Asian TS Miran Butt-Fucks Hung Stud!

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Scene Description: Japanese TS star Miran is a tan, blue-eyed doll with perky tits and a deliciously fit body. She teases in a sheer, fetish-style bikini and Gabriel gives her a passionate blow job. Miran moans when the hung stud pounds her asshole, stroking her stiff she-cock as he thrusts. She rims and fingers Gabriel, and then stuffs her stiff dick into his tight bunghole. Fierce anal pounding comes with ass-to-mouth fellatio. The kinky lovers trade creamy facials. The Trial Membership is only $2.95 for 3 DAYS and then $29.95 per month for

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That official synopsis is so less wordy than my usual lurid descriptions. It’s very concise and I just want to add a few words about the stars of this bareback hardcore blowout. The scene begins with beautiful Miran posing in her latex bikini and mesh and famed director sounding out how mind-blowing the sight of her is. The points of her nipples and the outline of her cock head are the most daring parts of this outfit’s eroticism. The crotch panel is dental floss thin and Miran is sporting an erection already from simply modeling for Joey’s lenses. Within the first 3 minutes. we see Gabriel D’Alessandro kneeling down and exposing Miran’s turgid hardon before his handsome face.

So here we’ve got one of the most celebrated trans stars from Japan about to get sexed up by one of the leading veteran male Latinx stars in the history of porn. Gabe fucks Miran and Miran fucks Gabe! She blows a huge load and his big cum shot comes next. The stunning Tokyo-based star who lost her accent in Canada closes out the scene with a brief yet informative interview for this update.

Bob’s Tgirls – Miran Doll Part 1

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If you’re not familiar with the gorgeous trans girl in this delicious duo, she’s Miran, the 2017 TEA winner of Best Internet Personality. She’s been on Bob’s Tgirls before and it’s like a major event each time. Lucy is the lucky girl who gets to play with Miran as a sexualized Barbie in Miran Doll Part 1 of 3.

Lucy displays how wonderful her mouth can be while chewing on bubble gum and licking a huge lollipop when the first installment begins. A blow pop comes next and it’s as playful as it is erotic. She creates bubbles and attacks more candy in her playroom and rushes to the door when a delivery arrives.

The precious cargo is smiling Miran in a toy box. The petite fox is stronger than she looks and she pulls the human toy in the box into the room with relative ease. Upon withdrawing her Miran doll from the packaging, she’s elated that her toy looks just like the vision in the photos she loves. The doll is animated and actually talks while being admired. Lucy decides to put Miran into pajamas which involves removing her top.

The deeply-tanned toy has amazingly firm boobs and a streamlined torso. The strange thing is that once the shorts are off, the bulge in Miran Doll’s pretty panties is “Kind of bumpy” as she puts it. Lucy says that hers isn’t like that, drawing her own panties along the soft ridges of her pussy. Lucy pulls down the doll’s undies and she’s fascinated by what she finds inside. She didn’t understand what a tgirl doll meant in the description, but Miran doll informs her.

She touches the doll’s body saying it looks like that of the other dolls she has. But she then curls her finger around the toy’s cock and balls exclaiming, “But this is extra.” Miran informs Lucy that it’s for extra fun.

Lucy insists that if Miran Doll stays, she must do everything she says. Consider who the girl playing the doll’s new owner in this scene. She’s actually a Los Angeles Dominatrix named Mistress Lucy Khan and I was wondering when this useful talent was going to kick in. Dress up games follow and candy eating but Miran Doll goes about sucking Lucy’s finger the wrong way. There’s still candy under her nail.

Punishment is in order and the doll is going back to the factory unless her owner is pleased. It’s time for a bare bottom spanking in this first installment of Miran Doll on It starts out pretty light, but the BDSM play with a glamorous touch gets really, really kinky!

For the award winning trans model’s 20 solo and hardcore previews, check out her Shemale Japan Miran profile.

Adorable Miran Hammered By Soldier!

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2017 TEA winner for Best Internet Personality Miran meets three time Best Male Performer nominee Soldier Boi in “Adorable Miran Hammered By Soldier”! Omar Wax is responsible for this bareback hardcore blowout.

Anyone who follows the annual Transgender Erotica Awards ceremonies and before and after events could have easily guessed that Miran and Soldier Boi would be there. But this horny surprise was well kept under wraps. I could have posted more explicit photos from the 220 image set, but I didn’t because I really want you to check out the full set on Shemale.XXX.

Sorry about being such a cocktease #sorrynotsorry. I think the scene trailer says a lot about this scene as it is. But not quite enough and that’s what I’m here for. Prolific producer Wax uses his signature style of outdoor photography to set up the first time meeting of Miran and Soldier Boi. She lights his cigarette yet warns him about the hazards of smoking. After she goes on about her way, he admires her figure and regrets not making a move.

In the next sequence, Miran is in her room sauntering barefoot across the floor in her bra and panties. Propping herself up on the sofa, she gazes out of the window and sees the handsome stranger she met briefly walking down the street. She gets his attention and waves an invitation to join her. Not wanting to appear too forward, Miran puts on a dress to answer the expected knock on the door.

Since she’d given him advice about quitting smoking, she proceeds to offer some help by striking up a deal. If he promises to stop smoking, he can have her body. While seated across from Miran, Soldier Boi promises to try and gets a warm kiss that leads to a torrid bareback fucking! Did I mention the two big cumshots?

One thing I did not forget to mention is where else you can enjoy the masterful performances of beautiful Miran –,, and also on! For more information about her incredible partner in this scene, check out our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Soldier Boi.

Office Cutie Miran on Bob’s Tgirls

March of 2015 was when I first saw Miran on Bobs-Tgirls. I loved the Sushi Girl video with Bob Maverick dining on Miran’s svelte form. The interview was great, too and the photo set with over 150 images was mind-blowing. I also loved the bedroom shoot, perhaps even more. There are some killer mountain shots also. Miran was in Bob’s neck of the woods for the Transgender Erotica Awards Show where she was awarded Best Non-US Performer. She picked up the award once again at this year’s ceremony and Bob took advantage of her rare U.S. visits again. The Office Cutie / Quick Cum set is self-explanatory but I couldn’t resist raving about it a little in depth. I don’t know if it’s all that quick when it comes to Miran’s climax. She moans, “I’m cumming,” after the 5 minute point before shooting a big blast of creamy white cum. Miran is probably back in Nagoya Prefecture, Japan or somewhere around there by now. But if you can’t get all the way there, you can always find her on Bobs-Tgirls.