Natalia La Potra Jerks Off In The Tub!

Latinx beauty Natalia La Potra’s 6th set produced by Omar Wax is a killer from the first moment. She’s filmed from behind moving before a mirror next to a tub and flashes us with a pretty mega-watt smile. Her body is clad in a bra and panty set with thigh-high boots and her behind is out of this world. It’s absolutely insane and her dialogue is sexy as hell too.

Natalia spanks her ass hard before sitting at the edge of the tub to lower and remove her panties. She finger bangs her “pussy” and then rises to make her big hardening dick swing from side to side to slap against each thigh loudly.

Her boots are mad cool but there will undoubtedly be leg admirers and foot lovers dying to see her remove them. They won’t be disappointed at all. Natalia is a perfectionist from the way she styles her hair and makeup to her high-gloss pedicure. She shakes her full round ass in ways most chicks simply cannot match once she steps inside the water. The sounds her clapping butt cheeks make are as loud as her cock slapping across her legs in the previous sequence!

Natalia penetrates herself digitally again before sinking her amazing form into the water. Another dazzling ass dance follows and there’s more foot fetish content once she raises one leg along the mirrored wall. Then she lays back to allow you to drink in the sight of her perfect hormone breasts. Natalia gets lost in pleasure for a few moments, stroking her cock in the bath.

Then she sits up on the edge of the tub to masturbate furiously! She speaks in both English and Spanish while jerking her big, juicy uncut cock, coming closer and closer to orgasm. Her legs are fully stretched out and her thighs are as tense as she tweaks her favored nipple and beats off frantically again.

Natalia’s cum shot is huge in this spectacular update!

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