DanniXXX – The Lake and The Fisherman

Gorgeous superstar Aspen Brooks returns with a brand new hardcore scene shot by Radius Dark! She is joined by Rick Fantana and she’s ready to pound his ass hard! Aspen calls Rick to crawl over and suck her cock. Then she walks him to the bed, eats his ass and then sucks his cock. Watch Aspen pounding Rick’s ass in multiple positions until all ends up with two hot cumshots and a messy cummy kiss!

This is Aspen’s fifth TGirls.XXX performance and her second hardcore set on the site! Rob Yaeger topped Aspen in her last hardcore scene but she’s the aggressor with her new partner, Rick Fantana. Aspen and Rick have great chemistry as performers and Aspen’s thick cock and Rick’s bubble butt are the perfect match. His masculine body might be my favorite of its kind in the industry to see getting fucked! Anyone who knows me knows I’m into more feminine forms when it comes to bottoms. Rick is one of those exceptions.

Although Aspen isn’t dressed in official dominatrix regalia, she behaves like an experienced Domme from the start with a “forced” blowjob. She towers over kneeling Rick who appropriately wears a thong. Rick is allowed to jerk off while sucking Aspen’s swollen prick. No one has stated that this is an official BDSM video. However, it closely resembles one. Rick is ordered to remove Aspen’s tall sandals and his cock sucking duties continue. The aerial view Mr. Dark manages to capture works perfectly with the on goings of this sequence.

It’s crystal clear what will eventually happen when Rick is seen kneeling face down on the bed with Aspen and her big hard dick right behind him. But what happens first is a rim job from the aggressive young beauty. It continues when Rick is on his back with his girlish, hairless legs thrust into the air.

Aspens grinds their erections in her grasp and gives Rick head while jerking herself off. The moment of truth finally comes with Rick in the doggy style position with his thong pulled just below the shelf of his curvaceous ass. Aspen eases her bare cock inside him slowly. She thrusts faster and faster while grabbing Rick by the hair. Then she fucks Rick while he’s on his back. Then Rick straddles Aspen to ride her cock from above! This is not the last position they find themselves in before Aspen shoots her creamy load across Ricks face in this Domination/submission masterpiece on TGirls.XXX!

TS Seduction: Venus Lux & Rick Fantana

MP4 Scene Trailer

TS Dreamland is proud to offer 30% off on Kink Unlimited – Kink.com – All 30 Channels. “Venus Lux Takes Down The Building Manager” stars trans icon Venus Lux with the fantastic adult industry sensation Rick Fantana! The official synopsis reads: Venus Lux is fed up with Rick Fantana’s poor management of her apartment complex. She confronts him while he’s on his “break” then breaks him down! With the threat of getting him fired, she makes him worship her from the feet up, feeds him her delicious hard cock, and rips him out of his clothes to do with as she pleases. She spanks him then fucks him hard and deep, until the manager who first resisted now begs for more!

This is Rick’s first time on TS Seduction and Venus has been here several times before as well as on TS Pussy Hunters.The muscular specimen of male pulchritude loves getting fucked in the ass and he gets it fast and hard from this sex goddess.

Venus loves getting begged for more cock when she’s getting sucked – no tiny little moans and groans. Rick isn’t crazy about spitting or face slapping. Otherwise, there aren’t many hard limits for either actor.

The scene begins with Rick enjoying a smoke while flipping through a porn mag. After getting turned on by the nude photos, he puts the magazine on the desk and stands up to undo his jeans. It’s jerk off time for the apartment building manager. As he sits stroking his big cock to the porn mag pictures, Venus enters the office, shocked and disgusted by his lack of concern about being caught in the act. She’s already pissed off about the power going off before she was about to shower. Although he could care less, Rick complies with the order to pull his pants up.

Venus informs Rick that she’s been a good renter for nine years and that she could simply call the building owner and get his ass fired. Only then does he begin to take her seriously. When he’s about to make a call to get the power turned back on for Venus, she learns that he could have just easily taken care of the problem in the first place. Grabbing Rick forcefully by the hair, Venus informs Rick that she basically makes submissive bitches out of guys like Rick on a regular basis. The type of customer service demands she makes begins with having him remove her shoes to service her feet.

Once Venus is satisfied with her manual and oral foot worship, she orders Rick to remove his shirt and her leather domination corset. She has Rick sink to his knees and shoves his face against the bulge in her skirt. It’s a big one that swells hard and she informs Rick that he’s going to have to please it with his mouth. She then raises the hem of her skirt to expose the large erection straining against her panties. Next thing you know, Rick is giving Venus a deep blowjob. After priming Rick’s bubble butt with some slapping and finger banging, she begins fucking him bareback in the doggy style position! The scene ends with one of the biggest cumshots I’ve ever seen Venus Lux produce. I’ve seen a lot of them, mind you. I’m a huge fan of Venus-Lux.com.

Aubrey Kate Pounds Rick Fantana!

West Coast producer Blackula presents Aubrey Kate in a kinky bareback hardcore and electroplay update on Shemale.XXX with Rick Fantana! She summons Rick to her dungeon/workplace to punish him for not picking her up. She had to take an Uber home and although he explains that he had to work, that’s not an acceptable excuse. She binds him to a St. Mary’s cross and makes him admit that he likes it. Rick doesn’t remember saying he’s into pain however. But he finds out what it’s like to be shocked with electricity straight down his torso.

Poor Rick apologizes for not picking her up, but she’s just getting started. After pulling his pants down she grasps his bare cock and draws the shocker close to his balls. “Are you a little pain slut?” she asks while buzzing his balls. He shouts and writhes to try to get away, but there’s no way that his wrists can be freed. So he experiences the mixture of pleasure and pain as she zaps his nuts and sucks his cock.

Aubrey continuously buzzes Ricks growing erection between giving him head. She uses verbal humiliation while recalling the humiliation she felt while waiting for him to pick her up. She then has so much fun sucking his erection, she eventually drops the shocker.

Next, she uncuffs his wrists and leads him to a cushioned cage. His raging hard cock is standing straight out from his loins. Aubrey Kate’s cock stands out rock hard from her thighs as she makes her slave bend over the table to flog his bubble butt. She strokes her hardon while flogging him with the expertise of a professional dominatrix. Then she toys with his ass with both hands and gives him a finger banging. She forced him inside the cage next and resumes zapping his naked form.

There’s a hole at the top of the cage wide enough for the slave to stick his head through. This way he’s able to suck Aubrey’s cock and worship her fine ass the way she wants him to – with maximum discomfort! Her throbbing hard cock bounces and swings wildly every time it pops out of Rick’s mouth.

How far is she going to take this torment? Well, she going to fuck the hell out of him from behind with her full breasts jiggling as she humps away! Her initial thrust inside him when he’s on his back is going to hurt. But Rick’s cock is swollen stiff when she rams in and out of his ass, slapping it at the same time! Every moment of Aubrey Kate’s performance is remarkable to the last emotional moment. Rick is fantastic as her helpless submissive.

You can Watch the Free Trailer on Shemale.XXX

Lena Jade Enjoys A Good Fuck!

Radius Dark presents the third Lena Jade photo and video set and this is her first hardcore scene. The official shemaleyum.com description reads: Lena Jade is a little oral princess! With the ass of a goddess, perky tits, a dainty pink tongue and a perfect juicy cock, Lena lives to please (and does she ever!) At 5 foot 7, there’s few things in life she loves more than taking huge cock balls-deep in her tight ass or mouth (or both at the same time when the occasion arises!). In this smoking hot hardcore Lena gives Rick a sexy blowjob before she mounts him and starts riding his hard cock! Join these sexy lovers as they fuck their brains out! I’m also a fan of Lena’s live webcam performances on chaturbate.com/pinkyroader and you can sign up for a free registration. Tip generously to get hot chicks like Lena to cum faster.

This Shemale Yum performance, like her two previous ones, perfectly showcases how electrifying she is. She’s making out with Rick Fantana when this suck, fap and fuck scene begins. Ricks dry humping get Lena’s high-pitched moaning going and his devouring of her sensitive nipples sets her totally on fire. Lena’s cocksucking technique is captured to perfection is profile and POV footage. The rear view of Lena while riding Rick’s big prick is hot. I personally like the reverse cowgirl ride even better. Lena’s pretty dick bobbing up and down and swaying in circles ought to get you going, too. Rick completely rails Lena masterfully. She’s so turned on near the ending that her erection releases a torrent of creamy white cum. She drinks Rick’s spunk like it’s the best stuff she’s tasted in ages.

You can watch the Free Scene Trailer on shemaleyum.com

You can watch the Free Scene Trailer on shemaleyum.com