Kink Unlimited: Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction

Before I show video previews and a sample photo gallery of the new video with Yasmin Lee, I must tell you about the exciting new option from After nearly 20 years as a network of separate BDSM sites, has re-launched as Kink Unlimited, an all-access portal for the company’s two dozen brands. The move represents a new era, freeing the online giant’s massive user-base from the confines of separate subscriptions. Kink Unlimited will allow visitors to access the studio’s entire library of BDSM content with one $49.99 monthly pass. “This has been something customers have been asking for for a long time,” said Director of Marketing Matt Slusarenko. “Once we looked at the conversions, we realized that this was something that would work well for the company. “On a weekly basis, we’re producing nearly twice the amount of content of anyone else in adult,” he added. “This move allows us to give more to the consumer and allows us to direct more resources to develop the next generation of adult entertainment.” Now back to Bionic TS Bitch, the following previews will take you to the free-standing website and with Kink Unlimited you get access to All 24 Kink Sites For One Low Price; Over 10,000 hours of HD video, Over 12,000 shoots, Over 2 million photos and Updates multiple times per week.

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TS Seduction wins TEA 2016 Best Scene with Yasmin Lee & Lucas Knight

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Yasmin Lee gets redemption in two ways –  with a 2016 TEA Award for Best Scene and as a secretary getting revenge on her boss in the TS Seduction video. This hardcore scene is the TS porn equivalent of a tornado trailed by a hurricane. Released on May 20, 2015 as “Devastatingly Gorgeous Secretary Punishes Sexist Boss Pig!” handsome Lucas Knight displays his acting range as a misogynost prick, which is totally out of character with his true personae. He does it well with the help of the iconic porn and mainstream actress, Yasmin. After being humiliated by her boss, Yasmin tricks him into thinking that she’s the call girl he requested. Mr. Knight is a top who isn’t used to being ordered around by a dominatrix. But he goes along with being cuffed at the wrists and ankles. When he decides it’s time for the hot sex worker to suck his cock, she turns the tables on him. He finally realizes that the woman pinning him on the sofa is his demure secretary. She slaps his face hard and admonishes him for the way he treats women horribly. The Mistress also threatens to expose him professionally before shoving her big, legendary cock in his mouth. About 20 minutes into this award-winning scene, Mr. Knight is bent over the office desk taking a deep, hard fucking. This video also includes more cock sucking, foot worship, rimming and bareback fucking in a variety of different positions. After delivering one of the hardest poundings of her adult entertainment career, Yasmin her boss-turned-bitch Knight to decide where he wants her huge, creamy white cumshot to land. Take note of the difference in their chemistry in the closing and opening interviews. It almost seems as if they went from being strangers to a married couple after this magnificent TS Seduction performance.

Yasmin Lee on Chaturbate

Yasmin Lee. THE Yasmin Lee. Seeing her on Chaturbate the other day just confirmed for me that webcam broadcasting is the future of Internet porn. I’ll never get tired of recorded studio adult entertainment, but live interaction with your favorite models simply cannot be duplicated. In room=yasiyas on Chaturbate, the trans icon was drinking tea wearing a nautical- themed nightie over a matching black bra and panty set when I checked into the Transsexuals room. Yasmin’s 34DD breasts were spilling out of her cups and her cock was slightly hidden in her sheer panty. Yasmin spoke a lot to her fans while stripping seductively. She went on to fuck her world famous ass with a long white dildo about 45 minutes after I logged in. Her camera provided wide angle and closeup footage as she gracefully kept getting out of her chair to jerk off standing up. Skipping to about an hour and ten minutes into her Chaturbate show, Yasmin’s magnificent body convulsed in orgasm. Her 9.5″ cock sent creamy white jets of cum to splash across her tight tummy. Then she stood up and gave us a closeup with her soaking wet hands squeezing the last drops of spunk out of her big dick. Yasmin joked that she should get some PR on her “organic coconut milk” as she called it. yasiyas on Chaturbate it looks like you just did.

Yasmin Lee on TS Seduction




Porn icon and mainstream actress Yasmin Lee returns to TS Seduction to make a successful Wall.St broker her bitch. But she’s talking directly to you while domination Jimmy Bullet in this POV scene. “Get your fucking dick out, motherfucker,” she orders and she thinks it’s cute when she sees it. What else would you expect her to say about it? Have you seen the size of Yasmin’s cock? Even flaccid, it’s bigger than most male penises. I wouldn’t even dare compare myself to Yasmin Lee, but I can totally relate to a Mistress who likes to suck cock. I also like to slap my stiff cock against a submissive’s. Wait until you see how hot she looks in just her stockings and panties as she unties Jimmy’s tie and opens his shirt, telling him to suck on her finger the way she’s going to suck on her dick. She strokes her big, stiff cock and says, “Tell me you want me to fuck your pussy.” Then she forces it in bareback! I think you’ll love the way Yasmin is focused on you while fucking Jimmy silly. She also doesn’t just demand foot worship – she fucks with them, too. Watching the way Yasmin climaxes in this video, I wasn’t thinking we’d see the cum pouring out of her cock. But we do and I’m reminded of why, in my humble opinion, Yasmin Lee is still the reinging Queen of TS Seduction. Cute Jimmy is like the Peter North of Kink. Do what Yasmin says and next time you’re fucking your wife or girlfriend, think about her fucking you.

Yasmin Lee and Eli Hunter

The science fiction theme of this TsSeduction video was a perfect choice. Yasmin Lee and Eli Hunter’s looks and performances are extraordinary. Eli feels a strange presence while he sleeps. and he finds himself being lured to the lair of an exotic, other worldly, goddess. Yasmin seduces, examines and fucks her next hand picked slave in this shoot. Yasmin Lee, an incredible dominatrix, is one of my all-time favorite iconic mainstream and adult entertainment stars. Eli Hunters’s body is sculpted to perfection. He also has one of the most incredible asses I’ve ever seen. Yasmin must have had such a great time pounding that blooming onion. Then there’s the view of her amazing ass while she’s fucking him silly from a variety of perspectives. You just have to see Yasmin’s climax and the way she makes Eli cum at the end. This is Eli’s second TsSeduction performance. As for Yasmin, 40+ scenes since 2008! The interviews for this alien porn instant classic are played after the scene ends.

TsSeduction – Yasmin Lee and Kip Johnson

I wasn’t expecting the return of Yasmin Lee so soon after her amazing Holiday Pit Stop video I blogged about here on December 1st. But I’ve just seen her new TsSeduction video with Kip Johnson that went live on December 17th. She’s magnificent as usual and if you thought she was dominant with Will Havoc, wait until you see the way she fucks Kip!

Yasmin knew that Kip was innocent when she picked him out of a lineup. But she decided to make him her bitch simply because he was so good looking. This bareback scene is amazing and I almost forgot how long and hard this beautiful icon can fuck! Hung Kip really is a cutie I’d like to take prisoner myself. Director Tomcat’s opening and closing interviews are saved for after this fantastic TsSeduction video. Kip love Yasmin’s cumshot and her favorite part was when Kip rode her big cock.

TsSeduction – Yasmin Lee in Holiday Pit Stop

The Thai, Cambodian, Chinese, and Brazilian mainstream film actress and pornstar with 35+ adult feature films (and also 35+ TsSeduction videos) is one of my favorite stars in the universe. That’s part of the reason couldn’t make it through the first half of “Holiday Pit Stop” without cumming. Ironically, when I began watching the opening scene, I forgot I was watching a porn video. Skilled actors like Yasmin Lee and Will Havoc reminded me that this site is on the right track with its plot driven porn.

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Yasmin Lee Returns To TS Seduction presents a two part espionage feature film starring Yasmin Lee, Robert Axel, Marcus Ruhl and Beretta James. Yasmin Lee is the most talented agent for a covert, phantom organization that specializes in stealing world military secrets. She disguises herself as a nurse aide in order to infiltrate the lab of life-time military prisoner and mad scientist, Dr. Axel. His life sentence is to design the military’s most advance weapon – the Super Soldier – a man who does not need to sleep or eat. A man who can be controlled by memory manipulation – the most advanced and frightening new technology in military science since the A bomb.

Dr. Axel has developed a device that control his soldiers thoughts, implant memories and lessons in a matter of minutes and reorganizes his brain so he does nothing but what he is programmed to do.

Dr. Axel’s techniques are perverse and highly sexual – he likes to watch his man-made soldier fuck women. He likes to fuck what ever Aide is in the room in the same way his soldier is fucking. Yasmin uses this knowledge in her favor and lets Dr. Axel seduce her, bending her over the lab desk and letting him fuck her ass while he watches his soldier do the same in the other room. The men pound away at their lady’s asses and orgasm huge loads of satisfying, pent up cum.

When Dr. Axel thinks he is done, Yasmin flips him over and reveals her incredible thick, long cock. She spreads his ass and slips inside him, every inch of her cock rocking the depths of him, until she pulls out and releases a large, full load of cum.

Yasmin Lee Returns To TsSeduction

The famous Yasmin Lee is back on in an action packed shoot chasing down poacher Alex Adams in the California Wilds. A tense chase scene is followed by hard fucking, foot worship, dominating blow jobs and the seductive power of this beautiful, high-profile transsexual and her eight inch cock!

Big news for serious fans like me of this amazing porn and mainstream actress – There are four other shoots coming up with the incredibly hot, sexy, multi-talented Yasmin Lee.