Poy – Big Black Cock

After a few clips of hung Poy posing seductively and slowly jerking off, she introduces herself in English. She’s a dark-skinned Thai trans but looks nothing like an American black trans girl of African Thai either (yet that’s most likely her true ethnic origin). But she does have an enormous dusky dick swinging beneath the hem of her red skirt.

This huge wang she’s stroking is uncut and she’s asking you to come suck it. Deep throating would not be an easy task. This scene focuses so much on Poy’s huge dick that it takes about two minutes for me to realize she has a pretty smile and nice long hair. Once she gets her skirt off, everything below her waist is bare.

She still has on a black top covering a rather large bosom. Her ass is small and curvy we see as she stands upon her bed. But we’re soon back to the focus on Poy’s schlong. Finally a few minutes into the scene, Poy bares and caresses her big boobs while her fap session continues. The head of her rod oozes copious amounts of pre-cum. Once her big tits are revealed, they’re clearly capped with cute little nipples. Auto focus pretty much spoils the effect of Poy’s cum shot, but apologies are made. I’m willing to forgive LadyboyCrush.com because there’s a huge archive of content.

Plus, this site is part of the LadyboyGold.com network. That means full access to a truly astounding amount of Thai trans content. By the way, the easiest way to browse what the full network has to offer is to run through LadyboyTube.com!

Gorgeous Poy’s Big Cumshot!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

The sample photo gallery is from Sexy Poy Fingers Herself! which is this Thai beauty’s Ladyboy-Ladyboy debut. In this video, Pretty Poy responds, “Good” when asked how she’s doing in her debut by the mastermind behind her Frank’s TGirl World debut. The 21 year old freelance dancer stands barefoot in a t-shirt and jeans rubbing her bulge and caressing her breasts as she answers another question. Poy likes to get fucked and can’t seem to stop smiling at the mention of it. Poy exposes her large breasts and teases her nipples before grasping the obviously growing bulge in her jeans. You can see the uncut head and about an inch of Poy’s cock through one of the holes. Poy isn’t wearing panties so when she unzips her jeans, it’s easy for her to show the base of her dick as she rubs it. Then she turns around to show off her curvaceous ass. First she spreads her cheeks explicitly and makes them jiggle. Facing the camera again, Poy allows her hard cock to spring forth from her jeans. Even when she strokes the shaft, the head is covered by a sheath of foreskin. Frank captures Poy’s erection bouncing and swaying until she removes her jeans. She does so while sitting on the stairs. Frank helps with his free hand to show off Poy’s winking rosebud again. In Gorgeous Poy’s Big Cumshot! which is her follow up scene, Poy is dressed sexier than in her debut in a black nightie and tall platform mule sandals. The look on her face is more serious this time and I think it’s because she knows she’s expected to make herself cum. She doesn’t need to remove the nightie because it pulls away in the front. It’s easy to see her raging hard cock when she parts the middle of it. But eventually, Poy pulls it open to fully expose her big tits also. Poy presents us with more rear and frontal views that are shot in scintillating closeups. While seated upon a glass table, Poys strokes her cock rapidly until streams of creamy white cum jet across the surface. There are two camera angle shots of Poy’s tremendous climax in her second Ladyboy-Ladyboy scene.

You Can Watch Poy's Free Trailer on Ladyboy-Ladyboy
You Can Watch Poy’s Free Trailer on Ladyboy-Ladyboy.com