Sasha Skyes Update

For more information about this stunning TEA 2016 “Best Face” nominated performer, read the Sasha Skye Interview with PornOCD. This is TS Caramel with an update on two of her latest dazzling work.

It’s so hard to decide which one of four Sasha Skyes videos on Shemale Strokers is the best one. I give up, but allow me to give you an update on her third and fourth performances. In the latest scene, she in full motorcycle racing gear, but not for too long. We’ve move way past the introductions and this is a direct striptease without any sort of plotline. This video is perfect for Sasha fans who prefer to see her in minimalist fashion – completely naked with a white background and sofa. The only colors are the blue pillows and black magic wand vibrator she buzzes along the surface of her stiff cock. There’s plenty of eye candy for admirers of perky boobs, curvaceaous buttocks and leg and foot lovers. It ends with a signature closeup of the cum pouring out of Sasha’s long dick. As for her previous third scene, first you have to get past the premise of stunning Sasha Skyes getting stood up for a date in this Shemale Strokers video. If you can believe that would happen in real life, it’s all smooth sailing after that. She’s at the cafe on her cell phone telling her friend Rachel what happened. It’s such a pity because she’s so horny with a bulge in her frilly boy shorts. Rachel must be straight for not coming to the cafe to rebound for the guy who stood her up. After the phone conversation, Sasha realizes she can’t leave the outdoor cafe and venture into the public with this big bulge showing. Since there’s no one else around, there’s time to get herself off. So she whips out her large erection and starts fapping away. As she sits on the stool jacking off, wearing a body-conscious black top, stay-up stockings and tall sandals, with her boy shorts lowered to mid-thigh. Suddenly she realizes she’s not alone after all because you’re there watching her masturbate. Sasha doesn’t stop because she knows you love what you’re seeing.

A light breeze blows through Sasha’s hair in her third Shemale Strokers scene and she bares her pretty breasts while stroking her erection. “Do you like my boobs, too?” she asks. If you can take your eyes off the stiff cock that’s pointing toward the ceiling on its own for a moment, they’re really quite lovely. Most of the views of Sasha were full-frontal and ground level with wide angle footage until the camera zooms in on her long, shapely legs. Just before the halfway point, she removes her heels and stockings. Do not be a leg lover or a foot fetishist or you might not make it much further without cumming. The camera zooms in on Sasha’s bare soles and French pedicured toes when she rests her soles on a stool in front of her. Soon, she’s jerking her rock solid cock completely naked with her lithe body supported by the two bar stools. She een steps down to the floor to give you an amazing presentation of her bare ass. She gives it a smack and winks her perfect rosebud at you. I love this cafe where a gorgeous girl like Sasha can jack off for so long without getting busted. She’s really beating off furiously as 20 minutes have gone by. I just noticed that she’s a lefty while she’s stroking her big dick like crazy, pausing only to play with the clear beads of pre-cum oozing from the head. Watch the video previews on Shemale Strokers. You can download them all for keeps.

Sasha Skyes on Shemale Strokers

I’m so glad that one of my favorite performers of 2015 who is burning up the Internet hasn’t gone into a much too early retirement. The second Shemale Strokers performance of Sasha Skyes begins with this beauty at work giving a messenger delivery instructions. You don’t see him because the messenger is you! Once you leave, Sasha has some time to kill. She withdraws her cock from her panties and strokes it to erection. She looks cute as a button in her white dress shirt; sexy as hell when she takes it off and sits at her desk in just her bra and panty. Her dick is fully erect when she hears you coming. Too late, you’ve busted Sasha with her secret out. Once it’s clear that you love what you’re seeing, Sasha goes back to masturbating again. Once the head of Sasha’s long, erection is pointing up toward the ceiling, it seems that you’ve made your way under her desk. She asks if you like her “still growing” breasts and caresses her lovely pink nipples. She switches jerking off again with each hand and once her bra and panties are off, Sasha spreads her long legs and props them up on the desk. She toys with strings of pre-cum and tastes a bit of it. Then she unzips and removes her booties and places her bare feet on the desk and chair beside it. You’ve got to see the sexy look on her face when she beats off faster, wiggling her French-tipped pedicured toes at you. If you have a foot fetish, you might just lose your cum before Sasha does. But if you can hold out, you’ll see her high-velocity orgasm the first time you watch her second Shemale Strokers video.