Caramel’s Review of Cherry Mavrik & Nicole Knight: TGirls.Porn

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Hands up who is ready for their weekly fix of girl on girl magic! Summer may be closing in fast but there’s heat still to be had from your favorite website, as hung angel Cherry Mavrik treats stupidly cute site debutante Nicole Knight to a dicking down to remember. Take it away ladies….

Nicole Knight cozys up behind Cherry Mavrik whose big erection is exposed.

This 27:20 minute HD TGirls.Porn video produced by Radius Dark comes with 170 photos. It’s determined to make you cum one way or another and more than once. I’m almost tempted to take a poll on exactly what point makes viewers lose it.

Cherry Mavrik has done her fair share of bottoming in her long-running porn adult industry career. But to see the way she behaves with Nicole Knight, one might easily mistake her for a 100% top. Not only that, but she’s actually convincing as a dominatrix in this scene. It’s kind of like a glam version of a BDSM production – without all the Domination/submission props and gear.

I feel that Nicole not only wants to be completely taken in this instance – she literally craves it! Nothing turns me on more than a horny submissive and I’m living vicariously through Cherry all throughout this scene. This reminds me of something I once wrote about Nicole on another site, “She masturbates in a few different, tantalizing positions across the sofa. Then she rises again with her red raging hard, pre-cum oozing, glistening pecker standing straight out from her thighs. Nicole Knight’s pre-cum game is strong and so is her solo debut!”

I absolutely adore the kissing in this set. There’s so much of it and it’s so authentically passionate! The sexual banter is unforced, unlike the frottage. Cherry is complementary, yet in control of the situation 100%. That’s even when she’s sucking Nicole’s cock.

She makes Nicole’s smaller rod hard with her talented mouth, then scoots up for a reciprocate sucking of her big cock. Cherry even reaches back to give Nicole an handjob while receiving great head.

A fantastic TGirls.Porn 69 sequence leads us to the moment when Cherry eases her big erection inside Nicole’s tight ass in the doggy style position. This is when Nicole’s boner starts oozing copious amounts of pre-cum. By this point, you might totally lose it!

Caramel’s Review of Perfectly Natural Kyrish!

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Watch The Trailer of Kyrish Stroking Her Cock!!!

Length: 16:11 HD Video

Description: Sensual and horny Kyrish is our newbie temptress that is ridiculously pretty and sweet. Once Jud’s cameras start to roll she is all about pleasuring that thick meaty cock of hers. You will love this lady!

Biography: Kyrish is from Manila where she works as a dancer. She likes visiting nightclubs with foreigners and her ambition is to travel and maybe live overseas.

Caramel’s Review: I can tell that this Pinay beauty was a bit nervous for her Ladyboy.XXX debut, but that just adds to her charm. She goes from absolutely adorable to fiercely sexy incredibly fast, however. The 20 year old model even admits that she’s a bit nervous but after awhile, it no longer shows.

I can see Kyrish begin to loosen up once she’s standing naked and holding her cock. Even moreso when she straddles the bed and starts playing with her sexy little butt. She lays back and stretches her fun spot, then she makes her stiffened cock bounce up and down.

Kyrish continues to masturbate in a variety of positions until she begins to jerk off more intently. After a few moments of furiously stroking. her hard cock sends forth a powerful cum shot that lands high across her lovely body. I’m not gonna tell you exactly where. You have to see for yourself on Ladyboy.XXX!

You can Download The VideoPerfectly Natural Kyrish” in Your Choice of 1080p (1,010Mb), 2160p (5,045Mb), 720p (630Mb) or 480p (380Mb) formats!

Caramel’s Review of Valentina MonsterDick & Capoeira on BrazilTGirl.XXX

Filmed by – Louie Damazo

Featuring – Valenttina MonsterDick

Description: World Wide famous TS Valentina was in Brasil to do plastic surgery, not to do butt implants, producer Louis Damazo insists and she accepted shoot for BrazilTGirls.XXX . She did 2 scenes and 1 of her conditions was be bottom with a hung black fella. Well, that is a very reasonable request and here is her first shoot for us. She deserves her fame; such nice behavior, so cute, so attractive and soooooo NAUGHTY. Prepare yourself for another bombastic shoot.

Caramel’s Review: I spell her name, Valenttina Monsterdick, with two “T”s and it’s easier to find the Sao Paulo superstar this way in Internet searches. I find myself looking her up a lot these days to keep up with her shoots with a variety of studios.

Legendary Capoeira is the perfect match for a porn star of Valenttina’s level. He’s hung, forceful and he has the staying power to go the distance with her. They’re also both into passionate French kissing as you’ll see when the full-length video opens.

Capo orally devours Valenttina’s big breasts and nipples, then helps her strip to toss her salad. He fingers her deeply and gets his big cock sucked in return. Valenttina jerks her enormous uncut monster dick while she sucks her man’s meat.

I love that this beauty is completely naked by the time they get to fucking. Valenttina rides Capo’s erection while facing us with her boobs and heavy schlong flopping around all over the place! Then she bounces on top of him facing him and rides for dear life! A rough and hard side saddle fucking is followed by a doggy style ride and Valenttina’s big, creamy white cum shot is followed by Capo’s blast!


Caramel’s Review of Sofia Bun & Smash Fuck Hard on Grooby Girls

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Smash strokes and sucks Sofia Buns' cock at the dinner table!

Sofia Bun, one of the hottest 2019 debutantes, returns on today with a smoking hot hardcore scene co-starring Smash Thompson! She couldn’t wait to get a hold of Smash’s big cock! She proceeded to devour him and even managed to deep throat him! After giving Smash a serious blowjob she dragged him by his cock to the bedroom and let him fuck her tight ass hard until he came all over her pretty face!

Sofia Buns takes hold of Smash Thompson's BBC!

Caramel’s Review: If gorgeous Sofia Bun of central Florida hasn’t found a way to make you cum yet, she’s been working on several ways t make you do it. She’s one of the few solo models who consistently keeps my girl cock stiff and shooting all year ’round in both solo and hardcore performances.

Smash Thompson gets his big black cock sucked by pretty blonde Sofia Buns!

I love her solo and encore shoots, and I wrote extensively about her trans lesbian hardcore scene with a former Floridian fox, Robin Banks here. I usually prefer trans lesbian hardcore over TS/Male content, but Sofia getting fucked by Smash is an exception.

Sofia Buns get her gravity defying cock sucked!

Watching Smash Thompson railing Sofia makes me cum just as fast and hard as watching her having sex with another trans beauty. I can do without any dialogue about race or screaming promotion about “interracial” scenes.

Sofia Buns has a hardon pointing up at hung Smash Thompson!

The skin tone contrast between these fine porn actors couldn’t be more obvious. The turn on is right there visually, so there’s no need to emphasize it in words. This scene would have been better without the brief mention of race and aside from that, it’s actually exceptional!

Sofia Buns has a big erection the whole time she rides her lover's BBC.

These actors make each other’s cocks so hard and that effect they have on each other all throughout this Grooby Girls update is contagious! The contrast of Sofia’s lithe, willowy form against Smash’s pro-bodybuilding physique is the tastiest eye candy.

Smash Thompson shifts his hips into overdrive while fucking Sofia Buns!

Smash is gentle with Sofia when he needs to be, yet he gives it to her roughly when she craves it. And I crave hot sex like this! You Can Download This Video in your choice of 4K 2160p 6,275.14Mb, 1080p 1,497.32Mb, 720p 934.54Mb or 480p 563.34Mb formats!

Caramel’s BlackTGirlsHardcore Review of Anna After Dark & Soldier Boi!

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Anna After Dark rubs her bare breasts. Description: Anna After Dark flaunts her full figure to the point where the Texas hammer Soldier Boi couldn’t help but to nail her tight little fun hole. These two create friction which ignites a blaze of various positions leading to spilled love juice on Anna’s hot body!

Anna After Dark Biography:

Birthday: 13th October
Location: Dallas, TX

Anna After Dark has a sexy body, beautiful breasts with perky nipples, a great bubble butt and a nice big cock! Anna After Dark hooked up with Solider Boi for an intense hardcore scene! Watch Anna sucking Soldier Boi’s hard cock before she lets him fuck her sweet ass hard, covering her in cum! Here are some words from Anna:

“Always wanted to perform on camera for millions to watch but never really had the outlet. Love to get my brains banged out by a physically fit/toned masculine guy. I get weak in the the knees everytime I think about it. Don’t get me wrong I like to give it just as much taking it, I’m a verse girl so it goes both ways. Who’s up for the challenge. ;)”

Also on (Anna After Dark’s Profile)

It seems ridiculous to me that Anna After Dark is not a leading trans porn star. She’s been featured on the finest and longest running black tgirl sites for years. I wish she’d get into the social media game, but since she doesn’t perhaps porn is just side money for her. At any rate, her new performance with Soldier Boi is fantastic, as expected.

I wouldn’t say that this update plays like a boyfriend/girlfriend video. But Anna and Soldier don’t quite behave like strangers either. They simply act like two people hot for one another.

“I’ve always wanted to do porn, but I didn’t decide it was for me until after my first shoot,” said Soldier in his exclusive 2016 TS Dreamland interview with my UK friend Scott aka PornOCD. He’s since won a TEA for Best Male Performer and this performance reminds us why he deserved it.

Anna’s cock sucking skills look amazing and the moment she bends over on the sofa butt naked might be enough to make you lose it! But try to hold out for the raw fucking that begins before the first half of this scene.

Caramel’s Review of TGirls.Porn Chelsea Marie & Lianna Lawson

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Lianna Lawson
Lianna Lawson

TGirls.Porn Description: Another week, another white hot bout of rampant ass banging action featuring two trans beauties who need little introduction. Chelsea Marie and Lianna Lawson are a pair of superstars who never fail to get us wide mouthed admirers fapping, so it just made perfect sense to get them under Radius’s lights for a TGirls.Porn XXX! Don’t keep them waiting!

Chelsea Marie

This update is absolutely amazing, but the action was completely different from what I expected. I didn’t know that Lianna Lawson would be the top. I didn’t know Lianna could top so fiercely. If I did, I forgot. And how could I forget something like that? Let me go back to the official websites of Chelsea Marie and Lianna Lawson presented by the Transerotica network to check and see if I missed a memo or something.

When I saw that they were on TGirls.Porn in a hardcore scene together, I automatically assumed that Chelsea would be the top. But you know what they say about assuming things. ASS/U/ME (Make an ass out of you and me). Just when you thought you knew someone’s modus operendi.

I love how Mr. Dark presents the most comprehensive interviews and confessionals in trans porn. But he skips straight to the action in hardcore scenes mostly and saves the talk for post-coital intimacy. In this case, Chelsea and Lianna are already engaged in passionate kissing in the kitchen. That leads to foreplay including Chelsea getting her big cock sucked raging hard.

Chelsea Marie and Lianna Lawson bump their hard, bulbous cock heads together.

Chelsea returns the favor with Lianna’s equally big dick and this is where more clothing is discarded. The erotic sword-fighting while kissing is magical. The nit’s off to bed for 69 sex before the incredible, raw fucking begins! There’s so much cum at the end! But I’ll let you see tat for yourself on TGirls.Porn! 188 images come with the 31:25 minute video you can Stream or Download!