TGirls.Porn: Coco Dahlia & Robyn Flightsy

Coco is using almost exact replica of my vape mod and tank at the beginning of this hot new TGirls.Porn scene. Some people think everyone vapes to be trendy but it’s helped me stay tobacco free for 8 months. But you didn’t come here to read about my new healthier lifestyle. And that’s okay. Let’s get to the sex.

Coco: “It was suuuper fun shooting with Robyn! She was super sweet and soft and cute. Love shooting with girls in general but she was one of my faves. For a newbie she def fucked like a pro, and it was awesome have a co-star that i could just chat and vape with. She definitely could blow hehe!”

Robyn: “Shooting with Coco Dahlia was amazing! She’s a petite doll and a vaping queen! We compared our tanks and mods and how we blow clouds before we proceeded inside to compare how we’d blow each other. After our friendly competition we took turns fucking each other. I’m not too sure who blows the best but in the end she blew her load on my face and in my mouth, delish!”

The final update of 2017 for TGirls.Porn is delivered by a type porn Santa by the name of Omar Wax. This is Texas native Coco’s fifth scene on the site and it’s so obvious when you watch her scenes why she keeps being asked to return. She’s not only super sexy and cute as a button. She’s also incredibly verse. She made her debut on this site with Chanel Santini, returned for a romp with Candi Licious, then back again with Valentina Mia.

Next up was a scene with blazing hot Jenny Flowers and now she’s with gorgeous Robyn Flightsy of New Mexico who flew to Houston for this shoot. Mr. Wax introduced us to Robyn on and her “Very Very Naughty Robyn Flightsy!” encore in July of 2017. As a Coco fan from her amateur days and through her major studio work also on, I knew she’s knock this one out of the park. But what about Robyn? I’ve never seen her in a hardcore scene before.

From watching this scene, I have no doubt that Robyn could have gone on fucking Coco for much longer than required. The fucking suddenly switches to Coco as the top with Robyn taking a pounding as her stiff dick oozes pre-cum. Robyn asks Coco to cum on her face when they’re not even in a position to make this happen. But Coco complies by sitting in a chair while rubbing out a big cum shot right across Robyn’s face and inside her mouth!