Skylar White & Country Boi Fuck Hard!

Description: Turn down service stops by and pays Skylar White a visit. During process of fluffing pillows, servant discovers that there’s something else that needs immediate attention! He can easily tell by Skylar’s body language. He makes a move and without hesitation Skylar obliges by taking a mouth full of his manhood down her throat. The two engage in passionate adult fun. Turns out Skylar received the ultimate turn down service!

On Skylar’s profile the gorgeous Texan says, “Young, sophisticated, unique just a few “safe” words to sum me up. On the naughtier scope of things I’m open sexually but enjoy being a girl. Rough me up a bit choke me, spank me pull my hair! Originally from Miami but relocated to Houston. Travel frequently so I could be in any city at any given point in time. If you happen to run into me, please say hi”

This is Skylar’s 13th update since her debut in May of 2014! She even has a set on from July 2014. It’s funny when Country Boi fluffs the pillows and Skylar interrupts him fixing the bed for her by bending over.

He suggests she needs the pillows of her ass, not in those exact words, and the action begins. Omar Wax has a signature style of filming and makes shooting porn look easy.

What’s new to me however is the ultra-masculine male actor. I think it’s pretty cool that he sucks Skylar’s cock before fucking the hell out of her and blowing his load across her beautiful face.

Skylar can top whenever she wants to, but I’m glad the pretty veteran model bottomed only for this particular scene. You can watch the free scene trailer on the Black TGirls landing page.

Tgirl Skylar White Is Back In Action!

Skylar gives out her email, Instagram and Snap chat addresses in this scintillating shoot presented by Omar Wax. She’s wearing a satin baseball jacket, but most of her legs are bare and you can see the straps of her tall sandals encircling her calves.

Since you’ll now have her social media information, she encourages you to show you how much you love her. She proceeds to show you how much she loves you. Skylar does so by standing up and wiggling her lovely bottom. Then she straddles the bed ass up with her thong just barely hiding all the goods. She then lies on her back and does scissors movements with her sexy legs.

Skylar then braces herself against the wall after hopping off the bed. You might fantasize being a cop about to frisk her. She crawls across the floor as if she’s ready to see your nightstick. Once back on the bed, her jacket is opened and then removed, leaving her in just heels, panties and brassiere. Skylar teases mercilessly by posing in a variety of positions before stripping down to her stiletto sandals.

She offers her ass again, but her tiny wrinkled rosebud is hidden by the strap of her thong. After stroking her cock for a few moments, she eventually removes and discards her panties.

With her lovely breasts and body bared, Skylar masturbates slowly and you can hear the slick sounds of her hand on her lubricated erection. She then gets lost in arousal until a series of creamy white spurts of cum leap from her hardon to land upon her pelvis. This is Skylar’s 8th Black-TGirls shoot since 2014 including two hardcore scenes with handsome three-time TEA nominated Best Male Performer Soldier Boi.

Skylar White Gets Fucked By Soldier Boi!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Beautiful Skylar White being blindfolded and crawling on the floor to discover sexy Soldier Boi in the room with her hands is a creative way to open this Black-TGirls production from Omar Wax. When she thinks she might know who he is by stroking his erection, she decides that a taste test might help to confirm her suspicions. Skylar’s blowjob continues when the blindfold comes off and pleasantries are exchanged. This scene is already super hot and her clothes aren’t even off yet! It gets even better when Omar captures it with Skylar fellating while standing in her form fitting dress and tall sandals. Once she’s stripped down to her matching white bra and panties, Soldier Boi can’t resist tossing her salad. After the rimjob, they make out while standing practically naked. Then comes a standing fuck with Skylar leaning over the kitchen counter. This is followed by some piledriver pumping on the sofa. Skylar is completely and gloriously nude at this point and the reverse cowgirl footage is exemplary, also. The position changes don’t stop there in this bareback tryst. Skylar is so turned on by Soldier Boi’s drilling that she faps a big creamy white cumshot out of her stiff cock! The stud ends this torrid sex game with a creampie across Skylar’s magnificent butt. This is the second hardcore scene with Skylar on Black-TGirls and her 6th scene. You can also stream or download her performances on Shemale Pornstar and Shemale.XXX.

You can Watch The Free Trailer on
You can Watch The Free Trailer on 

Twitter: @tscaramel

Skylar White on Shemale.XXX

The latest video and photo set of Skylar White on Shemale.XXX looks like a shoot for a winter white fashion spread in the beginning. That all changes when the gorgeous Texan raises the hem of her skirt and shows us that she’s going commando. We see her goodies from the rear first. Then she opens her legs wide on the sofa. Skylar discards her skirt and playfully smacks her prostate area. Photographer Omar Wax moves on for a closeup and then pulls back for wide angle footage of this diminutive fox in profile. Then Skylar stands up and begins stroking her cock. All the sudden, it’s rock hard and all she’s wearing are her tall sandals and jewelry. She swings her hard dick this way and that and resumes her masturbation. When she turns around again, if you’re thinking what I’m thinking, Skylar has one of the most flawless asses you’ve ever seen and those legs of hers are stunnng. Her face looks gorgeous, especially when she’s licking one of her pretty nipples. Skylar White is originally from Miami, Florida but she currently resides in Houston. This is her third set on Shemale.XXX and her last one featured Skylar cumming. I also loved her hardcore scene with Soldier Boi on Black TGirls and the one with male performer Red on Shemale Pornstar. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this 5’4″ sex kitten in action on either or all of these top shelf websites.

Skylar White and Soldier Boi on Black TGirls

“…on the naughtier scope of things I’m open sexually, but enjoy being a girl. Rough me up a bit choke me, spank me and pull my hair!” says TS Skylar White, originally from Miami, and now residing in Houston, Texas.

Skylar White was absolutely ravishing in her solo Black TGirls debut. I loved watching her getting railed by buff Soldier Boi and also bottoming for Red on Shemale Pornstar (Photo Gallery Here)!