TransAngels: Ex Sex Revenge

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Description: Slim, red-haired Shiri Allwood finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her with his ex. So she decides the best way to get back at him is by having her ex come over and fucking him on camera! As soon as Dante Colle shows up, he’s got Shiri sucking his huge dick as he plays with her pretty tgirl cock. Dante licks up Shiri’s tight, little ass before filling it deep with every inch of his rock hard dick. With a rough anal pounding comes a glorious double cum finish, the ultimate post-breakup revenge! is back at it again with yet another blazing hot hardcore update. The track record with this website’s gems is incredible! The relatively new adult actor and self-described “Hippie in the streets, GQ in the sheets” stud Dante Colle is fantastic with superstar model/actress Shiri Allwood.

Director Tom Moore displays a bit of his sense of humor having a framed photo of a actor (Damien Stone) as Shiri’s boyfriend near her as she’s on the phone hearing that he’s a cheater. He’s fucking his ex girlfriend again and she’s furious about this news.

Shiri tells her friend that she’s going to get even with her cheating boyfriend by getting with Dante. Fast forward to dickhead Dante coming over and letting himself in as he still has his key from when they were shacking up. After the two exchange insults, Shiri makes an attempt to start over with a clean slate. “I need you to fuck me harder and dirtier than you ever have,” she proposes.

Not only does Dante get to fuck Shiri, but she wants him to record it. “Fuck, yes,” is his reply. The sex begins with Shiri sucking her ex boyfriend’s big dick. She looks incredible even with her mascara running. She’s an absolute vision also with her cock in Dante’s grasp when she’s giving him head.

Dante is squeezing pre-cum out of Shiri’s swollen cock head onto her tummy as she sucks him off. Then they rise from the sofa to move to the next room with both of their raging hard erections standing high in the air. I haven’t even gotten to the fucking yet and I’m just going to add that this might be my favorite photo and video set ever!

Gingers n’ Cream : TS Shiri Gets Pounded

“A couple weeks ago I hooked up with one of my favorite co-stars: Fellow pale ginger Shiri Trap,” said Rob Yaeger. “This girl has it all: Pretty face, smooth, ivory skin, a cute petite body, long red hair, a huge bouncy ass and the cutest legs and feet you’ve ever seen. We’ve shot before, and we were both rearing to get another scene in the can. Shiri blows me long and sensually, stroking me in between. Then I get up and fuck her pretty face. I then can’t resist chowing down on her perfect pink hole before burying my red dick in it. I give her a really hard pounding in a few positions before pouring my nut right on her butthole and down her ginger taint and onto the bed.” Omnisexual New Yorker Yaegerman sent me this blazing hot Fuck Chronicles update to see what I thought of it. But this was no guessing game – he knew I’d like it! I always love his work and if I knew he’d hooked up with gorgeous Shiri Trap before I saw scene, I’d have asked him about it first anyway. Radius Dark filmed this scene masterfully. It begins with Shiri sucking Rob’s cock in bed wearing lingerie. I got a kick out of Rob’s quip about “Two pale-ass people fucking like hell,” because skin color isn’t something I think about while watching porn unless it’s interracial with a theme that drives one to take special notice. Her I just see two beautiful people having sex like the porn stars they are – doing things most normal people can’t do while fucking. The penetration is bareback and there are so many position changes I lost count. That’s rare for me.

There are two ways to get this joint – ManyVids and Rob’s Clips4Sale store His beautiful Ginger ‘n Cream co-star is still doing prolific LIVE shows on!

Ginger TS Beauty Shiri Trap Takes Yaeger Dick in Perfect Ass

Omnisexual super stud Rob Yaeger penned a synopsis of his torrid tryst with Shiri Trap better than anyone else can on his Clips4Sale site The Fuck Chronicles and on ManyVids, but I just have to add a few comments after his lurid description. “When I found about Shiri Trap, I knew I had to work with her. She’s a sexy, cute and fiesty redhead with virtually the same complexion as me. She has the same pale, soft skin and voracious sex drive, too!” He adds, “When I pulled down her panties to reveal her perfect, round buns, I was transported. I put her through the Yaeger paces, then bust a nice fat load on her body and tits. We both loved the result!” This is “Ginger TS Beauty Shiri Trap Takes Yaeger Dick in Perfect Ass”!

The scene opens with gorgeous Shiri scantily clad in lingerie laying in bed next to handsome Rob who’s butt naked and bonerized already. She has that effect on people with penises in a big way. They get down to making out right away with Rob jerking off, then exposing Shiri’s lovely breasts. He devours her puffy nipples and helps her get on her knees across from him. His large erection points directly at Shiri’s pantied cock and balls and she sits back on her heels to remove her top completely. Shiri glances down at Rob’s hardon admiringly and touches it with her fingers. She taps the swollen head with her tongue and takes the swollen head inside her mouth. You don’t really need me to tell you how gorgeous she looks, but she’s absolutely ravishing while giving head. They pause briefly for Shiri to remove her panties and she continues sucking. Rob runs his hands along Shiri’s lean form, paying close attention to her pert round ass. He then has her lay face down to give her a rim job. She smiles sweetly when he gives her sexy butt a few playful love taps and then he proceeds to give her a little bare foot oral attention. Don’t have a foot fetish if your goal is to make it to at least the midway point without cumming. Try to at least make it past eight minutes to the point where Rob places the head of his stiff dick at the entrance of Shiri’s tight ass. The doggy style, side saddle, cowgirl and missionary position footage is magnificent! You can learn more about Yaegerman by reading the TS Dreamland exclusive PornOCD Interview with Rob Yaeger. For more information of Rob’s incredible co-star, visit I don’t assign rating numbers to my reviews, but if I did, I’d have to give this scene a Perfect Ten. Thanks for reading from Caramel. Redhead Babe Shiri Trap

“Redhead Babe Shiri Trap Comes To Vegas For The Cock” is one of the best scenes and photo sets on The synopsis reads: Shiri Trap is a popular amateur model that comes to Vegas to make her porno debut. As soon as she lands, she strips down to her bra and panties to stroke off a big dick. It could have been titled, “Redhead Babe Shiri Trap With A Mystery Monster Cock” also because Christian’s cock is the male co-star. If your cock isn’t as enormous as his, the POV factor should still work. For example, my girl cock is black and not quite that big and this is still a major turn on for me. The scene begins with beautiful Shiri emerging from the powder room in a bra, panties and tall platforms – all in black. “There you are, baby,” she exclaims excitedly and makes her way between the hung man’s widespread legs. Since they’re in Vegas and all he wants to do is have sex, Shiri is willing but on her own terms. She wants to jerk off his big dick and proceeds to do so.

I know how potentially magnificent this scene will be since I’ve actually seen Christian XXX and this ginger beauty having sex live on before. As I watch this TSPOV scene play out, memories are brought back about how sexy her naughty dialogue is. Shiri is a phenomenal broadcaster and her talents transfer just as well in studio porn. Shiri has to use both of her hands at times to jerk off the mammoth cock. Once it’s sticky yet slick with pre-cum, she makes an a erotic show of sitting down on it with her magnificent bare ass. Although she says his cock feels so good against her ass, “You can’t have my butt tonight,” she teases. Then it’s back to jacking him off and rubbing the porn king’s prick on her breasts and pretty pink nipples.

Wait a minute! Did I hear the familiar dings of Chaturbate tips coming in? I think they’re filming this scene from a live show! The moment I’ve been waiting for arrives when Christian’s mammoth organ explodes and big gobs of creamy cum pour from the head from Shiri’s expert manipulation. Shiri licks some of the nectar from her fingers and that’s a wrap. If you’d like to see Christian and Shiri in hardcore fucking action, there’s a one-on-one scene with him fucking her silly on, a threesome with gorgeous Natalie Mars of with a behind-the-scene video of Shiri for her background information. There are also some killer scenes with not only oral action, but fucking on and I’ll be discussing some of those scenes here as well.