Shemale.XXX: Nicole Mancini – Naughty Babe In The Kitchen!

Does confidence turn you on? If so, check out the words of this stunning new model: “I am the baddest BITCH! My tight slim figure will make your jaws drop. I can give and take dick like no other. It turns me on when guys are with their home boys and try anything to get my attention. Like literally at the park working out in yoga pants and sports bra. This guy playing basketball with his boys, walked clear across the park to come over and hit on me. After I told him about my little ‘big secret’, said he didn’t care because I was so hot. But yeah, it’s stuff like that, that makes me moist.”

With all this recent R&B singer Bobby V and Lil Scrappy/Breakfast Club controversy going on, I’m especially glad to hear about at trans revealing the truth about her status. It’s true indeed that Nicole’s cock is big when it’s erect. Hell, her fun spot is even big – impossible miss with your swollen cock. I think her best feature is her face however. She’s just so damn pretty! On top of that, she has an unpredictable side that’s riveting. You never quite know what’s going to happen next with her. My Nicole Mancini education seems sort of backwards.

MP4 Scene Trailer with Soldier Boi

Before she was doing major studio work like her two Shemale.XXX updates, I know of her from as a tremendously talented LIVE performer. Traditionally we see most models doing solo scenes before hardcore.

But many of us saw her hardcore debut with Soldier Boi or at least the scene trailer the website first. Her solo video kicks into high gear after the first half. I’m specifically referring to the sequence where Nicole spanks her ass while standing and then starts jacking her hips with a big, juicy hardon. Every moment from then on is erotically magical.

Shemale.XXX: Nicole Mancini Fucked By Soldier Boi

Omar Wax presents a bareback hardcore scene with two stars so hot that I can’t see how this could possibly be on fire. It is. Soldier Boi is in a hot mess under scrutiny by beautiful Nicole Mancini, and actress who’s new to major studio adult entertainment, but not new to the industry. She’s an incredible LIVE webcam performer and I’ll provide her link after this brief scene write-up.

It takes a strong man to handle an explosive fox like this who in this scene seems like she could easily inspire cable shows like Bad Girls Club to launch and thrive. She portrays the type of volatile, unpredictable chick who makes you think to yourself “Thank God!” when she settles down and you know you’re out of trouble. Soldier Boi’s great performance reminds us of why he keeps getting nominated for top industry honors. As for Nicole Mancini, her looks rank a 15 on a scale from 1 to 10.

I just saw her performing on Chaturbate and I can’t remember exactly how long she’s been a prolific webcam goddess there. Back to the video, it’s so torrid and based in so many people’s reality it’s disturbing! Is there any such thing as too real for a couples scene? No, not for me. I won’t go into further detail about all the details of this production and spoil the theme for you. I appreciate how well thought out it is too much. To find out what it’s like to be an award nominated male porn star, check out the PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi.

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Lastly, this is easily the most explosive scenario I’ve ever seen on Shemale.XXX!