Sailor Girl Natalie Mars’ Big Dildo!

If this isn’t producer Radius Dark’s finest work for to date, it must be damn near close to it. He’s never had a finer model either in my humble opinion. There’s a contrasting visual effect of what series one Apple MAC customers called “high tech” combined with 50’s pin-up styling. But it also comes with lots of sexy dialogue about the background of Natalie Mars.

She discusses how she did amateur work back in the day when I first saw her online before her major studio blast. Big dildos, BDSM and fantasies are the main topics of discussion. I get the impression that strong, dominant men have the best luck at getting Natalie’s attention. Talking about sex has Natalie’s cock raging hard as she sits before us smiling and going into depth about her turn ons. At this point I realize this is probably going to be one of the top videos of the year 2016 I’d show a friend who has never seen trans porn before.

If you think these sample photos are hot, they’re just the tip of the iceberg. It was hard to choose just eight out of my favorite 50 out of the 119 images in the full set for this post. Natalie mentions the her debut was presented by Omar Wax when he was visiting Little Rock, Arkansas back in the fall of 2015.

This is her 8th remarkable photo and video shoot here and she also has three hardcore scenes on TGirls.Porn that will knock your socks off. She mentions that sex goddess Brooklyn Roberts possesses the biggest dick she’s ever taken. That scene is permanently etched in my brain.

As this Shemale Yum video proceeds, Natalie tells us that she loves to receive oral, but she’s more of a giver. She also prefers getting fucked over having oral sex altogether. Enough details about her likes for now. You’ll learn more when you watch all of her scenes.

But I must add that her mentions of her early masturbatory memories are incredible to hear about. She’s bent over with her bare ass exposed explicitly while recalling them.

The huge dildo play is mind bending, with Natalie’s big boner bouncing and swaying all over the place. Natalie ever jerks off until she cums and tastes a bit of her elixir. I’m not an official porn reviewer, but if I were, I’d give this set a solid 10. If you’d like to cum LIVE with this groundbreaking porn star, get to and she might have a show in progress. Hit the follow button to be notified after applying for your free registration. Remember to tip generously please. Webcam is fun for everyone, but it’s also awfully hard work. 

Cum with Natalie Mars on

Sexy Natalie Mars’ Red Dildo!

If there’s someone out there who doesn’t firmly believe that Natalie Mars isn’t one of the baddest models out there, I’d love to know what and who they’ve been looking at. This beauty does things with her miraculous butt in this scene you may have never even witnessed before.

My favorite place to watch Natalie other than in studio shoots is live on If you register free to see her there, please tip generously. But there’s no tipping necessary for Shemale Yum members where you’ll get to see all of her incredible scenes on this site.

This time around, her producer Radius Dark shows a bit more than usual the way he gets his work done. Standing in a pink bra, sheer black panties and black platform stripper platform heels, the model is surrounded by umbrella lamps.

She holds the main prop of this video, a long red dildo and she’s not shy about telling us what she’s about to do with it. Natalie removes her brassiere and discards it, then lowers her panties to bare her beautiful cock. She wiggles her dick a bit, drops and kicks off her undies and then takes a seat. “Wanna see me take all twelve inches of this big red dildo.” she asks.

Following this rhetorical question, she lubes up the double dong and fingers her rosebud to get it all warmed up. Natalie’s prick swells as she begins fucking herself with the huge toy. If you’re wondering if she really inserts that thing all the way inside her, the answer is yes!

Imagine what she can do with your stiff, pumping cock (perhaps squeeze the cum out of you quicker than you’d think). Natalie doesn’t just give you full frontal views of this miraculous feat. She repeats the process with her killer ass facing you as well. It’s a sexually charged game of hide and seek.

Plus, she strokes her raging hard cock with the toy fully inserted and while furiously pumping it in and out of her butt. There’s also footage of just completely naked Natalie doing her signature bare foot teasing and she tells us the mysterious secret of the shape of her coveted cock in this instant classic.

TGirls.Porn: Brooklyn Roberts & Natalie Mars

The press release for this TGirls.Porn scene reads; Although she did her first shoot with Remy in early 2015 for Femout.XXX, Brooklyn Roberts is fairly new on the scene. She made her way to the 2016 TEA Awards and a lot of the girls were shocked at how big her cock was behind the scenes. There is a line of girls ready to go for that ride. Once her Shemale Yum shoot came out, she became an even bigger hit for her nearly 10” cock. Brooklyn had expressed interest in working with other girls, but was not sure how it would go since she’s mainly been with men. When we asked her if there was a girl she’d like to shoot with, she’d mentioned Natalie Mars may be interested in working with her. Sure enough, Natalie’s response was something to the effect of “yes! Your cock is huge.” Natalie took a second behind the scenes to get warmed up and prepare for the size, but once she did, she showed off why her ass is so popular with the fans. Once she was ready to go, she never needed to stop until the job was done.

Brooklyn Roberts: “I’m not sure what to expect. This is my first TS on TS hardcore shoot. I have limited real experience, so I’m a little nervous. I’m not sure why, maybe because it’s another girl. I’ve only been with one genetic girl twice.”

Natalie Mars: “I’ve done a scene with Taryn for TGirls.Porn and it was so enjoyable. I like to get fucked. If you got a dick and you can fuck me, I’m good to go. I haven’t topped in any scenes. I’d be willing to, probably.”

Brooklyn: “I’m excited about my first lesbian experience and it’ll be my first major move topping. I can get a little aggressive when I top.”

Natalie: “Sounds pretty good to me. My favourite positions are doggy and reverse cowgirl.”

Brooklyn: “I like doggy and missionary.”

Radius: “What are your best assets?”

Natalie: “My butt.”

Brooklyn: “I guess a lot of people like my dick.”

Natalie: “It’s a perfect combination!”

2016 Transgender Erotica Awards winner for Best New Face Natalie Mars can also be seen performing frequently LIVE on Chaturbate in room natalieluvscum. Registration is free.

Natalie Mars & Taryn Elizabeth on TGirls.Porn

What would you expect to see on a site that promises full downloads and streaming of tgirls who love other girls? TGirl / TGirl hardcore porn? TGirl / Genetic Girl hardcore sex? I expected a lot from TGirls.Porn and I wasn’t disappointed. You can watch a trailer of one of my favorite videos (and photo sets) on the TGirls.Porn landing page. It doesn’t reveal much of the action, nor will I. I really want you to join this website. But to set up the Omar Wax filmed video, Natalie and Taryn are out on the balcony chatting and flirting with each other. They share a brief kiss and decide to go inside to watch some television. There’s nothing on TV because it’s not turned on. But since Natalie and Taryn are turned on, they kiss again and start rubbing the bulges in each other’s panties. Mutual oral is followed by torrid fucking in multiple positions. Are you getting horny? You can fix that situation by subscribing to TGirls.Porn.

Sue Lightning Makes Her Debut

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I recently logged into Chaturbate in the Transsexuals section and catch Sue playing with Natalie Mars on Sue is on Natalie was sitting on the bed opening her legs before the camera while Sue went to the closet to slip into something more comfortable. Sue was wearing cut-off jean shorts with no top and Natalie had on a white t-shirt and black bra and panties. Sue sat next to Natalie with a Grooby Girls t-shirt on with her shorts. Natalie explained that she’d shot for Grooby (on Shemale Yum, several times I should add) and that Sue was yet to be seen on the site. Skipping forward, Natalie slipped on a pair of open-toe booties after walking around with her cock hanging out the side of her panties. Natalie took a short break and then Sue modeled solo. Then Sue started walking about with the hem of her t-shirt over her big boobs and her dick outside of her panties. About 25 minutes into this Chaturbate broadcast, Sue crouched on the bed to go down on Natalie. I looked at the time and realized that 43 minutes had passed. Sue has just made her Shemale Yum debut and it’s fantastic! She doesn’t say much when the Omar Wax video opens, but when someone is this ridiculously pretty, how much does she need to say? I already knew she was a bright light from reading her tweets. After removing her bra and caressing her big jugs, Natalie lowers her Victoria’s Secret panties. She’s popping a boner. Natalie has such a pleasant look on her face while she masturbates while sitting on a stool. “Feels good,” she moans softly and when she stands up, her stiff cock stands way up, too. Then she turn around and… I could go into further detail, but I’d rather you watch or download the debut of gorgeous 22 year old Sue Lightning on Shemale Yum for yourself.

TGirls.Porn Launches!

Judging from the feedback I get about transbian sex, there is rarely ever any middle ground. Either it doesn’t do much for someone or it drives porn fans absolutely mad with lust. Since I love it and I’ve seen all of the TGirls.Porn scenes and photo sets already, I can assure you that this is the best of the best 100% #GroobyGirls hardcore content filmed by US photographers Radius Dark and Omar Wax and Kalin of the UK. That’s just with the big launch and these guys are some of the best in the industry. Some of the exquisite models on TGirls.Porn so far include German Alexandra Vexx, Alicia Snow of Southampton, UK, Maisie Le Fay of Sheffield, Taryn Elizabeth of Colorado, Natalie Mars of Little Rock, Arkansas, Treasure Barbie of Sacramento, CA, the hostess of of West Palm Beach, Florida, Chryssie Steele of Vancouver, Sasha Skyes of Sacramento, Emy Amethyst of Seattle, WA. New Orleans, LA native Athena Addams of, Kaylee Kuddlez of Raleigh, NC. Cherry Mavrik and Sabina Sinn are both from Seattle. This is a mix of all relatively new performers, veteran bombshells and stunning comeback performers. You’ll be hearing a lot more about the fantastic new TGirls.Porn website from me in the very near future.

Pure-TS: Natalie Mars & Emy Amethyst

Christian XXX of Pure-TS gets lucky while just laying in bed sleeping again in”Snow Bunnies Get Warmed Up with Cock.” The perks of being a porn king have brought him two hot snow bunnies who need some warming up. Both happen to be frequest Chaturbate webcam performers who have recently become major studio porn stars. The fox with the white fluffy hat is Natalie Mars and Emy Amethyst is the lovely one with the white cap. I’ve been following their porn journeys pretty much since they began. This video is a perfect example of why. The action begins when the girls pull back Christian’s bed sheets. His massive dick is already hard and Natalie is first to begin sucking it. As Emy says, there’s plenty to share. I love seeing them alternate on this member and suck it together at some points. Emy is first to get a bareback railing with some transbian action going on with Natalie squeezing her partner in crime’s pretty tits. When Natalie wants to get fucked, Christian tosses Emy aside on the bed as if she weighs nothing and sinks his large schlong inside Natalie doggy style. Emy’s first banging was in the missionary position. Her second time around is doggy style as she has her ass raised right beside Natalie. Christian takes turns fucking both gorgeous bubble butts almost as if he’s trying to decide which one is tighter. I’ve only described the first half of this top shelf 31 minute instant porn classic. The transbian chemistry heats up with more of Natalie and Emy kissing while one of them gets boned. This has jumped beside my top favorite Pure-TS videos. To catch the ladies performing live, look up natalielovescum and amethystx in the Transsexuals room on Chaturbate.

Natalie Mars and SueSue on Chaturbate



Natalie Mars started HRT on November 5th, 2014, but I was a fan of hers long before that. In perfect synch with her transition, Natalie also began to conquer the Internet with stunning amateur appearances here and there. The next thing I knew, I saw her on Chaturbate, my favorite webcam site, performing regularly. She’s become an amazing performer and she’s found another one to play with named SueSue. Her sexy friend is also into gaming, cosplay and Natalie. I’ve seen how they play together on Chaturbate and so should you! Watch gorgeous Natalie Mars in the Trans room on I later learned that Sue Lightning also has her own fantastic webcam profile so check out

Bailey Jay and Natalie Mars




Did you click on the photos above for video previews of Bailey Jay with Natalie Mars? In “Crashpad Cock Slut” these gorgeous ladies waste no time with passionate kissing and mutual breast admiration. Bailey Jay’s big cock is already almost fully erect when Natalie gets her thighs open. “I can’t get over your ass,” she tells Natalie and you’ll see exactly why. Ravishing Natalie has a big dick herself that grows fully erect while her mainstream media and porn star friend strokes and sucks on it. The end of the video showed me why Natalie’s Chaturbate transsexuals room is so appropriately named Natalie Loves Cum (room=natalielovescum). If Natalie Mars isn’t online when you log in, just follow her to be notified of her next show. Since I’ve mentioned TS-Bailey Jay here about a gazillion times before, let me tell you a little about her co-star. Natalie started HRT on November 5th, 2014 and really blew up this year. I recognized her from amateur trans chan sites when I saw her with Bailey Jay. Also in case you somehow managed to forget how hot Bailey Jay looked all by herself, there’s a preview gallery behind that last shot up there.