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Brunette fox Celine was raised in the South Wales valleys and the south of England. She stands at 5’5″, wears a size 12 dress, possesses 36DD breasts and her cock is 7″ circumcised inches when fully erect. It always seems to look even bigger to me when Celine is aroused because it’s so nice and thick. Blonde Polish star RedVex also sports a 7″ erection when she’s super horny and pierced C cup boobs. I’ve seen her having sex with Chilean Nikki Montero who owns and operates Latina Tranny more times than I can remember over the years. If you love smoking hot trans lesbian porn, you’re not going to want to miss out on that, not to mention Nicole’s website. But back to RedVex and Celine, I don’t know why I could care less about kissing in a TS/Male scene but two hot trans women making out drives me half out of my mind. This same sex passion is riveting. Then comes the heavy breathing and stiff cock stroking that takes things to a whole new level. This scene is a softcore gateway drug to the more hardcore action in the jam-packed archives of

Latina Tranny – Nikki Montero & RedVex

MP4 Gallery One
MP4 Gallery One

I’ve been seeing the gorgeous producer and pornstar Nikki Montero and Polish beauty RedVex sucking and fucking for a couple of years now. It never gets dull so I had to see their latest trysts, “Nikki n Shengen Area RedVex Warsaw Hotel” and “Warsaw Hotel Euro TS Sex”. It’s really a two part series and in the first scene, Nicole and RedVex hop on the bed all horny and ready to go. RedVex is already sporting a raging erection. Nikki is still wearing her pretty blue and white dress, but her blonde partner lifts the hem of the dress to reveal that she’s getting a boner too. She immediately leans down to give it a brief sucking. Nikki decides all this will be easier if she gets naked and RedVex doesn’t need to remove her skimpy lingerie and heels just yet. There’s easy access anyway with the sheer top and her stiff cock poking through the garment. Nikki lays back to enjoy a nice blowjob, then RedVex sits back on her heels to get her cock sucked. Then, RedVex devours Nikki’s pretty tits and nipples and gives her head again. After lots of passionate kissing and jerking off together, RedVex sheds her clothing until she’s down to her stay-up stockings and heels. Both of their big dicks are rock hard when Part 1 sadly comes to an end.

MP4 Gallery Two
MP4 Gallery Two

In the follow-up scene, there’s more sucking and frottage that makes me crave seeing RedVex fucking Nikki because it’s usually the other way around. Then it happens! RedVex pounds Nikki mercilessly in the missionary position. See how the rest of this scene plays out on Up next is Nikki Montero and teenage UK-Tgirl Jaycee from London – sucking each other cocks and washing a big black cock in the bathtub!

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Euro Zone RedVex and Christian on Latina Tranny

If you know about my countless raves about Nicole Montero’s Latina Tranny website and listened to my advice, you’ve seen her smoldering hot sex scenes with Polish beauty RedVex. Christian XXX of Pure-TS also had the chance to tap that ass on Latina Tranny. She lies back on the sofa with her large breasts bared with Christian’s big cock right at her entrance to ecstacy. All she has on are white stockings help up by a garter belt and black stiletto open-toe pumps. Red Vex pumps on her cock while the X man drills her bareback. “You love my ass don’t you, Christian?” she asks and “Yes I do,” he replies emphatically. Well not only do we know it’s tight, but her entire lower region is shaven smooth with curves in all the right places. Christian pushes her pumps off so he can grab her feet for leverage. They manage to kiss for a bit during the missionary position railing. There’s more cock sucking, a cowgirl ride, followed by yet more sucking and a reverse cowgirl hoisting. Red’s uncut cock flops up and down before our eyes until she starts stroking it again. She stares at us while humping up and down on Christian’s massive member in wide angle footage. In a classic Christian move, he gets Red Vex to hop off of his big schlong to sink to the floor and take her facial. This is yet another splendid hardcore scene on Latina Tranny and the SMC Network.

Red Vex on UK TGirls

Welcome to the return of Polish beauty Red Vex in the Bristol studio of UK TGirls. A tanatalizing striptease is enhanced by kitchen sex double-entendre. She reveals her big knockes first and caresses her pierced nipples. Red Vex stands facing us when she pulls down her panties. With the silver cock ring encircling her smooth-shaven balls and the shaft of her uncut cock, her goodies resemble an actual chastity device to me. Well, at least before the bulbous head emerges from its thin sheath. When she turns around and bends over to retrieve the dish she’s made, the view of her bare ass is incredible. Red Vex proceeds to fuck herself with what must be one of the biggest dildos ever made! She bangs herself with it from behind first, then fastens the suction bottom of it to the oven to ride it facing us. There’s another rear view and a side shot as well. What a pretty face and incredible body this babe has! Don’t miss the third spectacular performance by Red Vex on UK TGirls!

Nikki Montero and RedVex Schoolgirls



I’ve just watched the second installment of Nikki Montero and RedVex Schoolgirls on Latina Tranny and it could be my favorite scene with the gorgeous Chilean hostess and her super sexy Polish blonde partner. The 1st scene begins with Nicole and RedVex multiplying 2 times 2. They joke around a bit while sucking on their lollipops. Then RedVex begins to suck on the candy between Nikki’s legs. Then Nikki returns the favor while stroking her own big, stiff cock. My favorite part is the 69 footage. In Part Two, Nikki tells RedVex to fuck her mouth. The blonde’s uncut cock is raging hard and she shoves it in balls deep, making Nikki gag on it. But Nicole suppresses her gag reflex while RedVex skull fucks away doing erotic pushups above Nikki. Next comes the creme de la creme for me. Nikki is more often the top in her videos, but this time, her sexy ass is raised high in the air. RedVex fucks her bareback! Red’s ass looks so inviting, if you have a cock, you might find yourself craving to start a daisy chain. Things take a more serious turn when Nikki gets her erection sucked by her girlfriend and her rosebud fingered. Then it’s time for Nikki to fuck RedVex again. I don’t want to spoil the rest of the action in the other half of this scene. Watch the dramatic conclusion on Latina Tranny. But one more thing – both cumshots are absolutely incredible.