Jessica Fappit aka Texi Trap & Soldier Boi

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The name Texi Trap took me back with this hardcore production presented by Omar Wax. When I clicked on her old name I was reminded that she made her Shemale.XXX debut back in 2012 and she was Model of the Month in November 2011.

My TS Dreamland partner Scott presented an interview with Jessica and also an interview with her scene partner Soldier Boi. I don’t think either of us could have guessed that these two amazing stars would eventually star in a scene together but speaking for myself, I’m very happy they did! I’d bet just about anything that Scott loves it and that you will too! It’s going to be a little difficult referring to Jessica under her former name but I’ll somehow manage to get through it.

The interracial sex elephant in the room is played-up in way that’s purely sexual without any political commentary added. The actors and producer are professionals and it’s purely sexual without the type of nonsensical banter I often see on lesser websites. Sometimes I’d swear some studios don’t realize we know we’re watching IR sex unless they beat us over the head with it.

Comments like, “Please don’t make me take that big black dick,” are par for the course however, especially with a scene with mock white innocence and a dominant, hung black man. Then there’s the 3D quality of an interracial scene with two amazingly good looking porn actors.

There’s a deliciously obvious transition from where Texi evolves from the sweet young thing who’s never done anything like this to a “Daddy” screaming wanton slut while sucking black cock and getting fucked. Or as Texi puts it, “Daddy’s little white cum slut.” Everyone does their job with this Shemale.XXX update and they do it so well!

For those exclusive discussions I mentioned, check out our PornOCD Interview with Jessica Fappit and PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi.

Trans500 – Natalie Mars Taking In That Black Cock

Scene Trailer One

Here we go with beautiful Natalie Mars in “Taking in that Black Cock” with Soldier Boi, my new favorite Trans500 scene. Interracial sex is not necessarily my favorite porn niche because of the way it’s presented most of the time. What I like about the delivery here is the honest set-up. Natalie’s character is simply curious about sex with a black man and she’s up front with it. She’s not in this for a relationship – just her first black experience.

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Digging deeper there’s a sweet spot that really hits home for me. Having spent half my life way up north and the other half in the deep south, I have heard confessions like hers to Soldier Boi more times than I can remember. I’m a black trans woman unlike Soldier Boi, but it’s basically the same scenario with someone being from a small town where interracial sex and relationships are frowned upon.

Scene Trailer Two

But now that they’re in the big city, it’s time to experiment and find out if the myths are true, etc. I know it’s just acting here, but it’s really good acting and I love the way Natalie comes right out with it. When she asks how he knows he going to get lucky, Soldier Boi responds, “Because I’ve got confidence in myself. I’m a very confident guy.” How sexy is that?! The build-up here is magnificent. As for the sex, we’ve got two of the finest and best looking actors in the history of porn here (not just in trans porn but porn in general). What more could you ask for? You’ll see that this scene is in the I Kill It TS branch of the Trans500 network. I don’t care how they organize the sites. I’m just glad I have the option of access to all six of them simply by joining

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Chanel Santini In: Chanel’s Breathtaking Foursome Action!

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“Some hardcore gangbang fucking is about to happen and it involves this one hot tgirl star Chanel Santini. She comes in wearing a sexy shiny red skirt paired with a revealing black top and she is so fired up and cant wait to get fucked. All the boys in the name of Soldier Boi, Drake Ford and Rico get in on the action and they are so ready for Chanel’s hard fucking scene.”

Just slip this scene into your file of all-time favorites if you’re a die-hard Chanel Santini fan. That’s what I always do but this Shemale.XXX scene is extra special (as if her other 11 performances on this scorching hot website aren’t?). Well c’mon now, it’s a freaking foursome for goodness sake! Soldier Boi has arranged some live adult entertainment to surprise his buddies with as an alternative to drinking beer and watching TV all night. Drake already knows the girl and Rico is excited about seeing someone other than his baby mama.

7pm rolls up fast and the girl is on her way. She lets herself into the apartment, clicking inside on her red bottoms, and introduces herself. Taking a seat, Chanel invites the guys to move in closer. Following a brief upskirt tease, Chanel asks if the boys would like to see more of her.

She then rises from the couch and begins a striptease close enough to be touched. This isn’t going to be a typical dancing stripper scenario. Chanel whips her cock out of her panties and begins stroking before the eyes of these sex hungry men. Soldier Boi is first to stand up and move in for a closer look and he gives Chanel a brisk slap on her shapely ass. She lays across Drake and her panties are lowered as Rico join in the butt slapping.

Chanel’s downstairs goodies are out in the open and Rico moves in to give her a rimjob while she sits back on the sofa with her lovely legs spread wide open. She’s kicked her pricey heels off already knowing a lot more will happen to her aside from being eaten. In fact, Chanel’s glorious form is soon completely naked and her cock is stiff by the time she has it sucked on. She sucks cock while getting blown and has her salad tossed again. The penetration of her tight ass occurs first in the doggy style position and not only does she get spitroasted, she gets double penetrated in her incredible ass!

You’ve got to see how hard beautiful Chanel’s cock is at this point. Also see how hard (and wet) she cums before getting spunk facials from these three lucky bastards on Shemale.XXX! Instant classic.

Chanel can also be found on and in sizzling trans lesbian action on TGirls.Porn. For even more content from Chanel you can also subscribe to and in conjunction with

Adorable Miran Hammered By Soldier!

MP4 Scene Trailer

2017 TEA winner for Best Internet Personality Miran meets three time Best Male Performer nominee Soldier Boi in “Adorable Miran Hammered By Soldier”! Omar Wax is responsible for this bareback hardcore blowout.

Anyone who follows the annual Transgender Erotica Awards ceremonies and before and after events could have easily guessed that Miran and Soldier Boi would be there. But this horny surprise was well kept under wraps. I could have posted more explicit photos from the 220 image set, but I didn’t because I really want you to check out the full set on Shemale.XXX.

Sorry about being such a cocktease #sorrynotsorry. I think the scene trailer says a lot about this scene as it is. But not quite enough and that’s what I’m here for. Prolific producer Wax uses his signature style of outdoor photography to set up the first time meeting of Miran and Soldier Boi. She lights his cigarette yet warns him about the hazards of smoking. After she goes on about her way, he admires her figure and regrets not making a move.

In the next sequence, Miran is in her room sauntering barefoot across the floor in her bra and panties. Propping herself up on the sofa, she gazes out of the window and sees the handsome stranger she met briefly walking down the street. She gets his attention and waves an invitation to join her. Not wanting to appear too forward, Miran puts on a dress to answer the expected knock on the door.

Since she’d given him advice about quitting smoking, she proceeds to offer some help by striking up a deal. If he promises to stop smoking, he can have her body. While seated across from Miran, Soldier Boi promises to try and gets a warm kiss that leads to a torrid bareback fucking! Did I mention the two big cumshots?

One thing I did not forget to mention is where else you can enjoy the masterful performances of beautiful Miran –,, and also on! For more information about her incredible partner in this scene, check out our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi.

Nikki Vicious, Lena Kelly And Soldier Boi!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Three time TEA nominee Soldier Boi slides into a threesome with relative ease when he returns home to find his girlfriend Nikki Vicious in bed with her bi-curious friend Lena Kelly. These beauties previously exposed and admired each other’s cocks, not knowing what might happen if they got caught.

He’s not mad when he catches them. He’s just turned on and doesn’t want to be left out. Lena admits that she’s been curious to see his Soldier Boi’s cock and luckily, Nikki isn’t the jealous type. The only thing hotter for a horny man than having a smoking hot trans girl in bed is having more than one. That goes for some of us ladies too.

Soldier Boi mentions that these pre-heated girls should wake his cock up while they’re about to undress him. By the time they expose his BBC, it’s already hard. Lena gets to see how he likes having his cock sucked by his girlfriend and then it’s her turn to show what she’s learned. I’d give the instructor and the learner an A+.

When it’s time for the fucking to begin, the bareback fucking I must add, Lena is on her back with her sexy legs wide open. Soldier Boi enters her tight ass and when he establishes a steady rhythm, Nikki leans down to suck her cock. I was hoping for some trans lesbian action in this Omar Wax production and glad to see some!

When it’s Nikki’s turn to get fucked, Kelly spanks her luscious bottom while her friend gets railed in the doggy style position. Soldier Boi claps it too and the red marks arouse my Domination/submission sensibilities. This is no BDSM scene, but there’s enough of a hint of it to whet my whistle. It continues with Lena holding Nikki down firmly while she gets drilled by the masterful fucker. Not that he needs any help fucking Nikki, but it’s fun to see Lena lend a talented hand by guiding his strong black cock back inside her when it slips out.

When Soldier Boi enters the guest again, he and Nikki kiss ravenously while he jacks his hips. Nikki then moves across the bed to get her cock sucked by her friend taking the powerful doggy style banging. Nikki then gets a missionary position bareback screw! Watch how this torrid scene plays out from there on Shemale.XXX!

If you’d like to get insight on how to become a successful male porn star, check out our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi. Go to the Nikki Vicious category for her previous performances raved about here. You can also check out reviews of Lena’s past performances under Lena Kelly and Lena Jade.

Good Bed Fuck With Natassia And Soldier Boi!

TEA Award Winner and two time AVN & XBIZ Nominee Natassia Dreams meets three time TEA nominee Soldier Boi for a killer hardcore Shemale.XXX update! The sexy are all worked up from a wild bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

Natassia is especially pre-heated from the hot girls, male strippers and her studly date. Being the perfect gentleman, Soldier Boi’s attention is solely focused on Natassia in the bedroom. He first pays attention to her magnificent bottom after the hem of her dress goes up in this steamy update.

Natassia wiggles her sexy bottom while perched on the ottoman and gets a rimjob for her efforts. I hope the walls of this posh bedroom are insulated because her moaning is loud! Once Soldier Boi’s shirt is off, revealing his rippling muscles, Natassia seeks out his love muscle. She proceeds to give him a blowjob, with her dress and panties just barely on.

She gags on his BBC, but in a fun way. Natassia then lays back on the bed with her long legs open widely. Soldier Boi gets in position for a torrid bareback side saddle drilling next. Natassia jerks off while getting pounded and reveals her large, firm breasts.

Natassia also gets a tremendous doggy style fucking! Then she rides Soldier Boi’s rock hard prong in the reverse cowgirl position. Her cock swings this way and that and in circles until she jerks off again while riding her man’s turgid organ. See how the rest of this fabulous Omar Wax production plays out.

Also check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi and the official website.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX

Misty Long & Soldier Boi Fuck Their Brains Out!

Misty Long aka Mistyy Longg and Toni Michaels is stunning in her hardcore scene with TEA nominated super stud featured in the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi on This is the sister site of that has launched countless careers of black trans girls, something I’m particulary thankful for. Every serious trans porn fan, reviewer and model knows precisely which adult websites support black trans and male performers more than any others. These sites are #1 in this niche.

“Hi, everyone. I’m your explicit black tgirl from Va. I love being verse with the right men that can take my joystick and give me a hard pounding too I can usually be found in the local clubs dancing and getting my drink on. Now that we are getting to summer I will most likely be out the Ocean Front in Va Beach, so look for me in my sexy bikini on the strip. I’m really hoping you guys like my solo shoot so that I can have a chance to do a hardcore. I just love sucking on nice throbbing cocks, and while I usually top more than I bottom, I just might be willing to let the right guy into this tight pleasure palace if he can work it right. *wink* xoxo ” These words are from straight from the source on where she has 4 stunning photo and video sets! Check out her Toni Michaels Profile on Black TGirls.

The confidence these adult industry actors display is empowering and they both have great acting chops in the building intro sequence with Soldier Boi dropping by to see his gorgeous friend. Misty invites him inside dressed as a bespectacled naughty schoolgirl with her big tits spilling out of her crop top.

MP4 Scene Trailer

The enclosed trailer pretty much shows you what goes down after the initial makeup session on the sofa. I just have to add that this is perhaps my favorite scenes ever from the opening moments to the torrid creampie ending! 

Zoe Gets Her Ass Pounded!

Zoe Gets Her Ass Pounded! is the third Shemale.XXX scene featuring Latinx stunner Zoe. But rewinding back a bit, The Texan beauty Zoe shows her flexibility bending down to touch her toes when her debut video produced by Omar Wax begins.

But it’s not a workout scene. It’s a totally and upscale elegant one with Zoe moving gracefully through a variety of sexy poses sitting, standing and laying down on the floor. The first actual adult exposure occurs when Zoe’s lovely breasts and nipples escape her dress as a result of the way she stretches her torso.

Since she wears blue panties beneath her orange dress, this is a killer prolonged teaser video throughout the first half. When she lowers her panties, Omar captures this footage with a dazzling rear view. Then she’s butt naked except for her sexy mid-heel sandals. Then the teasing suddenly stops and this scene evolves into pure fap mode.

Zoe is completely naked with her gorgeous legs spread wide open. Her beautiful cock is fully erect and while she was quiet throughout the first three quarters, Zoe emits a series of soft, sensual moans as she strokes her erection. Zoe’s solo debut reminds me of the reason Shemale.XXX was created in the first place.

I think of Shemale.XXX sets as a more discriminating version of There’s more of a focus on high production values on this sister site. She’s introduced in a white dress and skyscraper black sandals in her follow-up scene entitled “Sexy Zoe Jacks Off!”

In her hardcore scene that was also filmed by Omar, Zoe receives a compliment on her stunning form from Soldier Boi. He sits on the bed admiring her beauty as she stands before him in an obviously pricey bra and panty set and tall, strappy sandals.

Supposedly it’s Yoga that paid off but it’s great genes too. I mean, Zoe clearly works out, but this is classic beauty we’re witnessing here. “Zoe Gets Physical” you may recall is the name of Zoe’s debut on released on December 6, 2013. She was described as a fitness freak and added that she enjoys running, swimming, and biking. Zoe has two killer scenes on Shemale Yum.

This Shemale.XXX hardcore scene plays out like a simply romantic boyfriend and girlfriend evening, with lots of engaging dialogue in the beginning. After Zoe sits on SB’s lap, having her virtually flawless legs rubbed and complimented, the sexy man comments on her pretty toes and her responses tells him they need attention.

Do not have a thing for small, high-arched feet and silky smooth, curvy legs with what happens next if your plan is to not cum within the first six minutes. Zoe has her sandals removed and her feet worshipped.

Zoe gets her pretty nipples sucked on next. Soon after, she’s getting her phenomenal ass spanked lightly. She’s quite vocal in this scene, much more so than in her solo video. Her sexy moans get louder and louder as she receives a rim job.

To return the favor, Zoe sits up on the bed sucking Soldier Boi’s succulent looking cock. She moans loudly with her mouth full and Zoe looks absolutely incredible completely naked. I haven’t even described the actual fucking in this incredible Shemale.XXX scene. I want you to see it for yourself. If you’re a hopeful male porn star, check out the PornOCD interview with Soldier Boi by clicking here to get a good perspective on the requirements.