Delia TS: Rainbow Fishnet

“Like a transsexual mermaid wrapped in rainbow fishnet and fencenet … yummy erect pink parts poking out of all the holes.” Delia DeLions

Caramel’s Rainbow Fishnet Review:

Delia TS bares her breasts, yet she hides her cock.

Delia’s mask on Delia TS puts me in the mind of an erotic masquerade ball. There’s a soothing track of music playing, but I know it will lower or stop at the appropriate time. The pink bra, panty and garterbelt set is incredibly appealing and skimpy. Delia’s body is in top form and her flimsy bra can’t suppress the stiff points of her nipples.

More than a wee bit of her genitalia escaped her thong pouch and it takes me a moment to realize that Delia’s garters hold no stockings. That’s a great thing for those of us who prefer seeing her legs bare. Tall, strappy sandals adorn her lean, bare feet. For a few moments, the focus is on Delia’s perfectly rounded rear end. The next sequence shows Delia removing her mask. The sexy voice of her producer wife, Tasty Trixie, can be heard whispering, I want to see all of you.”

Delia begins to fulfill Trixie’s wishes by fully exposing her large, firm breasts. Trixie moans like she playing with her pussy, possibly rubbing her clit at the moment Delia releases her cock. As it springs forth from her thong, it’s semi-erect. Delia pushes the panty downward, then kicks it off.
Masturbation is fully underway and Delia jerks off mostly with her left hand. She then uses the elegant fingers of both hands to rub her hard nipples.

Meanwhile, she makes her fully erect cock swing back and forth. Our POV is from the level of Delia’s mid-thigh. Knowing that it won’t be long before she climaxes, it seems that we’re in just the right place to capture her cum. Trixie imagines Delia releasing her cum across the petals of her pussy. Where would you want it to land?

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Written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

TransAngels: Push Me Harder with Natassia Dreams, Riley Mitchel

Watch The Trailer

Trans Angels Push Me Harder Description: Natassia Dreams is a tall ebony beauty with unstoppable curves who loves riding two things: tire swings and big thick cocks. Lucky for her, in this sexy scene she gets both! Hung and horny stud Riley Mitchell bends Natassia over a tire swing, tongue-fucking her hungry hole and getting her nice and wet before he slides his cock deep between her perfect cheeks. Natassia can barely contain her pleasure, letting Riley slam himself into her over and over as she moans and begs for more. Riley covers Natassia in cum as she eagerly laps it up, the two hotties getting their last taste of summer in this swinging and sexy scene!

Caramel’s Review: The opening footage of Push Me Harder is a solo striptease in the park. Beautiful Natassia frolics on a tire swing and strokes her cock as if you’re there with her. She twerks with a raging hardon and once she naked down to her boots, Riley arrives. He’s fully dressed on a mission to eat her ass. He also mauls her breasts and sucks her boner after withdrawing his own hard pecker from his shorts.

Natassia utilizes the tire swing as sex furniture to give him a blowjob through. She continues to use this prop to support her while she gets fucked doggy style! One of the best sequences features Riley on his back on the grass driving his thick erection in and out of Natassia’s tight ass. Her tits are jiggling about and her hard cock swings when she’s not jerking it.

Ass lovers will especially love when they switch into the cowgirl position. Natassia is completely nude by the time they’re fucking while standing. This update closes with two of the most explosive orgasms I’ve seen this year. This is Riley Mitchel’s first scene on the site, and the sixth for the legendary Natassia Dreams.

My favorite Trans Angels scene with Natassia was the recent Three Timing Stepmom with co-stars Michael DelRay and Mason Lear, which will be hard to top. It better showcases this veteran porn queen’s talents, but Push Me Harder is a not too shabby one-on-one scene to give you a taste of what Natassia Dreams can do when truly challenged by two male talents at the same time.

Greedy Latex Slut: Ella Hollywood Fucks Dresden’s Pussy and Ass

Greedy Latex Slut: Ella Hollywood Fucks Dresden’s Pussy and Ass

With: Ella Hollywood, Dresden
Director: Fivestar

Watch The Trailer Description: Eager toy Dresden is all dolled up in shiny black latex. She’s tied and gagged, awaiting the arrival of her Mistress, Ella Hollywood. Ella enters, her svelte figure covered by a skintight latex catsuit. She runs her hands all over Dresden, feeling Dresden’s plump ass and wet pussy. Dresden moans, drool leaking from around her gag.

Today, she’s going to be the perfect little toy for Ella. Ella releases Dresden from bondage and tells Dresden to worship every inch of her body. Dresden eagerly licks Ella’s heels. Her pink tongue laps at the toe and the heel. She kisses Ella’s beautiful cock, licks the along the length, and worships Ella’s balls. Upon command, she takes Ella’s hard cock down to the base. She lavishes it with attention, gagging as Ella fucks her face.

Then, she buries her face into Ella’s ass. Dresden moans as Ella sits on her face. She eagerly licks Ella’s asshole as Ella licks her cunt. Suddenly Dresden begins laughing! Ella has found her ticklish spots and exploits them mercilessly as Dresden squirms beneath her. Next, Ella slides her cock into Dresden’s sweet cunt. Dresden moans as Ella fucks her pussy and is soon begging to cum.

But Ella denies her and keeps fucking her cunt. Dresden cries out as she tries not to cum on Ella’s perfect cock. Finally Ella grants her permission and Dresden cums hard over and over again. While fucking Dresden’s pussy, Ella slides a finger into Dresden’s ass. Dresden’s ass opens up nicely and Ella pushes her cock in. Dresden moans as Ella fucks her tight asshole. This is Dresden’s first time getting ass fucked on camera and she loves it. She cums hard as Ella uses her ass and is rewarded with Ella’s big load all over her face.

Caramel’s Review: With a description like that and the two fine actresses and director, I couldn’t miss this update. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a true kinkster to the core and this is the most authentic BDSM network. Fivestar conducts the opening interview before the movie. Here it’s revealed that Ella and Dresden have great chemistry together. But this is Dresden’s first time on! This is the trans sister site of which comes with you subscription.

Corporal punishment and bondage will be employed and Dresden is ready to be submissive. You’ll notice that almost every part of Ella’s body is covered by the latex catsuit but the stiff cock jutting upward from her thighs. The effect is contagious, I should warn you. Dresden is also wearing latex so if Ella hasn’t gotten you hard and wet yet, wait until you see Dresden! By the way, Dresden is looking forward to getting fucked in all of her holes today. I cannot wait!

Ella delivers the hard spanking Dresden hoped for in the interview. She gets it with Ella’s erection just inches from her lovely round ass and pretty pussy. There’s a deliciously sexy sequence in which Dresden worships one of Ella’s high heel clad feet. She then removes the pump and sucks and kisses Ella’s bare foot and toes. Meanwhile, Ella’s hard cock needs attention also. Dresden gets swatted with a riding crop while administering a dick licking.

Dresden then gets to worship Ella’s fine bottom and she gets her pussy eaten by the midway point of this update. Although you’re going to eventually need to see the fucking, especially the anal, you might find yourself cumming long before this video is finished.

Exemplary performance is the only thing I can say to wrap up my little review here. Even the totally nude closing interview by Fivestar (off-screen) with the stars is super erotic! Not a single moment of this shoot seems forced to me and I had a naturally cumtastic good time watching it all play out.

Thank you for reading. I hope to see you on Twitter at @tscaramel.

The Naughty Nun: Korra Del Rio Punishes Disgraceful Sinner DJ

The Naughty Nun: Korra Del Rio Punishes Disgraceful Sinner DJ

With: Korra Del Rio, DJ
Director: Sadie Lola

Description: Beautiful Korra Del Rio is The Naughty Nun in this week’s sinful sexy role-play update. After witnessing DJ touching himself in Mass, Korra relegates DJ to the cold dark basement to fix furniture and learn a lesson about his shameless, disgraceful ways.
After admitting to DJ that she saw him masturbating during church service, she orders DJ to read from the bible to find salvation from his wickedness. As he is reading bible verses, Korra peels off her black and white habit to reveal a very sexy lace teddy, black thigh high stockings and garter. DJ doesn’t know what’s going on!

Sister Korra is confronting DJ with his petty disgusting fantasies and will lead him to redemption by being his vessel to absorb all of his sick sexual perversions in the name of the Lord. Korra tells DJ to take off her black patent leather high heel shoes and smell her feet. He peels off her nylons and licks each and every tantalizing toe of Sister Del Rio and then she pulls her cock out for DJ to let loose on.

All the sins and lies trapped in his throat need to be plunged out with some deep throat cock sucking. She spreads her long legs wide and DJ swallows her hard dick right up. Korra takes her firm inviting breasts out of her corset while DJ gets down and dirty on her dick. Now he is on his back in the stocks with a blindfold on so he can’t see anything.

This dirty little sinner is ready to get all of his evils forgiven so Korra punishes this bad boy with the zapper and some firm paddling on his butt. She crawls up on top of his face and slides her cock in his mouth and rubs her balls all over his greedy mouth. Sister Del Rio tells depraved DJ she is going to fuck him so hard he is never gonna want to sin again.

And sure enough she sticks to her plan. After fucking his face, she gives him a little taste of heaven by eagerly eating his ass. She jerks his cock while licking his asshole and DJ is loving it. Korra’s bright red diabolical lipstick smears all over his ass and thighs and he can’t get enough from this Naughty Nun. Now that his ass is wet and slippery she fills him up and fucks his sin hole into submission. DJ moans and pleads and begs for her to cum all over him and finally she squeezes her lusty load out on his face. Redemption at last!

Biography: Korra Del Rio is one of the hottest trans performers right now. Her first shoot with Kink was on in 2017. Since then she’s dominated as well as been submissive on that channel. She’s also made an appearance on alongside Mona Wales. Korra has also performed with Ruckus, Mike Panic, and Will Havoc. She’s been nominated for several awards from AVN and has even won Cam Performer of the Year from the Transgender Erotica Awards Show. Watch for more Korra Del Rio BDSM porn.

Caramel’s Review: I’d find it hard to believe that any logn-time trans porn fans have never climaxed while watching Korra Del Rio in action before. Her looks are astounding and her sexuality goes straight for yours and ju8st doesn’t let up until you explode in orgasm. Her partner DJ has four scenes under his belt now and he’s an incredible sub.
The extraordinary director, Sadie Lola, questions DJ first about his safe words and limits in the opening interview. She explains the plot briefly and the action that’s about to go down. Korra nods in approval, as she’s the one administering the upcoming punishment. She adds a comment of her own and we’re ready for the main event!

There’s nothing comical about this update. DJ’s intimidation is evident even before Korra truly exerts her dominance over him. The brilliant set design makes the plot all the more realistic. I’m a pretty religious person and I actually felt sort of guilty getting turned on by this scene. That all started with the foot worshiping and while watching DJ sucking the nun’s stiff cock.

Every moment of Korra’s sexual torment and BDSM techniques will prepare you for the pre-climactic footage of Korra easing her erection inside DJ’s tight ass. This superstar actress makes power-fucking a submissive seem virtually effortless. The closing interview of this is interesting as well. I learned that Korra felt the taboo nature of this update about as much as I did. Hearing what they liked mostly about the sex in the 49:35 minute movie is even more fun!

Transational Fantasies: Selene Angel

Selene Angel

I just saw beautiful Selene Angel’s creamy white cum blast from her swollen cock head. And that’s just from watching the preview video on! Just head on over to trailers to watch all the latest.

Selene Angel licks her big black vibrator.

Description: Get ready to have a devilishly good time with smoking hot Selene Angel. She’s a big-boobed Brazilian babe who can’t wait to get naked for you. Watch her massage her giant tits and her big girly cock as she beckons you to fuck her. Wouldn’t you like to have her luscious red lips wrapped around your dick? She’s imaging you’re fucking her tight little trans girl pussy right now. She wants you so bad she pulls out her toy to pleasure her butt hole while she strokes her thick member. And since you’re such a good boy, she’s got a gooey tasty treat just for you.

Selene Angel's stiff cock defies gravity!

Caramel’s Review: In the twenty minute video, complimented by 39 hi-res images, this lovely Latina introduces herself, in English, then pushes her full round boobs together. She’s wearing a pricey matching bra and panty set with tall sandals in bed. There’s some foot fetish content in the beginning, set off by her white, French-top pedicure. Then she begins masturbating with her lingerie still on.

Selene Angel fucks her tight ass with her BBC vibrator!

You’ll get to see the details of her exposed, bare ass before she shows you her ding-a-ling. But she insists on deeply finger banging and slapping her ass first. Then there’s some breast and nipple play – she can suck her own nubs, by the way. At about the ten minute mark, Selene allows her rigid spike to spring upward from her panties. Selene faps in a variety of tantalizing positions before lubing up her tight butt and producing a large, black vibrator!

The dark-haired beauty then begins fucking herself hard and deeply with her big toy while jerking off. Lost in lust, you’ll see the full-length version of Selene’s big cum shot that you saw in the trailer! Would you be willing to help clean us the wetness that landed on her panties and flat tummy?