TS Seduction: Stefani Special & DJ

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I can always count on a great performance from Stefani Special on Kink.com with incredible work on TS Seduction and TS Pussy Hunters since 2013. DJ has amazing scenes on TS Seduction and Divine Bitches dating back to 2011. The official synopsis of this movie reads: Stefani Special is a tall, slender brunette who knows exactly how to get what she wants out of men…by feeding them and fucking them with her delicious cock! Today her subject is DJ, an always-willing slave who enjoys the punishment she handily doles out. Stefani cuts right to the chase, commanding DJ to verbally submit while maintaining his position in restrictive handcuffs. She uses the crop on his chest and face to show him who’s boss, then yanks his underwear down and spanks his little punk ass, breaking him in with still more physical humiliation, before even allowing him to touch her at all. DJ worships Stefani’s beautiful feet and tight asshole, while also being whipped with a single tail. The pain is palpable, but DJ continues to beg as ordered, craving Stefani’s perfect cock in his mouth. Stefani finally allows him a taste of what he wants, unleashing her gorgeous cock for him to slurp and suck.

Once she’s wet and dripping, satisfied that he’s done a decent enough job, she’s ready to slide that hard dick into DJ’s hungry ass. She turns him around and pushes it in deep, making DJ her fuck slave for the rest of the afternoon, still in the handcuffs he’s been wearing all along. She plows his hole, then makes him suck her cock and lick her beautiful ass before fucking him again, all the while berating him and mocking him. DJ loves every deep inch of her wet dick, pumping in and out of his ass. Stefani finally unloads all over DJ’s hard cock, then orders him to jerk himself off with her hot cum. Stefani releases him from his handcuffs so he can finish the job, but then locks him back in them when he’s through. DJ is put away wet… saved for later. To add a few words, Stefani totally kills it as a domme again and she’s totally vers in every sense of the word. DJ is remarkable as long as you don’t mess around with his balls or tickle him. Her partner knows his limits so we’re off to a great start. Kink.com movies that aren’t BDSM-themed are certainly not deal breakers for me, but I love that this production goes old school (or old guard one might say).

I really appreciate the classic Domination/submission props and gear because I enjoy these elements in my personal life. But I don’t think you have to be a serious BDSM aficionado to understand and get off on this instant classic.

TS Seduction: Stefani Special & Lance Hart

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When Repo Goddess Stefani Special shows up from the mortgage company, Lance Hart promises he’ll do whatever it takes to save his house. This homeowner ends up on his knees worshiping Stefani’s cock, ass, tits, and shoes. Once he pleases Stefani with his mouth, it’s time to REPO HIS ASS! Lance takes a deep hard pounding until he cums hard. Stefani makes him clean up his mess before cumming in his mouth and all over his face.

This is the first time that Stefani has been on TS Seduction and not bottoming for a male on camera. Her performances on TS Pussy Hunters are amongst the very best. Stefani and Lance are actually friends which explains the good chemistry you’ll sense while watching them even though their characters are not portrayed as friends.

I’m not used to seeing Kink.com productions filmed in actual houses, but it’s a nice switch-up I could easily grow accustomed to. It doesn’t hurt that this scene is filmed in a really, really nice house. My love for Armory porn is quickly forgotten about as I watch Stefani letting herself into her client’s home when no one answers her knocks on the door.

Moving through the house, she spots Lance sunbathing with a cocktail blowing off his repo notice. She lusts after his hot body with her diabolical business plans in mind. Her bold stance while puffing on a cigarette in a holder solidifies her character. The way she rubs the front of her skirt is a prelude to her other plans.

Lance has passed out by the time Stefani steps into the pool area and the towel he has wrapped around his waist has opened. His cock is in clear view and he’s immediately humiliated when she shouts to awaken him. Stefani makes things even worse by tossing repo papers across the patio that Lance has to collect, losing his towel completely in the process.

Lance grabs his towel as the gorgeous mortgage broker moves back into the house excited about how much her company will make reselling the house. He loses his towel again but this time he’s sporting a raging hardon in spite of his humiliation. I’ve seen this happen many times in real life before and seeing a man begging with a boner is not a stretch.

Stefani revels in her power over the client by reaching out and grabbing the turgid erection of her client and she gives Lance a chance to save face. That handsome face of his is presented with Stefani’s erection as he’s kneeling before her. Without hesitation, Lance devours Stefani’s big hard cock under the premise of keeping the mortgage hounds off his back.

Not to give too much away about the action, it’s electrifying down to the humorous ending with Stefani walking out of the living room area with her spent boner bouncing after she cums. Her first on camera male domination scene is a major success and it’s obvious how much fun she had with Lance. Mr. Hart is brilliant as always and his talents as a producer and porn star can be seen on his fantastic PervOUT.com website. This remarkable scene is available now on Kink.com – Kink Unlimited that comes with full access all 30 channels of a spectacular network! Check out our TS Dreamland Stefani Special category to browse through two pages of reviews of her incredible work.

TS Pussy Hunters: Stefani Special & Kate England

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I’ve been fortunate to have seen hung beauty Stefani Special in a hardcore sex scene with gorgeous Kate England before in a AVN nominated “Best Scene”. But this is their first pairing on TS Pussy Hunters from Kink.com where neither incredible star is a stranger. Stefani loves rough sex whether she’s topping or bottoming in the opening interview. But pleasing her partner is her major goal. She also loves kissing as does Kate and the chemistry here is magical. As the viewer, we benefit from two killer stars who are very familiar with one another.

The superb adult actress and director Madeline Marlowe explains the storyline to these stunning performers and establishes guidelines and thoughtfully asks what guidelines the actresses may have. As she says, “We have a little bit of a build-up and then the sex happens.

“Creampie sisters, Stolen at birth now they know they aren’t sisters” is the working title and description of this TS Pussy Hunters scene that continues with the synopsis: Kate England just learned that the woman who raised her is not her birth mother and that the little girl she grew up with is not her sister.

Kate was stolen from the hospital at birth and now she doesn’t know who she can trust. Her emotions are conflicted as she tells the girl she thought was her sister about how she had to have their mother arrested. While being comforted by her ex-sister, Kate finds herself being completely turned on. Stefani and Kate make sweet sweet love and end things with a deep vaginal cream pie.

Back to the plot of this story, I love it when Kate reveals that she’s always been attracted to Stefani and comes on to her now knowing that they’re not actually related. Stefani is nervous about telling Kate that she’s trans and decides that showing her is better than putting it into words. So she rises from her seat and stands up, raising the hem of her dress. Kate is dumbfounded as she sees a big hard cock flop out of Stefani’s dress and point directly at Kate’s pretty face. “Oh my God, this is amazing!” she exclaims and Stefani is relieved and so pleased by the blonde’s reaction. She’s even more pleased when Kate sinks to her knees before her, curls her fingers around her rigid cock shaft and proceeds to give her a sloppy blowjob. Both girls are gloriously nude when they reach the bedroom to continue their first time sexual experience with one another.

Stefani seems as anxious to devour Kate’s smoothly shaven pussy as she was having her big, beautiful cock sucked! Stefani enters Kate’s wet quim bareback in the missionary position and a variety of other positions follow until the thrilling conclusion. Maitresse Madeline’s closing interview recaps the action and each star’s favorite parts of this magnificent TS Pussy Hunters production available on Kink.com – Kink Unlimited.

TGirls.Porn – Stefani Special & Juliette March

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Blackula presents the massively popular and uber-kinky TS Stefani Special hooked up with young AV starlet GG Juliette March for an utterly rampant mouth fucking, cock stuffing, pussy pumping, fuck session of epic proportions with more naughty toys that you can shake a stick at on TGirls.Porn! I remember seeing these gorgeous kinksters together before their sizzling scene here and Stefani mentions it in her scene interview. Stefani: “I met Juliette on set for another porn company and we just had such good chemistry during the scene that I had to work with her again. Fortunately she felt the same way and we were able to arrange this shoot for TGirls.porn. Juliette’s best attribute is her personality. She is just so fun to be around and to talk to that it is undeniable how much of a doll she really is. Juliette’s best physical attribute would probably be that booty. OMG, that big juicy booty is a sight to behold. Also Juliette’s cock sucking or…face fucking skills are out of this world. The girl can take a lot of throat ramming and she relishes it. She’s kinky, she’s sexy and she’s smart. What is not to love about a girl like that? Please enjoy us taking Trans porn beyond it’s regular expectations in this all out girl on girl dungeon sex fuck session!” I love that Juliette’s pussy isn’t completely shaven. There are some i prefer that way, but there’s just an additional turn on to me the way her wispy hair frames her pretty pink petals. It’s like something out of a 70’s Penthouse magazine you’ll notice if you’re looking as closely as I am. Stefani Special is one of my all-time favorite performers and she’s absolutely magnificent once again!

You can Watch the Free Trailer on TGirls.Porn 

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PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger

The Interview
The Interview 

Hi, from Caramel. My TS Dreamland partner PornOCD has conducted one of his finest interviews with omnisexual porn star Rob Yaeger aka Yaegerman. This hard-bodied stud has worked in more genres than I can recall off the top of my head. I just know I’m turned on by every one he’s worked in and that’s not exclusive to trans porn. Let me give you an idea of what his performances are like from a scene that somehow didn’t make it into the interview. Rob has too many scenes done to possibly work into one interview. Here are previews from Hot For Transsexuals #02 with Stefani Special :

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

Sassy brunette Stefani Special fondles her tiny tits and peels down her skimpy panties to expose her taut ass cheeks and rosebud. She drools as she thrusts fingers down her throat. Horny stud Rob Yaeger joins the statuesque TS slut, thrusting his raging cock to the back of her throat. He lifts Stefani’s legs to ram his prick up her ass. Stefani’s service makes him splatter her pretty face with spunky semen. That’s the slightly reduced official synopsis of Hot For Transsexuals #02, #Scene #04 and I edited it down to add my personal take on this gonzo scene.

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

I’ve seen Stefani do some pretty intense things to herself, let alone the other hardcore scenes with partners. This is the first time she does them with a man on Evil Angel and the one to do the job is the omnisexual star Rob Yaeger aka Yaegerman. The first few minutes of this scene consists of Stefani doing so many lewd things to her incredible body, she might have you cumming before her hung partner shows up. You can download the whole movie or scene-by-scene in case that happens or add it to your favorites to stream later.

Flash Scene Trailer
Flash Scene Trailer 

But try to hold out for the part when Rob enters the frame across from Stefani, stroking his long hard cock before they kiss. At this point, Stefani is clad in only a pair of stay-up stockings and tall sandals. She gets her pretty nipples tweaked and takes hold of Rob’s upward-arcing boner. Then she performs a wet and messy blowjob before getting skull fucked while laying on her back. A finger banging and rim job prepares Stefani for the bareback ride of a lifetime in a variety of positions! I’m primarily a top trans woman who has bottomed a few times, but I’ve never been fucked like this before. I’m not even sure I could take it! Check out the profiles of Stefani Special and Rob Yaeger to see what else they have in store for you on Evil Angel. And don’t forget to check out the fantastic interview with Rob and our own PornOCD.

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Trans6uals on tsjamiefrench.com

In May of 2015, I raved about the Trans6uals DVD produced and directed by the multi-talented Jamie of tsjamiefrench.com who also stars in the film. Trans6uals Pt. A. and Trans6uals Pt. B. are now on her site now that the DVD sequel is soon to be released.

The original movie is an orgy between six trans performers including Eva Cassini, Kelly Klaymour, Stefani Special, Jade Downing and Jamie and actress turned producer, birdmountain (now known as Krista Michaels). Each performer has their proverbial day in the sun with the filming and the human centipede footage, plus the usage of oil is one of the things that makes Trans6uals one of my all-time favorite transbian productions, or any genre for that matter.  

Jamie French has proudly stated, “Deadgirl Productions prides itself on offering unique adult content, underscored by a DIY ethos and a true passion for the craft of film making.” I think she’s summed it up perfectly. The artistic grind house comic graphic cast intro leads to Kelly Klaymour, Jamie French, Eva Cassini, Stefani Special, birdmountain, and Jade Downing on the same bed in various states of undress. They’re either wearing lingerie or bras and panties except for Stefani in a skirt. She’s the center of attention in the very beginning, but a moment later, each girl gets down to sucking cock.

Eva Cassini gets her big tits, firm ass and stiff cock fondled and sucked as the next lead. She also manages to give head voraciously while being adored by her five sexy friends. Then Jade Downing is the new center off attention.

Kelly of Klaymour.xxx is in focus next and then it’s birdmountain’s turn to be pleased. All of this action is filmed in vivid color, but there’s also so black & white footage added to break up each new development. Then it’s Jamie’s turn to get sexed up by her horny partners while doing a great job of sexing them back.

I don’t know how many times you will have cum by the time the bottles of oil start getting passed around, but the fucking follows soon after. I highly recommend that you download this masterpiece and tons of other great performances on tsjamiefrench.com.

Jamie French & Stefani Special

I haven’t seen TS Jamie French and Stefani Special this hot together since the Trans6uals DVD last year. That’s one of my all-time favorite transbian flicks I just had to have. I don’t know who Ryan is and what he did to be rewarded with a video in his honor, but he’s one lucky dude. Everyone is lucky who gets to see this hot pair kiss. Stefani pulls Jamie’s short-shorts and panties off, kisses her perfectly pedicures toes and takes Jamie’s cock into her mouth. She carefully fondles and tea bags Jamie’s smooth-shaven balls while sucking her dick until it’s raging hard. A rimjob is included in all this fancy manipulation and hard skull fucking and Stefani lays back to receive her reward. Stefani gets her stiff cock rubbed by Jamie’s oiled, pretty feet. In fact, Stefani gets an even longer foot fuck than Jamie’s male partner did in the recent Throat Whore video! Just when I think this scene could not possibly get any hotter, Stefani slides down on Jamie’s erection. I didn’t know that Jamie was gonna fuck Stefani too! They fuck bareback and I’m thinking it’s going to end one way, but then I”m pleasantly and erotically surprised. Watch it or download it on the official TS Jamie French website.

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Cheyenne Jewel and TS Stefani Special

Sin City XXX entertainer, producer, equestrian, animal rights activist, and grappler Cheyenne Jewel has had her very first experience with a transsexual in “Stood up on a Blind date” on TS Pussy Hunters. I absolutely loved it and I’ll go into detail as to why after this official scene description: Cheyenne Jewel has had horrible luck with hook up apps and dating sites. This is the last time she is going to be stood up. Her waitress sees that Cheyenne has been waiting hours alone and has sympathy for her. She invites Cheyenne over to her place for a night cap. The beautiful waitress and Cheyenne hit it off extremely well. They find out they have a lot in common but they do have a big difference. The waitress has a beautiful huge cock!! Cheyenne has taken a liking to the waitress and when she sees her cock she is even more impressed. What starts out as romantic lesbian action, quickly turns into hard core domination fucking as these two babes get a feel for each other and realize they are both into rough sex. Ts Stefani gives Cheyenne Jewel rough fingering to orgasms while she is choked. Cheyenne is throat fucked, choked, spanked and ass fucked. Stefani offers up her asshole while Cheyenne sucks her cock and milks her prostate. With that out of the way, Stefani Special is not new to me. She’s one of my all-time favorite performers. I’m pansexual and sex with genetic girls came first for me. I’m older than Stefani, but I don’t think I’ve ever completely railed a chick in some of the ways that she did in this TS Pussy Hunters scene. Stefani is a switch who prefers being topped. With Cheyenne, I might have thought she was totally dominant if I’d never seen her in action before. Cheyenne is also a switch, but things can vary depending on her partner. As for the sex, I loved seeing the way Stefani went down on Cheyenne. I think I may have learned a thing or two while watching. Stefani fucked Cheyenne’s pretty quim in a variety of positions. I think my favorite part of that sequence came when she banged Cheyenne’s ass while hoisting herself in a push-up position. I love the way Stefani came and the previous moments that lead up to it. The balance of roughness and intimacy was just right for me. This is Stefani Special’s sixth incredible Kink performance and Cheyenne has been featured in multiple Kink scenes on Everything Butt, Ultimate Surrender, Hogtied, Public Disgrace, Device Bondage and Whipped Ass. Kink on Demand is a great way to stream or download individual scenes from both fantastic adult actresses.

Trans500: Stefani Special and Jane Starr





It’s a privilege to watch and go into detail about the work of two of my favorite adult entertainment stars in the industry individually. Having the chance to see Stefani Special and Jane Starr together is just plain orgasmic! These super sexy ladies have blown their money in Las Vegas, so about time for them to blow each other and more in the sizzling Trans500 / Trans At Play video. “Welcome To TGirls In Vegas” begins with a Truth or Dare challenge where neither one of them can truly lose. I found the rough foreplay on Stefani’s part an exciting thrill as well as Jane turning the tables on her. There’s some ass-reddening paddling that made me so glad that this groundbreaking site has come around to my kinky way of thinking. But this is also the way Stefani and Jane think and the way they speak to each other seems totally unscripted and natural. What two hot transseual porn stars know more about fetish and BDSM porn? The filming in the hotel room gives the video a glam feeling, but the action is delightfully kinky. A quarter of the way through this 33 minute scene, I decided that there must have been absolutely no need for anyone else here but a filmographer who thankfully kept their mouth shut. The way Jane and Stefani sound and look while uttering a half hour of dirty talk is as erotic as wathing them fucking each other and cumming. Don’t miss this red-hot scene on Trans500.

Stefani Special and Mistress Kara

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This is the fourth performance of Stefani Special on TS Pussy Hunters and the first for Mistress Kara. Director Ariel X informs the actors about the theme of this scene in the opening interview before the action begins. Stefani looks so excited when Mistress Kara explains that she thinks it’s about time that some of the gorgeous trans girls who star on this site could use a strong CIS girl to throw them around a bit. This is exciting to me too since the trans are more often the aggressors. I love the switch up with this production. Tomcat, the previous TS Pussy Hunters always directed Stefani as a Domme, which was fantastic. But knowing that Stefani can also top, this is the perfect addition to display her versatility. Ariel extracts each actor’s likes and dislikes, the safe words are established and it’s on. Mistress Kara brings a highly anticipated and rare element to the sister site of TS Seduction on the Kink network wiht Kink on Demand as a professional dominatrix, portraying a stern librarian. Stefani is hysterical as an annoying student who’s being an annoyance while messing around with her cell phone. Mistress Kara pulls Stefani by the hair, leads her to the desk and takes Stefani over her knee to spank her for making so much noise in the quiet library. My favorite early part of this scene comes when Mistress Kara is smothering Stefani’s pretty face with her gorgeous ass and spots the huge bulge in Stefani’s panties. The revelation that Stefani is a trans girl is triumph for both porn acting and direction in originality. After making a deliciously torrid show of sucking Stefani’s big, stiff cock, the Domme rides it hard and fast while both ladies are scantily clad. The second favorite thing for me happens when Stefani fucks Mistress Kara in the side saddle position. It’s because on top of the incredible power of this fucking, both of their bodies are gloriously naked. Stefani rails Mistress Kara like she was told this was going to be the last fuck of her life. Yet it’s Mistress Kara who is in control all throughout this scene. I had to wonder how close Stefani came to reaching climax before getting permission to. The vaginal and oral edging she was forced to endure almost made me feel sorry for her. By the time Mistress Kara demands where she wants Stefani to shoot every last pearly white drop of her cum happens, she gets treated in what looks like a cum shot that’s been saved up for weeks. I’ve raved about Stefani’s performances here before, so it’s no secret that she’s one of my all-time favorite performers. As a lifestyle Domme viewing Mistress Kara who is a real life professional Mistress, I learned a lot to take into and enhance my personal sex life. If you’ve seen her MK-Entertainment website, you already know that she’s mastered the art of domination. TS Pussy Hunters is a 100% authentic D/s website and that’s why I keep raving about the magnificent scenes they produce consistently. You’ll find Mistress Kara’s Twitter page through her website and you can follow @stefani_special on Twitter to keep up with her exemplary new work.