Trans Hoes In Pantyhose #06: Kasey Kei & Pierce Paris

Description: In Trans Hoes In Pantyhose #06 from Devil’s Film, Pierce Paris is lying on a couch as his therapist, Kasey Kei, asks for an update on his focus on his ex-wife. His former spouse used to manipulate and taunt him by wearing sexy stockings whenever they were out. She would let other men enjoy her in her stockings, but not him!

She’d even fuck other guys while dressed in her pantyhose right in front of him. As he Pierce describes how sex his ex was in her stockings, his eyes are drawn to Kasey’s own sexy stockings. His longing is undeniable and obvious. That’s when Kasey decides to take an unorthodox approach to help Pierce get what he wants and to get over his ex-wife. Kasey tells Pierce to show her what the woman made him do to her.

She’s wearing a tight black pencil skirt with a slit that reveals a large expanse of her fishnet stocking-clad legs. Pierce can’t resist kissing her curvy calves and to oogle the smoothly-shaven cock and balls between her thick thighs. He kisses and licks Kasey’s hosed penis from flaccid to erect. Then he whips out his huge dick and rubs it against Kasey’s hosed hardon. Pierce then frees Kasey’s lovely breasts from her brassiere and sucks on her nipples while stroking her boner.

As he devours Kasey’s hardon, she jacks her hips, fucking his face steadily. Then Kasey is craving to suck the muscular man’s schlong. She gives Pierce what looks like an incredible blowjob until her needs to take things to the next level. Changing positions, Pierce studies Kasey’s amazing ass, rips a big opening in her fishnets, and gives her butt a few loving kisses and licks. She’s perched upon the therapy sofa in the doggy-style position when he eases his enormous cock inside Kasey’s tight ass!

A reverse cowgirl railing comes next, followed by a side-saddle railing. Next, it’s time for the handsome stud to get fucked! The brunette beauty arranges herself above his and works her raging hardon inside him. Kasey uses a variety of strokes to keep Pierce rock hard while drilling in and out of him. Then she wants to get fucked again. The climax is fantastic and I don’t want to give too much away so I’ll close here. I’ll be back to cover more scenes from Trans Hoes In Pantyhose #06 from Devil’s Film! Thanks for reading from @tscaramel on Twitter.

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starboyrising on Chaturbate

starboyrising will go into a private show with you on Chaturbate Trans Cams. All the 24 year old, brown-eyed beauty asks is that you tip her to get there and again while you’re there alone with her. She’s exquisite to watch as she strokes her big, dusky cock and makes her large ball sack jiggle. I last saw starboyrising masturbating on the floor completely naked.

Her body is perfectly trim. If you’re into large breasts, you won’t see any on her stream. But if you don’t mind that starboyrising, or prefer that, you’re in luck with this gorgeous non-binary femboy.

She usually has Hip Hop and R&B playing in the background of her masturbatory sessions. She might insert a butt plug in her sexy little Latino ass. starboyrising will most often remain silent while she beats off.

But she might cry out sharply when she comes, making huge spurts of fresh cum spurt from the bulbous head of her cock. femme with a big dick and pretty body #sissy #femboy #findom #bigcock #latino are common hashtags on the profile.

Give her a follow and please remember to tip generously! She’s also on! Thank you for reading. I hope you’ll follow me on Twitter at @tscaramel.

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Sissy Lucy Love on Chaturbate

This Chaturbate Trans Cams streamer describes herself as a Sissy Cam Model. But I often wonder if she’s transitioned full time. Perhaps I should ask her for an interview. Contacting her through is an option. I really could care less if Lucy identifies as trans or not. I think she’s smoking hot whether she’s a full-time girl or not. Besides, I have a soft spot for sweet, pretty sissies.

At any rate, have you ever seen Sissy Lucy Love approaching orgasm with a penis pump? As she sits directly in front of her camera, she usually pumps the toy up and down her stiff shaft with both hands. Knowing that a large part of her following loves her curvy ass and thick thighs, sissy Lucy will also sit up in her chair to show them off. She spanks her butt so hard it turns red!

She also had a huge foot fetish following, so she’ll often use her flexibility to pull her feet into the frame. She might have on no stockings with tall heel sandals or stream barefoot. If you should forget how big her hard dick is while hidden by the penis pump, you’ll see its full length again when she bends over to lick the swollen head. Giving herself a blowjob gets Sissy Lucy Love so horny!

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen this Italian beauty shoot loads of cum inside her own mouth. She’ll chat after climaxing explosively as her cock head retracts into its sheath. Then she’ll often get herself all worked up again in chat. Her big, uncut cock will expand to a huge erection and then she’ll start masturbating all over again!

I’ve documented some of her previous streams on Caramel’s TGirls under “sissylucylove on Chaturbate“, “Chaturbate Trans Cams sissylucylove“, sissylucylove and her Mistress” and “sissylucylove on Chaturbate” again! I almost forgot to mention that time I saw her cum in her mouth, get hard again, then cum into a shot glass. With the help of a riding crop smacking her ball sack and a vibrator around the base of her cock, Lucy can have sissygasms!

I personally prefer seeing her cock explode unencumbered, but a chastity device cum shot can be very exciting, too! On her OnlyFans page, which you’ll find on that link I provided, she wrote, “I am into so much kinky stuff that I don’t even want to write it on my Bio.” This makes me want to know even more about her! You should too by following!

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Evil Angel Releases Statement About Former Producer Jay Sin

Evil Angel founder and owner John Stagliano has stated the studio will be removing all content from former producer Jay Sin from its content distribution network.

This is the official statement from Evil Angel:

Recently Jay Sin was convicted and imprisoned for “Access with Intent to View Child Pornography, in violation of Title 18 of the United States Code – Section 2252 (a) (4) (B).”

Evil Angel has decided to remove all Jay Sin’s content from our online distribution. A conviction of a sexually related crime is against the ethics of Evil Angel. I was informed of his indictment, conviction and incarceration over the weekend and that was confirmed to me yesterday.

Jay Sin’s conviction is not related to any content distributed by Evil Angel. None of it was involved with, or contains, any criminal activity.

Jay Sin had been active in the adult since 2004, notably for Evil Angel. Gamma Entertainment has additionally announced Sins’ content will be removed from its platforms. All existing linking codes will be redirected to or (for TSPlayground links). All content from the above mentioned sites has also been removed from Evil Angel.

As an affiliate webmaster, I, Caramel, have been asked to remove any promotional material, clips, trailers and linking codes containing content that was directed by Jay Sin from my sites, TSDreamland and CaramelsTGirls as soon as possible.

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