Kelli Lox & Francesca Le – Ultimate Surrender

“Battle of the Tough Bitches Winner Fucks Loser” marks the debuts of TS Pussy Hunters trans superstar Kelli Lox and director and porn star Francesca Le on Ultimate Surrender. This is yet another reason why I love that is now one huge network of sites – Kink Unlimited. Our Special 30% off For Life discount makes joining hard to resist and so does an incredible scene like this one!

The official synopsis reads: Francesca Le and Kelli Lox are going to wrestle for dominance. The Winner gets to do what ever she wants to the loser. These girls put each other in brutal holds and sexually dominate one another. One winner is victorious and takes her prize. Winner brutally fucks the losers, blind folds her and makes her do what ever sex act the winner wants. Anal, Blow jobs, Face sitting…winner shows no mercy.

This is a masterpiece with Ariel X, adult fem wrestling pioneer at the helm, who has started a gofundme page to fund the launch of her own high quality production company for mixed wrestling and more. The highlights of this scene for me begin with the revelation that Francesca has been wrestling since 1991 which gets a surprised “What?!” from Kelli. Francesca has wrestled with Ariel before but not on Ultimate Surrender and this is Kelli’s first time in this branch of also. I’m not going to tell you who wins, but no one actually loses with scenes like this in my opinion. There’s a point where the fighting gets Kelli so aroused that she develops a big erection while these gorgeous babes are going at it. In about four minutes under a half hour, the action moves from the mat to a room off the set where the sex progresses to the next level. Kelli eventually fucks Francesca with the same force that she got railed with during the strap-on sequence. As forceful as this tryst gets, these beauties slow things down occasionally for some intimacy and highly arousing kissing. The winner of this dual-site sizzler wants a rematch and I hope to see one too!

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TS Pussy Hunters: Sami Price & Bella Rossi

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“Sami Price and Bella Rossi Collide in The Ultimate Sex Fight Championship” bridges the gap between two extraordinary websites – TS Pussy Hunters and Ultimate Surrender. I know that Sami Price isn’t crazy about wearing glam makeup, but she looks amazing in the opening Ariel X interview and beyond. She’s a fox with or without it and you can read her two exclusive TS Dreamland interviews with Sami Price beginning here. This is her first time with stunning Bella Rossi who’s no stranger to the network, including TSPH. Sami and Bella introduce themselves wearing string bikinis and give us their fight stats when the scene opens, each boasting about what they’ll do to the other when they win. Referee Ariel X starts the match and it’s really not an easy win. I think that anyone getting their cock stroked and sucked by Bella during a match would be seriously distracted. Bella gets her pussy finger banged and eaten during the competition and there’s really no way to lose a match like this. After the winner is announced, the sight of Sami and Bella on the mat together just standing there and then kissing is simply mind blowing. I love the bareback fucking on the mat as much as I do in the private room! Bella loves creampies and Sami gives her a great one. Sami loved eating her own sperm out of Bella’s pussy and if you read that interview, you already know why it tastes so good. This is one of Sami’s benefits of healthy living. I could not have just streamed this TS Pussy Hunters scene from I had to download it for keeps.

TS Pussy Hunters: Freya Wynn & Angel Allwood

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Freya Wynn and Angel Allwood perform in a competitive erotic wrestling bout! No matter when you join through the links in this post, you’ll get the sale subscription price.

Long and Lean, TS Freya Wynn has challenged beautiful, blonde, Angel Allwood to an erotic sex fight. These girls must put it all on the line as they prove who is better at erotic wrestling. Orgasm on the mat!! Winner gets to tie up the loser and do what ever she wants. Blow jobs, pussy pounding and anal! That’s the official synopsis and I’ve got a few things to say about this exquisite bareback bout.

First off, I’m so glad that is now offered as a network package because now I get all the non-trans websites along with TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters. This one for example is a crossover of Ultimate Surrender with the incredible director/performer Ariel X. Ariel’s introduction of the foxy fighters includes the revelation that it’s not Angel’s first time on TSPH, but it’s Freya’s and her first official hardcore scene. Limits and safe words are established on the wresting stage and director Ariel is also the referee of this Ultimate Sex Fight. There are never any “real” losers in these types of matches, especially in this one where Angel gets her pretty pussy pleasured. Freya gets her big cock sucked and drills Angel’s quim before the action is moved from the mat to a private room. That’s where Angel also gets her tight ass fucked bareback!

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