Delia-TS fucks Nina Lawless

She is one of my favorite performers on the scene today and it was really amazing working with her,” says Delia DeLions of Nina Lawless. “We had some great chemistry and it really comes across in this passionate scene.” I’ve downloaded and watched this bareback hardcore scene from Delia-TS and I’m keeping it stored forever. From the moment they start grinding their panty bulges together while sitting on the bed, I knew this would be a killer scene. Their French kissing was sensual and loving and Nina looked so gorgeous laying back to suck Delia’s cock stiff. Ravishing Delia transformed the scene from kind and sweet to torrid with her frottage and the blowjob she returned. Her finger banging and stroking of Nina’s cock kicked things up another notch. Nina returned oral favors again and the moment of truth came when Nina raised her incredible legs to receive Delia’s beautiful bare cock. If you miss this transbian instant classic on Delia-TS, watching the perfect balance of romance and power fucking with two seriously hung, busty and beautiful transwomen must not be your thing. Also check out the new official website!

TS Factor – Nina Lawless & Kassondra Raine

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Gorgeous redhead Kassondra Raine did webcam broadcasts for two years before she started doing major studio work in the adult industry. She was a Psychology major at UNLV and also worked in retail and at a marijuana dispenser in Las Vegas, Nevada until the operation unfolded. She loves her current work and only wishes that she started earlier. Unfortunately, I didn’t know about Kassondra’s webcam performances, but I’ve been a fan of her studio work for the last two years. As for stunning Nina Lawless, I was already a huge fan. Kassondra opens Scene #02 of TS Factor holding a hula hoop and twirling it around her trim waist. She looks stunning doing this topless with something of a silver micro-miniskirt over black panties. Famed Evil Angel Director Joey Silvera chimes in from the background as she’s seated and Kassondra invites Nina to come closer. She pulls standing Nina down for a kiss and admires the big tanned knockers before her with her lips and tongue. Nina returns the breast admiration and then Kassondra takes hold of the big bulge in Nina’s bodysuit. Nina’s big cock is almost as stiff as it can possibly get when Kassondra curls her fingers around the shaft. There’s some passionate kissing throughout a deep, slurping blowjob and handjob. The powerful fucking that Nina delivers is bareback with a series of position changes that culminates in a tremendous creamy white cumshot. Click here for more trailers from the TS Factor on Evil Angel.

Trans-Visions #06 – Nina Lawless & River Stark

Evil Angel has just released the first scene of Trans-Visions #06 ! I absolutely love this Joey Silvera directed Nina Lawless and River Stark video. I just heard about it yesterday and I downloaded the 55 and a half minute scene knowing pretty much what to expect this morning. Here is the MP4 Trailer. I knew that River was an Army veteran and I’ve gone into detail about her here before. I’ve been a fan of Nina Lawless for quite some time and I’ve mentioned her performances here quite often. When the scene opens, River goes into detail in her opening interview with Silvera and I learned more about her background and body than I knew before. She’s a serious cyclist, which explains why her body is so fit. I’ve mainly only seen River as a strict dominatrix in her performances on other website, however. Nina Lawless is totally versatile, so I think either one of these adult actresses could have been the more dominant partner. The rubbing together of thier big, stiff dicks within eight minutes of this video will back up my last statement. Good lawd. At any rate, the oral action in the beginning and end is totally mutual. Nina does all the digital penetration, so to speak. If you like big, creamy white cumshots, you will not be disappointed. I’ve yet to see the scenes starring Alex Victor, Deborah Mastronelly, Fernanda Cristine, Gisele Bittencourt , Jaqueline Dark, Sabrina Camargo and Tony Lee. But I know the work of these incredible performers as well, too. The end of Scene #01 of this Evil Angel joint is so sexy, there was no need for a money shot instant replay closeup. You can watch the trailers of Trans-Visions #06 now!

Nina Lawless and Jenna Justine on TS Playground

On TS Playground TS Nina Lawless and Jenna Justine are feeling each other up after a night out on the town. Nina’s huge erection pokes from her lingerie, and a blow job becomes an aggressive, deep-throat skull fucking. Nina tosses Justine’s salad and eats her pussy from behind, then alternates plowing Jenna’s pretty pussy and tight ass. Both girls were filmed completely naked which is a major plus since bodies this amazing ought to be fully displayed as often as possible. Not one of the 31 minutes was wasted. The carry-fuck might be the highlight of this torrid bareback scene, but there’s to much hotness for me to single out one particular moment. Right down to the cumtastic facial finish, this goes into my all-time TS/GG favorite scenes. Nina’s big dick was still so hard after she came, I was wondering if the sex could have continued for another half hour. Join Jay Sin’s TS Playground.

TS Massage: Nina Lawless and Magdalene St. Michaels

Trans-erotica studio director, Nica Noelle, began her career at the age of 19, working at a psychodrama house in New York City. Afterwards, she became a columnist for underground adult magazines, but soon switched to porn after she began writing for adult magazines. She’s in my top list of all time favorites and her brilliant new TransSensual website is way up there, too. Nica Noelle commented on her new release saying, “Massage themed movies are among my favorite to shoot because I can really focus on the sensuality, tension and build up leading into the actual sex scene. I had fun tying a few of the scenes together here, so it has a bit of a ‘feature’ feel even though the scenes can also stand on their own. The cast is beautiful, and the sex is on point all the way through. The fans are going to love it!” In this special massage house, professional masseuses are powerless to resist their gorgeous TS clients. TS Massage is now available for streaming and I’ve just watched Scene #03 with TS Nina Lawless and Magdalene St. Michaels playing Mrs. Woods, a woman of a certain age in a sexless marriage. There’s nothing out of the ordinary about the massage until Nina gets aroused by the sight of Mrs. Woods lying naked face down. Her client has fallen asleep and Nina, who has undressed completely, works on Mrs. Woods by lying on top of her. The client awakens and is surprised by the feeling of a penis against her body. When she turns around and rolls over to see that her nude masseuse is a hung transsexual, she’s completely aroused and the two begin to kiss. She sits up on the massage table and takes Nina’s huge cock inside her mouth and begins sucking it. These ladies are both two of my favorite porn stars. Watching Nina proceed to perform cunnilingus on and fuck Magdalene, is one of the most sensual and beautiful TS/GG scenes ever. I’ve been a fan of Magdalene for many years, and no other transsexual performer in the industry thrills me more than Nina Lawless. The actual fucking doesn’t start until the third quarter of this scene, but it’s powerful and a coital masterpiece I don’t imagine I’ll ever forget.

TS Nina Lawless and Jenna Justine

Since the 47 second mp4, Flash and Photo Gallery previews display so much action, I don’t have to go into a lot of detail about the new video. I’d first like to direct you to the porn star profile of gorgeous Nina Lawless for previews of her scenes in Trans-Visions #03, TS Playground #20, She-Male Idol: The Auditions #06 and TS Playground #21. Stunning genetic girl Jenna Justine is her co-star in her latest Evil Angel video. In Scene #02 of TS Playground #21, Nina and Jenna are feeling each other up after a night out. Nina’s huge erection pokes from her lingerie, and a blow job becomes an aggressive, deep-throat face fuck. Nina tosses Justine’s salad and eats her pussy from behind, then alternates plowing Jenna’s pussy and ass. I really love that both girls were filmed completely naked because bodies this amazing ought to be fully displayed (all the freaking time IMHO!). Not one of the 31 minutes was wasted. The carry-fuck might be the highlight of this torrid bareback scene, but there’s to much hotness for me to single out one particular moment. Right down to the cumtastic facial finish, this goes into my all-time TS/GG favorite scenes. Nina’s big dick was still so hard after she came, I was wondering if the sex could have continued for another half hour. The hi-res photo set comes with over 350 images on Evil Angel.

Delia TS and Nina Lawless

Most of the time, I can write about porn scenes without getting overly aroused all over again just thinking about them. But not this time! The name of this transbian masterpiece is The Birds & The Bees on Delia-TS. “Mom! Why are you in my room again?!” asks Nina and finds Delia sucking on a gigantic dildo. Now I’ve seen some incredibly hot taboo sex with Delia DeLions and her hot GG wife and another cisgender female on their sites before and knew exactly how kinky this could get. That was before Delia was getting railed by sexy males and gorgeous transsexuals like the hostess of I like age play in my personal life, so this scene was right on time for me. Delia was already one of my all-time favorites. Nina’s bright career is still relatively new, but she’s already in my top favorites as well. I’m absolutely certain that some will find this video to be too taboo. It’s incestuous of course, but don’t cross any underage lines. I hope it wins tons of awards this coming winter. I give it 5 very big cocks up (or perhaps I should have said 2 considering the hung and beautiful co-stars! “Someday you’ll be a good cocksucker just like Mommy.” I think I’ve actually used that line on someone before.

She-Male Idol Kendra Sinclaire and Nina Lawless


Kendra Sinclaire and Nina Lawless are perhaps the best transbian performers I’ve ever seen. Their 51 minute performance on Joey Silvera’s She-Male Idol absolutely blows me away! Take a look at the mp4 or Flash video preview to see Kendra gagging on Nina’s huge cock and taking it bareback! They’re always fucking each other bareback because they’re real-life girlfriends. They tend to cater towards very hardcore sex involving large dildos and extreme gaping and foot fetish type videos that you may not regularly see in mainstream porn. If you can’t get enough of Kendra and Nina on She-Male Idol, head over to and!

Nina Lawless Returns To Shemale Strokers

5’5″, 130 lbs, 34D-28-38 Nina of has another explosive climax on Shemale Strokers! Here are a few of the new photos:

And here’s a few photos from Nina’s first set in case you missed it:

If you didn’t catch Nina’s cum the first time, don’t let it happen again! Watch Nina Lawless explode on Shemale Strokers!

Nina Lawless and Robert Axel Hardcore

I’m so used to seeing beautiful Nina Lawless sucking, fucking and getting fucked by other gorgeous transsexuals, I was surprised to see her getting railed by one of my favorite male performers, Robert Axel. But I love TS on TS porn as much as I love TS on Male and TS on GG porn. The thought of sex with both of these performers gets me going!

One of the world’s most famous model/director/promoters presents Nina Lawless on two sites you get full access to by joining one – Wendy Williams XXX and Interracial TGirl Sex! Nina is breathtaking in her solo set and in the explosive railing by studly Robert Axel!