Black TGirls Hardcore: Nala Tops Michael Steele!

5’7″(170cm), 125 lbs(57kg) superstar Nala Neal of Houston, Texas returns to for another magnificent performance. What many fans are thrilled about also is that she hasn’t changed her phenomenal physical attributes since her adult industry debut. She’s also been on a few other sister sites including, TGirls.Porn and the Internet’s longest running black trans adult site.

Sometimes the range in skin tones in black porn is so vast it’s almost like watching interracial porn at times. One of the things I love most about being black is the variety and diversity of my people in every realm. I really like the way that range is exemplified by beautiful Nala and handsome Micheal Steele.

There’s not a whole lot of a warm-up involved in this update. Hot Nala approaches her boyfriend in the living room wearing sexy lingerie and it’s on. Nala’s outfit provides easy access to her pointy nipples and Michael quickly can get to them even more easily when she unzips herself. After feasting on her nubs, he helps her out of the garment ad begins to unbuckle her tall sandals. He compliments her pretty feet and stands up to push down his athletic shorts. Nala stares in admiration of his ebony cock and she bends over on the sofa and asks for a spanking.

This is not a BDSM type of scene but Nala is thoroughly worshipped throughout this scene. Her big dick is almost at full mast once her panties are off. Michael gets to suck it until it’s raging hard! She’s completely naked when it’s her turn to suck her man’s big boner and at this point I realize that this update is going to be a keeper.

We’re not even a quarter of the way through this update. In fact, verse Nala begins fucking the brother before the midway point! If that bit of information leads you to believe that Nala fucks this man in a variety of positions for quite some time, you’re 100% correct. The tremendous cum shots from both actors are the proverbial icing on the cake with this torrid scene.