Tiyara Fucks Lalo Ambriz

I didn’t catch Tiyara’s resemblance to the late great singer Aliyah in her previous Black TGirls solo sets or in her scene getting fucked by Soldier Boi on Black Shemale Hardcore. It’s the hair style in her new video and photo set with Lalo Ambriz that reminded me of Aliyah. I’m just seeing it it her face, however. Tiyara’s sleek form exemplifies more of a femboy type of beauty, but I appreciate that as much as those of the busty babes on these amazing transgender porn sites. In soliloquy, Tiyara says that Lalo has no idea what she has in store for him, but he does look pretty timid when she approaches him in the livingroom. She makes him worship her ass and I realize at this point that both of these performers are totally versatile. I’ve seen Lalo’s dominant side before and it’s the first time I’ve seen Tiyara as a dominatrix. She’s incredibly forceful with her forced fellatio and her stiff cock stands up at a 45 dress angle when she allows Lalo to stand up and undress her. Once Tiyara is completely naked, she begins fucking Lalo from behind as he bends over on the sofa. She smacks his ass hard, calling him her “bitch boy” and I’m taking mental notes o the way she dominates him. Tiyara pummels Lalo in a variety of different positions and finally she sits above him on the couch to release a torrent of creamy white cum on his face.