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2016 TEA Winner for Best Non-TS Performer Mona Wales is a porn performer, producer and professional dominatrix who runs her own site and it’s absolutely magnificent. Mona also directed the Real Fucking Girls DVD with five scenes of tgirls and genetic girls in lesbian encounters. You can click here if you’d like to watch the trailer. I could go on about her accolades for days but let’s move on to her stunning partner in “Mona Wales Deflowers Sara Webb” who debuted on Shemale Yum on March 1, 2016 and was filmed by Buddy Wood. Mr. Wood also presents the TGirls.Porn phenomenal photo set and bareback fucking video with Mona and Sarah. I was already a fan of Sarah before her major studio debut as she was already popular on Chaturbate TRANS in room alipaeillee. You can follow her on TS Dreamland Trans Cams to catch her next live broadcast. Since there’s a 3 minute trailer of Mona’s hardcore deflowering of Sarah on the landing page of TGirls.Porn, I don’t think I need to go into explicit detail about how exquisite this performance is. You can stream this film, but I think you’d be better off downloading it. This is one of the finest TS/GG scenes I’ve witnessed ever. This is my favorite niche so that’s saying a lot. I simply cannot live without TGirls.Porn.

Kelli Lox and Mona Wales – Great Fucking Pitch

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Mona Wales is trying to pitch a new reality TV show to an exec. When the exec turns down her idea, Mona gets aggressive. Aggressive with her blow jobs, ass worship, ass licking, foot worship, and anal. This is a great official set-up, but allow me to elaborate about “Great Fucking Pitch” on TS Pussy Hunters. Both superstars have been on this Kink site many times before, but never together. Mona’s pitch is for Ultimate Surrender, but Kelli isn’t sold on the concept because she thinks that women can’t wrestle well enough to make it sell. Kelli dares Mona to prove it and Mona overpowers her and forces a kiss. What follows is hot office sex including some nipple sucking, rimming and spanking from the domineering and frustrated reality show owner. Mona is excited that the executive is the total package when a stiff cock slips out of her panties. This action evolves into a CFNTS (Clothed Female Nude TS) sloppy blowjob. Could there be a market for a new tran niche? I’m just thinking outloud. It doesn’t last long and Kelli strips Mona of most of her clothng. Soon Kelli is fucking Mona in the missionary position, obeying the order to take that pussy. After moving through position changes, Kelli displays pussy eating skills that Mona seems to go absolutely nuts for. But that’s not the end of the cocksucking and Kelli proceeds to fuck Mona’s tight ass also. Both girls look incredible butt naked and Mona jacks a tremendous climax out of Kelli’s powerful cock. The facial Mona takes is stunning to watch. After all this hard fucking, they still look gorgeous while sharing a cummy kiss. In the intimate closing interview, Mona actually pitched a great plot idea for Kelli to actually make an appearance on Ultimate Surrender someday. If you’re aware that Kink does employ cross-branding with trans performers on that hot wrestling site, you already know that this could actually happen.

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“Gag Me With A Metal Spoon! …Then Your Cock!” featuring Mona Wales of has trans porn star Kelly Klaymour up to no good again! She messes up the schematics of her time machine and is thrown back into the 1980s. Completely confused, she can’t believe it when her apparent 80’s bubble punk valley girlfriend, Mona Wales, finds her and takes her back to her groovy pad for some sexy times. Mona’s parents are out of town so they have the house all to themselves. The makeout sequence of this video is as humorous as it is horny. Mona insists that Kelly keeps kissing her to make her shut up. As much as I adore Mona Wales, even I wanted Kelly to shut her up, by shoving her huge cock inside her rambling Valley girl mouth! My wish is close to coming true about 7 minutes into the video. Mona withdraws Kelly’s big sex organ from her pinstripe jeans and starts rubbing on it to make it harder. I’m thinking that no one in the world gives a blowjob than Mona as Kelly hovers above, literally skull fucking her. The annoying chatter Mona was making soon evolves into the sexiest squeals, yelps and moans ever. The pussy licking and finger banging gorgeous Kelly gives her seems to drive her half out of her mind with pleasure. I lovethe way Kelly takes the time to rub her big slab of meat across Mona’s clit before penetrating her pussy. I also love the closeup footage of Kelly driving her enormous cock home in this incredible scene on!

Venus Lux and Mona Wales on TS Pussy Hunters

Here are five different formats in which to preview a bonus TS Pussy Hunters scene you can also see on Kink On Demand. Two of my all-time favorite porn stars play models in this hardcore video in which Venus Lux fucks the bitchiness out of Mona Wales. Incidently, Venus lost her genetic girl virginity on this incredible site and you can see when that happened by clicking on her profile on TSPH. As for Mona, she’s no stranger to transgender porn and I think she’s a great supporter of the trans community in general. Back to the scene, both young ladies are totally convincing as runway models. After the catwalk footage, Mona confronts Venus about sabotaging her last walk. Unfortunately due to technical issues, part of this scene has been lost, so you get a short bonus update. I’m sure that whatever footage was lost was incredibly hot, but this video is spectacular anyway. It doesn’t hurt that Mona and Venus can act well. I also love that there’s bondage in this scene along with total nudity. Who doesn’t want to see two incredible babes this gorgeous butt naked at some point? At any rate, the chemistry is great right down to the closing TS Pussy Hunters interview.