Trans500: Booty Banging Itzel

Scene Trailer 1

Description: It’s about that time folks. Brand new to is this beautiful girl by the name of Itzel. Gorgeous and horny are just a few simple things we can say about young Itzel. Our boy can’t contain himself, he gets right to it. Let’s hop right to the action today with Itzel in “Booty Banging Itzel”.

Sample Photo Gallery is the official website of beautiful Gia Itzel from Mexico City, Mexico. Her co-star is a very handsome alpha male stud who can act well and it’s required for this story-driven scene. It’s no thespian masterpiece, but there’s enough of a build-up to keep things more than simply visibly appealing.

Scene Trailer 2

This is a Trans.500 update that serves as fun for the individual yet also appropriate for what I’d categorize as couples porn. And the nudity occurs quickly, followed by Itzel kneeling down naked, except for her tall sandals, to suck her boyfriend’s big dusky cock. Itzel’s blowjob is captured in profile and POV footage and then Itzel is fucked in a variety of positions. Get on over to to watch this gorgeous couple having an explosive sex session.

Trans500: Giana Becker – Ms.Big Booty Becker

Video Preview

Description: Giana Becker is by far one of the sexiest girls we have here on She’s back in this hardcore Big Booty Banging scene. That ass is simply just fucking perfect. Let’s get right to the action folks! Giana Becker in ‘Ms.Big Booty Becker”.

Sample Photo Gallery

It’s kind of funny to me to see a video remastered because when the site was launched, I thought this was the most HD porn out there. But as we know, technology continues to rapidly advance. Perhaps this killer scene was released at a time when the branch of the network wasn’t yet as popular as it is today. By the way, it’s included in your Trans 500 network membership.

Gianna is introduced to us shaking it out by the pool in a sinuous fishnet outfit, a thong and skyscraper high pumps. Although she wears braces, she looks about drinking age and her striptease reveals nudity very slowly and gradually. There’s a lot to unpack here. Especially when her veteran male performer partner Capo shows up.

She exposes her naughty bits, her lovely breasts and succulent looking uncut cock after a few minutes. Somewhere after the eleventh minute, Capo follows his outstanding dusky boner to the beautiful dancer with oil to apply to her big, curvaceous ass! He gets his BBC sucked after mauling her tight ass and devouring her pretty tits. Capo gets Giana naked from head to toe indoors and has another feasting on Giana’s big ole’ butt.

Then she slowly sinks down on his massively thick cock for what builds up slowly to a tumultuous pounding. Giana’s fully erect cock is pretty large in its own right and it’s so erotic to see how it flops around during the reverse cowgirl sequence. Find out what happens next with this torrid update on!

Trans500: All About Ms. Kayleigh Coxx

Try not to be jealous when beautiful Kayleigh Coxx describes how she’s getting serious with some guy on It’s a long distance relationship, but she thinks they have a special connection. She’s decided to gift him with a video. She sets up her camera with her lean form clad in blue lingerie and rhinestone-studded sandals. While greeting John as the filming begins, Kayleigh produces something she knows John will really love seeing her using – a big black replica of a cock. Either John is a hung black dude himself or someone who fantasizes seeing her sucking and fucking a BBC.

Look closely at Kayleigh’s sheer blue panties and you’ll see an upright cock nestled within. As she stands back to allow you to drink in her hot body from head to to, that bulge becomes the center focus. She caresses her breasts through her brassiere while talking dirty, encouraging you to jerk off for her. Then she bares her boobs asking you to fuck her like you miss her.

Stroke your cock for Kayleigh and develop a throbbing erection like she’s got while trying to bring you off. After masturbating while standing, she perches herself on an ottoman. There’s no way you won’t be thinking about devouring Kayleigh or pounding her tight ass doggy style at this point. Next, she jerks off with her curvy legs drawn spread eagle and here comes the huge dark dildo again. She asks if you think it will fit inside her before the penetration begins.

Kayleigh works that huge phallus in and out of her bottom like a champ. Then she sits up and faps more furiously even than before. She announces that she’s going to cum, but loses her nut for a few minutes later. Then her orgasm finally crashes in this delicious update. This feature is in the Trans At Play area that comes with your Trans500 membership.

Trans500: Simply Rebecca

If you love these photos, you should check out the scene trailer from or site. Rebecca Ferraz is a stupendous performer. With legs that seem to go on forever, she poses very elegantly while standing and seated, taking her time before getting naughty.

When Rebecca’s sexual nature kicks in, it comes with full breast exposure, an explicit butt show and her huge cock is as hard as a rock when we first see it outside of her panties.

Rebecca gives her big schlong a few strokes and then releases it. She then makes it swing from side to a horny pendulum.

While she masturbates in nothing but tall sandals with her back against the wall, you get to drink in her exquisite lines and curves from head to toe. She’s simply ravishing!

The second phase of Rebecca’s ass display takes place upon a bed and it’s absolutely glorious. She then moves onto her back and begins jerking off harder and faster than before.

It takes so long for Rebecca to get down to some ass play between fapping, I begin to wonder if she’s a total top. But then I remember the “Rebecca Gets Pounded” hardcore scene that you can preview. It’s from the section of the network and you’ll have full access to that area as well as a subscriber!

Trans500: Grazie Cinturini and Kananda Hickman

Scene Trailer

Description: It’s that time again ladies and gentlemen. Another Trans At Play update, but no it’s not a solo scene. Today we bring you two gorgeous ladies together in one scene. Grazie Cinturini and Kananda Hickman will give you something to talk about. These two ladies are simply fucking perfect together. Sit back, relax and watch them in action.

Sample Photo Gallery

Grazie Cinturini and Kananda Hickman are veteran performers who have appeared on so many websites over the years, their paths may have crossed before. They’ve certainly been on many of the same websites. does them justice in this update. The first mature model to appear is blonde Kananda posing on some hedonistic gazebo followed by brunette Grazie who does the same. Within three minutes they’re feeling each other up.

Scene Trailer

Lingerie is rearranged and there’s mutual breast admiration shared. Then suddenly both ladies are naked except for their tall sandals. They stand beside each other rapidly stroking their cocks and licking each other’s nipples periodically.

Sample Photo Gallery

There’s a big white cot set up for you know what and Kananda perches herself upon iy on her hands and knees. She offers and explicit view of her ass and we see Grazie in the same pose momentarily. A moment later, Grazie is sucking Kananda’s big cock.

Grazie is a grower. She jerks her small flaccid cock to a large erection while giving head. Once it;s rock hard, Kananda gives it a good long sucking. They switch oral favors and then the brunette eases her long, fat cock inside her blonde partner’s tight ass.

Kananda takes a fierce doggy style fucking. Then she strokes her erection firmly while getting railed in the missionary position. Then they trade from top to bottom and Kananda fucks Grazie back! This is the ultimate trans lesbian scene where each model fucks each other viciously. There’s no deep passionate kissing but as I’ve stated previously, I think these ladies are perhaps long term friends. I know for a fact that they love their men. I can’t take a thing away from this wonderfully produced video and photo set.

Trans500: Nurse Lena To The Rescue

MP4 Scene Trailer

When you see Lena Kelly’s huge Trans500 photo sets, they’ll most like urge you to see the way she moves. Once that’s done, you’re pretty much hooked on her. She poses like the ultimate model so seeing her in action is even better. Add that with Lena having sex and you’ve got the best of the best porn out there today. At least that’s the way Trans500 displays her.

I was quite familiar with her work as a webcam model before she acquired studio performance fame so I knew this was going to happen every time she got before a camera. Lena is a badass but a nice person and so is her partner the ominsexual Rob Yaeger in this scene. That’s what makes it extra fun to talk about this horny pair.

I figured if the chemistry between them was halfway decent, they’d create one killer scene and if that’s not what happened, they fooled the hell out of me! It doesn’t hurt that they were relaxed enough to use a little humor before things got hot and heavy. It’s cute and doesn’t leaving inwardly screaming, “You’re not comedians. Stop trying to be funny!” What we get is some good warm-up material to get things going. It’s a risky technique but no one embarrasses themselves here.

When Yaegerman fucks Lena you get a good sense of how good it must feel. If you’re bringing a bottom’s point of view to the table, his skills and magical big dick are exemplary. It all begins with Rob waking up with a vodka-induced hangover. Nurse Lena materializes with the cure. That comes in the form of a striptease where he gets to help her out of her nurse uniform and stripped down to her stay-up stockings and skyscraper sandals. He gives her a rimjob when she’s perched on the sofa and they discover that his cock is too hot when he’s laying down on the couch.

The only way to cool it off is with her mouth. After an intense blowjob, Rob and his sexy nurse take things to the bedroom and Lena is hard as a rock when the bareback fucking begins. When the tumultuous banging ends you might find yourself asking when was the last time this gorgeous nurse came! Don’t forget that when you see a movie billed as an exclusive, it’s all for you as a subscriber just like the other brazen sites that are in the network.

This is premium porn that will tickle your funny bone and your sex parts too. I also had fun reviewing “Rob Yaeger’s White-Hot Irish TS Tramp Lena Kelly Goes Wild on Dick” on Rob’s The Fuck Chronicles site and there’s also our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger if you’re up for an awesome read.

Trans500 – Oh No Mr. Officer

Scene Trailer

Hung Castro as law enforcement frisking gorgeous Diana Love is a magnificent way to roll out the first couple of minutes of “Oh No Mr. Officer” on the Tran500 network. Her body is just plain sick! The pat-down includes breast squeezing out on the street that reminds me of how well this scene is turning out in less than 5 minutes. Forget about the fact that it’s predictable what this stunning Latinx trans woman will do to get out of a ticket. Slipping into a more comfortable outfit once behind closed doors is how Diana proceeds. In lingerie and rejoining the horny cop she just gets better and hotter by the minute. The way the officer strips Diana showcases her amazing body and most strategically her heart-shaped ass. That’s until he turns Diana around and her tits are bared and her stiff cock is pointing slightly upward. Castro pays some serious attention to Diana’s lovely breasts as she writhes around and gyrates on him in a variety of positions.

Sample Photos

“Wow, that thing is so huge,” she exclaims when Castro pulls his pants down and oh my goodness this man is hung! Diana strokes as much of the shaft as she can, licks the shaft and gives that cock the deepest blowjob humanly possible. Castro is a handsome guy with an enormous dick and Diana’s erection looks like it could crack walnuts.

Scene Trailer

The fucking is incredible to watch and Castro gives Diana a railing not to be forgotten. After he releases a torrent of cum, Diana also shoots a big one that lands as far up as into her cleavage!

This torrid scene was placed in Ramon’s branch of the network which makes perfect sense. The most ironic part about the title of this scene is the fact that there’s really not a moment with beautiful Diana seeming like this gargantuan schlong is more than she can handle. 

Trans500 – Natalie Mars Taking In That Black Cock

Scene Trailer One

Here we go with beautiful Natalie Mars in “Taking in that Black Cock” with Soldier Boi, my new favorite Trans500 scene. Interracial sex is not necessarily my favorite porn niche because of the way it’s presented most of the time. What I like about the delivery here is the honest set-up. Natalie’s character is simply curious about sex with a black man and she’s up front with it. She’s not in this for a relationship – just her first black experience.

Sample Photo Gallery

Digging deeper there’s a sweet spot that really hits home for me. Having spent half my life way up north and the other half in the deep south, I have heard confessions like hers to Soldier Boi more times than I can remember. I’m a black trans woman unlike Soldier Boi, but it’s basically the same scenario with someone being from a small town where interracial sex and relationships are frowned upon.

Scene Trailer Two

But now that they’re in the big city, it’s time to experiment and find out if the myths are true, etc. I know it’s just acting here, but it’s really good acting and I love the way Natalie comes right out with it. When she asks how he knows he going to get lucky, Soldier Boi responds, “Because I’ve got confidence in myself. I’m a very confident guy.” How sexy is that?! The build-up here is magnificent. As for the sex, we’ve got two of the finest and best looking actors in the history of porn here (not just in trans porn but porn in general). What more could you ask for? You’ll see that this scene is in the I Kill It TS branch of the Trans500 network. I don’t care how they organize the sites. I’m just glad I have the option of access to all six of them simply by joining

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Trans500 – Casey Kisses & Kai Bailey

Scene Trailer 

Beautiful Casey Kisses is considering what to do with some cold cash with a friend over the phone. It’s rent time, but she’s not planning on blowing it on the stupid rent. She gets off the phone upon hearing a knock on the door and it’s Kai Bailey coming to collect. When she withdraws some cash from the pocket of her robe, Mr. Bailey swiftly grabs it stating it will go towards her late rent.

Sample Photo Gallery

Casey reads him and orders him out, but the man decides to tour her apartment observing how much she must spend on furniture. This is none of his business and Casey is furious. She grabs his tie and when she looks downward, she sees a big bulge in his pants. The collector confesses that Casey owing his employer rent is kind of a turn on. She removes her robe and spins around in her body conscious white outfit asking if what he sees is what he’s been looking for. Of course it is and a blowjob would be right on time too!

Scene Trailer

Next thing you know, the gorgeous tenant is stroking and sucking Mr. Bailey’s big dick on the sofa! Casey retracts the money he took while he’s not looking and he’s soon behind her lowering her bottom. He digitally and orally manipulates Casey’s fine ass and gets her to admit that she likes being late on her rent.

With this kind of treatment followed by a big bare cock easing inside her tight ass, who could blame her? Casey is obviously getting fucked in a variety of positions. But her big cock is expanded to its fullest during the missionary position railing. The scene ends with two big cumshots and a humorous ending. is the branch of the network where you’ll find this exemplary production.

Actor, musician, and LGBT activist Kai Bailey delivers a solid performance once again and his co-star continues to deliver spectacular LIVE performances on!

Trans500 – Selena Cox

Scene Trailer 

Beautiful Selena Cox sucks on her finger suggestively while laying across her lips loveseat. She raises the hem of her naughty schoolgirl skirt to expose her plump buttocks that are separated by a thin g-string. She smiles sweetly, exposing her braces and then she wiggles her lovely bottom enticingly. After cupping her precious hormone boobs, Selena unties her halter top to expose them. She tweaks her puffy nipples and removes her top. Then she humps the seat with a spectacular rear view presented.

Sample Photo Gallery 

She kicks her legs around and then stands with her ass thrust outward in an obvious invitation. Soon she’s naked expect for her long socks and clear stripper platforms. When Selena gyrates her round bottom, you get a peek of her bare cock and balls. She leans over on the little sofa next and spreads her butt cheeks widely, exposing her wrinkled rosebud. Then she faces the camera to give you an unbridled view of her torso and the goodies between her legs. Selena is a grower – what appeared to be a tiny little penis develops into a large erection. She moans pretty loudly as she strokes her hardon firmly. 

The swollen head is almost fully exposed from its foreskin and her cock shaft has a tongue-tickling downward arc. Selena continues her fap-fest while seated, her torso lurching forward and back while she pleases herself. She uses her great flexibility to expose every detail of her ass while beating off furiously. She also jacks off with a finger deeply embedded within her tight bottom. Selena’s cock remains raging hard as she moves through a variety of positions while masturbating. While squeezing and moving her thighs inward and outward, her turgid erection releases one of the biggest cumshots I’ve seen in 2017! Selena struggles to retain control of her breathing as she rubs out every last drop of her cum from that surprisingly big dick of hers! This torrid scene is available on the network in the branch.

Trans500: Tatiana’s Gloryhole Fantasy


In the section of the network, I downloaded the Tatiana Guzman gloryhole fantasy photo and video set and loved it for two primary reasons. Firstly, because when I played her new trailer, it instantly recalled her fantastic previous performances, one solo, the other hardcore. Secondly, when I too young to mention, I used to visit New York City adult bookstores and I was tempted to suck one of the stiff cocks that poked through the gloryholes in the peep booths I watched my first trans porn movies in. But I always chickened out ,which left me with quite a few gloryhole fantasies of my own!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

I first saw Tatiana in action about 9 months ago and haven’t seen her anywhere else than on Trans500. Since I don’t know a lot about her, I’ll describe her latest scene in some detail. Tatiana begins dancing around in the type of sexy outfit that could only look good on a phenomenal body. Aside from that, she has an obviously beautiful face. About 2.5 minutes into the video, she’s totally naked, lying on a black leather sofa with a semi-erection. About a minute later Tatiana is seated on the floor stroking her uncut cock and waiting for a cock to emerge through the glory holes beside her. Well, there’s more than one opening and two huge dicks poke through!

She begins sucking on the one she likes best while stroking the other. The camera angles switch between profile and rear views as she fellates each monster cock and gazes at them while stroking both simultaneously. After getting splashed with two tremendous creamy white cumshots, Tatiana moves back to the couch to bring herself off. Stream or download the full video which ends with the Latina beauty working her own cum out of dark and lovely, long thick cock on either or Trans.500. You get full access to all 6 sites in the network. 

Twitter @tscaramel

Eva Paradis on Trans500 & Behind Trans500

Sample Photo Gallery

Travis wants a shot in the modeling industry and runs into the lovely agency executive Eva Paradis. Eva knows talent when she sees it. But she has other plans for him. She offers him another job in the “biz” and won’t take no for an answer. She always gets what she wants and this is no different. That’s the synopsis of “Ass Pounding Audition” on Trans500. It’s a great, solid hardcore performance as you can probably detect from seeing the trailers and some of the photos. But there’s a plus from this set for people like me interested in what happens behind the scenes. The Trans500 network pass also gives you full access to the website and you’ll find a shoot with Eva Paradis there as well. Eva sits on the sofa gloriously naked telling the director that she shouldn’t have worn the heels she had on for the shoot. They hurt her feet badly. I feel for the girl and if you happen to have a thing for pretty peds, Eva’s are very sexy. She goes into some quite interesting detail about her ink I didn’t know about. Her sexy Italian accent is an additional turn on as Eva moves her naked form all over the couch to explain the meanings of her tattoos. This is one hot solo video in itself! Josh jokes that he wanted to see the ink on her back just so he can get a look at her ass, but I don’t think he’s really joking. It’s not just a good view – it’s devastating. Next, we’re in the shower with Eva where she says, “You’re spying on me. You like to see me wet my breasts?” Clearly she doesn’t mind at all. Eva uses liquid soap and when asked if she likes big or small cocks, she replies that size doesn’t matter to her. “I love men in general. I love having sex.” With the camera lens zooming in on her un-cut cock, Eva says she can cum three times a day. This video gets even sexier as it progresses. I now know the importance of Trans500 adding a behind-the-scenes addition to the network. It’s especially informative for those interested in what goes into the production of this high level of scorching hot content. For more of the irresistible Italian trans mega-star I’m raving about, visit

Mirela Abelha in Nothing But TGirl Ass

Big Booty TGirls

We’re all so excited that the Trans500 network is now fully downloadable. As for all the sites being integrated in full access to all, that’s always been the case. Members are also excited that Brazilian megastar Mirela Abelha finally made it to Trans500’s Big Booty TGirls branch of the network. I’m especially excited that she’s with veteran star Yago who is perhaps the 1st ever male adult entertainment leading man in TS porn I developed a mini-crush on. I know I’m dating myself but that attraction began in the VHS days with me. The scene begins with Mirela booty shaking in a bikini at poolside in her debut. She strips and pours oil across the surface of her tremendous ass and jerks off once down to just her tall pumps. About 5 minutes into the scene, there’s a full frontal view of Mirela walking with her swinging erection. Then Yago appears with a big bulge in his swim trunks. After some kissing, caressing and a rim job, Yago makes sure that Mirela’s world-class bottom is as lubed-up as it needs to be. She makes sure his thick cock is as hard as it needs to be by giving him head. She looks so beautiful in the close up footage and when the camera pulls back to focus on her full form while stroking her hard dick and sucking Yago. The action moves to the bedroom where more foreplay continues, followed by a tremendous railing. Enjoy the trailers and you know what to do next. Save this fabulous content like I did from Trans500 or Big Booty TGirls. It doesn’t matter which you join because you’re getting FULL NETWORK ACCESS anyway.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

Rafaella Ferrari in Gangbang Dream

Flash Video Preview
Sample Photo Gallery
Flash Video Preview
I Kill It TS

It doesn’t matter if you join Trans500 or I Kill It TS to stream or download Rafaella Ferrari in Gangbang Dream and in all of her hardcore and solo scenes from the network. Subscribing to either site now gives you full access to the entire network of websites. With an incredible front view, Rafaella Ferrari pours baby oil across her naked form while sitting in a jacuzzi and continues when she stands up to give us a rear view. Gangbang Dream on Trans500 and I Kill It TS is a long enough video for a nice warmup before the hardcore action begins. Her solo masturbation session goes on for over two minutes until she drifts off. We’re suddenly viewing Rafaella’s dream of being surrounded by four horny men groping her while she wears a wild, animal print two-piece swimsuit and tall sandals. They’re all wearing swimsuits also, with big bulges in their trunks and Speedos. One guy begins sucking her big cock stiff while she works on the others. With all four schlongs in front of her face, Rafaella sucks each one off and sometimes two at a time. Each dick is large to massive and she doesn’t have much of a gag relex considering the way she’s forced to deep throat each one. The first guy to penetrate her ass is the one who gave her a rim job that had her screaming loudly. Rafaella is gloriously nude by the time the veteran performer Yago also takes her doggy style. Fucker #1 gets another chance and this time it’s in the reverse cowgirl position. She’s forcefed with the three other huge erections and later sucked off while being spit roasted. The multiple money shot captures footage of Rafaella stroking her big, raging hard cock while getting doused wit hcum by all four men. I think she takes more cum in her mouth than across her big tits by the time the dream ends and she wakes up.