etertaycb: Erica Cherry Returns to Chaturbate!

She’s back! After recovering from FFS (Face Feminization Surgery), the already stunning Erica Cherry is back on Chaturbate Trans Cams. I don’t like to play favorites here, but I can’t lie, she’s one of my all-time favorite trans performers. When I heard she was going under the knife, I was pretty shocked, but she knew what she was doing. The results couldn’t have been better! The outfit Erica Cherry is wearing in these photos also included cute little socks.

I arrived late to that stream, but there were no panties when I got there. She was bent over her black computer chair spanking her perfectly rounded ass beet red. Her big cock and balls were sticking out from her tightly squeezing thighs. When she sat back down in her chair and asked if she looked better than before, the reactions were mixed between yes, and you already looked amazing before. Soon, she had her feet propped up on the desk and was stroking her huge, hard cock just like in the old days.

Erica says she’s still not completely recovered, but we can’t see that her healing process isn’t complete. The ironic thing about that is that we say Erica streaming without any makeup on at all. That’s a first for me and she looks incredible without a stitch of makeup on as well. Wearing a red t-shirt pulled over her perky boobs,

Erica stroked her large erection in and out of a gold cock sleeve. Ten she later pumped it with her hands. She moaned a lot and smiled a lot as tips and compliments rolled in. Erica Cherry also lubed up a purple vibrator and inserted it into her tight ass. She interacted with fans sweetly and threw in some barefoot content. After shooting a thick, creamy load of cum, Erica continued jerking off.

She then fucked her ass with the toy and removed her shirt, rendering herself completely nude. About ten minutes later, Erica’s big dick released yet another big cum shot!

Her messages were: edge + cum! tip if you like please! relaxed show #cum #edging #bigcock #shemale. If you haven’t seen one of her shows yet, follow her for notifications by email of her next streams. For my previous write-ups about her, go to and

Follow her on!

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Pantyhose_fetish on Chaturbate

Pantyhose_fetish on Chaturbate

Jane from the Pantyhose_fetish channel on Chaturbate Trans Cams is an enigmatic trans girl. She has an OnlyFans account you can subscribe to through her webcam link. But I’m here to tell you something about her live shows.

You may have already guessed that Jane masturbates her cock through her pantyhose. She often strokes her large erection while laying in profile. Jane pulls her legs and feet into the frame while edging. Jane is so limber she can give herself a foot job with one sexy ped.

She makes you want to lick her cock through her pantyhose until she shoots cum into them. You can easily imagine it moving through the fabric and into your mouth. But then I’ve seen Jane jerking off in crotchless pantyhose also. Sometimes she streams with an overhead POV. Every now and then Jane will expose her domestic side, cooking and having a meal. She doesn’t talk a lot, but she’ll moan softly, mostly when she cums.

Jane’s tags for the day: I’m layered today <3 Start PVT for the show #pantyhose #stockings #trans #fetish


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Silkyvelvet on Chaturbate

I’m so confused. The beauty from Harjumaa,Estonia I saw today stroking her cock to the Hercules and Love Affair Frankie Knuckles remix looks like a full-time trans woman. But her tags today on Chaturbate were #femboy #crossdresser and #tg

Harju County, by the way, is one of the fifteen counties of Estonia. It is situated in Northern Estonia, on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland, and borders Lääne-Viru County to the east, Järva County to the southeast, Rapla County to the south, and Lääne County to the southwest. 

Her stats are 1.82 cm, 6’ tall, 62 kg, 136.6 lbs., and her eyes are green-gray. She was wearing much less than the sheer black hosiery, tall slingback heels, short-shorts. She was playing Never Come Back by Caribou by then. I wasn’t sure if I wanted her more as a sex partner or a DJ by then. C’mon though, who am I kidding? 

Leona Parker is her name. is her channel. Yes, there’s stripping and cock stroking in her streams. But there’s also something more. There’s sensuality and true seduction; not just trying to look sexy.

As for her tags, the fox behind the Silkyvelvet is open when it comes to chatting. Feel free to follow her and ask questions. Remember to tip generously. 

TS Dreamland Cams
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Evaluxe on Chaturbate Trans Cams

I’m not going to lie, because I’m a top, and say I’ve never bottomed before. I tried it in my early 20’s and I really wanted to enjoy it. But my first time was pretty rough and perhaps I’ve never quite gotten over that. I love fucking and cumming inside someone and I might someday enjoy taking a good ass fucking. Watching the incredible dominatrix Evaluxe on Chaturbate Trans Cams makes me want to try bottoming.

She’s a world class beauty with perfect breasts and an unusually thick cock. Someone hung like her might hurt me, but I’d take my chances. It’s a bit challenging for me to get into her roleplay at first, but when she talks dirty like the BDSM queen she is, I can easily imagine getting railed by her. I remember watching an ExaLuxe stream once where she stripped completely nude except for a pair of tall black platform sandals.

Eva stroked her menacing erection with one hand while clicking away with an Apple mouse with the other. She was claiming “me” as all hers and I noted how tightly drawn her big balls were as she beat off. She was saying, “We are so close,” with her sexy accent of what distinction I can’t determine. Exaluxe streams from New York, but she’s originally from somewhere outside of the United States. At any rate, she’s telling me she wants to be inside me all the way, stroking her hardon full frontal on her gold bedsheets.

As she professed that she was both my lover and my Mistress, she turned sideways and began humping the pillow beneath her exquisite body. At that point, I lost it. She banged her boner against the pillow so hard, simulating a powerful ass fucking. I could still see her huge dick as she ground harder and harder! I’ve never fantasized being fucked by a trans Mistress more in my life. If you want to see this incredible sex goddess performing LIVE, go to!

For the talented Miss Eva’s subscriber account, sign up on It states, “DOMINATION AND FOOT FETISH. Acting on the BDSM scene as a Dominatrix for many years, I have discovered and explored this side of me: The addiction to having my feet AND MY ENTIRE SELF worshiped. I have discovered it to be a complex inner feeling with many layers worthy of being displayed and focused on.

So whether you dream of licking, sucking, smelling, massaging, caressing my perfect feet, have you dick and balls crushed by my Louboutin stilettos in order to give us both sexual satisfaction, OR BE HUMILIATED, TREATED LIKE A COMMON WHORE, I know exactly what buttons to push.” You know what to do.

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