TransAngels: Monica Conti and Will Havoc

MP4 Scene Trailer Maid Serviced synopsis: Will Havoc can’t believe his eyes when his new house cleaner Monica Conti prances into his house wearing a skimpy maid outfit. Will tries his best to pay attention to anything else, but how can he focus on his work when Monica’s luscious legs and perky ass are shaking in his face? When Monica keeps interrupting him wearing fewer and fewer pieces of clothing, it becomes to clear to Will that this TS maid is more interested in cock than cleaning. Once Monica gets down on all fours, flaunts her womanly figure, and shows off her bulge, Will can’t resist any longer and fucks her tight ass right there on the kitchen counter! After all, getting down and dirty feels so much better than keeping it clean.

On the Internet’s most luxurious and upscale hardcore website, Will Havoc plays a businessman with sartorial elegance expertly. Italian adult actress nails it as the naughty maid for hire. However, since Will isn’t the one who hired her, he didn’t expect to be seduced while working on his laptop in the morning.

While watching Monica scrub the floor with a sponge while scantily clad, Will can’t take his eyes off her scantily clad figure. When Monica abruptly arises with her bucket of water and “accidentally” spills some across his dress pants, she rushes to dry him off with a towel.

She decides to make sure not to miss anything by unbuckling opening his belt and opening his belt. Will doesn’t resist when Monica licks the underside of his cock and takes her inside her mouth.

I’m so happy for Monica Conti for starring in a video. This is like nailing a top job. After this she can write her own ticket. Will Havoc is always superb sexually and his role as the businessman led astray in this video is a fine performance. This hardcore scene is scorching hot!

TS Seduction: Natassia Dreams & Reed Jameson

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“Nurse Natassia Takes Down the Patriarchy” features two hot stars I’ve seen so many times on Kink before, I thought they might have appeared together before. Their opening interview on TS Seduction set me straight. Reed is more of a Dom with women in his personal life, but obviously not here. The stunning hostess of is more of a switch, but she’s always an amazing top on this great site. What I like about the plot is that it mirrors something I’m familiar with in real life; most men I know who are controlling in their professional lives often like to turn that control over in the bedroom, or dungeon. The official set-up reads, “Dr. Jameson calls Nurse Natassia into his office because her wardrobe makes him uncomfortable. But Natassia knows the real source of his discomfort is her smoking hot body, big beautiful tits, and luscious ass. She knows he’s been jerking off to thoughts of her in her uniform and she refuses to let him push her around just because he can’t control his desire to worship her. She takes her uniform off to reveal her sexy lingerie and shoves her cock in his mouth before bending him over his desk and fucking his ass. Masturbation instruction, foot worship, and cum on nylon stockings show this doctor who’s really in charge.” This scene really heats up about 11 minutes in as Natassia spanks Reed’s bubble but while skull fucking him. She bends him over the desk to fuck him bareback with her stiff cock and it’s on! Mistress Natassia keeps fucking Reed for quite some time after forcing his climax. She closes the scene with a trememndous cumshot of her own. At the end of this TS Seduction scene, the doctor is left spent, bewildered and totally dominated. When the actors said they’d love to work together again, I was convinced they weren’t just saying that to be polite.