Casey Kisses & Kylie Le Beau

The last time I saw Casey Kisses and Kylie Le Beau on Chaturbate Trans together was about a week ago. They were both wearing yellow matching bras and panties, but Kylie was also wearing wide fishnet stockings. Cisgender female Kylie was spanking and eating her girlfriend’s butt and jerking her off while Casey was on her hands and knees. Next, Casey sat back facing us and jerked off while sucking on Kylie’s toes. To totally fulfill a foot-loving fan, Casey got one of her soles into the frame.

The girls were rewarded with generous tips. Casey kept her big boner solid by going down on Kylie while pumping her hard dick. Kylie gave Casey a blowjob and then they switched into a 69. Casey was stripped completely nude when she began fucking Kylie’s pussy. Kylie kept her stockings on even when she donned a strap-on and railed Casey.

That phallus was enormous! Casey made an announcement, while getting her stiff cock sucked, that we’d reached the stage where fans could see a private show if they gave a certain amount of tips. They’d already had the number one spot on the platform when I checked in.

Casey also kills it when she’s all on her lonesome on Chaturbate Trans. The other night she was sporting a gorgeous new strawberry blonde hairdo while jerking her big schlong in a white t-shirt and pink skirt with suspenders. The outfit was worn lewdly with the top puled over her big tits and she had on no panties obviously.

She fucked herself with what looked like the same immense dildo Kylie had fucked her with that night last week. During this glorious fap session, Casey said she felt like she could cum in her own mouth if she kept this up. Watching porn on her cell phone wasn’t helping her come down from her horny perch.

Eventually, the time came where Casey made one of her announcements. Send in tips for her cum show. She was in the top spot again and I wondered what Casey cleared on big nights like this on

Well, she tells us how much on YouTube in Making 10K a Week on Cam | How Chaturbate Has Impacted My Life. I adore this couple and I hope you’ll help make their Chaturbate and YouTube channels even bigger successes than they already are!

Caramel’s Shopping Suggestions

On March 5,2020, I re-launched as Caramel Black’s Shopping Suggestions. It’s basically an Amazon store in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. That means if you purchase something from my store, I’ll profit as an affiliate. I’m not sure how much that will be because I’ve yet to convert anything.

Amazon Fashion is my direct affiliate link to the platform. My blog is a listing of purchases I’ve either made, have been gifted with, or items on my imaginary wish list. It caters mostly to transgender people, but there are general suggestions there also. I have 180 days to make this work, so if you’ve been considering purchasing something from Amazon this Memorial Day weekend, please do it from one of my links! I appreciate your support and have a wonderful weekend!

With love,


Amy Jeaux Johnson aka AJ180 on Chaturbate Trans

Wreck this pussy, baby!” cried Amy Jeaux Johnson. It’s AJ for short “Cream inside this ass.” Her back was facing the crown and her incredible ass was framed by a dental floss strip of a yellow thong on Chaturbate Trans. She also wore a white midriff-baring t-shirt and her incredible legs and dainty feet were bare.

After tips rolled in setting off the Lovesense Lush toy inside her butt buzz, she seemed close to cumming. So she turned around and began chatting with us to calm things down a bit. Mid-tempo and fast 90’s Hip Hop and R&B played in the background and it wasn’t distracting. I knew I’d gotten to her channel when she hadn’t been on long because her tokens earned were still in the low hundreds.

I totally forgot how big this beauty’s dick was until she hit the level to withdraw it from her thong. A silver cock ring encircled her balls and shaft. She was standing, but she took a seat and asked if viewers were ready to see her get her cock hard. Amy developed a huge erection in no time! Amy interacts with fans well and she goes absolutely nuts when tips buzz her vibrator!

A heavy tipper asked to see her sex toys and she stopped masturbating to grab a plastic crate. She proceeded to show off a small collection of the biggest dildos in creation and a cock sleeve. The real stars of the show, aside from AJ’s pretty face, are her bubble butt, her extra-long schlong and high-arched feet that her foot fetish fans can’t get enough of.

She eventually stripped down to a yellow bra that matched the panties she removed. Amy’s reactions to the narrow toy in her butt are so powerful. At one point, she had to turn it off because it’s so intense! She was shaking as she beautifully articulated the sensations that little thing has on her nerve endings.

My favorite moment came when she got completely naked and said, “Maybe I should just cum for you guys.” But first, she decided to fuck a plastic rear end replica before shooting a huge, creamy white load of cum! Register free and follow

Rayra’s Cumback! Frank’s TGirl World

Rayra's Cumback! Frank's TGirl World

I remembered Rayra Spanick from somewhere before Rayra’s Cumback! on Franks-TGirlWorld, but it took me awhile to figure out where from. Then I found that it was her stunning solo and hardcore performances on Brazilian-Transsexuals here.

She re-introduces herself in the new update rubbing and exposing her boobs from her bikini top. Then she rubs the bulge in the bikini bottom while seated facing us. Rayra’s masterful striptease performance includes a lot of rear footage. She begins stroking her uncut cock while on her knees. It expands rapidly and once stiff it’s absolutely huge!

Rayra soon seems lost in ecstasy and it appears to be 100% authentic. The wide range of expressions on her beautiful face is priceless. It gets even better when she fucks her tight ass with a mid-size pink dildo. Rayra’s moaning is loud and her body is facing the camera when she pumps a sticky load of cum from her big dick. Rayra Spanick is one of the most ravishing models I’ve seen anywhere.

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FΞTISHLACΞ on Chaturbate Trans

I don’t know what FΞTISHLACΞ uses for pronouns. Half the time, I don’t know what I’m really looking at or listening to with this Chaturbate Trans performer. But since that’s the category the cam under, “she” is what I’m going with until further notice.

That’s not what drew me to their channel however. FΞTISHLACΞ has qualities that Marilyn Manson did early in his music career. But FΞTISHLACΞ is sexier to me. While jerking her enormous cock, I first saw her having a conversation with what sounded like a computer program. Then I realized it was synthesized fan comments I was hearing.

Tippers were confessing their desire to suck on the huge cock before them, to stroke it while fucking them. I’ve seen original webcam shows before, but this one takes the cake. I’ve never heard the actual voice of FΞTISHLACΞ and I’ve never even heard her moan. I’ve seen her fire off some mighty big cum shots however.

This is the type of webcam broadcaster you’ll know right away if they’re your cup of tea or not. I personally can’t get enough. Register for free on the world’s finest cam platform. Follow

Zaza, Scene #01: TS Playground

I’ve seen other trans girls from Bangkok, Thailand in the adult industry named Zaza. But I’ve never seen this one before. This is the debut of Zaza on TS Playground and it’s another hot one! I love that the lush background Zaza is filmed in is as gorgeous as a model. Not everyone cares about stuff like that in their porn, but it goes a long way with me. That’s always the case with this site. As for the action, Zaza makes a silent yet inviting introductory pose. Then she retrieves baby oil from a nearby table and begins applying it to her voluptuous form.

She’s already bared her lovely breasts to oil up. Then her bottom gets the treatment next although her one-piece is still on. There’s a very obvious bulge growing beneath her swim suit, and Zaza rubs her upright boner through the fabric. Somewhere between rubbing her firm boobs and pierced nipples, Zaza withdraws her erection and lets it spring into the open air. It stands straight out from her thick thighs as if begging for you to suck it. Zaza walks around the room a bit at eye level, then takes a seat.

She spends some time just stroking her hardon, then she turns around to show off her ass. Zaza is so turned on that she needs no porn to approach climax. She’s gazing at you directly while she jerks off harder and faster. A tremendous serious of jets of cum fire from the bulbous head of her cock! Zaza dips a finger into a stream across her thigh to taste her own nectar. She stands up with her boner pointing upward toward the ceiling. She makes her exit waving her hand and shaking her still-hard dick.

Hot Lady Itim! Ladyboy.XXX

This is the Ladyboy.XXX debut of lovely Itim from Pattaya, Thailand. She introduces herself while seated speaking English and has a wardrobe malfunction with her brassiere. Itim does awesome posing while standing, for an amateur model, then says, Come, suck my cock, baby.” But we’re still just eyeing the bulge in her panty pouch. It’s a long while until we see what we’ll be craving to suck. But it’s well worth the wait. It also illustrated how well-versed Itim is in the art of striptease.

Itim strokes her cock to a beautifully curved erection. Then she fully exposes the flawless breasts she gave us an accidental peek at at the top of this Ladyboy.XXX debut. Itim rubs a dark nipple while jerking off a bit. Then she asks, “Do you want to fuck me hard?” That goes without saying. I am so impressed with this first time effort! Keep your eye on Itim. If she’s this good the first time around, who knows what she’s got in store for us next!

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Agatha McCartney: TS Playground

Agatha McCartney aka Agatha Maccartney was a trans porn star in Brazil when I first started covering the adult industry way back in 2009. This veteran from São Paulo looks amazing as she introduces herself in pink and white lingerie on TS Playground.

She teeters on high heel sandals before settling on the sofa to render herself topless. Agatha then begins rubbing the huge bulge between her legs. She’s standing when she allows her big cock to spring out of her panties. Agatha then kicks off the undergarment and sits back to beat off. Her rear poses are as enticing as the frontal views she delivers.

She’s pinching a nipple and pumping her dick full frontal, moaning deeply when thick ropes of creamy white cum pulse from the head of her cock. There’s an instant replay of Agatha’s tremendous cumshot close-up before this gorgeous star pees and the video fades to black.

Bailey Jay in Massive Quarantine Cumshot

Bailey Jay in Massive Quarantine Cumshot

Bailey Jay says she was supposed to put underwear on before pressing play, recording the “Massive Quarantine Cumshot” video update. She’s wearing a halter top that hides her big boobs, but her thick erection is standing straight up from her thighs. She’s been shooting for the website all day and she wants you to whip your dick out.

She fully instructs you how to stroke your cock and what to do it with. Then she goes into detail about how much she’s into the smell of sweaty dick and balls. So she’s beating off in a yellow chair, naked from the waist down. Bailey spreads her thighs widely to smack her ass, yet she’s still facing you with that big hardon – its head pointing toward the ceiling.

Her bloated balls cause her to state that she’s s full. So full of cum. Never forgetting her foot loving fans, she sits back in her chair and gets her wrinkled soles in the frame. About six minutes in, she turns around to present her magnificent ass. Basically, unless you’re a bare breast lover, you’ve probably shot you load by now. As for the massive cumshot promised, she is not kidding! Thick ropes of creamy white blast from the tip of her swollen cock head.

Her orgasm is loud as fuck and convulsive! Bailey can’t help but to burst out in laughter because her climax was so powerful. She got cum on the ring light and apologizes for it. I’m not sorry. Are you? She then realizes that she never took her tits out.

Then she lets her jugs swing loose apologized again, this time for being so penis-oriented. Then she stands up again. Damn, her cock and balls are still so big and inflated! Then she tries to clean up. It’s a big job for Bailey Jay.