TS Seduction: The Widow Walks Part Two

The gorgeous black widow Jonelle Brooks is back in this part two to use and abuse unsuspecting Private Dick Will Havoc. He will do anything for her…including murder. She fucks his face with her beautiful cock. Jonelle pounds Will’s ass in every position until he’s begging to come. After she fucks the cum out of him and uses his cock to blow her load, double-crossing dame Jonelle reveals a duplicitous twist. That’s the official synopsis of ‘The Widow Walks Part Two’ superbly directed by Madeline Marlowe for TS Seduction on Kink.com.

It’s an erotically charged surprise for those of us who thought Jonelle Brooks had relocated to Thailand to teach for good. Since then, so many people have been asking me if she’s Asian. When I did my interview-with-jonelle-brooks on caramelstgirls.com in 2011, many thought she was Latinx at the time. She’s actually Hungarian and Native American and she was born and raised in Florida. In that interview, she was hoping to debut on TS Seduction and now she’s a fixture on Kink.com. Jonelle has five scenes between TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters. Now that Kink is a network, you can get ALL KINK.COM SCENES AT 30% OFF with our EXCLUSIVE TS Dreamland DISCOUNT offer. Will Havoc is magnificent in this scene and he’s on so many of the 30 Kink.com channels, I’ve lost count. His beautiful co-star is now a frequent webcam broadcaster on chaturbate.com/jonellebrooks and her official website is jonellebrooks.com and she’s part of The T-Girl Network of incredible stars: jonellebrooks.tgirl-network.com.

TS Seduction: Aubrey Kate Mile High Gangbang

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TS Aubrey Kate gangbanged and covered in cum by three guys after she blows a huge load of her own! Performers of shoot here: Lance Hart, Will Havoc, Sebastian Keys, and Aubrey Kate. For the FIRST TIME EVER, TS Seduction brings you the much anticipated film, Mile High Gangbang! Aubrey Kate has her gangbang fantasies come true by getting fucked hard by three studly pilots! None of the fine actors here are new to TS Seduction, but this site’s first gang bang conceived by Aubrey Kate. She’s topped both Will and Sebastian before, but they’ve never fucked her before. The men all magnificent but I must confess that I’m a little biased about my home state of Florida’s Pervout network producer / porn star Lance Hart. While having cocktails after a flight, the pilots are recalling past exploits with hot stewardesses and they all want the new one, Aubrey Kate. She walks in on their conversation all the sudden and decides to join them for a drink. In the middle of conversation, Aubrey Kate whip out her cock while sitting in her stewardess uniform. All three guys move in and do the same thing she just did. Aubrey Kate develops an erection while getting stroked as she sucks the pilot’s dicks hard. If there’s not a cock n her mouth, there’s one in each jerking fist. As more clothing is shed, Aubrey Kate gets rimmed while performing blowjobs and she gets her boner sucked, too! Since Aubrey Kate is one of my all-time favorite adult actresses, she can do no wrong to me, so I can’t even rate her performance without being biased either! At least I’m admitting it. She checked off yet another sex act on my bucket list – sucking three cocks at once! All the spitroast footage is out of this world. In the third quarter of the scene, Lance Hart brings foot sex into the mix, using one of Aubrey Kate’s bare soles to jerk his cock against. Watching Aubrey Kate blast her cum into her belly button while getting pummeled bareback takes the cake. Or perhaps it’s the threeway facial she gets at the end. Even the closing interview with Aubrey Kate looking beautiful stretched across all three guys in this Kink.com groundbreaking trans gangbang scene is a keeper.

TS Seduction: Honey FoXXX & Will Havoc

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In “Hot TS Babe Gives Guy the Pervy Fuck He’s Always Wanted,” on TS Seduction, while appraising Honey Foxxx’s home, insurance rep Will Havoc finds some pervy stuff in a dresser drawer that Honey had no idea her late aunt owned. They start messing around with the BDSM toys and the ice is broken when Honey paddles Will’s butt as he leans over on the bed. She’s intrigued that he’s not a stuffed shirt and likes getting a little kinky. She joins him on the bed and helps him get out of his business suit. Then she eventually whips out his cock and starts giving him head. Honey’s blowjob looks amazing and this sequence undoubtably earns extra points for CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) fans. It’s also educational for anyone who might need a visual guide to making a nice hard cock cum with a great sucking and a hand job. All this happens within the first 10 minutes of the scene (including the brief opening interview). Yet Honey and Will are just getting started. Honey scoots up on the bed and raises the hem of her dress to show Will the bulge in her panties. Then she whips out her cock. It’s huge and it’s not even fully erect yet. Most of my friends and I can never really get over how hung this beauty is no matter how many times we’ve seen her. With a bit of a trans porn twist she says, “You were hoping I had a big cock, weren’t you?” This is a refreshing departure from the. “Oh my God, you have a cock!” standard delivery. The Puerto Rican and Cuban pansexual princess looks incredible clad in bar, panties and tall pumps shoving her prick in and out of handsome Will’s eager mouth. She manages to stroke him off while skull fucking him and Will develops another erection quickly. He’s fully erect while Honey begins railing him bareback. There are some great position changes, doggy style, a hard cock fighting dual and a 69. If you happen to have a foot fetish, I think that Will’s worship of Honey’s pretty peds rivals that of Lisa Tiffian’s adoring foot loving action with her on TS Pussy Hunters in a scene I raved about here back in January. The titty fucking sequence is awesome and if you’ve made it this far without losing it already, you’ll see two more big cumshots upon your first viewing of this sizzling hot TS Seduction scene. Also, listen up Honey Bees. If you haven’t already, you absolutely must take the tour of the official honeyfoxxx.xxx website!

TsSeduction Jaquelin Braxton and Will Havoc

“Some girl is getting one helluva fucking,” I’d say to myself if I heard this TsSeduction video before I saw it. But what I’d see is Will Havoc getting his cute bubble butt railed bareback by gorgeous Jaquelin Braxton’s thick dick. She’s the girl moaning and it’s Will grunting. I’d see Will cumming on her beautiful boobs and then watch Jaquelin fuck him again! Her ass is so incredible in this fuckfest, by the way. I’d also see Will spunk on his tattooed tummy while getting fucked next time. Oh my God, she is relentless! After watching Jaquelin fap her creamy white nut on Will’s face, I’d watch her make him cum again! It’s a lot like this amazing video began, with Jaquelin sucking Will’s long, hard dick. He is such a heavy cummer. Beautiful Jaquelin licked some of his elixir up, too – a Mistress after my own heart! I don’t care what device you’re using while your reading this. Here are 4 different video viewing formats for you to preview this incredible scene:

TsSeduction – Yasmin Lee in Holiday Pit Stop

The Thai, Cambodian, Chinese, and Brazilian mainstream film actress and pornstar with 35+ adult feature films (and also 35+ TsSeduction videos) is one of my favorite stars in the universe. That’s part of the reason couldn’t make it through the first half of “Holiday Pit Stop” without cumming. Ironically, when I began watching the opening scene, I forgot I was watching a porn video. Skilled actors like Yasmin Lee and Will Havoc reminded me that this site is on the right track with its plot driven porn.

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Venus Lux: The Final Affair

The beautiful proprietress of Venus Lux Entertainment cums twice on her man, and his reward for taking a pounding is getting to cum twice, too!

Venus Lux and Will Havoc have been having an illicit affair for months while their spouses have been out of town. Today is the last time they get to have the forbidden sex. They tear into each other and fuck like this truly is the last time they will have sex. They fuck all over the bed, both cumming huge loads twice on TS Seduction!

The League of Extraordinary Transsexuals

Join Vaniity as Wonderella, Courtney Taylor as Super Squirter, Will Havoc as Panty Thief, and Honey Foxx as Hungaliscious in an epic display of crime fighting and sexual punishment. The adventure starts on TS Seduction and concludes on TS Pussy Hunters in this featured shoot crossover. Click on each image for video previews in four different formats!

TsSeduction.com is proud to present the incredible feature presentation, The League of Extraordinary Transsexuals: To Catch a Panty Thief starring Vaniity as Wonderella, Courtney Taylor as Super Squirter, and Will Havoc as The Panty Thief! This two part feature ends with a cliffhanger on TsPussyHunters.com and includes Hungaliscious played by Honey FoXXX! And now on to the episode: In an abandoned warehouse deep in the docks of Metropolis, Wonderella dangles helpless in the strength sucking powers of Panty Thief’s bondage. She cleverly distracts the villain to activate her distress beacon hidden in her super bra. Super Squirter dashes off in the invisible plane to save Wonderella and punish Panty Thief. Who better to dish out punishment than these two fine heroines of justice? Panty Thief pays for his crimes with his face, ass and cock as the super sisters wring him dry and soak him wet with their own juices. Wonderella’s super cock does some super fucking which would make most mortals snap in half but she wields her powers perfectly and together her and Super Squirter, milk two loads out of Panty Thief’s cock after making him fuck like a stallion, and take a pounding. The chemistry is electric and the sex is so intense there are times you may have to turn away from your screen to save yourself from pure sexual overload! The incredible threesome ends badly for our heroines though as Panty Thief uses their distracted cum bliss after glow to tie both girls up with Wonderella’s golden lasso of power! The girls need help – their only hope is Hungaliscious is watching the distress screen back at head quarters. Will Hungaliscious save Wonderella and Super Squirter before Panty Thief steals the golden panties? Tune in to TsPussyHunters.com to find out!

After an incredible threesome of “punishment” for the Panty Thief, the ladies were relaxing only to be ensnared in Wonderella’s golden lasso. Will they escape?! TsPussyHunters.com presents Part 2 of a cross-site feature update with the incredible Honey FoXXX playing Hungaliscious. After a narrow escape from the villainous, Panty Thief, our heroines fly high above the city in their invisible plane, patrolling for evil. When the city is safe and sound, the ladies return to their headquarters for a special kind of R&R. Their hot threesome is full of epic fucking, squirting pussy orgasms, exploding cum shots, and incredible deep throating skills as everyone – including Vaniity and Courtney taking turns sucking Hungaliscious’s huge cock!