Black TGirls Hardcore: Nala Tops Michael Steele!

5’7″(170cm), 125 lbs(57kg) superstar Nala Neal of Houston, Texas returns to for another magnificent performance. What many fans are thrilled about also is that she hasn’t changed her phenomenal physical attributes since her adult industry debut. She’s also been on a few other sister sites including, TGirls.Porn and the Internet’s longest running black trans adult site.

Sometimes the range in skin tones in black porn is so vast it’s almost like watching interracial porn at times. One of the things I love most about being black is the variety and diversity of my people in every realm. I really like the way that range is exemplified by beautiful Nala and handsome Micheal Steele.

There’s not a whole lot of a warm-up involved in this update. Hot Nala approaches her boyfriend in the living room wearing sexy lingerie and it’s on. Nala’s outfit provides easy access to her pointy nipples and Michael quickly can get to them even more easily when she unzips herself. After feasting on her nubs, he helps her out of the garment ad begins to unbuckle her tall sandals. He compliments her pretty feet and stands up to push down his athletic shorts. Nala stares in admiration of his ebony cock and she bends over on the sofa and asks for a spanking.

This is not a BDSM type of scene but Nala is thoroughly worshipped throughout this scene. Her big dick is almost at full mast once her panties are off. Michael gets to suck it until it’s raging hard! She’s completely naked when it’s her turn to suck her man’s big boner and at this point I realize that this update is going to be a keeper.

We’re not even a quarter of the way through this update. In fact, verse Nala begins fucking the brother before the midway point! If that bit of information leads you to believe that Nala fucks this man in a variety of positions for quite some time, you’re 100% correct. The tremendous cum shots from both actors are the proverbial icing on the cake with this torrid scene.

Black TGirls: Welcome Back Gorgeous Nala!

MP4 Scene Trailer

Omar Wax brings gorgeous Nala back for her fifth Black TGirls photo and video set. This is a solo mission for the beautiful Texan, but she’s got two hardcore scenes on the sight that are not to be missed also! Those sets are both with men, but to say that she’s verse would be a major understatement.

In the new video, Nala wiggles her tantalizing butt while looking out the window, the turns around to introduce herself. She takes a seat on the plush ottoman, crosses her legs and proceeds to say something naughty. She exposes one nipple and then the other, eventually sliding her swimsuit top to her trim waist.

Another sexy butt show follows, this time with more of a twerk than a wiggle. She gives her lovely bottom a couple of hard smacks too. Then she swings around to present a full frontal view lowering her panties. With the exception of the bikini top rolled around her middle, Nala is completely nude.

She begins stroking her pretty uncut cock next and Omar’s use of sun-drenched photography enhances this model who’s in a class by herself. She’s a lot more vocal than she was in her earlier days and that’s the mark of confidence and experience. By the time she’s masturbating while standing, that little top of hers is gone.

Her show becomes increasingly explicit as time goes by and one of your favorite segments might be when Nala humps her dick against the pink, fluffy furniture. Nala then begins stroking her cock furiously, moaning and gasping softly. She’s also cursing things like, “Fuck yeah” and you might find yourself doing the same thing.

This beautiful set is available on and she’s also featured on, Shemale.XXX and Shemale.Porn.

Kitchen Is Fun With Naughty Nala

MP4 Scene Trailer

Omar Wax presents beautiful Nala on Shemale.XXX, a solo and hardcore Dallas, Texas native who also has killer performances on She reintroduces herself sitting on the kitchen’s black bench table and begins to expose her gorgeous hormones boobs right off the bat. But she hides them again and rises to show off her hot ass which is clad in a wisp of a g-string.

Everything is strappy from her bra to her open-toe platforms. Nala then begins rubbing the overflowing bulge in her panties, propping both feet on the bench. A moment later, both points of her nipples are fully exposed. So are her cock and balls, suspended by the pouch of her panties as she lowers the garment down her legs.

Nala then begins tugging away at her uncut sex organ. She continues stroking while standing in a full frontal view, then starts jerking off with her ass facing the camera. Soon, her cock is fully erect with the swollen pink head exposed from its foreskin almost entirely.

She then sits in a position with her legs wide open and you can see her tiny wrinkled rosebud as she jacks off. Her hard spike stands at a 45 degree angle when she’s not touching it. Nala also poses in profile laying across the bench while spanking her firm bottom.

This is Nala’s 11th incredible set on Shemale.XXX! She has a total of four hot sets on where she made her adult industry debut including two scorching hardcore scenes.

Nala Fucks Rico’s Fresh Ass!

Sample Photo Gallery

With her six blazing hot sets on Shemale.XXX you may have scene her getting fucked by Dee Cock or by Young Gunz. You can catch a video trailer of Nala topping this time, with Rico. If you’ve ever wondered what kind of damage this superstar Texan can do with her powerful cock, this is your big chance. I couldn’t resist the opportunity and I witnessed that Nala is a beauty who fucks like a beast! When Nala tells her b-boy friend that she’s a transsexual, his response is that he doesn’t judge and he moves toward her to make an advance. He learns that she’s a pre-op TS by taking a peak inside her panty. Rico pays adoring attention to Nala’s lovely hormone boobs and pretty nipples. When he removes her cock from her sexy little garment, it’s almost as hard as it can get already. He wastes no time sucking it off. The beautiful mixed race trans girl tells him just how she likes her stiff cock fellated. Once gloriously naked, Nala kneels behind Rico and her railing begins. Nala piledrives the slender Latino with strong, steady strokes. Her speed increases while she fucks him in the side saddle position. I like the way Nala allows him to prepare for the missionary pounding she delivers. It’s obvious that Nala likes drilling hard and fast, the same way she jacks off with her left hand. I think you’ll be surprised by the projection of Nala’s creamy white cumshot in this explosive Shemale.XXX scene. But if you’ve already seen Nala on this tremendous website, on Black-TGirls, Black Shemale Hardcore or on Shemale.Porn, I’m just preaching to the choir.


Watch the free hardcore trailer on Shemale.XXX 

Twitter: @tscaramel

4K Video with Nala & Young Gunz

Sample Photo Gallery

In the first 4K Grooby video ever, when beautiful Nala meets super cute Young Gunz, they confess that they’ve been checking each other out. This is a torrid and sharp Shemale.XXX scene filmed by Omar Wax. Nala likes his ink, his hair, his chain and his body. Young Gunz takes off his shirt upon request and explains his tattoos, then Nala explains what hers represent. These two don’t embarrass themselves at all during the acting sequence. It’s refreshingly natural. So is the kissing with Nala sitting on the young man’s lap and the big erection that’s exposed between Nala’s lovely legs. It’s a pretty amazing feat for her to managed tucking all that hard cock with the fishnet dress she’s wearing. The sight of Young Gunz spanking Nala’s perfectly rounded ass might make you lose it before they even get down to the sex. Nala has her guy’s pants and boxers down moments later and she sucks his dick balls deep as it expands. She moves off the chair and sinks to her knees on the floor to give his schlong her full, undivided attention. Then she sits back up on the chair calling Young Gunz a fucking slut before resuming her cock sucking. You know about her dominant side from watching Nala’s previous seven Shemale.XXX scenes, right? At any rate, Young Gunz devours Nala’s sensitive breasts while stroking her big schlong next. He also leans down to give her head before standing behind her and thrusting his cock inside her tight ass. In less than half of this scene, we’re off to a tremendous fuck that continues in the bedroom in a variety of tantalizing positions. This 4K Shemale.XXX hardcore scene is simply exquisite.


Nala’s New Shoot with Omar Wax

Nala is one of those models that I wish had a bigger social media presence. She keeps her adult work separate from her personal posts. While watching her latest Shemale.XXX video, I found it sad when she mentioned this might be her last performance for awhile. I know she’s a very spiritual person, but I don’t know if that’s the basis of her decision to take a break. It’s really none of my business so I’d just like to wish her well if she goes on hiatus or retires from the adult industry. At any rate, she’s one of the my favorite solo models and hardcore performers of 2015 between this site, Black TGirls and Black Shemale Hardcore. It’s a lot of fun to witness her development as a pron actress from the beginning. She was pretty quite in her scenes and she’s evolved into a total seductress over time – a vocal and dominant one more recently. Once you see Nala’s most recent shoot on Shemale.XXX by Omar Wax, you might feel the need to watch or download all of her work going back to her debut.

Nala & Dee Cock Fuck Like Rabbits

“So how big are you?” the beautiful and prolific trans girl asks her date in the beginning of “Nala & Dee Cock Fuck Like Rabbits” filmed by Omar Wax. It’s big enough for a hardcore Shemale.XXX video of course. So is Nala’s cock which gets a good sucking before Dee tosses her salad. Nala gives him a blowjob in return and doggy style is the first position Dee fucks her in. Nala looks exquisite and really gets into being railed. She gets spanked hard with her stiff, uncut cock bouncing across the chaise she and Dee are humping on. Nala continues jacking her hardon while getting banged side saddle, urging Dee to fuck that pussy. Her dynamic dick swings around in the direction of the ceiling and windmills when she rides Dee’s dick in the reverse cowgirl position. She swings around to face him while bouncing up and down, also. Talk about an ass that won’t quit! My favorite part is the missionary position drilling. Nala’s cumshot is tremendous and Dee has the pleasure of shooting his seed across her lovely boobs. It’s kind of silly to expect a website named Shemale.XXX to be PC, but if a brotha told me, “I’m gonna fuck that tranny ass,” I’d slap the black off him (and I’m black if you’re wondering). Also, when Nala tells Dee about her “T” before they get down to business, she tells him she’s a tranny. Guys, if you haven’t been informed, most trans women in real life don’t like the term and it could be a deal breaker. This is overwhelmingly present in porn, but don’t try this at home. But do watch this Shemale.XXX scene at home or anywhere on your favorite device or save it for later.

Nala and Lalo on Black TGirls

I’m a little confused about where 5’7″, 125 lbs Nala lives. When she was awarded Black TGirls Model of the Month in May, 2015, it was announced that she was from the Lone Star state of Texas. On another site, she said she was from Miami, Florida. Maybe I’ll get to interview this beauty myself sometime for and get to the bottom of this. Speaking of bottom, Nala said, “I’m soft and fem but not opposed to topping a nice muscle bubble butt. I get excited just thinking about it.” But that was in a previous BTG video. In this one with the sexy male performer Lalo Ambriz, she gets railed again. This hardcore scene is as hot as the one she was in with Soldier Boi on Black Shemale Hardcore. But this time, she’s more domineering than she was with her previous partner. She orders Lalo to kiss her stockinged foot and to suck on her toes before he gets to touch the bulge in her panties. His thick, uncut cock is standing up from his loins as he prepares to suck on Nala’s tool. She gets hard in no time flat with his blowjob and tea bagging. Nala looks stunning when she returns the favor, yet she’s still the one in control. She has Lalo toss her salad while she’s on all fours and then Lalo finally gets to sink his erection inside her incredible ass. A doggy style railing is followed by a reverse cowgirl ride with Nala facing us. Her stiff dick bounces up and down with pre-cum oozing from the head and it spins around like a horny propeller. Omar Wax gets an aerial view of this pounding, too. Nala also rides Lalo facing him, then takes his cock side saddle on the sofa. Nala gets it in the missionary position and from the side again! She strokes her hardon until it coats her hosed thigh with a big load of sticky white cum. I highly recommend that you watch all four of Nala’s scorching hot performances on Black TGirls.

Nala on Black TGirls

Nala recently won the coveted spot of Black TGirls Model of Month and told us “I’m soft and fem, but not opposed to topping a nice muscle bubble butt. I get excited just thinking about it, ” she said. She also delivered an incredible performance on Black Shemale Hardcore getting railed by super-stud Soldier Boi. I sometimes call him my imaginary boyfriend. If you saw the ways he pleased Nala in that 25 minute video, you’d have a good idea why I’m so fond of both Soldier Boi and Nala. In her new Black TGirls solo scene, this Houston, Texas vixen is an athletic vision with a raging erection in her form-fitting running pants. She turns around to show off her amazing ass, then takes off her top. If you’re a fan of only busty transsexuals, this one might not be your cup of tea, in spite of her beauty. But of you like a TS with a femboy flat chest and an otherwise girly-girl face and form, 5’7″, 125 lbs Nala will certainly spin your propeller. She makes her immaculate rosebud wink at you while sucking her finger. Then she poses on a chair to deliver a tantalizing ass, leg and bare foot show. Halfway into this incredible 13 minute solo gem, Nala starts stroking her stiff cock in earnest. She keeps sucking on that finger to show you what it would look like if she had her lips wrapped around your cock. Nala is more vocal in this performance than she was in her Black TGirls debut. You should hear how sexy she sounds before blasting a load of cum across her flat tummy.