TGirls.Porn: Anastasia Coxx & Zyra Rose

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Nine points out of ten is how I’d score this TGirls.Porn update if I gave official scores like official porn review websites do. If I didn’t know about award-winning Radius Dark’s talent, I would have asked if this were shot by a trans or cisgender lesbian producer. That’s because of the high level of intimacy between sucking and fucking. Mr. Dark knows precisely which elements of this brand of lovemaking to focus on and it’s all in the editing in this case. This update stars a TS Dreamland staple. Anastasia granted me, Caramel Black, with an exclusive interview and you can read it here along with my previous posts about her.   

The chemistry between these beauties is electrifying! “Anastasia Coxx & Zyra Rose” is the official title of this update, but “Anastasia Coxx Fucks Zyra Rose” is the more accurate and descriptive title on the video. It begins with kissing and fondling in bras and panties on the bed with no set-up or fanfare. And this is arguably the most mesmerizing sets of kissing on the site in its history.

Zyra sucks Anastasia to a raging erection and they render themselves completely nude. Anastasia returns the favor, giving Zyra a boner with her hands and mouth. There’s more sumptuous kissing and then comes the brilliant POV cock sucking sequences!

About the fucking – it’s sublime. Zyra rides Anastasia’s big hardon in a variety of positions with her tits gyrating and her hardon bouncing. Then she takes Anastasia’s huge cum shot into her mouth like she’s in love with her.

Anastasia: “Working with Zyra was awesome. It was really fun to fuck her, because she can really take a pounding. I love doing girls, because they get fucked the best! I fuck guys, but I like fucking girls more.”

Zyra: “This was wonderful. I loved taking her big dick. She knows how to fuck and it love kissing so this was perfect. She finished by cumming in my mouth, and unfortunately, my hair too!”