TS Seduction: Sunshyne Monroe & Lance Hart

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I can’t top a scene description like this for “TS Hotty Sunshyne Monroe Drains Her Plumbers Throbbing Pipe”: While sipping wine in her kitchen, looking too cute in vintage stockings and apron, Sunshyne Monroe stands rubbing her cock on the outside of her dress, mesmerized by hired plumber Lance Hart’s round ass sticking out from under the kitchen sink. All the talk about deep clogged pipes, and lubricating pipes get Sunshyne rock hard. As Lance comes out from under the sink to give her the news, he can’t help but notice Sunshyne staring at him, jerking her hard dick. Lance sucks her throbbing cock with enthusiasm and little hesitation. Sunshyne strips to nothing but vintage stockings and garter exposing her perfect big tits and round booty. She then takes Lance to her bedroom where they eat each others asses in a hot sixty-nine.

Lance gets his ass pounded with his legs spread, jerking his dick with one hand and the other squeezing one of Sunshyne’s perfect tits, smirking up at Sunshyne’s pretty face like he’s found the promise land… I’ll add just a few of my own thoughts. I may be a bit biased because Sunshyne is one of the stars I’ve raved about most. Period. I adore producer/porn star Lance Hart and as a Sunshine State resident of over a decade, Lance runs Florida as far as I’m concerned.

That said, I’m not surprised that Sunshyne and Lance have never worked before because if they had, I wouldn’t have missed it. Nor am I not surprised that this feature isn’t in the usual BDSM niche of several other TS Seduction – Kink.com productions.

It begins with humor and then things turn serious when the plumber sees his client stroking her erection while admiring the sexy man at work. I love the contrasting cinematic touches as we move from the kitchen oral play to the bedroom bareback fucking. I’d love to see these two fine actors together again and the chemistry I seemed to feel worked so well was confirmed by both at the end.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue to enjoy their work on each other their official websites Sunshyneland.com and the PervOut network’s SweetFemdom.com.

Bailey Jay & Lance Hart in Slut Bonanza

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Just when I thought I’d seen every porno that Bailey Jay and Sweet Femdom and the PervOUT network pornstar/producer Lance Hart had made, I saw that a Slut Bonanza happened. On the TS-BaileyJay.com website and the TGirl Network, these two big names who remind us that Florida porn is a big deal, present us with a more explicit scene than the one I raved about last time. I live in the Sunshine State currently and believe me, there’s a lot great adult industry production going on here. Slut Bonanza opens with Bailey Jay and Lance making out on a sofa. After mutual oral exchanges, they kiss hungrily and resume sucking each other’s big, stiff cocks. Next, Bailey Jay fucks Lance in a variety of positions. She really fucks him hard and the scene ends with two powerful cumshots. I think of a “bonanza” as a large amount of something desirable. A slut bonanza is my favorite kind of bonanza, especially when it involves a tremendous railing like this one.

Eva Paradis & Lance Hart

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“Feet and Dirty Fuck” on Eva Paradis XXX is the full-length video and photo set I first raved about when I saw it on porn star and producer Lance Hart’s PervOut network. You may have seen my GIF-laden post here in April. It begins with Eva and Lance lying next to each other in bed doing a foot tease. Lance has a big bulge in is briefs and Eva’s full breasts and large cock are out already as she’s completely nude. Eva gets some breast loving while slowly beating off and then she withdraws and strokes Lance’s erection. Eva gets her boner sucked and scoots up on the bed to suck her partner’s stiff rod. After getting a brief salad tossing, Lance kisses and sucks on Eva’s pretty, pedicured toes and Eva continues to jerk off. Then they arrange themselves on the bed for mutual oral foot sex and jerking off. Lance gets a foot fuck next while Eva plays with strings of pre-cum oozing from the swollen head of her cock. This scene would have been tremendous if just one partner got railed. But Eva and Lance end up fucking each other! They also both have tremendous climaxes with lots of cum, but you’ll have to be a member to see how and where they explode. Some porn stars and producers don’t realize how fan retention is affected if they neglect to deliver a substantial amount of fetish content in their updates. These are two gorgeous, bright lights you’ll never have to worry about that with. I hope this scene is recognized in this year’s award season because it’s simply magnificent.

Eva Paradis on PervOut

When I raved about “Eva Paradis & Lance Hart: Nasty Sex” here on March 8, 2016, from the Eva Paradis XXX website, I thought it was the only performance of hers that co-starred Lance Hart, who founded the PervOut Network of Indie Porn. His empire is based in Tampa, Florida and it’s one of things that makes me the most proud about living in the Sunshine State as a 100% lifestyle kinkster. One of my favorite sites within the PervOut Network is Sweet Femdom and that’s how I found out that there was a lot more to the porn story of Eva and Lance. Suck Eva Paradis’s Cock, Foot Fetish Fucking, and Hardcore TS Fucking exposed me to a world of adult entertainment I’ve fallen head over heels in love with. Lance Hart’s PervOut as like a ’boutique’ of porn for a select few and I’m someone who feels most comfortable in this multi-genre network. With his movie star good looks, Lance Hart replied to questions about his sexuality by saying, “I’m a dude who had a long term girlfriend who happens to hook up with other dudes, girls and transgender people all over the Internet.” I would dare try to put a label on him as my wish is that no one would try to label me. Pornographer and/or porn performer extraordinaire is where it ends for me regarding Lance Hart’s sexuality. I’ve raved about Eva Paradis directly 10 times here on TS Dreamland, with countless tags including her work, so many readers already know how I feel about her. Eva’s work with Lance on the PervOut Network simply led me on a porn journey I don’t plan on ever returning from. I just can’t get over how late I am.