Grooby Girls: Lianna Lawson & Mike Panic!

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Lianna Lawson and Mike Panic invite us to see them going at it like bunnies on! This is Lianna’s 6th set on this site and her second hardcore scene. She was soundly railed by Ruckus in November of 2016.

I haven’t seen Lianna in a live Chaturbate webcam show in about a month. But if she resurfaces there, you can follow her on which I highly recommend.

This Radius Dark production begins more like a solo showcase for Lianna than a hardcore scene. She begins with a little dirty talk while touching herself downstairs. Then comes Lianna’s trademark brand of toe wiggling and hard cock stroking! I’f you want to get right down to fantasizing about her incredible ass, she displays it explicitly right away.

We hear Mike’s voice about three minutes into Lianna’s torrid fap session. He then enters the frame wit ha gravity-defying boner and swoops down on Lianna’s big erection face first. A loving blowjob evolves into an aggressive skull fucking. If you didn’t know that Lianna could be so dominant, well you know now!

After tossing Lianna’s salad, Mike clasps both their hardons in one of his hands and squeezes them together. It seems like they’re about to begin fucking soon, but there are more incredible bouts of foreplay before that starts including a 69 position sucking.

Lianna is topless with nothing on but her crotchless pantyhose when she’s bent over at the waist taking Mike’s cock inside her tight ass. We’re just a few moments from the midway point so this is one long, satisfying fuck session! Mike gives back a lot of that dominance displayed by Lianna in earlier sequences. The power struggle balance is just right in this fantastic hardcore update!

Mike Panic Fucks Kellie Shaw!

This is my third rave about the statuesque beauty Kellie Shaw. Check out my Introducing Kellie Shaw and Pretty Kelly Toys and Cums! if you like the way this is going so far. Her Shemale.XXX profile reads: Lovely Kellie Shaw made it clear. She’s a butt slut. She loves to be fucked doggystyle and missionary and prefers to only bottom.

She said her big, 7.5″ cock hadn’t seen this much action in three years. She was very professional and prompt. The shoot took far less time than usual with a new model. She’d done some modeling in the past, but when I directed her, she just executed. She’s another one of those ‘Tall Goddesses’ standing 6’3″. She’s got crazy long, muscular legs that are probably my favorite physical trait about her.

Radius Dark presents his 3rd Kelli Shaw update and it’s a hardcore blowout with Mike Panic who completely takes advantage of topping this beautiful passive model. Before Mike actually fucks Kellie, they begin making out on the bed. They’re fully dressed and start helping each other out of their clothing. Kellie’s top and bra come off, exposing her gorgeous hormone breasts. As she lays back with Mike hovering over Kellie, her skirt rides up to expose the big bulge in her panties.

He withdraws her big uncut cock and starts jerking it firmly. Once Kellie’s long rod is fully erect Mike proceeds to give it a sucking. Then a finger banging comes with the blowjob. Mike gets his big dick out of his jeans and then Kellie eagerly takes it inside her mouth. The full body footage of this babe is amazing while she gives head. At about the midway point, Mike begins fucking Kellie in the doggystyle position!

Kellie’s yelps and moans as she gets railed are the sexiest I’ve heard in awhile. I love Mike’s aggressive hair-pulling style of fucking and Kellie obviously does too with her jerking off and her wild sounds. I love the way she stares at us once she’s flipped over. Her big dick is still hard as Mike pounds in and out of her! There’s cowgirl fucking and reverse cowgirl penetration too. Kellie is getting laid in the missionary position with a hand clasped around her slender neck – her own hand wrapped around her erection. That’s the way things are when her big dick shoots its load!

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Mike stops fucking her to taste her nectar. Kellie takes a huge facial and sucks Mike’s cock dry. This torrid Shemale.XXX update ends with passionate kissing.

TransAngels – Natalie Mars – My Girlfriend’s Slutty Sister

Mike Panic wasn’t worried about meeting his girlfriend’s family until he caught sight of her slutty little sister, Natalie Mars. When you meet a tgirl whose ‘hello’ is a handjob under the table and her ‘how are ya’ is sucking you off in the next room, would you be able to resist? Mike tries his best to stay focused, but he’s no match for teen slut Natalie’s sneaky sexual shenanigans. Once Natalie gets Mike Panic alone he can’t help but give her what she wants: a pounding in her tight asshole followed by a huge load on her cock. Welcome to the family, Mike!

The family I’m really excited about is the brood. Today, it’s all about “My Girlfriend’s Slutty Sister” which begins with Mike grabbing his cis girlfriend’s cute butt right outside of their house! When Natalie comes down the stairs to greet them, Mike’s girlfriend expresses frustration about her sister Natalie being trans, thankfully out of earshot.

Mike is floored by the sight of his girlfriend’s sister who’s laying it on heavy with winking and licking her lips. Everything seems to be going well with Mike’s meeting the parents and their dinner. Natalie’s under-the-table antics begin with the squeezing of the big bulge in Mike’s jeans.

Natalie asks the group if they’d like some water. No one else can see but Mike because of the way they’re seated next to each other what happens before she rises to go to the kitchen. Natalie lifts the hem of her skirt and her cock is fully exposed. She’s wearing no panties and she’s got a raging hardon!

It looks like Mike’s eyes are about to pop out of his head! Yours will be also I think when you get a look at the full-length video. A couple of big things I attribute to what I think is the hottest site on the Net – Director Sir Tom Moore (veteran pornstar/producer and the high production values of these movies and photo sets. It’s almost as if this has an unlimited budget. Sometimes you’ll swear there’s no difference between the videos here an motion pictures. It’s truly astounding.

Transsensual – Mandy Mitchell & Mike Panic

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The official synopsis of this Transsensual scene reads: Beautiful TS MILF Mandy Mitchell is enjoying a deep tissue massage from tattooed bad boy Mike Panic when he tells her to turn over for the second phase of the relaxation experience. Mike jerks Mandy’s hard cock and then blows her on the table. Mandy returns the favor and begins to boss Mike around. Mike worships Mandy’s pedicured feet and then receives Mandy’s stiff cock in his tight asshole. Mandy fucks Mike senseless, cumming in his mouth before jerking Mike to fruition.

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That’s a way to entice viewers without giving too much away of the plot of the full movie. I’ve never seen a Transsensual production without a winding story behind the hard driving sex. Dana Vespoli is the writer and director of this tale. When Mandy is on her back getting the massage from Mike, he encourages her to turn over and when she does so, she’s naked from head to toe.

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She tells Mike where she needs to be touched as if he didn’t see the cue of the swelling dick between her legs. Mike not only touches it with his hands but proceeds to give her a deep blowjob. Mandy has some serious kind of staying power because this cock sucking goes on for quite some time and she’s raging hard. On top of that, she’s about to fuck her masseuse too! She pummels Mikes ass on what seems like two leather ottomans fashioned into a bench in the missionary position.

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Then she goes at it doggy style! Mandy manages to get a forced foot job out of Mike while pounding his ass in this position. Mandy’s doggy style railing evolves into piledriver penetration and “forced” oral until she fucks her partner again in a piledriver banging on the floor! This is the type of porn scene that reminds me of the difference between the way ordinary people fuck and the way adult actors do it. But I wouldn’t say not to try this at home.

My Dad’s TS Girlfriend Vol. 2 is available on Adult DVD Empire here, but you can also see it with more photos on! For more of Mandy, subscribe to Mike has his own site too and it’s

Casey Kisses Takes On Mike Panic’s Big Cock!

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Casey Kisses, who made her Shemale Yum debut and follow up video and photo shoots with Omar Wax makes her first Shemale Yum hardcore set under the direction of Radius Dark. There are actaully two producers at work here, the one filming and Casey’s co-star from which is a killer multifaceted website. I raved about Casey’s Shemale Yum debut here back in May. It was clear to me that she’d develop a huge fan base with her solo performances. With Mike in this hardcore scene, she’s out of this world. Mike is incredible also and this scene is what I categorize as more of a special event. This is something you could stream, but it’s better to download and save it for keeps. Your porn collection will either thank you or feel the competition and not say anything at all. Radius delivers an interview with both stars before the actual action begins and I really love that he does this. Not only is it sexy, but it provides interesting background information on them. Plus it’s candid and has some humorous moments. If you like knowing something about how a production is created, you’ll feel like you’re getting some inside professional technique tips. Then the main event begins with Casey and Mike making out on the sofa. Rather than being plot-oriented, it’s more like a straight up couples scene geared toward couples. If a guy knows his date likes both hardcore sex videos and content made for couples, I’d recommend having this one queued up on the device. Play it on your big screen TV because the resolution is nice and sharp, especially during the oral footage that leads to the actual fucking. Now that I’ve mentioned the fucking, it’s absolutely exquisite.

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TS Factor #03 Freya Wynn & Mike Panic

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In the 35 minute 6th scene of TS Factor #03, two of my all-time favorite stars go at it like it’s their last sex act and they’re making the best of it. Freya got her adult industry professional career started after doing webcam shows while working a full time job. You can learn more about her on her website. I’ve been a fan of Mike’s work for many years and is absolutely superb. The scene opens with Evil Angel director Joey Silvera asking personal questions I’ve wanted to ask her myself. None of these questions involve why she’s wearing a collar and latex. When shirtless Mike joins topless Freya, the making out begins. I wasn’t expecting much D/s content even though I know most of these star’s work from BDSM-related masterpieces. But then Mike busted out with a flogger and I got to see what I’m really into including powerful bareback fucking and vibrator play. If Silvera’s closing interview had gone on as long as the actual sex, I wouldn’t have had a problem with that at all.