Femout.XXX: Gorgeous Kendall Cums!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Two weeks ago gorgeous Kendall was introduced to the world in what ended up to be one of the most amazing Femout.XXX debuts in 2018! It seems that you really LOVE this girl and we are not surprised – Kendall is smoking hot! Today, she’s back for more and she can’t wait to play with that hard cock of hers again! Watch her stroking it until she cums just for you!

Hi, from Caramel @tscaramel on Twitter. Okay, break out the lube or do whatever you gotta do to get off. If you love cumming to trans porn, save “Gorgeous Kendall Cums!” on Femout.XXX for when you’re ready to explode. Don’t just watch it without planning to get your nut.

Producer Ellis continues Kendall’s debut presentation as if picking up where we left off with her debut. She’s perched upon the faux fur sofa with a raging hardon. She pulls off her top and she’s completely nude! Femout.XXX says this her debut is one of the most amazing of 2018. I say it was one of the best since its inception and it just keeps getting better and better.

I don’t know what’s more breathtaking when it comes to closeups on this model, on her pretty eyes or her big dick! When Kendall lays across the sofa face down and presents her bare ass, all I can think about is smashing that ridiculously curvy bottom. And I’d drink in the sight of her lovely legs while doing it. Kendall looks like she’d appreciate a reach-around jerking of her big boner while she’s getting fucked, too.

While Kendall is lazily and luxuriously moving through her fap session, you can hear the lube smacking between her hand and her hardon clearly. It’s such an additional turn on. She doesn’t engage in much nipple play, but she does seem to like some pressure applied to one of her hormone boobs especially.

I can’t see how anyone from the fetish community could be disappointed. Well, there’s nothing BDSM about this glamorous shoot, but foot fetishists out to be pleased. At the end of this 14:11 minute scene that comes with 126 hi-res images, Kendall warns us when she’s getting close to her climax.

Then her creamy white cum emerges up her long shaft and out of her bulbous cock head to land past her cute little innie belly button! What an incredible Femout.XXX babe!

Sasha de Sade: Latex Sissy Maid For Goddess Tangent

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Goddess Tangent is so angry when she finds the kitchen dirty after I was supposed to clean it! She bends me over and spanks my ass, making me count the slaps on my white butt until it turns red… she then makes me fetch her some wine, and makes me a special cocktail with her spit and drool. After I swallow her spit like a good girl, she lets me clean her red bottom heels with my tongue – I love being degraded like this 🙂 Goddess Tangent decides she needs some entertainment, so she plugs my ass with a sparkly pink buttplug and unlocks my sissy cock from its chastity cage… she puts me at her feet to suck her toes and take verbal abuse until I cum all over the floor. She leaves me licking up my mess like a good sissy maid.”

This perfect synopsis from the incredible SashaDeSade.xxx hostess sums up the whole of a fabulous update, I’d just like to add a few things. Sasha isn’t one to go into how beautiful she looks in her sissy maid uniform, so I’ll do the honors. The sight of Sasha being humiliated with her breasts and nipples exposed with her CBT device encircled around her genitals is breathtaking. Now pair that with one of the finest FemDom goddesses of all time who runs MistressTangent.com.

The sight of Sasha orally worshiping Mistress Tangent’s stocking feet is so erotic, I didn’t even notice until my second viewing that the Domme isn’t nude! I love the contrast of Mistress Tangent’s olive complexion against Sasha’s lily white complexion, especially when the Domme is holding Sasha’s stiffening cock. Then comes the sequence that puts this update into overdrive for me – when kneeling Sasha is jerking off before the Mistress while she looks down dangling her towering red bottom heels.

What sissy wouldn’t want Mistress Tangent’s beautiful toes crammed inside her mouth as she makes her unleashed cock eject a torrent of creamy white cum? What kinkster who craves the best of the best kinky trans fan could resist seeing it?!

Review written by @tscaramel on Twitter

TGirls.Porn: Chanel Noir & Zyra Rose

Description: Hands up who is in the mood for some hot hot heat from the world’s premiere TS on TS hardcore site! Two stunning young Grooby bunnies in the shape of Chanel Noir and Zyra Rose the stars with industry sharp shooter Radius Dark working his magic behind the lenses as we unveil yet another popping 4K production set to get y’all drooling…

I admire both ladies greatly, but I don’t know much about what makes them tick. However, the way they interact in the first few moments of this TGirls.Porn trans lesbian tryst, it seems like brunette Chanel is feeling like topping blonde Zyra tonight. Check out the Scene Trailer and let me know what you think.

Zyra is laying across the bed face down and Chanel crawls along her body similarly dressed. Chanel just seems to be the aggressor from this point onward. The oral attention of each girl is pretty much equal. Chanel eats Zyra like she’s caviar and Zyra devours her cock and her tits.

Chanel takes Zyra’s tender bottom from behind at the midway point of this update. There’s passionate reach-around kissing while Chanel pummels her partners ass vigorously. Chanel also employs jack hammer thrusts when she’s beneath Zyra.

When she’s back on top, she’s a little rough with a hand around her lover’s neck. But Zyra seems to love it. Air is highly overrated.

But cum isn’t overrated and Zyra gets a healthy shot of it in this torrid TGirls.Porn update! You can also . You can also find Chanel Noir on GroobyGirls.com, TGirlPornstar.com, TGirls.XXX and Zyra is also on Grooby Girls!

Mia Maffia.xxx : Oiled Up Rub Down

Oiled Up Rub Down” runs 18 minutes and 32 seconds on MiaMaffia.xxx and it’s perhaps my favorite solo scene by this British megastar EVER. It begins with the camera panning upward from Mia’s Mary Jane pumps and shapely legs clad clad in red fishnet stockings. She turns her back to us by the time the camera is level with her firm butt held in a leather and lace mini dress. “you know what I wanna do?” she asks. Then she replies that she wants to take all of her clothes off and rub oil all over her hot naked body.

So, we’re about to get a full video of Mia naked from head to toe. Not only that, but covered in oil. And I just happen to have an oil fetish so I’m beside myself. Her tits look like they’re about to burst out of the leather cups by the way. But there’s no need for that as she simply bares them for us – each tanned orb. She just has to ask if you want to push your big cock between her tits.

Mia turns this way and that as she strips out of her dress. Then she begins toying with her tight panties before taking a seat of the bed to remove her pumps. She then lays back on the bed propping her long legs and little stocking feet on the mattress sexily. Mia them slides each of her stockings off one at a time, baring her exquisite legs and feet. I just know some of you are already shooting your spunk and Mia hasn’t even touched her own cock yet!

She then talks about how badly she needs to be fucked. She sits upon her knees and lowers her panties slowly. You can catch some furtive glimpses of Mia’s bare cock and balls if you’re looking closely and I know that you are. Then she finally touches herself down there.

Mia is stroking her lovely uncut cock and I can almost swear I see it expanding already. But the oil comes next, all over her pretty tits first, and then along her lower regions. She begins jerking her cock harder now as you should be. What a fantastic and useful erection she’s developing right before she oils up her naked ass. You should hear the way she moans with need while finger banging her amazing butt.

I’m not going to tell you exactly where Mia shoots her creamy white load of cum, but I can promise you that it’s quite a vision! One of the hottest I’ve seen in 2018. See the “Oiled Up Rub Down” trailer for yourself and get the full video on MiaMaffia.xxx and have fun with the erotic 25 hi-res image set.

TGirls.XXX Cumshot Friday: Alethia Dreams!

The debut of beautiful Alethia Dreams on TGirls.XXX is the most foot fetish-oriented scenes I’ve seen on TGirls.XXX ever. The description reads: It’s Friday and it’s time for another episode of our ‘Cumshot Friday” series! But this one is really special. For a video preview click here.

We have an immense pleasure to introduce one gorgeous Grooby Newbie! Meet Alethia Dreams! A beautiful girl with a smoking hot body – Alethia is without a doubt one of the hottest new faces of 2018! We are sure we are going to see a lot more from this beauty in the near future! For now, enjoy beautiful Alethia cumming for you in a brand new “Cumshot Friday” installment brought to you by Frank!

The sequence with Alethia resting her feet clad in open toe pumps and slowly removing them is so long. There’s a considerable amount of time before viewers see her lean, narrow feet and the rest of Alethia completely bare. But when you do, you might find yourself marveling over Alethia’s overall beauty.

I could swear she literally has a twinkle in her eye when she smiles. She’s one of the finest new trans models of 2018. That wouldn’t be such an outrageous statement if she weren’t so new. Brand spanking new!

Once her platforms are resting on the table, Alethia does a standing striptease, lowering her bra cups and playing with her tits with her jacket and pants still on. Once topless, she begins to lower her pants while giving us a tremendous view of her curvaceous bottom. She wiggles and spreads her bare ass cheeks and slowly turns around to display a few inches of her swelling cock.

Alethia begins jerking off and her penis is so fully engorged. Then she’s shown stepping before the table from head to toe. She continues using the table as a prop, sitting on it and eventually laying down on it to show off her ass to perfection.

She spanks her butt hard while her cock and balls jut out from between her cheeks. Then she sits up and jacks off full frontal. Her pierced tummy is so flat, she doesn’t even have what we call a sitting stomach. But she doesn’t appear to be too thin at all. She’s just right and so is the look on her beautiful face as she releases her first ever TGirls.XXX climax. There’s not much cum but she’s on hormones so give a girl a break. This scene and the photo set were brilliantly shot by the producer of Franks-TGirlWorld.com.

UK-TGirls: Hey It’s Carly Belle!

MP4 Scene Trailer

A UK-TGirls.com membership includes FULL ACCESS to Canada-TGirl.com, TGirlPornstar.com, Russian-TGirls.com, TGirl40.com, TransexDomination.com, TGirlBBW.com, TGirlPostop.com, and AsianAmericanTGirls.com and the official Hazel-Tucker.com website.

Scene Description: Carly Belle is one hot and all natural doll who loves to show off her cute tits and hot trimmed cock as she strips and goes naked. Carly is definitely hotter than sun!

There was a lot of social media buzz about this gorgeous new trans model produced by Kalin. It makes one with they could be in London to get an insider’s view. But wait, that’s exactly what where getting with this shoot including 105 Photos – 16:59 Minutes HD Video on UK-TGirls.com with the Carly Belle debut!

Carly says she’s from Northern Ireland when her video begins. She’s wearing lingerie beneath her play clothes and Kalin directs her to remove her top quickly. She bares a lovely set of breasts with dark nipples and serious tan lines. Carly removes her boots and is barefoot next. There’s a few moments of foot fetish content and then Carly rapidly strips completely nude!

Within four minutes, Carly is stroking her well-lubricated cock and she hasn’t been shy about showing off her ass. She kicks things up a notch by penetrating her tight butt with a rather large sex toy. I love the way Carly thoroughly loses herself in pleasure in this blazing hot UK-TGirls.com debut!

Black-TGirls: Hailey Strokes Her Hot Cock!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Hailey does get around to stroking her hot cock as the title of this Black-TGirls.com shoot promises. But she fondles her large breasts and bares them before she gets to that. Once stripped down on the bed to her panties and thigh high boots, she shows off her extremely well-rounded bottom and even gives it a few hard spanks.

This stunning model has made a dozen Black-TGirls videos since November 2010. To say that she’s good at doing a striptease would be a major understatement.

Her bio reads, “”Hey guys, Hailey here, sexy, passable, and biracial beauty. Exotic mix of East Indian, African American, and Irish. I’m a Detroit native that loves to travel, shop at the best boutique stores, and just all around enjoy myself whether that be at the club, or out and about in the city.”

“I’m a Top with 8 inches of love, with a smooth build, long red hair, natural soft breast, and luscious lips. Next time you visit the mid west make sure you come check out the girl of your dreams and enjoy the show on Black- TGirls.com!”

Hailey makes booty clapping look easy. When she faces the camera just 9 minutes into this solo scene, Hailey is jerklng off her big dick while kneeling on the bed in a full-frontal vision of original beauty.

What I love most about this Hailey shoot is that she makes it seem like she’s totally forgotten about producer KilaKali being there. She eventually strips completely nude and concentrate on apparently nothing but getting off. Then she faps out a torrent of creamy white cum!

TransAngels: Natalie Mars & Chanel Santini

MP4 Scene Trailer

Slutty Study Buddy Description: Nerdy babe Natalie Mars is heading over to Chanel Santini’s place for a quick study session before the big final, but all Chanel wants to do is fuck! So Natalie decides to use a little motivation – her perky tits! One right answer later and Chanel is licking up her friend’s nipples. A second answer right and Natalie is on her knees swallowing up Chanel’s thick, tgirl cock like it’s going to be on the test! A third right answer and Chanel is pounding Natalie’s tight, little ass until they’re both drenched in orgasm!

Little Rock, Arkansas native Natalie Mars was recently nominated for “Trans Performer of the Year” at the 2018 XBIZ Awards. But she first began working in the adult industry as a webcam model. From late 2014 onward, Natalie started to develop a devoted fan base which led to major adult studio stardom. Many moons ago, I wrote, ““In perfect sync with her transition, Natalie also began to conquer the Internet with stunning amateur appearances here and there. The next thing I knew, I saw her on , my favorite webcam site, performing regularly.”
Natalie won the prestigious “Best New Face” accolade at the 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards.

Albuquerque, New Mexico native Chanel “Cici” Santini has already won “Best New Face” and “Gender X Model of the Year” at the Transgender Erotica Awards and she has graced the covers of countless best-selling DVDs within a few years. When Chanel graduated from high school, she moved to Las Vegas with her best friend. After working at the clothing store Hollister for several months and struggling to live from pay check to pay check, she entered the adult industry. A landmark moment in Chanel’s adult film career came in May 2016 when she signed with the leading adult entertainment network TransErotica.com. That’s the same label Natalie Mars is on now and they’re both currently considered to be adult industry superstars!

Veteran director Tom Moore has captured lightning in a bottle with their hardcore trans lesbian scene on TransAngels.com. As the story line unfolds, Chanel is bored half to death with Natalie reading the passages of Human Biology they’re supposed to be studying. In a bold move, it’s nerdy Natalie who decides to make their studies more interesting.

Chanel gets to study Natalie’s pert nipples with her tongue and to gaze at the protuberances escaping the panties beneath her pleated skirt. Natalie’s next forward move is to undo her study buddy’s denim shorts. She sucks Chanel’s cock to an erection rapidly. The girls fuck in a variety of positions. But I think it’s safe to assume that Chanel loves pounding Natalie’s tight ass best in the doggy style position as it happens more than once. It’s also the position she pulls out of to shot a big load of cum across Natalie’s freshly fucked butt. Anyone who’s pretty familiar with Natalie’s lusty desires will not be surprised that she shoots her load while eating Chanel’s ass. This TransAngels.com update is of the highest caliber of trans porn available anywhere. The official websites of these amazing ladies are ChanelSantini.XXX and NatalieMars.com.

TGirls.XXX: Megan Snow Is Back!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Megan Snow aka Megan Kummings is a Phoenix, Arizona native of mixed Dominican and Filipino heritage. Her measurements are 5’6 (1.67m), 36DD – 28 – 38. This megastar has appeared on Black-TGirls.com, TGirlPornstar.com, BlackTGirlsHardcore.com, and this is another incredible Megan Snow update on TGirls.XXX!

The description of “Megan Snow’s Back!” reads: Megan Snow is back and my oh my she looks great! I suspect the saying ‘maturing like fine wine’ applies to Megan Snow. She’s stunning with an amazing body, big boobs and a pretty face! Enjoy this hot tgirl stroking her hard cock for you!

Megan briefly introduces herself in the new video and begins stripping immediately. She makes her ass clap like the most talented of strippers and exposes one naughty bit after another seductively. 

Since she starts out wearing only a bathing suit, it takes next to nothing for her to become completely naked. She spends quite a bit of time tantalizing you with her curvy ass, especially it’s center, before concentrating on her cock. But what you decide to focus on the whole while is 100% up to you. 

Once Megan begins concentrating on developing a boner, it’s all about her jerking off, both standing and seated. She’s also pretty vocal, talking dirty throughout her sexy little fap session in this update of TGirls.XXX. 

EvilAngel: TS Lena + TS Jenna: Decadent Anal Date

MP4 Scene Trailer

Sassy T-girls Lena Kelly and Jenna Creed tease the camera in skimpy bikinis. The flashy, ultra-femme babes playfully fondle each other, and Lena gives her brunette lover a messy, slobber-gushing blowjob. Jenna probes Lena’s asshole with dildos as they share 69. Lena’s stiff prick bounces as Jenna fucks her butthole, and the TS beauties both enjoy hard, intense rear reaming. Their decadent anal romp features rimming, rectal gaping and nasty, ass-to-mouth fellatio, climaxing when both girls ejaculate in creamy, sperm-splattering orgasms.

Sample Photo Gallery

This official EvilAngel.com description of the first scene from Transsexual Addiction #02 sums up one of the best trans lesbian scenes of 2018. I can’t wait until most crucial, career-making trans awards season rolls around.

Lena of LenaKellyXXX.com and the TS Dreamland favorite from our blog’s PornOCD Interview with Jenna Creed deserve high honors for their performances in TS Lena + TS Jenna: Decadent Anal Date!

Transsexual Addiction #02

This scene goes into sexual hyper-speed as soon as it opens with the girls posing before a floor-to-ceiling mirror and playing with each other. They’re wearing bikinis and stripper heels and both of them have phenomenal bodies that eventually end up totally nude! Dark-haired Jenna develops a boner just being with Lena. She kneels to give Lena a rimjob and then follows her own erection to a massage table. Jenna’s hardon points toward the ceiling and it could not be easier for Lena to give her what looks to be an amazing blowjob.


Lena straddles Jenna in a two dick-raising 69 position sucking. Deep insertion, before the actual fucking, comes in the form of big butt plugs for Lena. Once they disengage from the 69, Lena settles her tight ass down on Jenna’s big cock bareback! Her bouncing hardon swings about wildly as she humps her mate in the reverse cowgirl position.

After that, the sex toy play gets even more interesting, especially when the bubbles start floating! Lena gives Jenna a powerful doggy style pounding and each beauty shoots their cum before this EvilAngel.com masterpiece comes to an end! Trans lesbian porn doesn’t get any better than this!

TSPlayground: Yasmim Dornelles

MP4 Scene Trailer

I first saw Brazilian beauty Yasmim Dornelles on tsplayground.com in February 2018. The busty fox with her enormous cock was directed by J.D. stripping and stroking until she came. This time she’s wearing white and shot by the same great producer/director.

Sample Photo Gallery

Yasmim introduces herself briefly and her braces are highly visible in the close-up. I hadn’t noticed them previously, not the fact that she still looks like she could be in her teens. One thing that didn’t get past me is her prettiness. I’ve seem a lot of “Queens of Cock” over the years, but Yasmim embodies a different kind of loveliness.

Flash Scene Trailer

A matching white bra and panty set, tall sandals and jewelry make up Yasmim’s wardrobe. It’s not hard to detect the bulge in her panties as she assumes different poses. But there’s no way you can tell she’s as hung as she is.

It’s mostly about breast and ass exposure in the beginning. She makes her rosebud wink before making herself develop an erection. It takes about 8 minutes before Yasmim fully exposes her long and thick, uncut schlong.

Once fully hard, her cock is monstrous. She moves between the bed and an ultra modern chair with the grace of a cat. Then when contorted in a compromising position, her monster cock releases what I’m naming the most fascinating trans cumshot of 2018. This tsplayground.com blast is shown one more time from a different camera angle for good measure!

TS Taboo Vol. 2: My Boss’s Wife…Feels So Good!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Hot, statuesque blonde Aubrey Kate can’t get enough of sexy, muscular stud Sgt. Miles. She grabs hold of his giant cock and stuffs it into her mouth, causing him to moan with desire. Not to be outdone, he grabs Aubrey and sucks her off as well, caressing her perfect tits and massaging them with his nimble fingers. Sgt Miles wastes little time working her into a frenzy rimming her tight hole till she’s ready for his thick cock. Soon it’s time to insert his thick, veiny cock into Aubrey’s inviting asshole. He fucks her in several positions before streaming his thick, custardy load all over her beautiful face.

Sample Photo Gallery

Review: When I began playing the first scene of TS Taboo Vol. 2: My Boss’s Wife on Transsensual.com, I wasn’t aware that this would be what I consider to be Dana Vespoli’s finest work to date. I’ve reviewed a lot of her films, but this one is particularly well polished and cinematic.
Without giving away too much of the story line, brief nude solo footage that’s out of this world leads to beautiful Aubrey Kate giving Sgt. Miles head. The fact that this occurs outdoors enhances the hung actor’s lumberjack-like studliness and accentuates Aubrey Kate’s sense of high style and glamorous presentation.

Flash Scene Trailer

The actual fucking is hard and fast. Cumshots in MTF trans films are always  appreciated from the male actors, but when the girl has a big climax, it’s particularly special. Aubrey Kate delivers a memorable climax and she makes an erotic show of taking her man’s facial. Watch all the video scene previews of TS Taboo Vol. 2: My Boss’s Wife on Transsensual.com.

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TransAngels – Jessy Dubai & Natalie Mars The Family Friend with Benefits – Part 2

MP4 Scene Trailer

Here’s an excerpt from the Part 1 description of TransAngels.com “Jessy Dubai & Natalie Mars The Family Friend with Benefits” to bring you up to date:

The main fun begins with Natalie’s exit when the grown folks begin to play. Cyntheria and Jessy share Colby’s big dick orally and Cyntheria oogles jerking off her pretty she-cock. Natalie’s horny parents give Jessy a blowjob and Colby fucks Jessy’s big tits.

Cyntherea’s fingers on her pussy are replaced by Jessy’s dark cock shaft and the pretty lady gets spitroasted with Colby’s schlong in her mouth. The fuckers switch positions and then Jessy gets fucked by Colby while carpet munching on Cyntherea!

Her pussy is deliciously bald, but you know what I mean. There’s a lot more juicy action that occurs before Colby and Jessy both cover Cyntherea’s face with their big cum shots. Director Tom Moore and TransAngels.com have delivered yet another instant trans porn classic!

Now that Colby, Cyntherea and Jessy are sitting on the sofa completely naked after fucking each other’s brains out, they’re worried about Natalie being freaked out by what she just accidentally witnessed.

Mom, Cyntherea, is about to get up and talk to her, but father, Cobly, suggests it’s better that Jesse confronts her as a the stranger she still is. Jesse puts on one of Colby’s shirts to hide her nudity and when she knocks on Natalie’s door, she’s called a homewrecker and refused entrance!

Jessy barges into the bedroom and insists that Natalie sit on the bed and listen to her explanation. Natalie insults Jessy as just being her dad’s fucktoy. Jessy begs to differ and adds that she’s there to keep both parents happy. When Natalie asks what they see in her, Jessy opens the big shirt and displays her naked body. Natalie can’t deny it’s not one hot body and Jessy begins to cozy up to her flirtatiously. But the younger girl denies Jessy’s advances until Jessy accuses her of being scared.

In a move to show Jessy she’s not chicken, she grabs Jessy by the shirt and plants a hard kiss on her lips! The next thing you know, they’re kissing passionately on the ottoman with Natalie’s full bed right behind them. What happens on that bed rivals the action from the threesome with Jessy and Natalie’s parents. In fact, it rivals all trans porn productions site-wide for 2018!

Black-TGirls: Miss Mink’s Return!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: It’s been a long time since we saw Miss Mink on Black- TGirls.com! She looks great with an amazing body and pretty as always! Enjoy this hot tgirl stroking her rock hard cock and showing off that smooth well toned body of hers! Miss Mink now wants to be known as Anora Coxx.

South Florida producer Herman wrote in 2012, “Miss Mink is 25 years old. She visits Miami from her hometown of New York City on a regular basis. She enjoyed the photo shoot and was a pleasure to work with. When she is in NYC she regularly attends Allanah’s TS parties. If you go to one of these parties, check her out! She likes her men exciting, adventurous and well hung, and she like to be orally worshipped.”

That statement brings back memories for me of NYC Allanah Starr parties back in the day and the legendary NYC producer Tony Vee. Old school trans porn fans will know who I’m talking about. The archives tell the whole story. Let’s discuss what this fantastic model has been up to since her December 2003 Black-TGirls.com debut!

I remember “Miss Mink Fucks Marcelle!” when the August 2018 Model of the Month powerfully topped a young man. She’s obviously versatile, but I’m sure most of her fans would love to see more of her in a variety of different situations. Maybe we can gain more insight as to what makes her tick. At any rate, take a ride down memory lane or an entirely new one with Miss Mink aka Anora Coxx on Black-TGirls.com!