Black-TGirls: Peachez Returns!

The official description reads: Gorgeous Peachez is back! This sexy St. Louis cutie was discovered by KilaKali two years ago and she went on to shoot a few amazing solo and hardcore scenes with us. She’s returns now after a while and she looks smoking hot, better than ever! Watch her as she strips, twerks and strokes her hard cock just for you! So nice to have this young doll with us again! Also, Peachez is our first “Model of the Month” in 2018! Well deserved!

This is the 8th update with pretty Peachez including one hardcore scene and you should check out her visual porn resume on

Peachez starts out by undressing on the bed. It’s not at all complicated but it’s exquisite to watch. In less than three minutes she’s stroking her massive erection.

She’s one of the quietest returning models, but she’s apparently decided not to try and make an acting career develop from her strip and stroke videos.

With her twerking and full split talents, Peachez displays more dance abilities than anything else. I’d actually be surprised if I found out she’s not earning coin from dancing somewhere. This girl’s ass is a machine. Don’t miss seeing it in action on

Black-TGirls: Gorgeous Blonde Peachez Is Back!

Sample Photo Gallery
Sample Photo Gallery

KilaKali brings back Peachez on Black-TGirls allowing her string bikini top to spring loose in her latest video. I’m used to seeing her as a brunette, but I have to wonder if she’s having more fun as a blonde these days. Peachez is gorgeous and I think she can rock any hair color well. I’m not sure if you’ll notice her change of hair choices when you see that first nipple exposure and when she turns her back to the camera. Peachez moves her ass in ways that most girls would look silly doing. Part of that magic comes from the strength of her strong, sexy thighs. Peachez faces us again while firmly caressing her lovely hormone induced breasts. When she removes her bikini bottom, there’s a peek to catch of her smoothly shaven ball sack. Then she makes her booty clap loudly! If she’s ever worked in a strip club, she must have blown minds with the way she moves. Peaches is captured next with explicit closeup footage of her magnificent derriere. She does some finger banging from the rear and then seated with her legs raised and spread widely. She moans her pleasure while holding and hiding her cock and rubbing at her fun spot. After teasing mercilessly, Peachez reveals an extra-long, straining hard erection. It’s oiled, oozing pre-cum and ready to be stroked so she goes at it by manipulating it slowly yet firmly. This stunning St. Louis, Missouri native made her Black-TGirls debut in late 2015 and this is her 6th photo and video set including a smoking hot hardcore scene.

You can watch the Free Scene Trailer on
You can watch the Free Scene Trailer on 

Twitter: @tscaramel

Barely Legal Peachez on Black TGirls

St. Louis, Missouri native Peachez is a barely legal babe in another killer performance on Black TGirls. It’s not another hardcore scene like the one in which she got dicked down by Ninth Wonder. But her solo performances will make you want your Peachez in heavy cream, too. I first raved about her here the day before Christmas. She delivers another phenomenal twerk session and shows off her flexibilty by doing a full split. Her big balls kinda fall out of her panties, but she’d still get a 10 from me if this were a competition. I’ve been to some of the best strip clubs on the East Coast and I’ve never seen a chick move her ass better than Peachez does. After all this rump shakin’ ends, Kilakali films Peachez smiling and stroking her big dick. If you thought she was hot from behind, wait until you get a load of her pretty tits with their puffy nipples jiggling and that succulent dangerous-looking shlong between her pretty legs. I advise you to get everything Peachez has to offer you on Black TGirls.

Peachez on Black TGirls

Photographer KilaKali presents barely legal 5’6″ Peachez who was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. She’s a total bottom and I think the favorite position she was trying to describe is pile driver. She seems as sweet as she is gorgeous as KilaKali takes her through a brief interview. Peachez rises from the chair to remove her top first, revealing a lovely set of hormone boobs and super cute puffy nipples. Once her incrdible ass is bared, Peachez shakes it like she’s trying to break the sound barrier. I had to wonder if a Peachez twerk would go viral on YouTube. But it’s much more fun watching her on Black-TGirls with her low-slung balls swinging below her bottom. Suddenly, the high-pitched voice we heard speaking is now moaning because Peachez is treating herself to a finger banging. We see her masturbating first from behind and then get a wide angle full frontal view. Soon she’s stroking her extra-long cock with lots of oil and it’s making squishy sounds we’re all quite familiar with. Her puffy nipples are obviously very sensitive as she keeps squeezing them with her left hand while jerking off with her right one. If you’re an ass lover, the next view of her magnificent butt is devastating. Peachez is one of the most adorable sex kittens I’ve ever seen on Black-TGirls.