Trans500: Simply Rebecca

If you love these photos, you should check out the scene trailer from or site. Rebecca Ferraz is a stupendous performer. With legs that seem to go on forever, she poses very elegantly while standing and seated, taking her time before getting naughty.

When Rebecca’s sexual nature kicks in, it comes with full breast exposure, an explicit butt show and her huge cock is as hard as a rock when we first see it outside of her panties.

Rebecca gives her big schlong a few strokes and then releases it. She then makes it swing from side to a horny pendulum.

While she masturbates in nothing but tall sandals with her back against the wall, you get to drink in her exquisite lines and curves from head to toe. She’s simply ravishing!

The second phase of Rebecca’s ass display takes place upon a bed and it’s absolutely glorious. She then moves onto her back and begins jerking off harder and faster than before.

It takes so long for Rebecca to get down to some ass play between fapping, I begin to wonder if she’s a total top. But then I remember the “Rebecca Gets Pounded” hardcore scene that you can preview. It’s from the section of the network and you’ll have full access to that area as well as a subscriber!