TGirls.Porn: Nikki Vidic & Red Vex

Nikki: “I’d previously met Red Vex at a party and I knew in a moment that I had to shoot with her. When we met again, we instantly connected and were instantly horny for each other. I loved sucking on her lovely cock, fucking her ass and enjoying her large shaft in my bum! In the end, I got to slurp on her delicious cum before blowing a load myself….heaven!!

Red Vex: “What can be better than one hung angel? Why two of them of course! Such a fun time with Nikki! I’d met her once before and seen her work for Grooby and she was always a bit of a crush of mine. Fucking and sucking each other off passionately in all positions until we covered each other in girl cum is definitely my favorite way to spend an evening!”

Aside from their new blazing hot hardcore masterpiece, these two gorgeous models share another common thread. Slovenian stunner Nikki has 6 smoking hot solo performances at UK-TGirls Nikki Vidic. Polish beauty Red Vex has 12 softcore and hardcore updates on the multi-site at UK-TGirls Red Vex.

A whopping 230 photos come with this 25:26 minute TGirls.Porn update! That makes it incredibly hard just to narrow down to a few favorite images for this review. Somehow I managed to power through with just a few of London producer Kalin’s fantastic images.

The action begins with just a snippet of a storyline – Red Vex enters the bedroom where Nikki is sleeping and joins her on the bed. Rapidly developing erections lead to mutual breast admiration and oral sex. Both girls fuck each other powerfully and that’s followed up by the most gonzo sex toy action you’ll see anywhere! There’s even single dildo fucking with foot sex at the same time. The cumshots in this TGirls.Porn update are outrageous!

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Red Vex on UK TGirls

I loved the third performance of Polish beauty Red Vex on UK TGirls with her seductive striptease in the Bristol kitchen. She reveals her large breasts with double-entendre dirty talk and stood facing us to pull down her panties. With a silver cock ring encircling her smooth-shaven balls and the shaft of her uncut cock, her family jewels resembeld a chastity device and I just love those things. When she turned around and bent over to retrieve the dish she made, the view of her bare ass was amazing. Red Vex proceeded to fuck herself with a huge dildo from behind first. Then she fastened the suction bottom to the oven to ride it facing us. There was another rear view and a side shot as well and both were devastating. In her fourth exclusive performance, Red Vex delivers a torrid bathing and toying scene. She opens her thirsty white bathrobe looking incredible in fishnet stockings and comfy slippers. The first sex toy play is with a beaded dildo, and she sits humps a big pink toy in the tub next. At this point, she’s gloriously naked and she then penetrates herself with a large black butt plug. It’s time for the big pink one again once she’s all wet and stroking her hardon. For the UK TGirls grand finale, Red Vex jerks off until her cumshot hits the bath water. She lies back and gazes at you with those pretty blue eyes and her thick spent cock poking up and out from her thighs. I highly recommend that you watch or download all of her scenes in succession.

Red Vex on UK TGirls

Welcome to the return of Polish beauty Red Vex in the Bristol studio of UK TGirls. A tanatalizing striptease is enhanced by kitchen sex double-entendre. She reveals her big knockes first and caresses her pierced nipples. Red Vex stands facing us when she pulls down her panties. With the silver cock ring encircling her smooth-shaven balls and the shaft of her uncut cock, her goodies resemble an actual chastity device to me. Well, at least before the bulbous head emerges from its thin sheath. When she turns around and bends over to retrieve the dish she’s made, the view of her bare ass is incredible. Red Vex proceeds to fuck herself with what must be one of the biggest dildos ever made! She bangs herself with it from behind first, then fastens the suction bottom of it to the oven to ride it facing us. There’s another rear view and a side shot as well. What a pretty face and incredible body this babe has! Don’t miss the third spectacular performance by Red Vex on UK TGirls!

TS Red Vex on Latina Tranny

The stunning Polish transsexual Red Vex gives Nikki Montero fans hope that if you’re nice enough to her, you might get your own solo and hardcore videos and photos on Latina Tranny. It helps if you also 69 with Nicole and let her fuck you bareback like Red Vex did for her megasite. You don’t have to be a blue-eyed blonde transsexual with C cup tits and a 6″ cock living in the UK who likes kinky sex including light BDSM and water sports. But it wouldn’t hurt, either. Click on each image for video previews and more photos of Red Vex!