TSPlayground: Yasmim Dornelles

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I first saw Brazilian beauty Yasmim Dornelles on tsplayground.com in February 2018. The busty fox with her enormous cock was directed by J.D. stripping and stroking until she came. This time she’s wearing white and shot by the same great producer/director.

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Yasmim introduces herself briefly and her braces are highly visible in the close-up. I hadn’t noticed them previously, not the fact that she still looks like she could be in her teens. One thing that didn’t get past me is her prettiness. I’ve seem a lot of “Queens of Cock” over the years, but Yasmim embodies a different kind of loveliness.

Flash Scene Trailer

A matching white bra and panty set, tall sandals and jewelry make up Yasmim’s wardrobe. It’s not hard to detect the bulge in her panties as she assumes different poses. But there’s no way you can tell she’s as hung as she is.

It’s mostly about breast and ass exposure in the beginning. She makes her rosebud wink before making herself develop an erection. It takes about 8 minutes before Yasmim fully exposes her long and thick, uncut schlong.

Once fully hard, her cock is monstrous. She moves between the bed and an ultra modern chair with the grace of a cat. Then when contorted in a compromising position, her monster cock releases what I’m naming the most fascinating trans cumshot of 2018. This tsplayground.com blast is shown one more time from a different camera angle for good measure!

TSPlayground: Melissa Pozzi Set 2, Scene #01

MP4 Scene Trailer

I first saw gorgeous Melissa Pozzi about two years ago on another site; one that features dominant Italian and Brazilian trans women equally. In that scene, she topped some poor bastard into oblivion. This tsplayground.com video gives you an idea of some of the things this lean, busty and seriously hung star can do. When the scene opens, Melissa is posing full frontal in white lingerie with her massive dick swinging gently. She cups one full breast and strokes her semi-erection slowly before turning around and finger banging her tight ass. In a very short time, Melissa’s cock expands to its greatest proportions. It’s actually a bit scary unless you’re used to receiving schlongs like this. Within four minutes, Melissa is literally fucking her own ass with it!

Flash Scene Trailer

Even when Melissa stands up to jerk off with both hands, there’s so much cock left that she can’t manage to fist! At about the 13 minute point, Melissa sits and makes her enormous hardon lurch and bounce on its own. Three minutes later, she’s jerking off frantically and she’s shuddering hard. Soon, thick ropes of cum fly out of her big swollen cock head! Melissa makes an erotic show out of tasting some of her cum before leaving the room with her still hard dick swinging all over the place. Then there’s a close up instant replay of her cum explosion! This tsplayground.com scene is an original masterpiece the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else on the Net.

Rafaella Ferrari on TS Playground




Rafaella smacks her big, beautiful ass hard, climbs on the bed, exposes and rubs one of her nipples. She smacks that hard, too. Next on this explosive TS Playground video, she gyrates on the bed, giving a longer butt show and takes off her top. She wags her finger in an invitation to come closer as she rubs her big boobs together. Just listening to Rafaella’s sensual moaning could have altered the situation in my panties. Speaking of panties, Rafaella slowly lowers them to expose her cock. She lies back for you to watch it lengthen and thicken rapidly. Her fist helps with the process. Rafaella’s dick is pretty huge and curves to one side. Think of all the exciting ways you could straighten it out. If you like closeup rosebud winking footage, you’ve got it here. You’re also getting some of my favorite types of views like a beautiful transsexual with a stiff cock walking across her bedroom at eye-level. She makes her talented tool bounce up and dow standing and sitting before the camera. Then she pulls the tight foreskin back to expose the swollen head before beginning to fp furiously. This is a 20 minute video, so you might not make it to the end without exploding upon your first viewing. If you make it to the end of this incredible TS Playground performance, don’t be surprised if you see that Rafaella shoots as much creamy white cum as you do.