ophan delivered everything someone could want in a sex scene if intimacy and chemistry are important to viewers. For those who don’t care about the passion and all that, Allura came twice in this shoot. There’s something for everyone here. I found the confessionals from each star in the website’s promo:

Allura: I really hit it off with Nikola. We got each other rock hard and her ass felt so amazing. I couldn’t stop myself from cumming before I was supposed to. She was so hot that I had no problem fucking her even after that.

Nikola: I loved how soft Allura’s skin was and how hard her cock was. She was impressive the way she was able to cum, keep fucking me, and then cum again. We had great chemistry and her cum tasted amazing.

The scene opens with the incredibly sexy pair sitting on the bed kissing and fondling one another. It’s incredibly passionate and the camera work is superb. The audio that captures the sounds Allura and Nikola make is also incredible. The oral sex sequences show two girls feeling like I often do – starving for dick. Sometimes when you watch someone sucking cock, you just know how much they’re loving being in that moment. That craving is displayed so well here.

The way Allura fucks Nikola is thoughtful and caring. It evolves into a strong, steady pace that gives Nikola time to adjust to being fucked powerfully. Allura manages to fuck Nikola, kiss her and stroke her cock at the same time, making it all look easy. Nikola moans and groans loudly while jerking her stiff cock and getting pounded.

There are multiple position changes and a long foot lovers sequence for that audience to enjoy if the foreplay and fucking hasn’t made them cum yet. On top of that, there’s post-coital intimacy captured beautifully. I’m hoping to someday see what was hinted at, a video with Nikola topping next time. I’m at @tscaramel on Twitter. Thanks for reading and subscribe to TGirls.Porn! I get a kickback when you join through my links.

See @AlluraTg on Twitter and be sure to check out NikolaOphan.Church or @miss_nikola on Twitter!

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tsvivianfoxx on Chaturbate Trans Cams

23 year old Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer Vivian Foxx is a student who likes gaming in her free time. That’s why when you see her streaming on tsvivianfoxx she’ll be jerking off in a gaming chair. Most likely, she’ll be completely naked, coaxing strings of pre-cum from the head of her cock. This blue-eyed blonde trans beauty will often wear a tip-activated vibrator in her ass. The pleasurable sensations the toy give Vivian make her tremble and moan.

When she sits with her thighs pressed together, it causes her balls to draw up and her boner to stand up. It’s quite a sight to behold. Just because Vivian gets a lot of tips, don’t let that stop you from sending her tokens. The right thing to do is to pay for your porn, whether it’s created in a studio or live. Girls like Vivian are here to make a living and rewards make them cum faster and in some cases, harder.

Vivian gets a lot of requests to bare her feet. When she does show, she’ll sometimes prop them on the bed behind her gaming chair. Or she might wiggle her toes and flex her arches in directly front of the camera. She will occasionally pause to check phone messages or to vape a bit. Then she’ll go back to restoring and maintaining her hardon.

After that, she didn’t just sign off of her tsdreamland.chaturbate.com/tsvivianfoxx channel. She straddle the bed to present an incredible butt show. Follow Vivian on Chaturbate and on onlyfans.com/tsvivianfoxx.

Fuck Vivian Foxx in the ass!

You can also find her on www.reddit.com/user/TsVivianFoxx and she’s on Twitter at @tsVivianFoxx. I’m on Twitter at @tscaramel. Thanks for reading!

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