Black-TGirls Cumshot Thursday: Tiara Cums!

Description: Gorgeous Tiara returns this Thursday to star in a brand new episode of our “Cumshot Thursday” series brought to you by Omar Wax! Looking sexy as hell, Tiara can’t wait to show you what she got for you! Tiara has been with us for four years and she keeps looking hotter and hotter! Watch her stripping, posing and stroking her cock until she cums!

I love the way Tiara moves around the kitchen like she owns the place in her Cumshot Thursday special update. She’s fully dressed yet so sexy in a form-fitting t-shirt and who would have thought that denim shorts and thigh-high boots could look this hot? Well, it’s the way she fills out the shorts, being blessed with curves for days.

Tiara flashes a hint of nudity with some under boob but she doesn’t begin stripping for quite some time. She touches herself through her clothing however. Tiara can easily make one hard without taking off her clothes.

But when she does finally begin to strip, it’s an amazing show to witness. It begins with her shorts and the tiny red thong underneath. What a perfectly rounded ass Tiara has. Then come the lovely globes of her tits and she’s still coyly hiding what’s inside her panties.

The long boots that are sexy but cover way too much come off to reveal Tiara’s long, shapely legs and bare feet. Then we finally see her cock. Its shaft is the darkest part of her, but the suckable head is much lighter and quite glossy.

When Tiara makes her dick hard, it grows to massive proportions. Fully engorged it stands at a seemingly impossible high angle. She then presents us with a most explicit view of her ass again, much more explicit than before! That’s while she’s wagging her huge hardon around.

Tiara is pretty quite until she’s jerking off and squeezing a nipple, about to climax. Then she lets out a high-pitched moan and her big cock lurches, its bulbous head blasting large amounts of creamy white cum to land on her pretty, dark skin. This update is a keeper if I’ve ever seen one!

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