Sexy Tall Allysa Etain Gets Hard!

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“Allysa Etain is a sexy tall girl with hormone tits and a superb bubble butt!,” said producer Buddy Wood about his sensational new model. “I was glad she wanted to try out the Casting Couch and was not disappointed!” he added. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Allysa and I just had to see her debut because of that. When she enters the living room and takes a seat, she says she currently lives in San Diego, California but she’s originally from Jacksonville, Florida. She seems anxious to get past the opening interview process. In other words, Allysa looks as horny as she is hot to look at. She rises from the couch and begins to remove her top to reveal the most gorgeous set of breasts and a slim torso. Then she steps out of her shoes to help get out of her denim shorts. Allysa has cute feet, curvy legs and a really nice butt that’s left in skimpy animal print panties. She’s about to lower her undies until Buudy stops her. Damn! Well, that’s okay because he directs Allysa to turn around and when she does, the sight of her bottom is lovely! She lowers the garment to her butt cheeks and then gives us a front view. Then she begins playing with her cock while her panties ride down to mid-thigh. A moment late, Alyssa is standing before us completely naked. The brief moments of horniness that she flashed in the beginning are more frequent when she takes a seat and spreads her legs open widely to masturbate. I can’t imagine anyone not being satisfied with the positions Mr. Wood encourages Alyssa to arrange her exquisite form into. Wait until you see her from behind bending over while pushing her cock back between her thighs! Her cock is raging hard soon and she gets a bit of help with relieving the tension just after the midway point. Then the second half of this torrid update becomes even hotter than the first half!

Meet Sexy Slim Anri Singer!

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“Come on in, Anri. Have a seat,” says producer Buddy Wood to the pretty new model directing her to his TS Casting Couch. She achieves the perfect balance of pretty and alternative with her hair color and the way she’s dressed. Mr. Wood exclaims that she’s very cute and he’s right. I wouldn’t think she’s a porn model – not that the old stereotypical images of what that is applies anymore. Then she gets down to describing herself as a gamer who’s never officially done major website porn. June of 2016 is when she started her hormone regime and then she’s asked what turns her on. Sensuality to begin with leading to choking, hair pulling and other forms of roughness to follow. She’d like to try sex in public sometime as well. After about two and a half minutes, Anri is asked to stand up. Her sweater is loos-fitting but her pants are kind of tight and she has the cutest legs, especially her curvy thighs. She’s wearing a more daring top underneath and her tummy is pierced and she’s got a little ink along her waistline. Anri kicks of her skater sneakers to reveal a cute set of high-arched feet and pedicured toes. She’s rocking boy shorts under her pants and she pulls up her top to expose a lovely set of breasts! Don’t be surprised if your cock is throbbing painfully already at this point. I have that problem as I’m watching! Back on the casting couch is where Anri pulls out her cock and begins stroking it. In under 7 minutes, Anri is totally naked with her cock stiffening and she throws up her long, sexy legs. Then she begins jerking off with her fun spot winking right at you! I love watching pretty Anri making herself cum in this super sexy update!

Femout.XXX – Zoe Cums And It’s Hot!

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Zoe is absolutely fantastic in her second Femout photo and video set and I knew she’d be great. That’s because I was so impressed with her debut on Buddy Wood’s TS Casting Couch website. That site is all about new talents proving to the producer they have what it takes to be porn star. She walked to Mr. Wood’s Southern California home is a loose-fitting a-shirt, denim cut-offs and strappy thigh high sandals. After being welcomed inside, the gorgeous 21 year old proceed to answer questions in a interview. She said she’s been transitioning since the age of 17 and that this is going to be her first time. While sitting on the casting couch, Zoe says she’s turned on very easily. She loves being eaten having threesomes and orgies. Zoe’s clothing removal puts the “tease” in striptease into question because she strips so quickly. Zoe bares her pretty tits and sexy ass, but hides her cock between her thighs in a tucking at first. But once completely naked, she lets her schlong spring out into the open air and it’s already hard!

Zoe has a really big un-cut pecker and she gives it a few strokes before getting back on the couch. But this time she sits with her legs way up in the air in the missionary position. She made her wrinkled fun spot flex, rubbed it and resumed stroking her massive cock. Then she did the same while perched upon the couch with a backdoor view. Then she sucked Mr. Wood’s stiff cock while beating off! Her blowjob pauses when she’s close to making herself cum. She sits back into the couch and faps furiously until her immense organ shoots pools of creamy white jizz just below her belly button. After Mr. Woods films this event, he’s ready for another blowjob. He doesn’t stop pumping her pretty mouth until he cums on her face and neck and Zoe cums again! I wasn’t kidding when I said Zoe put the proof in the pudding on In her Femout.XXX debut, she reintroduced herself in a scorching hot poolside production.

In her latest Femout.XXX scene, the super sexy Latinx babe comes back from her poolside performance on the site indoors this time around. You may remember how stiff her big member was as as soon as that shoot began rolling. This time she’s a bit more demure, wearing a cute pink and black outfit when she enters the bedroom. But it’s a bit of a fake-out move because we can see that she’s tenting her little panties with her boner. She’s sitting on the bed rubbing it through the fabric of her undies and it miraculous points toward the ceiling when she exposes it. Now barefoot and with her clothes still on, she begins to strip. Her masturbation method is slow yet firm and steady. Mr. Wood directs her in a series of tantalizing positions and you get to see a lot of her pert round ass before she lays back to reach her climax.

Zoe’s cumshot reaches higher on her tummy than it did in the one of two orgasms she had on TS Casting Couch! But remember that this explosive set is on Femout.XXX.

TS-Casting Couch – Jasmine Jacobs

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If you’ve been paying close attention to the latest happenings in trans porn in 2017, chances are that you’ve taken notice of the incredible new performer Jasmine Jacobs. You can find out a lot about her on Buddy Wood’s fantastic website TS Casting Couch. As the scene opens, the long-legged beauty saunters down the street to Buddy’s house in SoCal. After being greeted by the famed producer, Jasmine takes a seat on the casting couch and proceeds to talk about her background, growing up in Spokane, Washington, moving to Montana and currently residing in L.A. This is her first adult industry performance and Jasmine proceeds to tell us about how she loves giving head and tasting cum. One of her biggest fantasies is discussed which reveals her kinky nature. Jasmine is a natural exhibitionist and there’s no shyness about the way she strips down to her bikini and heels. She looks incredible moving through a series of standing poses and talks about her controversial ink. There’s more to come with her tattoos in the future. Jasmine continues to strip while perched on the sofa with her ass thrust outward. As she exposes her rear end explicitly, her smoothly shaven ball sack is exposed as is her stiffening cock. She smacks her fine ass playfully and in the next sequence she’s facing you full on again on the couch. She exposes her pretty boobs and tweaks her nipples with her bikini top still on. She then begins stroking her cock, making it grow increasingly harder. Once her heels are off, Jasmine lays back with her legs and feet high in the air completely nude. You can see how she pays special attention to her grooming with body shaving and her meticulous mani/pedi. You’ll also notice how big Jasmine’s cock is when fully erect. You’ll find out if she’s more of a top or a bottom and learn how she likes to be stimulated with finger banging. Another thing that might happen when you see the producer’s hand curling around Jasmine’s raging hardon is that you could be running your own website like! Jasmine can also be seen in a lesbian set with Nicolette Phoenix on and you should check out the Jasmine Jacobs Shemale Yum Profile. She’s got two torrid updates there! I could tell that Jasmine’s major studio performances would be incredible because I’ve seen her live webcam shows on

Femout.XXX – Nori Is An Exceptional Beauty

The title of Nori’s third shoot with producer Buddy Wood on Femout.XXX gets no argument from me. Her description elaborates with the statement: This pretty and horny tgirl babe will sure drive your dick nuts as her feminine beauty is exceptional. Check her big tasty cock it will surely make you wild and make your eyes pop as she plays with it seductively. Right again, Buddy.

I’m usually way more into videos than photos, but it was so hard limiting this post to only six photos because the full set is incredible (and there are way more explicit images in the full set. As a matter of fact, are three photo sets of this L.A. fox are absolutely exquisite.

Buddy invites Nori to re-introduce herself and she tells us she’s originally from Ohio and moved to Los Angeles two years ago. Her favorite sex act is giving head and the last time they shot together, her fantasy was to have a threesome. That’s been done and off her bucket list. She took a little porn break, but she’s glad to be back!

All this activity takes place in Buddy’s quarters as she sits in a leather chair. After her brief chat with her photographer, Nori stands up and her seductive striptease begins.

She moves through a variety of poses like a pro and when she raises the hem of her dress, you’ll see that she’s wearing sheer panties and a garterbelt with no stockings. “My God,” Buddy exclaims when Nori withdraws her cock from her panties and she’s not even fully erect yet.

Nori is pretty petite so I’m always saying the same thing to myself when she exposes her rod. It almost seems out of proportion with the rest of her, yet it seems so perfect. So is her bare ass when she turns around. When she stands in profile, you’ll see how fast she develops a full erection. Then there are her long, sexy legs, lean dainty feet in tall sandals and her sexy gaze when she falls into a deeply erotic state.

She sits back in the chair with her legs raised and spread wide open, slowly stroking her big cock. Buddy captures the most explicit views of her lovely bottom and she moves into the doggy style position on the chair while beating off. She also jerks off while standing again and strip gloriously nude with the exception of her tall sandals. If you like Nori’s three Femout.XXX performances, I can’t see why you won’t love her on ts-casting couch also. That masturbation scene with the Doxy steel cast wand massager is breathtaking and she’s equally exceptional on Buddy Wood’s!

Femout.XXX – Naughty Lady in Red, Monica!

There are two exquisite sets of this demure fox on Femout.XXX. Since I’m on the subject of sizzling hot Monica Raven today, I figured why just focus on her debut (click here for that review). I really like her debut on Femout.XXX and her encore shoot by Buddy Wood even more. It’s not because her second shoot here includes a cum shot. It’s more because of the way she’s progressed as a model.

While I sort of miss the shyness from her official porn debut, hiding her cock and balls and blushing profusely, Monica becomes more comfortable as things progress. She enters the bedroom on her second Femout.XXX scene barefoot in a red nightie raising the hem of her sexy garment.

Monica sports a rigid boner that bounces like a horny diving board when it’s exposed. She begins stroking it immediately and does her trademark pouty lip thing. Her gaze is steady and she has a chiseled face with high cheekbones that are great currency for models.

Monica’s performance is highly confrontational as she moves to the bed and continues with her fabulous fap session. When she spreads and raises her curvy legs, that initial shyness has completely vanished.

Her fun spot exposure is explicit and she doesn’t seem to require much direction this time around. Monica is completely naked on the bed through her remarkable butt show. You might find that her bottom is her best asset, but that’s subjective.

Her complexion is nearly flawless and there are so many other great qualities about her. As her encore scene progresses, Monica rubs one of her sensitive nipples and uses her other hand to stroke her hardon slowly, yet firmly.

Monica moans loudly until she makes herself cum in this Femout.XXX update!

TS Casting Couch – Monica Raven

Producer Buddy Wood raved about this smoking hot new model saying, “I met Monica Raven the old fashioned way…online! We quickly shot for and I was impressed with her overall look and her sexy ways. Great legs, soft brown skin, a luscious rump of an ass and those lips that just scream for a cock to be in between them. She exudes “come fuck me” vibes and she doesn’t disappoint during the shoot. A very hot girl.” So I watched the video on with Monica sauntering down the street to Buddy’s Southern California home. She’s wearing a tight-fitting black dress, wedge sandals and a sexy pout on her full lips. Monica knocks on the door and enters the house with Buddy’s welcoming voice and handshake. Monica says she lives in Northern California and that some of her turn ons are big dicks, sexy voices and big, strong men. She loves masturbating cocks and sucking dick. Her schedule is a bit too busy for watching porn, but she does watch it when she needs to make herself cum. Watching her reveal all of this information is so erotic on the couch. When she continues by standing up and revealing her gorgeous hormone boobs, she’s the perfect vision of a trans ingenue for everyone else to cum to! Her long sleeve dress isn’t easy to get out of, but once the top is lowered, Monica fondles her boobs and she blushes when Buddy asks her to lower the dress further. She’s so cute! “I’m so embarrassed!” she cries out while hiding the goodies downstairs with one of her hands. It’s an incredible trans porn moment! Midway through the scene however, Monica evolves into a horny vixen with her eyes closed and stroking her cock furiously! The sweet, shy little thing loosens up and bends over on the casting couch with her fine ass exposed explicitly! She simulates getting fucked and then lays back and faps until she cums! Bravo Monica Raven! In late January, Monica made her poolside debut on Femout.XXX and followed that up with a superb cum shot scene there. Check out the Monica Raven Profile on Femout.XXX.  

Meet Stunning Annabelle!

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Annabelle is like a new song that gets massive airplay from an artist you’ve never heard before. She’s exquisite in two performances, but the first one I’m focusing on is her debut. Buddy Wood does an opening poolside interview with Annabelle as she’s seated wearing a skimpy bikini. She’s into passionate kissing and she’s a verse bottom. One of her fantasies is public sex and she’s serious about having a successful adult industry career. She rises from her seat to pose while standing barefoot and tugs at the bikini top strings and loosens them. She removes her top pretty quickly and you don’t need me to tell you how pretty her bare breasts look. Without pushing her bottom far down her hips, Annabelle withdraws her growing cock and begins stroking it. You’ll see that the bulbous head is fully exposed when Buddy zooms in. He directs her to take a seat again and Annabelle continues to masturbate, this time with her legs raised to give you a clear view of everything she’s got. She’s completely nude so you really can’t miss any of her incredible form. There’s more tight footage in some special places and across her pretty face until she complies the request to pose in the doggie style position. Buddy is astounded by this sight and I’m pretty sure you’ll be too. This model is simply ravishing. Anabelle strokes her erection from behind while giving you direct views at her fun spot. The she jerks her boner while standing with spectacular full frontal footage in this killer Shemale Yum debut!

You can Watch Annabelle’s Free Trailer on 

Now time to get to her smoking hot performance on Buddy’s new website. It opens with a soundtrack and outdoor footage like you’d see in a Buddy Wood feature film with Anabelle walking down the street to his house. The opening interview this time around is much like the one on Shemale Yum, but the 21 year old adds that she’s an artist. She talks about a fantasy she hadn’t mentioned in her other video and then she begins taking her clothes off. Annabelle’s masturbation sequence here is absolutely intense!

Beautiful Ashley Washington Jacks Her Hard Cock!

Buddy Wood’s ingenue Ashley Washington of L.A. is popping up and cumming all over the place! In her debut on released on December 1, 2016, the Model of the Month sat in a bikini by poolside after her debut. She tells us what turns her on and the two top things are sucking cock and getting fucked. She prefers missionary position and doggy style is her second. Buddy directs Ashley to stand up and turn around for us and she does so while teasing and fondling her boobs before stripping. Then she’s completely naked and bent over a chair with her magnificent ass raised and explicitly exposed. She masturbates with her legs spread open when facing us and then squeezes her tits together. Ashley makes you consider giving her a tittie-fuck if you’re not thinking about what you’d do with her ass or with her cock at the moment. Ashley also sits upright in her chair with both feet on the ground, at times raising a foot to point her toes like a ballerina. Then she poses on the concrete on her beach towel in a variety of tantalizing positions. Her debut ends with a dazzling last butt show while standing. In her next scene, “Beautiful Ashley Washington Jacks Her Hard Cock!” released on December 15th, we’re indoor this time around with Ashley in a cute summer outfit since it’s Southern California. Once the horny babe is stripped down to her thong and tall wedge sandals, she finger bangs her fun spot and poses in a variety of positions in the leather chair. Strings of pre-cum ooze from her raging hardon as she sits up and squeezes it firmly. Ashley’s debut was on fire, but if you prefer money shot scenes, she ends up creaming into her open palm in this one.

These shoots inspired me to see what Ashley had done on Buddy’s new free-standing website Now it’s just a low-res video sample, but clearly you can see how gorgeous and sexy Ashley Washington is in her real debut! Much like she did in her second Shemale Yum performance, Ashley jerks off furiously wearing her wedges. Only she’s on the notorious casting couch instead of in a leather chair when she makes her pretty cock cum. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of gorgeous Ashley Washington in 2017!