Two TGirls – Bikini Virgin Gets Fucked

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Casey Kisses and Sarina Havok star on in Bikini Virgin Gets Fucked” After things heat up under the sun, they set fire when the girls return home and fuck! It’s the first time that Sarina Havok has EVER been fucked! Who better than Casey Kisses to help her lose her virginity!? Who would want to lose their virginity and not have a fox like Casey to take it?

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This is the burning question from the official synopsis from Since this is such a plot-driven scene I just had to see how it played out, not to mention that it stars two of my favorite adult entertainment stars. We’re gonna skip the humor with this update. Right after Sarina says she’s not into guys during a little small talk with Casey they begin making out. This is one pretty and passionate sight. Sarina’s character may be a virgin but she’s no stranger to sucking cock. I can tell by her technique and by how fast Casey develops a boner!

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When the favor is returned Sarina gets a stiffie in no time flat. I’m so glad that this scene has a bikini theme. There’s not much to do to render these babes completely naked. It would be a shame to hide a single inch of their amazing bodies. Casey does all the fucking and you’d think I could name the hottest position they screw in but I can’t. One moment I think I’m seeing the best sequence and then there’s another one. It’s just delicious all throughout and right up to the sizzling cummy kiss at the end.

TGirls.Porn: Sarina Havok & Robin Coffins

“Sarina Havok Metal Queen Of The North Is Here!” and “Come Play With Sarina On Bed!” on the Canada TGirl site produced by Vito introduced me to Sarina Havok before I saw “Sarina Havok & Robin Coffins on TGirlsPorn. Sarina’s Canada TGirl debut with the exception of outdoor noises starts out quietly with the model posing near a window in a killer outfit looking like a supreme dominatrix. It’s bold and confrontational with Sarina gazing at us with an, “I know you want me,” look in her eyes. There’s a frontal glimpse of cock at first and it appears once again from behind when she bares her heart shaped ass. Her full-fledged fap session continues while seated on a table with a gravity-defying erection. Sarina’s moaning is audible but then she simulates giving a blowjob with a dildo and she’s silent again.Her sensual sounds resume while she jacks off and dildo fucks herself at the same time. The message is clear although she remains wordless. It’s basically, “Jerk off with me until you cum.” In her repeat performance in the bedroom, Sarina is looking gorgeous but behaving as mysteriously as before. Who is she texting as she lays across the bed? Her casual wear is in stark contrast with her previous BDSM outfit but there’s no dialogue again. I know that she likes a little nipple pinching when she makes herself cum but that’s about it. So the two scenes of Sarina on the multisite present this new model revealing her sexual side but not remaining mysterious otherwise.

Vito flips the script on TGirls.Porn with Sarina and Robin with whom Sarina runs a pro website with and that’s I love mysteries but I want them all to end at some point. Curiosity may have killed the cat but satisfaction brought it back. If you’re okay with people who pretend to be Goth, go somewhere else. These girls are the real deal. I’ve been deeply engaged in the Fetish and BDSM worlds for many years and these two even scare me a little bit! In a good way. Their beauty is frightening. Is this TGirls.Porn packed with dialogue that tells us more about Sarina? No, not verbally. But this bareback blowout tells me a hell of a lot about Sarina I didn’t know and a lot about Robin too!

Sarina: “This shoot was fantastic, I had a wonderful time working with Grooby again! It was a fun new experience that I will get to look back on forever! (An addition to my mental Spank Bank. ;p ). It was really nice to get to do a real shoot with Robin, she has this passion that lights a fire inside of you that I just love and I think you’ll really be able to feel it!”

Robin: “It was like a dream. Perfect, enchanting, blissful… Sarina just fills the bed room with her presence. Leaving you begging for more. In a sense that, she just captivates you and you have centered all of your attention on her and can’t focus on anything else but her aura. My climax wouldn’t necessarily be my favourite part though… Clearly I get more gratification when she does. So what turns me on the most is to excite her and make her desire me….”

I’ve seen all of Vito’s work and this is his most cinematic production to date and you can watch a free teaser trailer on TGirls.Porn.

Review by @tscaramel on Twitter