Femout.XXX: Oregon Doll Returns!

The feedback I get about River Enza from her fans is that they love looking at gorgeous models, but that River has an edge because she’s so interesting. Few people know that River is a proud US Navy veteran because she’s modest when it comes to tooting her own horn. We need to thank her for her service.

That modesty is such a charming quality about a BDSM slave-girl and River’s gorgeous Master Goddess Kayaa keeps whatever attitude might develop in check. Some River fans tell me they’re foot fetishists and her watching her flexing her sky-high arches make them cum hard. That’s reinforced by Foot Fetish TS – River Enza.

Her new shoot on Femout.XXX produced by Radius Dark gives me too wide a variety of feels to pin down to just one. Mr. Dark also produced all three of River’s Femout.XXX scenes as well as TGirls.Porn River Enza & Shiri – a trans lesbian hardcore scene that I raved about (Check out that trailer of you haven’t seen it).

One particular edge River has as a model obviously comes from being a Yoga enthusiast and teacher-in-training. She’s so incredibly flexible. River states her young age and Portland, Oregon filming and residential location when her 3rd Femout scene begins rolling. I start wishing I had a g-spot in the back of my throat like River when she says she can almost cum from sucking cock. I didn’t think that act could get better than it already is.

River isn’t interested in forcefully fucking someone’s throat. But she wouldn’t mind having her cock sucked while another one is fucking her tight ass deeply. We’re talking about just a gentle massage with someone’s lips on River’s dick. River proceeds to draw attention to the way her boobs have been growing and damn! It’s crystal clear once she mentions it if you’ve witnessed her previous appearances. River’s new thing is hard nipple squeezing and Dom(mes) out there with penises just might develop painful erections watching River demonstrate this.

To sum things up, River would like you to be a little bit hard on her nipples, soft on her cock, hard on the ass and deep in the throat. I haven’t even described the first full 3 minutes of this magnificent Femout.XXX update. The vibrator and penis pump sequences are simply remarkable!

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Shemale Strokers: River Enza

Shemale Strokers Synopsis: Pixie dream girl River Enza is really into graphic novels, comic books, and online digital art. But she’s also a rope bottom with a year of anal training from her Mistress and Her kinky friends. As she has branched out sexually, she has realized that she feels the most pleasure by pleasing others. This bondage babe in pigtails loves protocol, rules, and being uncomfortable. You notice that by now, she is stroking her big, erect cock beneath her little pink dress. Her Master made her save up all her cum this week, and her juicy balls are full of lady jizz.

She’s an uninhibited sex fairy, and will do whatever you like. Do you want to eat her trans pussy? It feels funny at first, but she like it. You know how to lick and suck her just right. Take your tongue and lick all the way from her asshole to the tip of her girl cock. Now, she’s ready for you to fuck her. So she mounts the rocking sex machine and rides a huge, black dildo. She takes it deep and fast, but when she’s ready to cum she brings out another fun toy. She penetrates herself with a vibrating dildo while tugging on her big clit until she squeezes out milky mess.

I don’t know who does these shemalestrokers.com write-ups but they never fail to get me aroused. As you can see I have a hard time editing them down. About River Enza, I always see as half of a full package of hotness, the submissive half.

The dominant side of this union is possessed by Goddess Kyaa whose path to womanhood was somewhat different. She was born female. They’re from Portland, Oregon and River explains how she caters to her Master with juicy details. She enjoys the best of the best herb and loves great Asian food. River grew up in New Mexico near Santa Fe so she’s accustomed to spicy things. I like seeing River be the spicy thing and after giving very interesting facts about her transition, she turns up the heat.

Some shemalestrokers.com interviews are at the same level as the strip show and ending that that website promises. This is one of them. It satisfies what’s between my ears as much as what’s between my legs.

River Enza by Radius

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery 

Usually when a trans model makes their major studio debut, and I know at least a few things about them before that happens, I usually don’t know much or anything about their partners. In this case, I may have known about gorgeous River Enza’s stunning cisgender female partner before learning about River. Since I follow BDSM porn as much as I get into trans porn, I knew that before this Femout.XXX debut, there was no way that River was going to be interviewed without mentioning Goddess Kyaa. If not, she’d have hell to pay after the shoot with Radius Dark. I love how Radius gets models to open up in preliminary interviews before, during or after all the naughty things happen. With River’s background fresh in my mind and this style of filming, this is much more than just a strip and stroke set. As erotic as it is on a purely visual level, it’s also brain food. I’m no BDSM expert, but rather a lifestyler who’s been into the scene for well over a decade. I continuously learn a lot from different types of relationship dynamics to consider in my own real life situations. I’m really happy for River and Enza for making this Femout.XXX major studio debut and congratulate her on her recent marriage to Goddess Kyaa. She reveals this Domination/submission event looking radiant while sitting in bed and gives us her physical stats. River tells us about her hobbies and lifestyle. Shibari is the Japanese art of rope work if you’re not into the scene and River talks about how she indulges in it with her Master. Yes, it’s a Master/slave relationship. River has a beautiful voice and I find myself wondering if she can sing while she describes a sexual experience. It was a threesome and both of her partners were extremely dominant with her. I’m particularly interested and aroused by River’s recollection of what the Dominant male partner made her do since I’m already quite familiar with the way Goddess Kyaa puts her through the paces. River begins playing with her cock while speaking and it grows stiff as she relives the threesome. Sub space details like how she has things done that she likes and doesn’t like at the same time is a thrill I know other kinksters will get a big kick out of. In closing, what you’ll see here is the result of a consummate web cam broadcaster on chaturbate.com/river_enza who’s mastered the art of sexy dialogue to enhance her stripping and hard cock stroking. It’s a lot more than just another hot looking scene to cum to. That work with the Aneros Helix silicone prostage massager is hot too! So is her body-quaking, tit-jiggling climax in her follow-up scene.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on Femout.XXX
You can Watch the Free Trailer on Femout.XXX