VRB Trans: Mia Maffia in More Than Friends

I don’t really know what I was waiting for with watching videos shot in 180 3D 4K Virtual Reality until this weekend. I’ve never even seen anything in 3D in my adult life so I didn’t really think it would be all that special. Boy, was I wrong! My official first ever VR scene is Mia Maffia in More Than Friends on vrbtrans.com. I’m a huge fan of MiaMafia.XXX so it’s only natural that she’d be the first VR model I’d ever see.

Her VRB Trans profile reads in part: “Oh wow,” is all you’ll be able to say the first time you see Mia Maffia coming straight at you from your VR headset. She is a totally hot blonde woman who has a cock, making her a trans pornstar. She is about 5 feet 7 inches tall and she is originally from the UK giving her a charming accent that will make you fall in love with her even more. Mia’s goal had been to enter the porn industry since she was 20 years old, but it wasn’t until she was 24 years old that the opportunity finally came into her lap, however, Mia had been in the business of sexy things for a while.

Scene description: How could you read a book when a chick like Mia Maffia is around? Mia is a hot TS babe who is always going to the gym to keep up with her good looks. Today she comes bounding in wearing cute pink tennis shoes, barely there booty shorts and a strappy tank top that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. You were trying to read your book but you can’t concentrate with those big knockers in your face. So you give up on your scholarly pursuits and decide instead to focus all of your attentions on this hot piece of ass. If you’ve never seen VR content, vrbtrans.com is going to blow your mind!

Bob’s Tgirls: Mia Maffia Fun in the Sun

It may seem stereotypical to suggest that the UK isn’t all that sunny often, but the comparison is inevitable when you see stunning Mia Maffia posing on a deck in Southern California. There’s so much incredible solo content, as well as hardcore, on Mia’s official website. But this photo and video set on BobsTgirls.com is something completely different.

Well, Mia’s classic dirty talk is present as it often is. But this plush background really compliments her beauty in a refreshing way. Mia’s first display of nudity is breast exposure and caressing. Then comes her gradually bared ass which she spanks hard. Next comes a tortuously slow bulge tease. Mia finally lowers her swim panty to let her cock and balls spill out and jiggle from side to side.

While seated, Mia begins to play with herself. Moments later, she’s in closeup with her upward standing turgid erection standing free and then enclosed in her stroking hand. She rubs her tiny fun spot with her curvy legs spread while she masturbates in a lawn chair. That’s followed with some dazzling rear view footage until Mia settles back in the chair to bring herself off. I don’t know if Mia has stored some great porn on her cell phone or if she’s watching some online scenes. Whatever it is has her strong, hooded, self-rising pecker raging!

Her full red lips begin to quiver when she approaches climax. Suddenly, big spurts of creamy white cum burst from the tip of her stiff cock. Just when you think this BobsTgirls.com video couldn’t be anymore perfect, Bob capture footage of Mia cooling off in the pool water. It’s accompanied by a sexy blooper reel at the end. Her official website is MiaMaffia.xxx and she’s done several amazing solo and hardcore scenes on UK-TGirls.com.

You can also find out more about this incredible star by reading our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD Interview with Mia Maffia!

UK-TGirls: When Mia Maffia Met Jak

There are currently 12 updates of Mia Maffia on UK-TGirls.com where she’s described as “The Queen of UK-TG” which isn’t at all surprising.

Her latest is another hardcore scene, this one with the very handsome Jak Dolce of London. Kalin’s production takes us into the bedroom where Mia straddles Jak and they’re already worked up and talking dirty to one another.

At first she has him pinned down to the mattress, but the petite fox then moves downward to work his cock out of his pants. She compliments its size and proceeds to begin fondling and sucking it. Naturally it doesn’t take long for Jak to develop a raging hardon.

Mia takes time to tea bag Jak’s balls and she strokes the length of the shaft that’s not inside her mouth. She then scoots up on the bed so that Jak can return the favor. Mia braces herself against the headboard as she fucks Jak’s face and then she leans back to stroke his dick as he continues sucking her off.

Ravishing Mia also gives the stud muffin another blowjob while kneeling on the floor. Then she’s back on the bed and on top of Jak, slowing sliding her tight ass down his big rod. It’s a loud, butt-slapping fuck that evolves into a tremendous doggy style ramming!

She also gets railed in the missionary position while stroking her cock. Both cumshots at the end are huge but I don’t want to spoil the way they erupt for you.

You might be familiar with Mia’s incredible work on MiaMaffia.XXX. If not, take the tour. For more information about check out our exclusive TS Dreamland PornOCD interview with Mia Maffia.

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Mia Maffia XXX – 4 Cocks 1 Slut Sept 12

MP4 Scene Trailer
MP4 Scene Trailer 

With her large breasts spilling out of the cups of her brassiere, Mia begins sucking one of three cocks at a time. The first whopper takes to hands two handle and a fourth pecker enters the frame on MiaMaffia.XXX. She begins stroking the ones she’s not deepthroating and Mia finds the time to add some explicit dirty talk while giving head. Mascara runs around her bright, pretty eyes and as the video plays on, we get to see more of her incredible body. This scene is a bukkake lover’s dream. Mia’s face, tits and torso get drenched in cum and she sits on the floor with her own cock raging hard protruding up from thighs. A fortunate mystery man gets to suck on her erection. Mia then stands to give him a powerful skull fucking. Mia kneels down as the man jerks his spunk across her tits as requested. Then she helps another guy add to that cumshot and the ones that came before!

Mia Maffia Fucking Bonnie Addison!

Mia Maffia Fucking Bonnie Addison is a tremendously passionate scene with chemistry that’s mesmerizing to watch on MiaMaffia.XXX. I first saw Bonnie on UK-TGirls where she has 6 killer videos and photo sets. Bonnie is already topless as this dynamic UK duo kiss passionately on the bed. But Mia catches up soon and gets her nipples sucked on the way she worked on Bonnie’s. All the clothing left on these beauties is Mia’s panties and stockings and Bonnie’s panties, garterbelt and stockings. The pumps are off keeping sexy foot lovers in mind.

I’m thinking I just can’t get enough of all this kissing and mutual breast admiration until Mia lowers Bonnie’s undies and takes her cock inside her mouth. After fellating the thing of beauty between Bonnie’s creamy thighs, Mia kneels up and feeds Bonnie her cock. Bonnie plays with herself as Mia did while she was giving head.

When Bonnie flips over, Mia gives her sexy ass a good little spanking and then they’re both on their knees kissing again and rubbing their pretty dicks together. Once Mia gets sucked again, her cock is raging hard. She begins fucking Bonnie doggy style! I really mean fucking – a jackhammer railing!

Mia takes a little break to give Bonnie another cock sucking and then she’s pounding her tight ass in the missionary position. I suppose I could tell you how they both end up shooting their cum, but I’d rather you see it for yourself on MiaMaffia.XXX! You should also check out the 82 photos in the Flirting with Bonnie set. These beautiful ladies are also incredible with men, but from this pansexual trans woman’s perspective, it’s 100% pure transbian passion with intense cock sucking and good hard fucking.

Twitter @tscaramel
Twitter @tscaramel

MiaMaffia.XXX – 2 Girls 1 Cock


“Meet my very sexy friend Bonnie Addison!” says UK TS porn star presenting the dual blowjob scene on MiaMaffia.XXX.” We got together a couple of weeks ago to film some really horny content. Here’s your first installment. Watch us in this hot POV scene where we suck and share a lucky guys dick until he feeds us his cum!” This guy’s cock is already swollen and oozing pre-cum before these babes even withdraw it from his skivvies. Both girls manage to suck this man’s uncut prick to the base, but it’s no easy task. They take turns with the thick schlong at first and Mia often holds the shaft while Bonnie gives it head.

There’s an electrifying kiss between Mia and Bonnie and they suck at the head and shaft together before kissing again. One of the girls opens her mouth wide to get a big blast of creamy white cum. Mia and Bonnie share a cummy kiss and devour every last drop. If you can’t get enough of Mia and Bonnie here, Bonnie has a fantastic website also – eurotgirls.com. I’ve raved about Bonnie before and I’m sure this won’t be the last time. You can register for free on Chaturbate and check out her bonnieaddison room where she broadcasts frequently. Back to her co-star in the torrid bj scene, “Can You Help Me With My Homework?” is Mia’s stunning new photo set of 77 images. 

The exclusive tsdreamland.com PornOCD Interview with Mia Maffia presented by my UK-based interview partner gives you in-depth insight about what makes this incredible star tick. I’ve also done a review of Mia’s extraordinary website that you can read here. There’s another video update on MiaMaffia.XXX that blew my mind, but I’ll go into detail about that sizzler next time.

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PornOCD Interview with Mia Maffia

I’ve lost count of the number of people that have been in contact asking when I’m going to be interviewing UK British TS Star Mia Maffia. This blonde bombshell is making waves not only in the UK, but all across the world with the biggest names in the genre lining up to shoot with his very hot lady. Click here to read my interview with Mia Maffia.

Mia Maffia Gets Wet

Photo Gallery

I don’t know how I neglected to discuss sparkly-eyed beauty Mia Maffia’s UK TGirls Christmas set. I guess I was just busy with the holidays. I did talk about the 24 year old’s “Mia & Her Purple Pal” video, however. So I’m not doing too badly I guess. “Mia Maffia Gets Wet” ends pretty much the same way her November 2015 scene did, only in the shower. But first, she welcomes us into the bedroom, posing on the bed and on the floor. Photographer Kalin captures Mia whipping her uncut cock out of her panties and baring, then cupping her orbs. She makes herself hard quickly and gives us a devastating view of her bare ass. I always get the impression that Mia’s tight butt could squeeze a cock tighter than most other top trans adult entertainers. She put a hurting on Jeff’s big dick in their hardcore scene, that’s for sure. Just after 11 minutes into this scene, we’re in the shower with Mia. She pours lotion across her tanned tits and on the surface of her cock shaft. Then she uses her right hand to wank powerful streams of creamy white cum from her swollen dick. You’ve got to see how the muscles of Mia’s thighs and ass flex when she shoots her spunk for us again on UK TGirls. As she rinses off, you might be sad that this video had to come to an end.

Mia Maffia on UK TGirls

Mia Maffia reintroduces herself in her explosive 5th video on UK TGirls! It’s her 4th solo and you may have seen her torrid hardcore performance with Jeff. She lies back on the sofa next and exposes her full breasts and the bulge in her red panties. Then she stands up to show off the magnificent orbs of her tight buttocks. With her big tits and midriff in clear view, she lays back down to rub her cock firmly. It’s about half hard when she lets us see it. You can hear her lust building as she beats off with her left hand. Mia then removes her panties for a clearer view for Kalin’s camera. We’re treated to some close-up footage and another wide angle view with Mia jacking her cock with her legs spread before us. When she stands up, her erection stands up at a ridiculously high angle. She masturbates all over that sofa next and walks around a bit before crouching for a devastating rear view. This is one of the tightest-looking asses I’ve ever seen. It looks as if it could literally draw the cum out of a stiff dick without its owner having any control of their climax. Mia simulates a blowjob by sucking on a dark purple dildo. Then she lays back to fuck herself with it! It’s a big one and it looks like she has a little trouble getting it fully inside herself. But she manages it well while jackiing off at the same time. Her moans becaome louder and she begins cursing. It’s so obvious that Mia is going to climax before this scene is over. She’s kicked off her heels and lays on the sofa fully stretched out as she jerks her shaft furiously. Mia’s cumshot could be the biggest I’ve seen so far on UK TGirls!

Mia Maffia on UK TGirls

What can I say about gorgeous Mia Maffia that you can’t see for yourself with these sample photo galleries? Let me give it a shot. This is her 4th UK TGirls set including a hardcore scene with a studly male performer named Jeff who was delightfully submissive with her. Mia says she loves to shoot her load down a guy’s throat after he’s finished gagging on her cock. It’s a succulent looking dick covered with a silky sheath that makes one want to from the head with their lips. Mia possesses an ass that looks like it can squeeze an erection like a vice also. In her October 15, 2015 video, Mia looks incredible pouring oil across her deeply tanned skin and reaching into her tiny black panties to lubricate her cock. She bares her tight butt and turns around to jack her cock stiff. Have you ever seen it go from flaccid to erect before your eyes? It’s a must-see event. Mia props her knee on the dresser and says, “I’m gonna fuck myself for you,” and proceeds to pump a big off-white toy in and out of herself while gasping and moaning sinuously. I think her voice and Leeds accent is an additional turn on. When she’s not penetrating her ass and giving explicit close up views of it, I relize that that I’ve never seen a more enticing one. In Mia’s October 27th, 2015 UK TGirls update, she says she’s been a very bad girl who needs a spanking. Di you know that she can take you through an incredible submissive naughty schoolgirl role play session, too? Calling herself a dirty little slut isn’t beneath her. She verbally humiliates herself and let me warn you that you might blow your wad before she releases a torrent of creamy white cum. Like I said, this fox is a “must see” in action. Watch or download all of Mia Maffia’s torrid scenes and photo sets on UK TGirls.