Sydney’s TGirls Launches!

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“Hey everybody! It’s Sydney Farron, and I’m launching a new TGirl porn site called Sydney’s TGirls. Sydney’s TGirls is the product of both my experiences as an actress in porn, as well as a consumer who enjoys what we make.” That’s it in a nutshell from beautiful model/producer Sydney of the Sunshine State.” I first heard about the project in April of 2018 and I signed up for newsletters so I wouldn’t miss the launch date. The best way to describe the first photo and video set, Oasis – Casey Kisses, is to leave it in the words of the producer.

Casey Kisses Biography

“It’s a perfect day in Las Vegas, and stunning Casey Kisses is relaxing poolside. After testing the water, she changes out to a beautiful deep red thong bikini. Casey is all smiles as she leaves the water and moves into the bedroom for some private time. After crawling onto the bed suggestively, Casey removes her top and begins to rub herself through her thong before exposing her cock. After getting hard, she shows off her impressive eight inches. Casey retrieves her pink glass toy and a bottle of lube from the night stand, and on her knees, slides the toy into her ass from behind.”

“She picks up the pace as the lovely sensations flow through her. Leaving the toy deep inside her, Casey flips over and sits on the bed. Raising her leg into the air, she continues fucking herself in the new position while giving her cock and nipples occasional attention. Casey starts to focus on her cock, stroking it until it’s rock hard while her toy is still inside her. She strokes faster and faster until she orgasms hard, her lower body contracting from pleasure. Drops of cum slide down the head of her cock. Finally satisfied, Casey blows a kiss and smiles.”

I don’t like the star rating that sometimes comes with website and scene reviews. If I’m raving about a production, that means I think it’s fantastic and that’s the end of it. Otherwise I wouldn’t mention it. Aside from viewing the content there now, the video preview banner at the head of provides you of a glimpse of what’s more to come. I’ll be there to see it all! I know the same high production values presented with the incredible Casey Kisses will apply to all models, including the stunning creator of the website, Sydney Farron.”

TGirls.Porn: Chanel Noir & Sydney Farron

Description: Here’s a dream pairing guaranteed to make your mouth water. Chanel Noir and Sydney Farron are two of the hottest products in the biz today – both absolute stunners and superstars in their own right, we’ve pulled out the stops to get them together and under our lights for a blockbuster, all-girl romp here on TGirls.Porn. Truly unmissable….

Producer Radius Dark brings us right into the action with these two beauties intimately cuddling in bed. If you’re looking for trans lesbian realness, you’ve got it from jump with this update.

Sydney is the curly-haired fox in the blue bra and panties kissing Chanel as she’s in the upper position on the bed. Jacksonville, Florida’s Sydney has also had a hardcore scene with Natalie Mars on TGirls.Porn. She’s also been featured on,,, and TGirls.XXX.

Denver, Colorado’s Chanel Noir has been featured on, TGirls.XXX, and on TGirls.Porn. This update is a “talkie” which adds to the eroticism of watching the girls making out. Chanel seems to adore the way Sydney rubs and sucks on her sensitive nipples. It’s obvious by the erection that develops that she loves Sydney’s cock sucking skills as well.

Sydney develops a raging hardon while sucking Chanel off and the vision of both beauties completely naked is out of this world! They rub each other’s boners together and Chanel goes down on Sydney next. By the time these babes get into the 69 position, I realize this is going to be one of my all-time favorite updates!

Sydney is well known for her amazing topping abilities and she gives Chanel the bareback ramming of a lifetime! The girls pause to kiss while fucking and one of these fantastic performers shoots one of the biggest cum shots in the site’s history. Then her partner blows a creamy white load of cum too! You can watch the free scene trailer on TGirls.Porn.

Gorgeous Sydney Farron

MP4 Scene Trailer

“Gorgeous Sydney Farron!” appropriately sums up this Shemale Yum update with the Florida model who’s presented by Buddy Wood for the first time. I live in Florida and there are tons of stunning trans girls in the Sunshine State. But Sydney is amongst the hottest of the hot. Her social media and business sense is also incredibly sexy. Then there’s that smile and that hair! But let’s turn our attention to the sexy things she actually does here.

Sydney informs us about what she’s been up to online like staring in several updates on during Mr. Wood’s interview by his Southern California pool. The Jacksonville, FL native goes on to tell us about her sexual fantasies. She’s actually lived out some of these fantasies in the studio, but there are some other things she’d also love to try. She proceeds to rise from her seat and pose seductively. Sydney presents her body from every angle, spanks her ass hard and lowers her bikini top to run circles around a nipple. She tweaks it firmly and the bares the other one too.

If you’re familiar with Sydney’s previous performances you might not be surprised about her cock being stiff when she whips it out a few moments later. That hardon has seen some of the hottest action in the industry today and deserves every bit of pleasurable stroking she gives it. She eventually loses her top and then lowers her bottom and kicks it away to pose nude except for her sandals.

She’s seated again beating off for a long period of time before standing to bend over. Sydney strokes her erection while presenting her sexy ass and then she applies lubricant to her boner while facing us. Sydney strips completely naked while masturbating in this update and that’s a wonderful thing!

Two Tgirls – Bikini Beach Babes Bang – Mara Nova & Sydney Farron

No one appreciates a Florida transbian scene like a Sunshine State resident like me, especially when it features two of the hottest babes on the planet. In this torrid Two Tgirls update Bikini Beach Babes Bang, Sydney Farron’s horny for tgirl ass so she trolls her favorite hookup spot, the beach! She stumbles upon a beautiful Mara of who happens to be sitting waiting for the sunset. Sydney Farron asks Mara Nova if she can sit down next to her, Mara would gladly enjoy some company so she accepts her offer. After Mara talks about how beautiful the sunset is, Sydney says that she thinks Mara is very beautiful.

She then asks her if she wants to get out of there and the two walk off. The second they get back to Sydney’s place, the clothes are flying off, their tongues entangled with one another while they make out. Sydney shoves her big thick cock in Mara’s mouth and starts to face fuck her, things are definitely heating up! After a bit of this Sydney fucks Mara in her tight ass in multiple positions, doggystyle, missionary, and reverse cowgirl! Sydney finishes it off with one of her world famous cumshots to the face, she covers Mara completely in her hot sticky cum! You won’t wanna miss this one! If you aren’t already a member join now and see this incredible Two Tgirls video! 

You can download this exquisite hardcore release on the website in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats.

Two Tgirls – Game of Cumshots

It’s Jenny Flowers’s first ever threesome! Both her first time fucking on camera and her first threesome are only on!

Jenny Flowers and Kira Crash are sitting around the house when Sydney Farron walks in the room with a game to play. A classic game featuring a spinner and a mat with dots, we’ll give you one guess as to which game it is! Sydney explains the rules, Kira thinks the game sounds boring! Kira has the idea that if the girls took off their clothes it would be a bit more fun. Jenny Flowers, being the innocent girl that she is, isn’t so sure about this idea. When she asks if she can keep her clothes on, Kira and Sydney laugh and help her strip down naked! The three girls begin the game. Before you know it Jenny Flowers is in an awful naughty position between Kira Crash and Sydney Farron!

Things heat up when Sydney calls out “Left Hand Ass!” for Kira’s turn! Puzzled and confused about the rules, Jenny isn’t sure this is how the game should be played. Kira and Sydney tell her that these are the rules and that she has to follow them. Before you know it Sydney’s big fat cock is down Jenny’s throat and Kira’s long hard cock is in her ass! Bareback! Sydney and Kira each take turns pounding the sweet innocent Jenny Flowers ass bareback.

Things heat up when Sydney calls out “Left Hand Ass!” for Kira’s turn! Puzzled and confused about the rules, Jenny isn’t sure this is how the game should be played. Kira and Sydney tell her that these are the rules and that she has to follow them. Before you know it Sydney’s big fat cock is down Jenny’s throat and Kira’s long hard cock is in her ass! Bareback! Sydney and Kira each take turns pounding the sweet innocent Jenny Flowers ass bareback. They push her down on her knees and stand up at her sides, slapping her in the face with their big cocks and then shoving them down her throat. She takes turns orally pleasing Kira and Sydney. After a while Sydney and Kira both cum at just about the same time on Jenny’s face. Within moments Jenny practically drowns in cum! Her face is completely soaked from Sydney and Kira’s massive cumshots!

You can download this torrid release on in your choice of 480P (SD), 244.57MB, 1080P (Full HD), 1.03GB 4K (Ultra HD), or 5.73GB 720P (HD), 484.12MB formats.

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Two Tgirls: A Date with the Babysitter

Click on Sydney (L) & Mayumi (R) for a MP4 Trailer

When Sydney Farron returns home to babysitter Mayumi Sparkles after a bad date, things heat up! Tired of shady guys, Sydney wants to find out what it’s like to be with another girl. Mayumi the inexperienced teen babysitter is more than eager to find out with her. The two begin making our innocently before Mayumi gets on her knees and begins sucking off Sydney. After a bit of that, Sydney fucks the babysitter in a variety of positions such as Reverse Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggy Style, and more! The video ends with a HUGE cum shot all over Mayumi! This is the official synopsis of the latest 4K, HD, SD, options of the latest video. Once again the site’s gorgeous and multi-talented founder Mayumi almost left me with nothing to talk about. But I always get to add a a few details of things that amaze me personally. For instance, I’ve seen Sydney’s blazing hot solo and hardcore performances before, but I didn’t know she could top like this. I’m a major fan of her previous work though, so I shouldn’t have been so surprised. Mayumi takes a good long and hard pummeling with some serious spanking, too! She always amazes me how roughly she can stand being handled. That’s important to those of us who get a little bored with just regular foreplay and fucking from time to time. These beautiful Floridians remind me of the best things about living in the Sunshine State. If you thought all the best porn was only found on the west coast and in Europe, you need to get to where Mayumi and her foxy friends successfully dispel that old myth.