Good Bed Fuck With Natassia And Soldier Boi!

TEA Award Winner and two time AVN & XBIZ Nominee Natassia Dreams meets three time TEA nominee Soldier Boi for a killer hardcore Shemale.XXX update! The sexy are all worked up from a wild bachelorette party in Las Vegas.

Natassia is especially pre-heated from the hot girls, male strippers and her studly date. Being the perfect gentleman, Soldier Boi’s attention is solely focused on Natassia in the bedroom. He first pays attention to her magnificent bottom after the hem of her dress goes up in this steamy update.

Natassia wiggles her sexy bottom while perched on the ottoman and gets a rimjob for her efforts. I hope the walls of this posh bedroom are insulated because her moaning is loud! Once Soldier Boi’s shirt is off, revealing his rippling muscles, Natassia seeks out his love muscle. She proceeds to give him a blowjob, with her dress and panties just barely on.

She gags on his BBC, but in a fun way. Natassia then lays back on the bed with her long legs open widely. Soldier Boi gets in position for a torrid bareback side saddle drilling next. Natassia jerks off while getting pounded and reveals her large, firm breasts.

Natassia also gets a tremendous doggy style fucking! Then she rides Soldier Boi’s rock hard prong in the reverse cowgirl position. Her cock swings this way and that and in circles until she jerks off again while riding her man’s turgid organ. See how the rest of this fabulous Omar Wax production plays out.

Also check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi and the official website.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX

Misty Long & Soldier Boi Fuck Their Brains Out!

Misty Long aka Mistyy Longg and Toni Michaels is stunning in her hardcore scene with TEA nominated super stud featured in the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi on This is the sister site of that has launched countless careers of black trans girls, something I’m particulary thankful for. Every serious trans porn fan, reviewer and model knows precisely which adult websites support black trans and male performers more than any others. These sites are #1 in this niche.

“Hi, everyone. I’m your explicit black tgirl from Va. I love being verse with the right men that can take my joystick and give me a hard pounding too I can usually be found in the local clubs dancing and getting my drink on. Now that we are getting to summer I will most likely be out the Ocean Front in Va Beach, so look for me in my sexy bikini on the strip. I’m really hoping you guys like my solo shoot so that I can have a chance to do a hardcore. I just love sucking on nice throbbing cocks, and while I usually top more than I bottom, I just might be willing to let the right guy into this tight pleasure palace if he can work it right. *wink* xoxo ” These words are from straight from the source on where she has 4 stunning photo and video sets! Check out her Toni Michaels Profile on Black TGirls.

The confidence these adult industry actors display is empowering and they both have great acting chops in the building intro sequence with Soldier Boi dropping by to see his gorgeous friend. Misty invites him inside dressed as a bespectacled naughty schoolgirl with her big tits spilling out of her crop top.

MP4 Scene Trailer

The enclosed trailer pretty much shows you what goes down after the initial makeup session on the sofa. I just have to add that this is perhaps my favorite scenes ever from the opening moments to the torrid creampie ending! 

Zoe Gets Her Ass Pounded!

Zoe Gets Her Ass Pounded! is the third Shemale.XXX scene featuring Latinx stunner Zoe. But rewinding back a bit, The Texan beauty Zoe shows her flexibility bending down to touch her toes when her debut video produced by Omar Wax begins.

But it’s not a workout scene. It’s a totally and upscale elegant one with Zoe moving gracefully through a variety of sexy poses sitting, standing and laying down on the floor. The first actual adult exposure occurs when Zoe’s lovely breasts and nipples escape her dress as a result of the way she stretches her torso.

Since she wears blue panties beneath her orange dress, this is a killer prolonged teaser video throughout the first half. When she lowers her panties, Omar captures this footage with a dazzling rear view. Then she’s butt naked except for her sexy mid-heel sandals. Then the teasing suddenly stops and this scene evolves into pure fap mode.

Zoe is completely naked with her gorgeous legs spread wide open. Her beautiful cock is fully erect and while she was quiet throughout the first three quarters, Zoe emits a series of soft, sensual moans as she strokes her erection. Zoe’s solo debut reminds me of the reason Shemale.XXX was created in the first place.

I think of Shemale.XXX sets as a more discriminating version of There’s more of a focus on high production values on this sister site. She’s introduced in a white dress and skyscraper black sandals in her follow-up scene entitled “Sexy Zoe Jacks Off!”

In her hardcore scene that was also filmed by Omar, Zoe receives a compliment on her stunning form from Soldier Boi. He sits on the bed admiring her beauty as she stands before him in an obviously pricey bra and panty set and tall, strappy sandals.

Supposedly it’s Yoga that paid off but it’s great genes too. I mean, Zoe clearly works out, but this is classic beauty we’re witnessing here. “Zoe Gets Physical” you may recall is the name of Zoe’s debut on released on December 6, 2013. She was described as a fitness freak and added that she enjoys running, swimming, and biking. Zoe has two killer scenes on Shemale Yum.

This Shemale.XXX hardcore scene plays out like a simply romantic boyfriend and girlfriend evening, with lots of engaging dialogue in the beginning. After Zoe sits on SB’s lap, having her virtually flawless legs rubbed and complimented, the sexy man comments on her pretty toes and her responses tells him they need attention.

Do not have a thing for small, high-arched feet and silky smooth, curvy legs with what happens next if your plan is to not cum within the first six minutes. Zoe has her sandals removed and her feet worshipped.

Zoe gets her pretty nipples sucked on next. Soon after, she’s getting her phenomenal ass spanked lightly. She’s quite vocal in this scene, much more so than in her solo video. Her sexy moans get louder and louder as she receives a rim job.

To return the favor, Zoe sits up on the bed sucking Soldier Boi’s succulent looking cock. She moans loudly with her mouth full and Zoe looks absolutely incredible completely naked. I haven’t even described the actual fucking in this incredible Shemale.XXX scene. I want you to see it for yourself. If you’re a hopeful male porn star, check out the PornOCD interview with Soldier Boi by clicking here to get a good perspective on the requirements.  

Amour Gets A Taste Of Soldier Boi!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Beautiful Amour didn’t just land on Black Shemale Hardcore out of the blue. Before hooking up with 2016 Transgender Erotica Awards Best Non-TS Male Performer Nominee Soldier Boi, she was on Black-TGirls three times dating back to June of 2015. You can check out a free trailer of her latest solo performance there. But today’s focus is on the Omar Wax produced hardcore scene. Soldier Boi looks out at the Houston cityscape from the hotel room he shares with Amour. He pays her a compliment when she joins him on the balcony dressed in sexy lingerie. She looks stunning and if any office workers caught a glimpse of her standing there, I’m sure they were turned on. After making out on the balcony for a moment, they take their little romance into the bedroom area. She sits back on the bed and teases the bulge in his pants with a stocking foot and they resume kissing. When Soldier Boi helps Amour move to her hands and knees on the bed, you’ll discover she’s not what you’d describe as a “grower” by any means. Her cock slips out of her crotchless panties and it’s pretty huge even when flaccid. The stud slaps her hot ass playfully and helps her undress down to just her stay-up stockings. The reward he gets for a prolonged rim job and finger banging is a deep blow job. Once his cock is raging hard, Soldier Boi begins penetrating Amour in the doggy style position. Amour grinds above him while cowgirl riding like she’s giving him the world’s best lap dance. She holds her sex during the first part of their reverse cowgirl fucking. Then Amour lets her big dick flop and swing around all over the place as she rides his famous porn star prick. Amour jacks off while getting pummeled in the missionary position. Omar captures great footage of Amour’s cock shooting a creamy white blast of cum across her tight abs. She works out the last rivulets of cream across her dark and lovely uncut cock and then takes yet another ramming from behind! Then Soldier Boi creampies her magnificent ass. For some insight on what it takes to become a male porn star, you can check out the exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD interview with Soldier Boi.

Trailer of Amour & Soldier Boi on
Trailer of Amour & Soldier Boi on 

Skylar White Gets Fucked By Soldier Boi!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Beautiful Skylar White being blindfolded and crawling on the floor to discover sexy Soldier Boi in the room with her hands is a creative way to open this Black-TGirls production from Omar Wax. When she thinks she might know who he is by stroking his erection, she decides that a taste test might help to confirm her suspicions. Skylar’s blowjob continues when the blindfold comes off and pleasantries are exchanged. This scene is already super hot and her clothes aren’t even off yet! It gets even better when Omar captures it with Skylar fellating while standing in her form fitting dress and tall sandals. Once she’s stripped down to her matching white bra and panties, Soldier Boi can’t resist tossing her salad. After the rimjob, they make out while standing practically naked. Then comes a standing fuck with Skylar leaning over the kitchen counter. This is followed by some piledriver pumping on the sofa. Skylar is completely and gloriously nude at this point and the reverse cowgirl footage is exemplary, also. The position changes don’t stop there in this bareback tryst. Skylar is so turned on by Soldier Boi’s drilling that she faps a big creamy white cumshot out of her stiff cock! The stud ends this torrid sex game with a creampie across Skylar’s magnificent butt. This is the second hardcore scene with Skylar on Black-TGirls and her 6th scene. You can also stream or download her performances on Shemale Pornstar and Shemale.XXX.

You can Watch The Free Trailer on
You can Watch The Free Trailer on 

Twitter: @tscaramel

Amira Garcia’s Lovely Ass Taken by Soldier Boi

Sample Photo Gallery

Before her scorching hot solo and hardcore performances on Shemale Yum, Amira Garcia made her Femout.XXX debut on October 16, 2016 and follow-up set on November 11th. She made her Shemale Yum debut on January 31, 2016 and I raved about Amira’s April 9th scene shot by Radius Dark here. Photographer Omar Wax does the honors this time around for her hardcore scene with Soldier Boi who did and exclusive TS Dreamland interview with PornOCD. In the new Shemale Yum update, Soldier Boi is frustrated with the 5’6″ midwestern beauty of Peruvian decent who’s twerking in the backroom when she’s supposed to be shaking her fine ass on the dance floor for his customers. Amira is frustrated too but it’s because she’s horny. She gives Soldier Boi a lap dance that takes his mind off business and he follows her to his private room. Following some torrid rimming and cock sucking, one of the highlights of this scene is Amira riding Soldier Boi’s prick in the reverse cowgirl position. Beads of pre-cum ooze out of Amira’s erection as her petite, lovely frame gets powerfully railed.

Shemale Yum

Sexy Slim Erika Takes Soldier Boi’s Cock

Sample Photo Gallery

“Hi guys. Here is a little about myself, I’m a versatile bottom that loves the type of guys that are rough and rugged and have street sense. I loved being controlled and dominated. When I am on the bottom, I love an aggressive guy to take me doggy style and to make me suck his cock long and deep until I gag on it. On the occasion when I do top I also like doggy style, but I don’t care too much for having my own cock sucked. I rather you just watch it bounce around as you slam your dick inside me with no abandon.” That’s not what the petite DC vixen said on Black Shemale Hardcore, but on Black TGirls where she has eight sets including two hardcore scenes dating back to 2012! Soldier Boi is in a rush to get to the sports bar in this Black Shemale Hardcore scene, but Erika is taking her sweet time getting ready. As she puts the finishing touches on her makeup and hair, he’s getting more anxious by the minute about seeing the playoffs. Erika enters the livingroom and she’s still not dressed! While chatting with her on the sofa, Erika’s only wearing a bra, panties and stay-up stockings. He might be a little annoyed, but he’s no fool. Soldier Boi tells his girl she doesn’t need to keep working on her look because she’s already so beautiful. His smoothness gets not into a bar, but into the bedroom where they proceed to makeout and undress. After getting his delicious-looking dick sucked by Erika, Soldier Boi first rails her sexy ass in the doggy style position. Photographer Omar Wax films a cowgirl ride and reverse cowgirl hunching, followed by a side saddle ramming. Erika caresses her own cock and balls while taking it in the missionary position. She shoots a creamy white load of jizz while her man pistons in and out of her. Damn, this girl is hung and full of cum! Soldier Boi blasts a creampie on Erika’s bubble butt at the end of this fine as fuck Black Shemale Hardcore scene. Also, click here to read the exclusive PornOCD interview with Soldier Boi.

Morena Black & Soldier Boi


If you follow me @tscaramel on Twitter, you may have seen me retweeting a lot of the gorgeous Grooby Newbie and Chaturbate performer Morena Black. When I first heard that this beautiful, hung “Brazilirican” was making a Grooby debut, I assumed it would be on Black-TGirls (well you know what they say about assuming, so I need to get that in check). Morena’s debut is actually on Black Shemale Hardcore with a man I’ve blogged about multiple times here, Soldier Boi. With that information in mind, I knew that Morena would be the bottom in the photo set and video. With a passive guy or girl, this could have gone the other way. Follow room=morenablack on Chaturbate and you’ll see how stiff her huge cock gets and watch how she cums live. Well, you can see that too on Black Shemale Hardcore at the end of this torrid bareback scene. There’s no plot in this joint… just hot sex. Morena is on her knees giving Soldier Boi head when we join them. Omar Wax does an amazing job of showcasing Morena’s beauty as she strips while sucking that long, coveted cock. Morena’s tits are bigger than mine. Her cock is bigger than mine. She’s younger than me. I’m not jealous, however. I love her! I also love all the angles shot and position changes of this porno. One of my midway favorite views is of Morena riding the handsome stud in the reverse cowgirl position. Her heavy shlong sways this way and that. I lost track of the position changes after that. But I did not forget the sight of Soldier Boi fucking her in the missionary position while she produced a big cumshot before taking a tremendous facial. If you, like many others of us, have been waiting patiently for the debut of Morena Black, the time has come on Black Shemale Hardcore.

Natalia & Soldier Boi Fuck

One of my all-time favorite porn stars, Soldier Boi (@SoldierBoiXXX on Twitter), and the super sexy Afro-Latina Natalia happen to be in the same hotel in their Black Shemale Hardcore video. He visits her room for a booty call and you should see her booty when she answers the door. They waste no time making out on the sofa in this 25 minute scene. “Ah, that ass is so fat and juice,” he says after smacking and spreading it. A salad tossing follows and Natalia shows her appreciation with a devoted BBC sucking and tea bagging. Natalia is gloriously naked as she lies back on the couch to take Soldier Boi’s stiff cock. Her body looks incredible and her partner looks like he runs a gym. Natalia’s ass is the main event and Omax Wax captures it magnificently during the cowgirl railing. You might remember Natalia’s recent solo performance on Black TGirls in which she told us what she loved having done to her in English and Spanish. Apparently, Soldier Boi was listening intently. Natalia goes bilingual again as the muscular stud bangs her doggy style. Another salad tossing makes Natalia’s big, uncut cock spray a big series of clear jets of cum across her tummy. She sucks Soldier Boi’s cock and takes his big money shot across the surface of her “bubble” as he appropriately call it. You can watch or download the full video on Black Shemale Hardcore.

Stacey and Soldier Boi on Black TGirls

Omar Wax presents a new hardcore masterpiece with Stacey aka Pinky and Soldier Boi on Black TGirls. Stacey is mesmerizing to watch posing in her crotchless black bodystocking and boots. In less than 2 minutes, she’s joined by handsome Soldier Boy in a camoflauge attire. His mission is obvious and he gets down to it by admiring Stacey’s lovely breasts. She pays equal attention to his hard, sculpted chest. Who says men don’t need nipples? The next part of Soldier Boi’s seduction is a salad tossing and Stacey returns the favor by releasing his cock and giving him a kneeling blowjob. I’ve never seen a prettier Black TGirls model and I’m not sure what you’ll enjoy seeing more, the closeups of her face or full body footage. What I really like is seeing Stacey gazing into the mirror at us while her stud fucked her from behind standing up. It made me a bit jealous of what she was getting and I actually forgot that I’m mainly a top. A doggystyle railing follows, leading to a cowgirl, reverse cowgirl ride and side saddle railing. A correction about what my favorite part is. Omar Wax captured the magnificent sight of Soldier Boi pounding Pinky in an arial view also. A pile driver fucking comes next and in the missionary position, Stacey strokes her cock while getting banged hard and talking dirty. She strokes her erection until it fires a creamy white cumshot and the Black TGirls beauty takes a huge facial with a sexy smile. Also check out this stunning Indianapolis, Indiana native’s blonde and redhead solo sets.