TransAngels: Sarina The Sex Doll

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Description: Michael Del Ray has been waiting for his Sarina Valentina doll to arrive all day, and she is an absolute masterpiece. Big tits, a thick juicy ass, and gorgeous blonde hair – she’s what he’s always dreamed of! Before he can get a word in, Sarina is on her knees putting her luscious blowjob lips to work on her master’s big dick. Sucking on her voluptuous boobs gets Michael ready to go, sliding his cock past her pretty tgirl dick, deep inside her tight ass! Pounding away as his doll, Michael finally pulls out and sprays his new toy in a warm load.

How realistic is Sarina The Sex Doll on featuring the superstar behind It’s pure fantasy aside from the fact that I’m sure that many of us would actually fuck a doll model after her if it were realistic enough. She’s a porn icon for goodness sake! The first part of this video consists of Sarina concentrating on you and stripping for you before the scripted action begins. But her pink, pretty nipples is as far as that goes, so you’ll have to wait for more of her naughty bits.

It would take more than taped dorky eyeglasses to make me believe that Micheal Del Ray is a goofy looking nerd, but I’m going along with the story just fine. I’m loving watching him fondling his doll’s big boobs and watching her eyeing the huge bulge in his pants. Sarina wastes no time sinking down to take his big dick inside her mouth and it’s swollen almost rock hard when she begins blowing him.

Sarina is busty enough to easily handle occasional tit fucks and Michael looks so cute sucking her cock and tossing her salad. A dominant nature seems to take hold of him suddenly when he begins fucking Sarina doggy style. She looks like a sex goddess while riding Michael’s large prick in the reverse cowgirl position with her sex flopping up and down! The cowgirl ride is a showcase for her big, tight ass.

The glorious man-cum moment comes in the form of a cream pie that Sarina masturbates to until she announces she’s cumming too. Don’t miss this torrid update and be sure to visit!

Sarina Valentina: Hot TS With A Huge Dick In Sarina’s Tent

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Sarina is fucking and getting fucked again! Since the photo set is huge on and there’s some swollen girl cock in it, the high-res images are beautiful but not extremely sexual. I had to see if things were different with the actual video. Oh, wow. I had no idea there was going to be such a huge difference (in the swelling in my panties as I watched too)! This tent must be from bimbo city because Sarina is trying to play a video game on a device that’s not turned on. Sarina’s play pal in Sasha de Sade and dressed in their cute little ABDL (Adult Baby Diaper Lover) outfits, the girls look so innocent and sweet. Well, they are but after being unable to get the games going, Sarina’s attention moves to what’s inside her diapers. She wants Sasha to play, “What’s In The Diaper?” with her. Sarina complains that her plastic diaper is too hot, so Sasha helps her take it off from behind her. They get Sasha’s ff too, but there are levels to this diaper game. Or perhaps I should say layers and the girls aren’t naked yet. As a matter of fact, almost ten minutes pass before Sarina gets Sasha’s diapers down. When she does, a big raging hardon springs out! Sarina is shocked because she’s never see a hard “pee pee stick” as Sasha calls it. After touching it for a moment and watching it lurch and throb, Sarina exposes hers too. It’s smaller and flaccid – so adorable. With Sasha sitting cross-legged with her hardon pointing up to her face, Sarina asks why it’s so much bigger. Sasha replies that maybe she’s stronger and needs to be Sarina’s boss. Her baby talk sounds cuter than cute and when she decides to stroke Sasha’s large erection, it’s not long before she’s giving it a good suckling. Sarina develops a standing erection from playing with her play partner’s pee pee stick. So Sasha makes it feel really good by giving her a similar sucking. But they’re ready to take things further eventually and Sarina suggests that they play, “The Pee In The Hole” game. Sarina has to point out the hole in Sasha she’s referring to and it’s a game she’s willing to play. So Sarina gets behind Sasha’s upturned bottom and penetrates her behind! After awhile of taking Sarina’s stiff pee stick, Sasha wants to trade places. Sarina give her another sucking to make sure she’s raging hard. Then Sasha thrusts her pee stick inside Sarina’s tight bottom and humps away! There’s a lot of wet stuff coming out that I also see often on

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Sasha de Sade: Sissy Toy Party With Sarina Valentina

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Before I talk about Sissy Toy Party With Sarina with Sasha de Sade and Sarina Valentina, a few words about High Class Escortt on In Sasha’s words first, “Tonight I am your personal, devoted escortt, wearing the special clothes you’ve bought me <3,” says your personal high class escortt. “I have your permission to play with the pink fucksleeve you bought me, on one condition: I MUST NOT CUM. But being the helpless fuckslut that I am, I get carried away and disobey your order – to my shame! Fluttering my big blue eyes, I beg for your forgiveness and swear I will do anything, if you just promise not to leave me… after all, I LOVE you, Daddie.”

A little lingerie, fishnet stockings and tall, slutty platform heels – could Sasha de Sade possibly make a sexier escortt? I think not, especially when she reveals what’s underneath her skimpy outfit. She knows that you’ll eventually want to see her laying across the bed with her supple breasts exposed with the wide circle of her aureole encircling her nipples. The tiny straps of her outfit wrap around Sasha’s trim waist. Just below that, her bare cock lays across the smoothest set of pink balls. And her cock is extending with her lust for you.

Both before and after she’s stripped down to her stockings and heels, it’s obvious that there’s not an angle you can possible miss when viewing her firm bottom. “So now I’m all exposed,” she purrs. “Does that make it easier to use me?” Is that a submissive enough question for you? Does it give you a raging hardon when Sasha promises to submit to your every wicked desire?

Once Sasha’s cock is fully engorged, it looks so big while she’s fucking her rubber sleeve. You know the feeling of pouring a generous amount of lube across your cock head and shaft. You have a good sense of how you’ll feel right before you’re going to cum. You can anticipate the feeling your rental girl will experience while she’s shuddering in orgasm against you. Once Sasha milks every last drop of creamy white cum out of her big dick, you two still have more erotic fun left ahead of you. She’s not going away until you cum also.

This is a lifestyle and I adore it. Sasha and obviously megastar Sarina of loves it. This sissy toy party seems so innocent even when the sissies are discussing the things Daddy likes t see them doing with their huge toy. But things turn from mild to wild when Sarina curls her fingers around her sissy sister’s erection and runs the vibrating tip of the huge toy across her cock head.

Sasha repeats the process with Sarina’s sissy clit and they strip their lovely torso’s completely bare! There’s an oily fap session and some cock sucking, sissy cream exploding and cummy kissing too!

TGirls.Porn: Sarina Valentina & Sasha De Sade

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This isn’t the first time I’ve seen Sarina Valentina and Sasha De Sade together. It’s the first time I’ve seen them together on TGirl.Porn. They’re on each other’s official websites. Let’s begin with the official announcement of this monumental event: An absolute blockbuster of an update in store for our beloved members this week as two of the industries biggest names intertwine for an all-blonde, rip-roaring XXX set to make serious waves! Sarina Valentina and Sasha De Sade is one helluva dream combination which we’ve just been itching to unveil to the world – and it’s all here, right now, in crystal 4K on TGirls.Porn!

Sarina: “I love meeting new and international talent, so I was excited when I heard that Sasha De Sade was coming to Vegas! I love her sissy bimbo look, and felt that us working together would be a surefire way to make my comeback to shooting studio hardcores memorable! Mistress Murmur was kind enough to turn Sasha over into my care, and I just knew I had to make my mark on her and experience that cute British cock! After all, there’s nothing I like more than taking advantage of an eager fan… ;)”

Sasha: “Sarina was one of my biggest role models even before I even transitioned so it was amazing to get to know her in person! Since we had so much sexual chemistry and were having fun playing around while we were living together it seemed unfair to our fans if we didn’t film at least one glam & sexy hardcore for a studio, and Grooby was the obvious choice with Mistress Murmur behind the camera <3 I hope seeing me go bareback deep into Sarina’s ass gets you horny – you can see it got us off!”

This TGirls.Porn hardcore production took me on a trip down memory lane. I first started raving about Sarina Valentina about eight years ago when she was known as Alexis. Her official website launched in late 2010 and no one following the trans adult industry back then was surprised about rapidly becoming a major success.

I was honored to present Sasha’s interview with the UK’s PornOCD here on TS Dreamland and my own interview with Sasha on Caramel’s TGirls. Being that she’s one of my all-time favorite performer’s and the queen of everything,

My friend Sasha’s incredible website is!

Fuckslut Sisters: Sarina Valentina & Sasha De Sade

I imagined that this amazing video and photo set would also be uploaded on and it is in fact on BOTH WEBSITES. I got the images I’m sharing with you from Sasha’s site.

MP4 Scene Trailer

Sarina’s long-running site is amazing but I’ve become quite intimate with Sasha’s since I have the exclusive PornOCD interview with her here on TS Dreamland and my own interview with her on Caramel’s TGirls here. Producer Mistress Murmer presents the Fuckslut Sisters: Sarina Valentina & Sasha De Sade with Sasha having trouble sleeping. She awakens Sarina who’s in cuddling distance in their bed. Sarina’s not upset by Sasha’s restlessness as they spent about five hours on their makeup earlier tonight and didn’t even get fucked!

Sasha asks Sarina if they can play before they go to sleep and Sarina acts coy like she doesn’t understand what that means. So Sasha reaches beneath her girly girl mate’s petticoats and rubs the center of her diaper. At this moment I realize this scene is most likely going to go to some of my favorite rare places. Sasha is forever pushing the limits and exposing fans to new taboos and little-known subjects.

She’s also the one of the only stars in trans porn to delivers a unique perspective and knowledge of true fetish and BDSM content. We sometimes see it on major studio porn sites but it often comes off as staged and rehearsed. At any rate, Sasha is also wearing diapers and they’ve got some playful exploring to do. One of the things Sasha and I have discussed is our adoration for sissy content. We simply do not feel offended by trans porn embracing sissy porn. There are plenty of errors in social media that confuse issues but that’s not a problem here at all – absolutely nothing to be confused about.

This is also a comeback to hardcore content for Sarina that’s sorely been missed. Here, we get to see her sucking cock again and getting fucked bareback!

And have you seen the way Sasha can fuck yet? Have you seen her cum? If seeing it with Sasha and Sarina is about to be your first time, I think you might be hooked for life.

Behind the Scenes: Eva Paradis and Sarina Valentina

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Until now, I thought that the only common professional thread linking Eva Paradis to Sarina Valentina was that they’re both part of the TGirl Network of 30 trans megastars – some with frequent updates and others with coveted archives. Three days ago, I raved about Eva’s performance on another favorite network of mine, but on her own network with Sarina, there’s a lush transbian set that knocked my socks off like no other teaser in recent history. If you’ve been keeping up with either Eva or Sarina, you’ll recognize the setting from previous scenes I’ve raved about. The behind-the-scenes video includes kissing, mutual breast admiration and, ass play and a little cock sucking. This scene appears on both and It seems to me more like and exquisitely filmed, wordless reminder that if you want full access to both of these incredibly prolific beauties, you have the option of subscribing to the TGirl Network for all of their content and a whole lot more.

Sarina Valentina – A Shoot with Radius Dark

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Photographer extraordinaire Radius Dark had the honor of shooting megastar Sarina Valentina for her second performance on Shemale Yum. I’m a die-hard fan in the middle of an interview with her for Transformation Magazine. If you’re one also, I’m sure you’ll remember her debut about six years ago on this site. She was then also as Alexis Saige before her official website was launched. Dark films Sarina re-introducing herself and talking about how she’s loved living in Las Vegas, Nevada for seven years. The conversation turns sexual quickly and mentions a sex toy she’s brought along for this shoot. Her sexual preferences have evolved in recent years and she’s much more versatile than before. I learned things from Mr. Dark’s interview with Sarina that will help with my interview with her. What I already knew however was that this Philadelphia native is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. She’s a better performer than ever, also. Sarina isn’t shy at all about talking while stripping and masturbating. This scene brings out the best of her with something for everyone. If you have a boob thing, or you like big butts, or if you have a foot fetish, she covers all the bases. I almost forgot to mention the exquisite way she strokes her stiff cock. I don’t know how that almost happened. I can’t wait to see her follow-up video on Shemale Yum. I also love that she’s still regularly updating her own magnificent website which you can also join with a Sarina Valentina TGirl Network multi-pass.

Sarina Valentina In Bed

Hi, from Caramel. I have to remember to introduce myself with adult industry reviewer and interviewer PornOCD running TS Dreamland with me as of yesterday, you’ll be hearing from both of us from now on. Last month, I presented my Caramel’s TGirls interview with my favorite male Chaturbate webcam performer, Ashton Abrahms. This talented and gorgeous young man has performed with his beautiful girlfriend Sarina Valentina who I’ve been raving about for years. My interview with Sarina is in the works right now and she’s even sweeter than I imagined she’s be. As many of you know, she’s also sexy as fuck. This sample photo gallery is from her “Fuck Me In Bed” set. It comes with a scorching hot “Solo In Bed” video that begins with Sarina introducing herself while sitting on the bed in lingerie. It ends with Sarina cumming while she lies back on the bed. This is one of Sarina’s more glam photo and video sets. In my interview with Ashton, he told me that he’ll be shooting new edgy content. I told Sarina I was really curious about her BDSM content and her kinkier side. It was so interesting to learn more about the darker side one of the most downloaded trans women on the Net. I’m so excited about the way our interview is going. Meanwhile, I urge you to check out her incredible new work on the official Sarina Valentina website which is part of The TGirl Network. If you don’t just visit the Transsexuals room on Chaturbate, you can find her talented boyfriend in the Male room=ashtonabrahms.

Sarina Valentina and Ashton Abrahms POV

One of the most downloaded trans women of all time has made an extraordinary POV scene for her official Sarina Valentina website. The big point-of-view cock in this new scene belongs to an absolutely gorgeous young man I interviewed recently on Caramel’s TGirls by the name of Ashton Abrahms. He’s Sarina’s boyfriend who you can see performing live on Chaturbate in room=ashtonabrahms which is my favorite webcam site. If you don’t care about the Andrew Christian under garment loving slender male star, Sarina Valentina is more than enough of a visual smorgasbord to feast on. Wearing nothing but green jewelry and eye shadow, she looks stunning as she sucks on Ashton’s long member. She openly confesses her love of sucking his dick, slaps her pretty face with it and tea bags his hefty balls. This POV scene works for me even though the cock in my panties is a black one. I simply can’t watch it without developing a raging erection. Before Ashton, Sarina has done hardcore interracial sex updates on her top shelf website, so there’s no reason to think she wouldn’t do IR porn. She has and it’s fantastic. It’s actually another thing to love about Sarina especially in these times of extreme racial tension. The photo set with Sarina and her hung mystery man is hi-res perfection and the video ends with the delivery of cream from my favorite male performer on the Net. Oh by the way, you can see Ashton fucking Sarina, too! You can stream or download the videos and save the photo sets on the official Sarina Valentina website or and The TGirl Network with Penny Tyler, Victoria di Prada, Mandy Mitchell, Ashley George, Angelina Torres, Sunshyne Monroe, Olivia Love, Kimber James (and Busty Kimber), Tiffany Starr, Kelly Clare, Vaniity, TS Jesse, Eva Paradis, Nody Nadia, Mia Isabella, Jessica Fox, Kimber Lee, Natassia Dreams, Jonelle Brooks, Natalia Coxx, Sexxxy Jade, Carmen Moore, Jasmine Jewels, Morgan Bailey, Bianka Nascimento and Adriana Lynn Rush.

Sarina Valentina in Sarina Bed

When is the last time you’ve seen Philadelphia born trans porn icon Sarina Valentina in a solo or hardcore video? If you haven’t yet, you must be new to this niche. Her official website launched in the summer of 2010 and the archive of content is mind-blowing. Before that, her amateur modeling as Alexis Saige led me believe that she could embark on a superstar career in the adult entertainment industry. Not only did she accomplish that, but she did it with class. You won’t find Sarina Valentina in flame wars on social media. She’s also refreshingly humble. Sarina was reportedly was a shy, introverted kid who started her transition as early as 14. She has been suffering from severe pain from black market silicone injections she had at age 18. You may donate to her medical surgery fund at Give Forward. She’s also a part of the TGirl Network of 29 of the most incredible transsexual stars to grace the Internet. I’m trying to imagine what it must be like for an admirer who has never see trans porn before seeing the “Sarina Bed” photo set and video. The solo scene is 14 minutes of HD eye candy in which Sarina speaks and masturbates in a way that makes it seem like it’s especially for you. It ends with Sarina licking her full lips and long talons, and asking if you’d like to taste her cum as it dribbles out of her swollen cockhead. It’s all happening now on the official Sarina Valentina website from the TGirl Network.

Sarina Valentina Phone a Fuck Buddy



I’ve been a lifestyle Mistress for several years and perhaps that’s why the term “sissy” doesn’t offend me. Some of my favorite playmates identify themselves as sissies. However, there’s a lot of confusion in social media about what this all means. I can totally understand when a transsexual sees her photograph in a sissy caption. I’d be offended by that, myself. A true sissy to me is a part-time girl who likes to be humiliate, not a 24/7 transsexual. But there are a few exceptions and one of them is during roleplay. For example, in the follow-up video to the first hardcore scene with webcam performer Ashton Abrahms and Sarina Valentina, you’ll here the term tossed around loosely. If you’re a kinkster like me who understands the appropriate time and place for a such a term, you’ll get it. You might even find it an additional turn on like I did. I personally would have been incredibly aroused seeing ravishing Sarina having hardcore sex with the male beauty Ashton in itself. As a matter of fact, Sarina’s sultry interaction before her hung boy toy even showed up is cum-worthy. When the sex begins however, Ashton the verbal humiliation you’d find in a BDSM video in spite of the glamorous trappings of the scene. He emplys it when he’s tossing Sarina’s salad, sucking her cock, getting his prick sucked and fucking Sarina bareback. If you like girls with something extra, this is transsexual porn with something extra. This is not a pass to use the term loosely. Use it, and your sissy if you have one, responsibly. Meanwhile, watch ashtonabrahms on Chaturbate with the porn icon again on

Sarina Valentina and Ashton Abrahms




Sarina Valentina is absolutely exquisite in a hardcore bareback scene with pretty boy Ashton Abrahms in his first official porn scene. I’ve seen him on YouTube with Sarina and also on Chaturbate (room=ashtonabrahms). He’s only 18 years old (July 8, 1996) and at the top of the transsexual porn food chain already with just one scene, “The Sweet Taste of Cum.” Can you imagine what it must be like to be in your 1st TS porn feature with Sarina as your co-star? “The Sweet Taste of Cum” title of their scene must have been chosen after it was shot because during the shooting. Sarina asked for it on her ass and inside her before Ashton blasted his spunk across her face and in her mouth. This torrid scene is one of the hardest poundings I’ve seen Sarina take! That’s what she gets for losing a game of checkers? What would have happened if she’d won?

Jessy Dubai Fucks Sarina Valentina

I drove myself half crazy looking for this hardcore scene I’d already downloaded from the official Sarina Valentina website with Jessy Dubai. That’s because it’s one of the best transbian flicks I’ve ever seen. But here it is again and I can stop filing through my archives to see Jessy fucking Sarina silly. When I first saw this scene, I had no idea that Jessy would have a TransErotica network site, but I know now. This isn’t the first time Jessy has had an official website, but the stars seemed to have lined up for the best showcase for the two trophy winner at the 2015 Transgender Erotic Awards and 2015 XCritic Best Transsexual Performer. Jessy performs with the top male talents as well. Then there are her incredible solo performances not to be missed. Check out the trailer and sample photo gallery. You can also watch more video previews and see more photos of the official Jessy Dubai website!