T.Porn: Shiri Allwood Fucks A Watermelon

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25 year old Las Vegas, Nevada resident Shiri Allwood shows how to create your own content and market it on the all new T.Porn website! In case you missed it, the MP4 trailer is here. Attention models, this following message is for you! “If you are self-producing good content and showing it on places like ManyVids, Clips4sale or other platforms, then you know that your content can sell very well in the first weeks it’s up as your core customers buy it – then the sales start to drop off for that scene. This is why models and production companies are constantly producing new content. When you are ready and the content isn’t making as much as it should, we’d like to license it.” That’s the official word from the producers of T.Porn! About the Site: We’re looking for HD or 4k ‘selfie type’ (you’ve filmed yourself) or produced content that you can license to us to use on the site. We will pay you $100-$150 for use of each of your scenes. You can continue to sell and use your scenes anywhere else. The scenes will always belong to you. We will give links on the site to your personal sites, pay sites or social network account. Send visitors to the site and make another 50% on every membership sold! DOUBLE DIP! This is a win/win situation. Those of you producing multiple scenes can get $1000s in cash instantly or be able to make extra revenue, without compromising your core revenue. Complete the simple signup form. Upload your clips on the following page. Your clip goes into the members side of T.Porn and a profile is created on the tour of the site. You are sent a link and for any sales made from that link (promote on your social network pages) you are paid 50% of the sale and all rebills. We will remove your content from any pirate sites that may be illegally showing your copyrighted content when we see it.”

TransAngels: Ex Sex Revenge

MP4 Scene Trailer

Description: Slim, red-haired Shiri Allwood finds out her boyfriend is cheating on her with his ex. So she decides the best way to get back at him is by having her ex come over and fucking him on camera! As soon as Dante Colle shows up, he’s got Shiri sucking his huge dick as he plays with her pretty tgirl cock. Dante licks up Shiri’s tight, little ass before filling it deep with every inch of his rock hard dick. With a rough anal pounding comes a glorious double cum finish, the ultimate post-breakup revenge!

TransAngels.com is back at it again with yet another blazing hot hardcore update. The track record with this website’s gems is incredible! The relatively new adult actor and self-described “Hippie in the streets, GQ in the sheets” stud Dante Colle is fantastic with superstar model/actress Shiri Allwood.

Director Tom Moore displays a bit of his sense of humor having a framed photo of a TransAngels.com actor (Damien Stone) as Shiri’s boyfriend near her as she’s on the phone hearing that he’s a cheater. He’s fucking his ex girlfriend again and she’s furious about this news.

Shiri tells her friend that she’s going to get even with her cheating boyfriend by getting with Dante. Fast forward to dickhead Dante coming over and letting himself in as he still has his key from when they were shacking up. After the two exchange insults, Shiri makes an attempt to start over with a clean slate. “I need you to fuck me harder and dirtier than you ever have,” she proposes.

Not only does Dante get to fuck Shiri, but she wants him to record it. “Fuck, yes,” is his reply. The sex begins with Shiri sucking her ex boyfriend’s big dick. She looks incredible even with her mascara running. She’s an absolute vision also with her cock in Dante’s grasp when she’s giving him head.

Dante is squeezing pre-cum out of Shiri’s swollen cock head onto her tummy as she sucks him off. Then they rise from the sofa to move to the next room with both of their raging hard erections standing high in the air. I haven’t even gotten to the fucking yet and I’m just going to add that this might be my favorite TransAngels.com photo and video set ever!