Two Tgirls Fucking on Valentines Day: Aubrie Scarlett & Rachel Nova

Two Tgirls Fucking on Valentines Day: Aubrie Scarlett & Rachel Nova

Description: We’re back with another HOT NEW VIDEO! This week we’ve got Aubrie Scarlett and new girl Rachel Nova! It’s Valentine’s Day and the girls are hornier than usual! Rachel Nova takes Aubrie Scarlett’s rock hard cock and deep throats it off the side of the bed ALL THE WAY DOWN! Then Aubrie sticks it in her ass and fucks her all over the bed in every position you can imagine! It’s all over though when Aubrie pulls out from pile driver and blows a hot load all over Rachel! Don’t miss it!!!

Caramel’s Review: There are less and less great trans-run trans porn sites in operation with each passing year. It’s hard to compete with the old legacy websites run by major studios, but Mayumi Sparkles is still doing it masterfully. There have been extended breaks and there’s been no attempt to disguise that on Two Tgirls. The archive’s available for streaming and download since 2015 are enormous!

This 30:16 update, Fucking on Valentine’s Day starring Rachel Nova and Aubrie Scarlett, is a long-awaited update filled with all the intense trans lesbian chemistry that made Two Tgirls a huge success from the time it was launched almost five years ago! Lithe blonde Rachel and busty brunette Aubrie open the scene with none of the typical camp humor, but with all of the lust. Aubrie gets her cock sucked stiff almost immediately and she can’t wait to fuck her blonde girlfriend raw!

The only articles of clothing left on these babe by the end of the scene is Rachel’s open-toe pumps. Rachel is what I’d describe as a dream bottom and Aubrie’s skill as a top cannot be beat. Periodt.

Skarletbloom on Chaturbate Trans

What in the name of multiple trans orgasms is going on here?! 24 year old Capt One Eye Jaq aka Skarlet Bloom of the Florida Keys can cum once, stay hard and cum again on Chaturbate Trans!

This slender an pretty young trans woman is into computers, gaming, dirt biking, sex, smoking, guns, working on cars, makeup, Fashion, modifying electronics, car audio hookup and repair, science, photography, DJing, and sailing. She’d just cum when I logged on earlier today, but was still hard and chatting with fans completely naked.

Someone was asking for photos so they’d have fap content for later. I learned that she sometimes does self-facials by laying back, but she didn’t feel like doing that this afternoon. Skarlet was framed from her forehead to mid-thigh, occasionally hoisting her bare feet into view. I didn’t expect her to cum so fast after shooting her load a few minutes before I entered her channel.

But I ended up seeing Skarlet make her cock head fire not one but two series of streams of creamy white jizz high into the air! Tips flowed in for Skarlet very well and I was so happy for her.

She said she’s be back tomorrow after today’s big three orgasms. Be sure to register for free on my favorite webcam platform. Then follow!

Janie Blade Cums! Grooby Girls

Janie Blade Cums!

Description: Our most recent Femout graduate, the super sexy Janie Blade, returns with her second Grooby Girls scene, once again produced by Buddy Wood! Horny as hell, she can’t wait to have a lot of fun by the pool! Janie enjoys showing off her hot body and spreading her amazing ass! Then, she strokes her cock until she cums just for you! What a hottie!

Caramel’s Review: The buzz for this gorgeous newbie didn’t begin with her Janie Blade on Femout.XXX performances. It goes back to Janie Blade on TS-Casting Couch with the help of famed producer Buddy Wood. Janie Blade Cums! on Grooby Girls happens to be my favorite performance by this wonderful ingenue. Let me tell you why.

Janie burns up the scenery in the first moments of this new update. She saunters around the pool area of Buddy’s Southern California home in a red one-piece. One of the most striking things you’ll notice about this beauty in her swimsuit is the boner in the form-fitting garment. It stands upright when she walks and when she sits on a lounge chair. Janie rubs her bulge while talking dirty and she bares her lovely breasts.

I can’t imagine how much pre-cum is building up in the crotch panel of Janie’s swimsuit before she snaps it open and lets her hard dick spring out like a horny Jack-In-The-Box. When she turns around, straddled upon the lawn furniture, her firm, round ass looks exquisite! You might find yourself craving to taste her or to fuck her bottom hard and deep. But then she’s soon completely naked and jerking off in profile.

Mr. Wood captures Janie in more erotic positions than I could have imagined. She doesn’t just lay there jacking her erection until she makes it explode. She does sexy little dances by the pool and there are incredible close-ups on her pretty face, fit form and gravity-defying penis! You’ll know exactly when Janie is going to climax by her facial expressions and the sounds she makes. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out most fans came before she did!

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I’m Your Nasty Girl: Eva Maxim Submits Her Body to Ricky Larkin on TS Seduction

I’m Your Nasty Girl: Eva Maxim Submits Her Body to Ricky Larkin

Director: Cherry Torn for TS Seduction

Watch The Trailer

Description: The stunning busty Eva Maxim is bound in leather cuffs to the ceiling and waiting to submit her body. In black lingerie her body writhes in desire for pain and pleasure. Her beautiful cock is hard and exposed for her master.

The dominant, muscular Ricky Larkin walks in ready to deliver a brutal punishment. First comes the crop which he uses on Eva’s round tight ass. Turning pink, it’s time for more corporal punishment. As he bites and licks her tight curvy body, a leather paddle comes out and delivers pain to Eva’s armpits.

She screams and begs for more. The crop is used on her cock and balls. Next comes out a painful flogger. Ricky’s muscles deliver a brutal flogging on Eva’s back and ass. Ricky applies clothespins to Eva’s ass as well. As Ricky chokes Eva’s slender neck, she begs him to please fuck her.

Ricky’s massive hard cock gives Eva a deep hard anal fucking. He pounds away on his beautiful nasty slut. Flipping her over Ricky rims Eva and sucks her cock. Deep throat cock sucking gets her rock hard for more fucking. Both Eva and Ricky shoot a huge load over her big tits. Eva is Ricky’s Nasty Girl.

With eleven Kink video and photo sets under his belt since 2013, Ricky Larkin is a BDSM porn veteran. Director/Porn Star Cherry Torn’s Kink career performance in the dozens go back to 2007! Trans beauty Eva Maxim is the only newbie on Kink today.

Eva Maxim is 23 years old and of Spanish and Cuban heritage. This Miami, Florida resident’s measurements are 34D-24-32, 5’6″, 125 lbs and she has a 8″ cock. Eva also has gorgeous dark brown eyes, full luscious, natural soft lips, perky breasts, and a natural smooth bubble butt.

Ricky’s excitement about the upcoming scene is obvious in the opening interview conducted by Cherry. Eva has been asking him for weeks what he has planned, but he’s not telling. Eva’s only hard limits are nipple play because her pretty nubbins are too sensitive. Cherry establishes the rules and safe words and then the main event begins.

The expertise Ricky displays as a Dom as he approaches Eva with a riding crop is impressive. His flogging is masterful. He handles Eva’s cock in a way that makes her develop an erection. When he exposes his big dick, it’s equally stiff. Without giving too much away about the raw sex, let’s label its first sequence as acrobatic. The following is absolutely animalistic and powerful, riveting to watch! Both fine actors produce tremendous cum shots.

This is Eva’s first time in bondage as the closing interview reveals. She really liked it! This is actually Eva’s fifth scene ever and she’s never done anything like this before. I’d love to see more, maybe with a cisgender girl on the sister site TS Pussy Hunters! Ricky is a consummate pro and Eva is a bright light and a doll.

Written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

Rosa Da Hunter on Trans500: Chocolate Lovin’

Rosa Da Hunter on Trans500: Chocolate Lovin

Description: It’s about that time folks. Dark,lovely and beautiful. Rose Da Hunter makes her debut. This dark skinned beauty is here to take some cock! it’s about that time to get things started. Let’s get it started!

Caramel’s Review: It was driving me crazy not being able to figure out where I’d last seen beautiful Rosa Da Hunter before. Then it finally dawned on me that she’s the same model as Rose on Black-TGirls with seven incredible videos under her belt!

Rosa is spectacular on Trans500 with Carlo, one of my favorite Latinx studs in the new hardcore update! Ironically, Rosa Da Hunter looks like she’s the one being hunted as she walks down a South Florida avenue in a tight-fitting dress. As a Floridian, she fits right in, as does the handsome man driving in her direction. A quick exchange of words makes it clear that Rosa is a working girl and the hunk in the luxury sports car can afford a “date” with her.

She’s new to the neighborhood, but she doesn’t mind being felt up by the new man she’s in the car with. Suggesting they go somewhere private is cool with Carlo and they’re off. Alone in a nice apartment, the ice is broken with some friendly conversation. Rosa can’t help having wardrobe malfunctions, but Carlo doesn’t mind the nipple action. He confesses he’s into the sisters and quickly hones in on the points of Rosa’s breasts. He does so both manually and orally.

Rosa mentions that she likes ’em big, and Carlo is packing. Rosa is too, for that matter, and they’re great-looking together. After giving the handsome brown hunk a sloppy blowjob, Rosa lays back naked to be penetrated raw by his turgid erection. Missionary position evolves to doggy style and Rosa’s sexy moans add so much to the torrid sex! Rosa rides her client in the cowgirl position next.

She looks incredible from behind, but amazing when she switches into the reverse cowgirl position also! Rosa strokes her tremendous erection until thick jets of creamy white cum pour out. I wasn’t expecting so much cum to explode from the head of her hardon, nor was Carlo obviously. Frankly, I’m just glad she came at all in this fantastic Trans500 update! Why should the guys have all the fun?

Ivory Mayhem & Kellie Shaw: TGirls.Porn

Ivory Mayhem & Kellie Shaw: TGirls.Porn

Filmed by – Radius Dark

Description: Hands up who is in the mood for some sweet girl on girl loving? Ivory Mayhem & Kellie Shaw are two hung angels going at it like rabbits in your weekly fix of trans-action from the world’s premiere ‘girls only’ hardcore site. You know what to do……..update area posthaste!

Caramel’s Review: The Ivory Mayhem & Kellie Shaw trailer shows you who the top and who the bottom is in this spectacular TGirls.Porn production. However, I didn’t make it to the actual coitus before cumming. I’m saving the scene for another time to climax with someone special instead of alone again. But I saw enough to do a brief review.

I lost it somewhere during Ivory giving the hostess of a blowjob. It wasn’t exactly because that was my highest point of arousal specifically. It was the result of the tremendous build-up between both actresses. Ivory focuses on both Kellie and the viewer as if she can’t forget about the cameras. Kellie’s attention is laser focused on Ivory. Both techniques are successful in terms of interaction with the viewer. The chemistry between them is electrifying.

Going back earlier during the foreplay, Ivory mentions that she doesn’t have much experience with other tgirls. She looks like she’s having a wonderfully sexy time with Kellie, as if thinking to herself, “Why haven’t I done this more?” She gives Kellie what seems to be an amazing blowjob. And her big dick stiffens right up when the favor is returned!

I really appreciate the full nudity of this scene that comes early in the production. That’s because both Ivory and Kellie’s bodies are incredible, not to mention how pretty their faces are. Their makeup is on point, too. It makes me wonder if Radius Dark hired a makeup artist for this incredible TGirls.Porn production. Whether he did or not, this is a brilliant piece of work.

Written by @tscaramel on Twitter.

Erica Chery and Mercury on Chaturbate Trans

Mercury is a 19 year old FemDom who doesn’t reveal her full identity. She’s a spooky goth cisgender female I saw dildo fucking tonight on the top Chaturbate Trans channel when I checked out the platform. I hadn’t planned on viewing live porn, especially since some recorded porn I reviewed earlier already made me cum. But there I was with my lady cock stiffening in one hand and the other reaching for my favorite lube.

Even though we couldn’t see Erica Chery‘s partner’s full face, enough could be seen to know that she’s gorgeous. She’s with Erica after all, so duh. My only wish was that I’d gotten there earlier tonight. I missed the whole part of the show with Mercury railing Erica’s tight ass with a strap-on dildo! But it wasn’t too late. There was still about a half hour or so of hot sex.

Mercury was clearly ready to get fucked, as evidenced by the way she got on her back with Erica soon hovering above her. Erica just had on a skimpy blue bra with her lovely tits and puffy nipples exposed. Mercury was totally naked with her huge, soft tits jiggling all over the place. Since Erica hadn’t been the one doing the fucking moments before, she had to jerk off to develop an erection. She then rolled on a condom. Mercury helped lube Erica’s latex-covered big cock with some K-Y jelly.

Moments later, Erica was looking straight at us while plunging her large boner deeply inside Mercury’s tight pussy! Her hardon slipped out a few times, but eventually, Erica established a long, steady pumping rhythm. She even fucked Mercury’s big jugs before re-entering her quim.

Viewers were sending in tips and begging Erica to cum on Mercury’s heaving breasts. I’ve got to admit that’s exactly what I was hoping for, so much that I came. I kept watching to report what happened next on

Just as I predicted, Erica pulled out at the last minute and shot her creamy white cum all over Mercury’s massive boobs! I don’t know if Mercury will be back on again tomorrow, but Erica promised to be on with a whole new live show. Register to Chaturbate for free and be sure to follow so you won’t miss it!

TS Seduction: Getting Ahead: Shiri Allwood Owns Her Boss, Dale Savage With Her Cock

TS Seduction: Getting Ahead: Shiri Allwood Owns Her Boss, Dale Savage With Her Cock

With: Shiri Allwood, Dale Savage

Director: Sadie Lola

Dale Savage sucks Shiri Allwood's sexy feet and toes.

Description: Shiri Allwood is an unpaid intern, working hard for her boss Dale Savage. She’s put in a lot of overtime and is always going above and beyond for the company. She applies for a manager position and is sure she’s going to get it. When her boss calls her into his office, she anxiously waits for the good news but instead its bad news.

He tells her another guy in the office got the job, and that if she were to show a little more skin around the office, maybe she would get ahead easier. Shiri slaps him in the face and commands him to get on his knees. Shocked and surprised but not scared, Dale smiles and gets to his knees. She takes a seat and puts one long leg out to Dale and tells him to worship her feet.

Dale takes off her high heels, licks, sucks, and kisses her stocking covered feet. Shiri rips her stockings open, exposing her pretty feet and and Dale gets to work sliding his tongue in between her toes. He kisses all the way up to her thighs and Shiri pulls up her short skirt to show him his next treat, her hard cock. He sucks her cock with enthusiasm, drooling all over himself.

Shiri gets so turned on by the power she has over him, she turns around and spreads her ass cheeks and tells him to lick her asshole. She smothers his face between her ass cheeks, and he licks her pretty pink hole until she tells him to stop. In the next scene, Dale is naked, blindfolded, and hogtied with leather cuffs and straps. Shiri stands over him with an electronic zapper. She zaps him a couple times and it gets her cock rock hard and ready to fuck his ass. She sinks her cock into his hairy hole and fucks him deep and hard.

Caramel’s Review: Living in Florida, when I see Dale Savage in a new video, I always think he looks more like a contractor or a real estate agent until he’s out of his suit. Then porn star fits him well. The unspoken age play between Dale and young, beautiful Shiri Allwood is one of my biggest turn ons about this production, “Shiri Allwood Owns Her Boss, Dale Savage With Her Cock“.

There’s no special chemistry between Shiri and Dale during the opening interview by director Sadie Lola. But I’m curious to see what develops after the session. There’s going to be a lot of convincing for Shiri to do to make me believe a sweetie pie like her can dominated a seemingly strong-willed man like Dale. But somewhere between the foot worshippng, toe sucking and cock devouring, I’m beginning to feel it! nce Dale is pulled up by the head to release Shiri’s upstanding erection from his mouth, I’m literally feeling myself!

The sheer forcefulness of Shiri’s continued blowjob and ass eating has me convinced that Shiri can top and dominate with the best of them. The way she fucks Dale’s ass, spoils Dale’s ability to shoot his load and the way she cums at her own pace is Domination/submission trans porn gold! The closing TS Seduction interview that the opening lacked intimacy with makes up for the initial session’s closeness in spades.

Black-TGirls: Kayla Biggs Cums For You!

Description: The superstar Kayla Biggs made an amazing comeback a couple of weeks ago, but that wasn’t all! She’s back this Monday too, to kick off another smashing week on Black-TGirls and give you some more! Always ready to play, Kayla can’t wait to get her big cock hard and stroke it just for you! Watch her playing with herself until she pops a nice sticky cumshot in today’s smoking hot update brought to you by KilaKali!

Caramel’s Review: When this legendary beauty was recently featured in “Kayla Biggs Is Back!“, her 26th Black-TGirls video and photo set, I covered it. This is her next shoot and I wouldn’t say it’s better. It just has more of an explosive ending. She’s in a one-piece and long socks masturbating from almost the very beginning.

When Kayla stands on her knees on the bed, swinging her big dick from side to side, it’s almost fully erect. She exposes her big breasts in just under four minutes. Before your very eyes, her massive organ grows hard as a rock! Then she lays face down on the bed to make you wish you could do things to her incredible ass you might be to shy to talk about out loud.

About thirteen minutes into this scene, you can tell that Kayla is ready to get down to business. It’s about that time to nut. For the next few moments she closes her eyes while laying back and jerking off. With her left hand holding the base of her big tool and her right hand pumping the shaft just below the head, Kayla’s climax hits. A creamy white puddle of cum lands below her rippling abs and streams down Kayla’s hand. The lovely Kayla Biggs waves goodbye and that’s a wrap for this spectacular update.

Download This Black-TGirls video in your choice of 4K 2160p 4,781.52Mb, 1080p 989.05Mb, 720p 617.17Mb, or 480p 372.08Mb formats!