Femout.XXX: Oregon Doll Returns!

The feedback I get about River Enza from her fans is that they love looking at gorgeous models, but that River has an edge because she’s so interesting. Few people know that River is a proud US Navy veteran because she’s modest when it comes to tooting her own horn. We need to thank her for her service.

That modesty is such a charming quality about a BDSM slave-girl and River’s gorgeous Master Goddess Kayaa keeps whatever attitude might develop in check. Some River fans tell me they’re foot fetishists and her watching her flexing her sky-high arches make them cum hard. That’s reinforced by Foot Fetish TS – River Enza.

Her new shoot on Femout.XXX produced by Radius Dark gives me too wide a variety of feels to pin down to just one. Mr. Dark also produced all three of River’s Femout.XXX scenes as well as TGirls.Porn River Enza & Shiri – a trans lesbian hardcore scene that I raved about (Check out that trailer of you haven’t seen it).

One particular edge River has as a model obviously comes from being a Yoga enthusiast and teacher-in-training. She’s so incredibly flexible. River states her young age and Portland, Oregon filming and residential location when her 3rd Femout scene begins rolling. I start wishing I had a g-spot in the back of my throat like River when she says she can almost cum from sucking cock. I didn’t think that act could get better than it already is.

River isn’t interested in forcefully fucking someone’s throat. But she wouldn’t mind having her cock sucked while another one is fucking her tight ass deeply. We’re talking about just a gentle massage with someone’s lips on River’s dick. River proceeds to draw attention to the way her boobs have been growing and damn! It’s crystal clear once she mentions it if you’ve witnessed her previous appearances. River’s new thing is hard nipple squeezing and Dom(mes) out there with penises just might develop painful erections watching River demonstrate this.

To sum things up, River would like you to be a little bit hard on her nipples, soft on her cock, hard on the ass and deep in the throat. I haven’t even described the first full 3 minutes of this magnificent Femout.XXX update. The vibrator and penis pump sequences are simply remarkable!

Review by @tscaramel on Twitter